One label, 128 microreleases. Here goes.

Hooligan Faust - Narcissistic Perfectionist
Like a strange YTP in audio format, or listening to just one audio track of a soundclown.

Koploblastingyourakilamulo - New Age Of Dugem
If you played this for me and told me it's Pantsu Scum I would 100% believe you. Kind of 
surprised to hear someone doing the same thing.

muchomeryka - #1
These beats could definitely be used for something if extended, the editing is good and the 
samples are unique.

Foltergeist - Taking Owls to Athens
I was going to call this a spooky noise track before realizing it's more of noisy dark ambient. 
The sounds, possibly distorted vocals, are almost distressing but I could see it being relaxing 
if it was longer.

Ghostskull - 301
Getting into the really weird stuff, almost slow warped drums over multiple layers of crazy 
tones.  Sounds like chill power electronics.

Harsh Noise Movement - FILTH
I hate it on priciple for the cover and theme but the noise itself isn't bad.

I gotta slow this down and see what it is, I didn't expect mhzesent to be almost straightforward 
(but as unique and headscrewy as always.)

jdlb - an inappropriate time (errir8)
Watery field recording and some roomtone. Not much to say but that short recordings of nothing work 
better than long recordings of nothing.

"Clambering" came to mind. There's little franticness and more normal-tempo guitar and drum misuse 
so thickly distorted it's hard to tell. Almost calm as noisecore goes.

Burz - Green
Like a more abstract version of Narcissistic Perfectionist, YTPish but even more sparse and shorter 
with a more incidental sound source material, like a B-side.

angels die after one another - Shadows of thy light
Wonder if the title is reference to the DSBM band. Regardless, I love it. I wish it was longer, 
reminds  me of that old emo song "Emily." I'll definitely be returning to this one.

Holorime - why short
Sounds like something I would make in garageband in middle school.

jdlb, Lord Cernunnos & Musorgsky Font - +
An interesting field recording (I want to hear the new song it's about," a generic but nice 
noise darkambient track, and probably the weirdest grindcore track I've ever heard. Starts with 
spoken word, super  sparse drums, no guitar, chopped up multiple layers of vocals, one of which 
is distorted, and a fade out,  which I've never heard in this context before.

MaL Aliento - 3TrxxxSinTitulo
Blastbeats, gore vocals, and incomprehensibly distorted guitar. What's not to love?

flac.aeyt3eaywsyh4ey - A Red Score in Tile (William Basinski cover)
A pretty generic beat but the sample is nice and I could see liking it if it was extended. Reminds 
me of  Recovering Hikkikomori.

No Artist - No Title
Sounds like bathroom sounds recorded on someone's phone. This is probably the point where you realize 
justwhat you're dealing with with this label.

muchomoryka - #2
Four similar, weird, and pretty cool beats. The first and last one stands out the most, chopped up 
and dark respectively.

Noise Jihad - Fast Motion Abusing
Suprised to see this recognizable a name on hear this early on, small world. It sounds like machine 
gun fire if you play it right.

Kusoque De Govnyau / Tugosral / Б9 - 3 Way Split
Some super weird grindcore and a noise track backed by a tone that reminds me of when I mess up digitizing 
a cassette. Reminds me of Russian shit rap.

IHYG, Harsh Noise Movement & Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird - Archiseztsfew​-​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 001
More distortion based noisecore, rumbly noise, and the third track sounds like ominous deep internet with the 
slowed down foreign instrument.

MaL Aliento, Sexy Crocodile For Dinner & Joseph Keary
Gorenoise, noise (I think I hear bitcrushed amen breaks in that mess,) and noisecore that crams who knows how 
many tracks into 10 seconds. Can't complain.

Juanito))) - Basuraleza
Sounds like there's field recordings in there, over noise and HNW. Gotta wonder what's up with it and the cover.

Flower [REDACTED] - NatuRal Climbing Dada
The strangest, most unusable beat I've ever heard and a marching band field recording. As strange as it's cover 
and name.

