Here goes nothing
I'm a furry and most of my involvement with the phenonemon as a whole is through the music affiliated with it. However, I recently realized this is far from universal when I met some online and at school who weren't aware furry-adjacent music existed at all, or assumed it was just the kind of youtube parodies that make you want to eat lead. Being me, I completely missed the chance to tell them about it, but if I were to try to go back in time and introduce them to it, this is the collection I would put together. It is not an attempt at anything remembling objectivity or comprehensiveness, just an assembleage of my favorite tracks. If you asked someone else to make this list it would probably look totally different, but that's the beauty of this kind of thing, isn't it? A lot of these are mostly anthro-adjacent regarding their covers / themes and artists, but italicized titles indicate those with openly furry-themed lyrics. Side A - Electronic RenaRen - Something Beautiful - One of my favorite tracks out of the scene (and ever, actually.) Energetic and epic but tender and sweet at the same time. Renard - BARA LOVE BLAST DOGGES - Rave-ready but still oddly emotional track about fictional love. If this version is too heavy, there's a lovely acoustic take on it. Futret - (More Than) Deer to Me (Renard's Last Use of This Acapella Remix) - This one's just goofy as hell, but there's moments on it that are more beautiful than they have any right to be. MEATTOOTH - BAMBINO MASSIVE - A lot of furry-associated music is the general realm of break/speed/mashcores, which I'll try to avoid flooding the list with but this one's one of the best IMO. Astro The Fox - Amuse Me, Kraken - Another breakcore track, this time more chipbreak-style and made mostly on an authentic 1989 Gameboy! mowmowmow - Everybody Loves Me! (w/ 4lung) - Many summer day bike rides were had to this over the years. Tenkitsune - Lemon Soda (with NGC 3.14) - A bit different from the rest, but one of the shiniest gems of future bass. Side B - Indie Furry Loser - In the Land of Funny Animals - If you listen to anything here, make it this one. It probably captures the spirit of furry-ness (as I experience it) as best as anything can - an alternate interpretation of reality for those out of place in the main paradigm. (Tom and Skater Love Story are also good tracks by the same artist!) chocofriendz - ice halo - Bedroom pop as DIY but heartfelt as the cover implies. Fuzzy handdrawn halloween world. Sergeant Hare Apollo - O Captain (Soldier's Lament) - "On a young private's unrequited love for the captain of his regiment." Catface - My Colors! - A love letter to creativity and wonder and coloring outside the lines. If you have high tolerance for autotune abuse this album might be up your alley. Side C - A Little Something Different Lil Raptor - Dragon's Milk and The Redeemer - Gorgeous shoegaze/post-rock with a side of screamo, excellent accompaniment to walking in cold rain in good way. Demensa - Pigmented Triad - Relaxed chiptune-ish VGM from a visual novel by the artist. 2047 - Cold Rain - Ambient optimized for watching radio towers and oil refineries at night. Silver Dove - last train home. - Minimal droning ambient for lonely rides home. hyi - misery - Not everything around here is sunshine and rainbows but there's beauty even in misery. Obviously this is just a tiny slice of an absolutely immense scene you could spend years immersed in (I speak from experience.) There's facets of just about every genre and style somewhere in there!