[45-Byō 001] larsht_ - No Designer Clothes
Vaporwavey ambient that reminds me of a hip-hop intro that never ends (which it probably is, if the cover and title are any indication.) Mhzesent-ish.

And just like that we're into noisey speedy hardcore territory. A whiplash warning would've been appreciated. Like old-school speedcore meets glitch noise.

[45-Byō 003] Ai Downscaling - Wise Old Wolfhound
Hardvapour from a better timeline. Lobit breakbeat sound collage structured like a Y2K-era ad or databent Matrix promo.

[45-Byō 004] WxWxBxFx - Demo 2021
I made this in one night in my basement. None of the track titles are jokes. WxWxBxFx stands for werewolf boyfriend.

[45-Byō 005] bstrctions - diff style
I used to to be into lofi hiphop when I first got into (badly) making music (late 2017 / early 2018) and I probably would've liked it. Not my cup of tea now but still good.

[45-Byō 006] Noisecore Wannabe - juntaro
Hearing autotune in noisecore feels like a whole new world of shitty music just opened up in front of me. I'll have to steal this idea later. Hopefully not the end of Noisecore Wannabe.

[45-Byō 007] Surrogate Sigma - As if there could be this stain on building
Knowing them from Genetic Trance I was expecting weird kinda-spammy experimental but this was a pretty good dance tune. Don't judge a book by it's cover, I guess.

[45-Byō 008] super nintendo - inconvenience
Simple but nice vaporwave loop. The pitch changing worked well too.

[45-Byō 009] テレビヘッド - Now It's Everyone's Problem
This is gonna be one of those releases that haunts me because of it's weird uncatagorizability. The last one actually creeped me out a bit, especially with the distant knocking sound,
but it was a funny listen as well.

[45-Byō 010] 腐女子 - falls apart
*listens to YTP Death once*

[45-Byō 011] Q# - repeat​(​on)
Clever that they made no attempt to use the whole 45 second alloted to them, but made a loop that can work for any period of time. Goes well with the cover, reminds me of Blank
Banshee's windows sampling.

[45-Byō 012] Crow - Breakbeat Aneryusm
Bitcrushed breakbeats and distorted samples, almost every Crow album I've heard so far has been completely different and this continues that trend. I wonder what the cover originally 
was before it got distorted to hell.

[45-Byō 013] 腐女子 - untitled
Simultaneously feels like vaporwave and nightcore with the unsettlingness of dark ambient. The dog is staring into my soul. I can't make out a word of it. Wish I could ask how this one
was made.

[45-Byō 014] LAST ACTION - 45 Lighters On My Dresser
Lofi in a recorded-on-a-laptop kind of monotronish noise, not bad. Last Action seems to use gore album art a lot and the larsht_ credit makes me wonder if he sent in something
that was inappropriate for the labels and larsht_ had to replace it.

[45-Byō 015] larsht_ - Drive Slow 11​/​10​/​21
One of my favorites yet, old memes next to pretty good record scratching and dark ambient, what's not to love.

[45-Byō 016] 腐女子 - 貴腐人
More super deconstructed vaporwave. I'm coming to look forward to this person (who only appears, at least under this name, on this label and is called yaoicore for some reason)
because I can't get a grip on the words and melodies I know are in there somewhere.

The larsht_ track is the best on the label, hands down. Absolutely insane. The FFFC side is
cool too, and I don't even know what the filler bonus track is supposed to be. Nobody else does
mashcore like this that I'm aware of.

[45-Byō 018] Crow - I'll Make Sure This Much Is True
Creepy cover but nice tune. Hardcore af.

[45-Byō 019] he cometh! - lilzalgo
Reminds me of mhzesent, down to the mspaintish cover and outdated creepypasta reference. Probably
not, though, but neat that it combines field recordings, hip-hop, and dark ambient in a similar way.
Hard to tell what's in the mix.
Edit 01/04/2022: Finally found and linked the release it made me think of.

[45-Byō 020] Last Login - Missing You Often
This one was an accident when I was trying to make a breakcore remix of an emo rap song and it's way
better than whatever I was trying to do. The cover is part of my favorite photos I've taken, too.

[45-Byō 021] larsht_ - 45 Microtracks for 45​-​Byō
I'm honored, this is amazing. I've been ripping people off for so long it's only fair 
someone ripped off me and did a better job of it. Like how there's a ton of different stuff
(vaporwave, ambient, field recordings, scum, breakcore, etc.)