Niellen is the Werewolf - Avoidance Tactics (Mini Collage 2, circa April, 2018)
Is this grindcore? Is it electronic? I guess you can call it cybergrind but it isn't like any cybergrind I've 
heard before.

YOKO HOMO, Hypocranusesent & Juanito - Archiseztsfew​-​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 003
Raw data-esque noise, field recording based noise, and a wall of distortion. Again, can't complain.

🍥🎀🍥 - Acoustic IDM
If this is actually all acoustic / mouth sounds, that's actually pretty impressive. Intelligent beatboxing? 
If I knew how I would try to cover it in actual IDM.

jake - broadshowlda
A random rap excerpt, slowed and looped two and a half times. No idea what to make of it.

EsentPie - Treadmill. (EP)
I love the cover art, no one does collage better than / like mhzesent. It's just a field recording, but not 
a bad one.

Hypocranusesent - Treadmill. (EP)
Sounds like the debris left over from digitizing a tape, like the by-product of media.

Foltergeist, DJ SUMBER KENCONO & Uruly - Archiseztsfew​​-​​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 004
Spooky ambient fit for Halloween, anime-chopped up metalcore, and what sounds like monotron noise. Absolutely 
all over the place.

Hypocranusesent ft. disobedient avocado - "I looked up top three anime airing now in Japan and the 3rd one was 
about a gay elephant named Archiseztsfew​-​koū"
Like a super processed field recording, chopped up and distorted with possibly several at once. Another great cover.

Sandy/Hypocranusesent - The G​-​Roll, Pt. 1
Good cover and weird dark ambient. I should've used this label in my Halloween mix. 2022, I guess.

Ersatz of Ersatz - Untitled 555
A little slice of tone-based noise with incidental sounds. I want to know more about the process behind most of these.

Ersatz of Ersatz - Moiré
It sounds like someone recorded bathroom sounds on microcassette. If nothing else I admire the sheer lofiness of it. 
I need to stop saying lofi, it doesn't sound like a word anymore.

muchomatyka - #3
Quite a nice little beat, probably one of my favorites from the label. Wish it was longer but it loops pretty well. 
Reminds me of yaght rock and the days I liked lofi hiphop.

George Gasm - no mon
Jumpscare / 10. The slight reverb made it a lot funnier. I love the cover photo too.

no sunrise - Memento Blew My Mind (But Then Again I Was 13)
Suprisingly well-produced outsider pop, but I don't know why the lyrics say 12 and the title says 13. A longer version 
probably exists somewhere.

boozhkaka - The Lord's Work
Some solid HNW. The cover would look better without the words on it though, which is something I say to myself a lot 
with these kinds of releases.

Vziel Projet - Morphant
Improvised piano meandering constantly threatening to form a coherent melody but never really does. Sounds kind of childish.

∆∆∆the internet band - Are You OK? (Wait I Don't Care)
I've actually heard of this band before and am surprise to see them here. Probably the best thing on the label, kind of 
nerdy lke the cover but well produced and generally stands on it's own merits. I sound pretentious as hell, sorry.

The_Underscores - www​.​porn​.​com
Outsider troll bedroom pop? I dunno.

George Gasm - Memes
Kind of bracing myself after the last George Gasm release but this one's not as earrapey, and more of weird chopped up 
electronic that never really pulls itself together.

The_Underscores - Track 5
A genuinely good instrumental that I would like to hear more of, surprised to see scum and field recordings next to stuff 
like this.

hihidaruma midi - 777unRoS
Like wandering around a cathedral or museum.

elton presley - i love penis in the ass (but not in my mouth)
Sounds like an alternate universe VxBxDxDx where he was grindcore instead of shitcore or whatever.

elton presley - anal prolapse
Another one I can best call outsider troll bedroom pop.

boozhkaka - Hot Air Balloons (Bring Us Closer To Heaven) (Because They Might Crash And Kill You)
Another that I can compare to chill power electronics. Metronome keeps time almost invisbibly behind a wall of electronic 
wobbling. That reads like an AI-generated sentence. Green ideas might as well sleep furiously while you're at it.

