But summer never came - I heed the winter soldier's call - light shineth in darkness - may all be happy - no hiding from the blackbird - Tommy Katkins still send his regards - I want to give away everything I own - some occasionally refuse to eat anything but flowers - I want to walk in the snow and leave no footprints - wolven savior
Information archivist and digital musician with an undying love for underground and DIY art, cats, and my friends.
Primary contributions to the WWW (what you can visit here):
DEPTHSOFTHENET Daily music blog 1000+ rambling entries
OPENNOTE Ongoing research
FANMADE RELEASES Unofficial and fanmade album vault MP3 dealer
WINAMP SKINS Homemade Winamp themes Just for fun :^)
DIGITIZATIONS Audiovisual media (Mostly thrift store finds)
DOCUMENTS Rare books and other texts More coming eventually
AUDIO 2017 - 2024 Thank you all
DANCE Homemade Stepmania charts Unsure if playable
OTHER PAGES NXC NOTES - Post-nightcore research EMOJI SPELLS - Microphenomena archiving POETRY - Age 15 through 16 DELETED PHOTOS - Linkrot victims STREET VIEW - Digital fragments
(OFFSITE) CATLAND Louis Wain archive and database Collab with Frippp of Distin

Interests: Data hoarding, indexing, and preservation ● Underground music and art ● Nature ● Software brutalism, "obsolete" technology ● Anthro animals ● Trying to help others ●

Net works:

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I'll be here forever We'll be here together Though empty silent peace this virtue's stay — watch the towers crumble and drift apart — this illusory kingdom falls away — Loosening threads unbind — and something silent has long called for me — Cut through to the very bone of being — Empty winter skies beckon us all — echoes with neither name nor recall You never really let the dreamlike days go Live your second life before your first one's over