[45-Byō 022] ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - Poorly Ripping Off larsht_
Me again. This was fun, has at least 23 samples, and rips off his side of the FFFC split (or tries
to anyway, it doesn't sound like larsht_ much at all in retrospect lol)

[45-Byō 023] Noisecore Wannabe - A Wasted Life
Hexd scum, hell yeah. I always thought it would be cool to mix hexd with other genres, and
bonus points for another microtrack album. (2022, year of the hexd field recordings.)

[45-Byō 024] 腐女子 - あなたは誰だと思いますか?
Wonky stretchy vaporwave. I don't think it's warping like a poorly dubbed tape but it
has that kind of feel. Took me a couple weeks before I noticed the cover wasn't Blingee.

[45-Byō 025] larsht_ - Bustin Jieber (Ambient Mix)
Good stuff. If you pitched it down a bit I probably wouldn't pick up on the Justin Bieber
until the end. (Gotta make a Bieber-based drone album and get it on a pretentious label like
some nightmarish mutant rickrolling.)

[45-Byō 026] Post-anaesthetist - one of four
Another one of those releases that doesn't really match any actual sound so I had to listen
through it more than normal to actually process it. Choppy noise, wonder if it used to be a
sample or something.

[45-Byō 027] larsht_ - Bustin Jieber (Breakcore Mix)
All the bitcrushing and editing made it pretty good but there's no hiding Justin
Beiber no matter how much you edit it. The intro is so long that the breaks only
get a couple second before it hits the 45 second limit.

[45-Byō 028] Crow - zoset-ez_mechaPKchowderbot!
Most impressive thing from Crow yet, super fast IDM stuff with a cool melody but
would honestly stand even without it. Strong editing and glitching and breaking
beats. Title and cover makes me think of XoArK.

[45-Byō 029] larsht_ - 12/26/2021
Acknowledged and agreed.

[45-Byō 030] YxUxRxI - It's Cold In The Winter, Let's H*ld H*nds
Wasn't expecting LC on here. Barely recognizable as noisecore, whatever instrument
that is just becomes a noisy resonant hum with drums blasting over it. I can't even
tell if theres vocals. I need to remember to make a YxAxOxI demo one day.

[45-Byō 031] DJ Impushing - 06.01.2022
I know that avant garde and experimental are pretty much the same thing, but I feel 
like there's a difference I can't quite put into words. Most of this label is experimental. 
This is more avant-garde. Reminds me of really early musique concrete, and despite listening
to the samples for 45 seconds I have no idea what they're about.

[45-Byō 032] reas - shatters
Reminds me a bit of signalwave but I know that's not the right term. Enjoyable chopped up glitch
stuff, rearranged ambient shards and interesting use of the microloops of static and background noise.

[45-Byō 033] Lord Cernunnos - Boring_Fucking_Song
Not the HNW I expected but a distorted noisy drum track. Not boring, quite different stuff from LC.

[45-Byō 034] Stockport Swimming Team - Mind Melter Mekano
Also now that I expected, not silly mashcore noise but closer to the broken transmission tag. Really
weird sounds in here but it's all so fast it's hard to tell much of what's going on, but some
of the coolest sound collage I've heard of late, sounds like tape deck plunderphonics. The cover is 
perfectly parellel.

[45-Byō 035] Cliff Wilson - Pop Song
Actual music? In my 45-Byō? Granted, it's not conventional pop but has lyrics (even if I can't
make it out,) some dope synths, hardcore kicks, and piano thrown in. Good shit.

[45-Byō 036] Hallend Oats188 / Stockport Swimming Team - Killn Small Artists
A 45-second split is absurd enough on it's own but putting it on CDr is the kind of thing only SLNJOCIHNR
would do. SST's side is a sound collage that's as much broken transmission as it is noise, and HO188's side
is the crashing distorted amen killing-2000s-pop-culture-and-wearing-its-skin mess I expect from them. The
distortion and bitcrushing on it's side is surprisingly similar to actual 00s breakcore/noise, which makes it
that much better.

[45-Byō 037] ²c/322 - insa
Instantly made me think of ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - ░▒▓☆. Most chipnoise is like harsh noise on Nintendos
or circuitbending cacaphonies (not that there's anything wrong with that) but this is a pretty little
piano melody, seemingly slowed and buried under a blanket of distortion. Comfy and I wish it was longer.
Hopefully we'll be hearing more from ²c/322 in the future (>implying it isn't a Crow alias.)