Butter Bread - video james
/x/ rock, nice. Pretty heavy and professional for this side of the net.

nubmer generator - A army of fiends, she put chrysanthemums and daffodils in the burnt end of they crack stems
Sounds like video game playthrough layered upon itself and given a touch of glitch noise treatment. Still too coherent to be mhz.

Vziel Projet, Granite & Erotic Infant - Archiseztsfew​-​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 006
Weirdo spoken word, chiptune, noisecore. Doesn't go together at all but at this blistering speed anything does.

Backseat Arsonists - Sophia's Dinner Guests
This feels like a mashup, but it might be a full band. Really, I have no idea what I just heard and am comfortable leaving it at that.

MyrT8. - Su558555551
Calls up images of chiptune toys, early mornings, airports and tiredness. I need to take a break.

GrHu z-ITALY-v-000 - Untitled (No Artist Remix)
Turns almost nothing into almost something, field recording turned noise glitch surges. (As you can no doubt tell, I'm just 
stringing words together in funny ways at this point.)

LIL QWERTZASDF (prod. khzesent) - NEWSTOCK. (I)
I actually really like this one and the next one, but the cover pushes this one to my favorite. Relentless 
incomprehensible  sped up voices, all sorts of glitchery, mutilated vaporwaved pop samples, video game sounds 
rearing their head, and a little bit left over after the song seemingly ended It reminds me weirdly of 
loveaddictspropylhexedrineoverdose's weirdest sound collage stuff.

LIL QWERTZASDF (prod. khzesent) - OLDSTOCK. (single)
Nice foreign instruments, weird glitches, spazzing text to speech, sound effects and a babbling sped up voice. 
I feel like a lot of work went into this burst of sensory overload.

KASSO, Cynic at Best & Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird - Archiseztsfew​-​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 005
That's a fitting cover. Rap plunderphonics, chill vaporwave turned grindcore at the last second, and field recording 
loops. I don't have any expectactions left to be broken with these anymore.

Hooligan Faust - Music for 10 Patterns
A nice little music box melody randomly interrupted by a sudden slowdown. Not sure what to make of it.

Labelhead Discourse - If You Take
Incredibly outsider rock, I would listen to a longer version. I'm gonna guess this was made on garageband on a phone 
from the instrumental and vocal quality.
It sounds like it was based on a voice recording done impromptu.

Ersatz_ov_Ersatz - Untitled​+​+​1987
Noise meets field recording, maybe? Too short to tell. I keep on forgetting Archiseztsfew-koū Thirty Records is 30 seconds 
or under then something like this comes up.

Uruly - 3 Razões Para Mandar Alguém Tomar No Cu
Needs more anti-music signs / 10. I was expecting noisecore but this kind of tone-based noise is good too.

Rumbly noise plunderphonics, with a porn sample because of course there is. Not very fond of it but that's what's good about 
this label, nothing grates on too long.

Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird & mhzesent - Hippocamping
Avantgarde beatmaking. I wonder if JDLB did the instrumental and mhzesent did the beat or they both did the beat, or 
something else. A bit out there for my liking but neat.

BigKev - Stockholm municipal election
Vocals that remind me of an alarm clock echoing over dark ambient. Not what I expected from BigKev, who I know for field recordings and noise.

Kino - (plane and music)
Funny seeing Kino here. It's a nice little field recording and the first one that actually explains what it is and is presented as one.

Kotaks - Am Ring In Deiner Nase
Crunchy, lofi, sparse, more unsettling and even lonely than most noise.

PANTSU SCUM - Modern Lolitas
Knew Himeko would show up sooner and later, and with a whole scum album. Classic titles, and reading about goth rock on his 
music blog gave a bit of context for it.

Sexy Crocodile For Dinner - Piccolo Sfogo
It's like listening to speedcore in your car, tripping bad, after it broke down on the train tracks.

Somewhere between his super sped up voices, noise, and beats. Equal parts each, and pretty good for a chaotic mess.

muchometryka - #4
Something of a basic but enjoyable beat that I certainly see being used for a rap.

Sweet Dreams - 55 Tracks
Now that's noisecore! I can't even tell what instruments those are. Is that drums? Electronics? Vocals? Guitar? Who knows?

Foltergeist, ウウウオ & mhz_ - Archiseztsfew​​-​​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 007
Ominous dark ambient, Hooligan Faust-ish weirdness, and the kind of field recording rap crossover only mhzesent could come up with.

Unknown Artist - Untitled
This has gotta be mhzesent or mhzesent inspired. Weird rap-based sound collage that bumps the tempo up incomprehensibly.

Unknown Artist - Untitled
A short field recording with little to be said (I don't even understand it.)

Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird - Glywysing, bugged (Broken Down Version)
Glitchy alien sounds, rendered crunchy by distortion and having nothing to do with any real world sounds.

Merzlux - Untitled for This Guy
Better noise than I expected. I hope that isn't someone the artist knows and is just some random guy.

Werädh - vignette i
I would expect this to be tagged post-post vaporwave. Like all the vapor elements, taken apart and put back together wrong.

mhzesent - FALLSQUARREL (EP) (2019)
Sounds like something you would hear on an illegal radio station in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night.

Cube Underlord - Agma Paradise
More post-post vaporwave, with noise and weird chopping instead of ambient. I wonder if it has anything to do with the gore on the cover.

mhzesent - January 6, 2020
More field recording beats slice of life, and more weird distorted furry art. 

Field recordings, and a whole 10 seconds shorter than it can be. What's up with mhzesent and boats? Peak Archiseztsfew-koū either way.

mhzesent - WHILE I WAS DRYING (EP) (2019)
Boats, weird instrumental beats, what I'm slowly coming to expect.

,.:., - Obi
They seem weirdly cut up, like it splices from one recording to the other.

mhzesent - January 7, 2020 (II)
Distorted field recording sound collage. One hell of a cover too, I think that says "Friendy reminder that wanting to bring the 
dead back is offensive to (un)dead kin / and also that. / mhzesent suck."

Cube Underlord - 真夏の心霊映像
Jam-worthy vaporwave slices cut off by the time limit before you can really get into them like they deserve. Oh, well.

Vziel Projet, Young Hate & Coinfoot & Youtube - Archiseztsfew​​​-​​​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 008
Gospel-sounding new age, shit rap, and sound collage. I wonder if these splits are randomly assigned.

mhzesent - January 6, 2020 (II)
Furries'n'field recordings is my favorite genre.

jdlb - Voice 25
Like wandering a store, and that's about it.

mhzesent - but what does Archie say? well, Archie sez few (to) thirty K​.​O. seconds on january 16, 2020 (collector's box set) (2137) (lol)
The hiss says field recording but the sounds say experimental ambient. Who knows.

vxbxdxdx - smoke on the water (deep purple cover​)​(​single​)​(​2020)
How do you even get this lofi? I wonder if that's MIDI or if vxbxdxdx actually has a guitar.

mhzesent - January 9, 2020 (I)
Disconnected from reality sounds that I can compare to a storm on a beach recorded on a Nokia.

vxbxdxdx - why are you so fucking slow (EP​)​(​2020)
Three pretty different takes on noise, tones, bass rumbling, and screaming. I feel your pain with soulseek (digital piracy blues)

Kaelte - $uck My 18 Seconds Please
Porn-inspired music sucks (pun intended) and the editing is basically non-existent. Glad it's as short as it is.

Kaelteeinbruch - 23 Riding
Basically the same as the former one.

K* - K*
I was expecting worse from the cover but it's tolerable noise experiments, regardless of what it samples.

VxBxDxDx - Um
More impossibly lofi grindcore. I wish I could get this kind of distortion and screaming. The bass works well too.

Young Hate, Ghostskull & George & Lynne - Archiseztsfew​​-​​koū Thirty Records Three Way Split Series 009
Shit rap, lofi noise, and EBM? 

كوم الحصن - miso paste type beat
A welcome reprieve from all the noise, and I cover I like more than I have any right to. Tones and weird sounds make 
for a pretty nice combination, like a save point.

mhzesent - January 23, 2020 (I)
Like samplecore, tons of bits and pieces crashing together. The panning was a noise touch, and the 1234s make me think 
it's grindcore inspired, which would put it about as far out with the genre you can get. Gives me some neat ideas.

Yung Hate - Christlamic Ray Guns
The ambient beat is pretty nice, and the vocals are kind of filler rap stuff. Reminds me of Viper more than anything.

mhzesent - You're Taking "Free Speech" Way Too Seriously Feat. Ironically, You're Getting It Wrong, Lol (6​/​2​/​20)
10 / 10 cover and titles, shitposter extroardinare. The audio itself is interest chopped up radio stuff, comfortably lofi.

Ghostskull - 302
Kinda generic but solid noise. No problems. The ending was neat and reminded me of old Ninja McTits.

VxBxDxDx - untitled shit
I used to brush off VxBxDxDx as just an edgelord troll, which he is, but am coming to respect him more as a musician 
for keeping me on my toes. What even is this? What makes this sound?

Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit - FVEY (pronounced Five Eyes) is the ninth studio album by New Zealand alternative 
rock band Shihad, released on 8 August 2014.
Cutup ambient and throat singing, reverbed and doing god knows what over top of itself.  I probably wouldn't have been 
able to pick this apart if not for the Anomaly Index article.

mhzesent - Argumentum Ex Culo My ASS​!​! (8​/​2​/​20)
Quite similar to You're Taking "Free Speech" Way Too Seriously but better but the cover looks more VxBxDxDx than anything.

K* - zeig sie mir kurz​.​.​.​I
Back to the awful porn music, without the abstraction that made the first K* release tolerable.

Ghostskull & Molested Infant Christ - 303
Super lofi grindcore fitting for those names, I'm glad someone else saw the creative possibilities in testing out pens, 
I always wanted to do something like that.

mhzesent - Post​-​Abstract Cuckblaming (10​/​2​/​20)
Post-terminally online minimalism to get banned from imageboards to. Reminds me of a longform (lol) Hypocranusesent - Treadmill. (EP).

K* - zeig sie mir kurz​.​.​.​III
Better than the last one, pretty good noise actually.

K* - zeig sie mir kurz​.​.​.​II
Aaaand back to sucking.

W I D E D R O N E - W I D E D R O N E
Another savepoint release. I didn't need the Anomaly Index article to tell me this was just sine waves in audacity, but 
especially works well with the cover. Widest music.

,.:., - I'm Throwing A Branch While Phil Runs Around
A nice slice of life field recording, captures quite a bit.

Ghostskull - 305
I thought this was just noise if not for the honking. Probably a super modified field recording, with the reverbed ending which is cool.

mhzesent - Hardcore 5ex (It's A Goomer Joke, OK​?​) (12​/​2​/​20)
Video game screenshots are another mhzesent staple I was surprised to see missing here. Good to remedy that. Sounds like DOOM a bit.

mhzesent - Austrian School As A Part Of Their Own "Problem" (12​/​2​/​20)
And now for something completely different! Music field recording and typing, toy guitar strumming, and IDM wonkiness skittering 
all over the place. What the hell, man. Also, I wish I knew what that music player on the cover is, love brutalist UI.

Ghostskull - 307 a
I hope that cover is AI-generated because it looks nasty. Different noise than before, more electronic, lofi, like small mutant 
creatures pleading with you as you run past them. Gives me the creeps.

VxBxDxDx - nekocide (EP​)​(​2020)
I'm bored and want to come up with genre names. Acoustic glitch grindcore, post-field recordings, neo phaserwave, vaportone.

mhzesent - Getting Cancel Cultured Over Dramatic Readings Of Huckleberry Finn (20​/​2​/​20)
Avoid getting cancelled by making your readings too lobit to interpret. 8kbps for life. The cover looks like a dope blackened noise album.

mhzesent - I Had Hella Titles Stashed In Some TXT File But Most Of Them I Think Were Too Offensive For This Label, 
And I Also Dunno Where That TXT Is Cuz Im Also Hella Awful (Had Some Covers Too, RIP) (19​/​2​/​20)
I absolutely love the title but I'm pretty sure it's almost the same as the former single. I wonder of that was intentional 
or not. I can't imagine it's easy for mhzesent to keep track of his music (as the title proves.)

mhzesent - Sammy Plushie Toy Giraffe Transformation by Redflare500 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net_files (Single) (26​/​2​/​20)
Title sounds about in line with what I saw in his earlier cover art. Lofi field recording collage time, with a couple seconds 
of beats throw in for good measure.

wUB.Man69 - The 33​-​Year​-​Old Futanari
Fancy seeing you here. Great grindcore speedbreakcore ear blasting bullshit. The more I look at the cover, the more I see and the 
less I want to look at the cover. Eat your heart out, VxBxDxDx.

mhzesent - Equilibrium And Also Tabernaculum (Single) (2020)
Acid, immediately phasing into a lofi version of someone's foreign cover of Let It Go. It sounds like how the cover looks. I couldn't 
come up with this stuff if I tried.

mhzesent - Having Imagination Is Overrated And BTW Did I Mention Money Sucks And Music Sucks And My Cocks On The Other Hand Don't Get 
Enough Sucks? (AKA More Than Zero) (​.​.​.​Hol' Up, I Have Only ONE Cock! Damn It​.​.​.​) (23​/​2​/​20)
Somewhere at the crossroads of outsider beats, noise, and unclassifiable weirdness. I have no clue what's up with the cover but I like 
the random screenshots and autogenerated title.

,.:., - The Bricky Pavilion
I have no clue what that title means but it doesn't sound bricky or like a pavilion, more like a toy or a machine, almost like a scanner.

mhzesent - >TFW Fixing It When It Ain't Broke (31​/​2​/​20)
Sounds like petitude samples and a field recording played back to back, with a CD whirring up at the end. Simultaneously mundane and strange.

mhzesent - Sobriety Test: Type "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" Ten Times Over (And Let 8kun Proofread It Lolol) (29​/​2​/​20)
Even more foreign Let It Go but with no editing this time. I wish I had any context to this. It's pretty funny that most of this listening 
log is just asking mhzesent "what the fuck, man."

mhzesent - Rage Quit Counter In Plutonia​.​WAD Turnt Up More Than Me Irl Rn (Seriously, Fuck You Lol, At Least SIGIL Wasn't Bait) (And All 
Those Who Say Final DOOM's Baby Mode, U Str9 up Lyin' or I'm an actual Wheelchair Symbol (Possible, Lol) (26​/​2​/​20)
The satisfaction of completely understanding the title was nice, but it's just more Let It Go. I have no clue what's up with that (something 
something you'll cowards.)

I love this label (actually made three releases for it but it shut down before I sent them, RIP.) It managed to attract the attention of a lot of
musicians I know, and the short length is a super interesting formula. Even the least accessible music (field recordings of nothing, experimental 
noisecore, mhzesent's uncatagorizable weirdness) can be made accessible and even if the music kind of sucks it's shortness lets you appreciate what's 
good about it without it droning on and on, although most of the music on this label is quite good. It's super eclectic, non-specialized, and is honestly
a pretty good intro to netlabels if someone would be open to it.

Favorite releases:


Also check out it's spiritual, unauthorized successor (which I was actually able to release on this time):