[45-Byō 038] the Magic Crow - Deathcore
Rumbly noise. Feels like sticking your head out the window on a highway but bitcrushed.

[45-Byō 039] sorwu - swashbuckler
Feels like three noise glitch tracks played at once. Chipnoise, I guess. Aye!

[45-Byō 040] notification - (1) امرأة عزباء ساخنة في منطقتك
The Arabic text screws up the format of the above line but whatever. I recognized the sample and cover immediately
and got flashback to my brief h3artcrush phase in 2020. Fun fact, he used to follow me on one of his old accounts
for some reason.

[45-Byō 041] snowmoney goon - winter snowgoons
No idea who this one is but it's some breakbeat hiphop ambient mashups. Reminds me of a one-off Tsundere Violence release
from 2016, but I'm sure it's unrelated. Surprising cover aesthetics, considering it's style.

[45-Byō 042] Butchered Soldier - Saying Booyah to Moral Relativism
45 seconds of noise that can't sit still and switches textures every couple seconds but sounds
completely different from most noise that fits that description, more like a collage of HNW / ANW
tracks than something like Masonna or whatever.

[45-Byō 043] Jaycar (funderburker) x ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - I am out of hope and want larsht_ to title this
This poor release went through three pairs of hands and never scored an actual title. Pretty happy
with how it turned out. It's almost imperceptible, but I'm apologizing to Jim Davis in track 1.

[45-Byō 044] larsht_ - if you capitalize the l in larsht_ one more time ill kick your ass bitch
A lovely peaceful vaporwave track, and it's directed at me? Good single and point taken.

[45-Byō 045] various fakenumberland artists - FAKENUMBERLAND presents: Gathering of the microcosmic ambassadors
Funky minimal techno sounding stuff, drum'n'bass, chipnoise, distinctly larsht_ mashcore in under 5 seconds, 
alien abduction type beat, Sam Fauchon but undistorted, crunchy drums and a nice melody, and neat ambient and 
possibly IDM if it was longer thing. I wish there were longer versions of most of these.

[45-Byō 046] Kino - Wind Recorded With A Camera
whoosh. Beautiful cover.

[45-Byō 047] Butchered Soldier - Justified Misanthropy
I knew I've seen that color scheme before. Dense noise glitch stuff with tones and crunchy
textures. Sounds like the inside of a sleeping Skynet, variety while still remaining almost ambient in a way.

[45-Byō 048] Unseq - con:thumpy(pt)
Probably the longest tracklisting yet, 74 abstract sci-fi sound effects ranging from indistinguisable clicks to all manners of static, 
hisses, phasers, bleeps, transporters, and drones. Reminds me of 2047 - 살과 피 if it was shattered into a million bits.

[45-Byō 049] install - Operator X 256.6 kHz Quartet
Funky little glitch piece, like loading music completely shattered into splinters you have to be careful not to touch. Enjoyable but
not entirely unlike cleaning up broken glass.

[45-Byō 050] larsht_ - i dont acutally watch anime, my art is a lie (8/2/2022)
I wish the middle track went a bit further into screw / vaporwave territory or if larsht_ revisited it in a non-45 second sized box,
the loop has potential. Also, that sounds about right lol

[45-Byō 051] felicity silhouette - felicity silhouette
I know a stockport swimming team drawing when I see one, and the reversed sample reminded me of Revolution 9. Actually, the whole thing
feels like Revolution 9 if you're cooking it as you spin it.

[45-Byō 052] XoArK - yrieal2.001
Forgot this page existing for a while. Lord Cernunnos, XoArK, Drow, the whole crew's slowly getting in here. Weird techno? glitch? Funky whatever it is.

[45-Byō 053] lamo - tinyurl.com/3hst93zj
lamo!!! I know this guy from Cernowobog & RYM, cool dude and cool single and I'm biast towards URL titles anyway. Pleasant loopy drone

[45-Byō 054] larsht_ - today (45-Byō mix)
This one's just a tease but I guess that's exactly the point. Hyped for a new album, I feel like there's a kind of nameless tiny scene somewhere between plunderphonics,
memes, emotion, and sound collage where christtt, RAWINTHEVOID, and larsht_ fit in

[45-Byō 055] Jesus' Death Mother - My God And His Lies
Crunchy rhythmic HNW. Jesus' Death Mother is an interesting project, between it's beautiful and exclusively AI-generated covers and esoteric and or dark Christian themes.

I intend this to be updated with every release.
Until then, check these out: