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This page is for bootlegs I make of other people's music (which range from YouTube rips, compilations of loose tracks,
split-up sets, and deep-diving mp3 archeology) as alternate pathways through their work. Some covers are original but I
take no credit for any content. Feel free to reach out to me for any takedowns, questions, or concerns whatsoever

Infinity Frequencies - Forgotten structures
1:54:28 - 142.94 MB, 49 tracks
『Compilation - Archeology』Signalwave, eccojam, and computergaze loosies from the ghost in the machine
Nora The Piano Cat - Nora The Piano Cat™ MP3: Expanded Version 2024
0:31:17 - 66.17 MB, 26 tracks
『Compilation – Archeology』Piano solos and duets by Nora the Piano Cat, a talented feline who "played" the piano in her owner's studio almost daily from her rise to semi-internet fame in 2007 until her passing in 2024
Various - PHX CREW
0:10:43 - 19.08 MB, 10 tracks
『Compilation – Archeology』Compilation of all surviving tracks / snippets from my high school's soundcloud rap clique
Winter Carousel - Works 2001-2004
0:42:25 - 49.3 MB, 16 tracks
『Compilation – Archeology』The surviving legacy of an early 00s short-lived noise duo obsessed with bugs
@sleep.y - BITCOIN A$$A$$IN
5:36 - 9.57 MB, 3 tracks
『Archeology』Three beat minitape from a long gone cursed image page curator turned soundcloud producer, circa 2017 - 2018
Steve Roden - sound. at the Schindler House (July 25, 2009)
0:22:35 - 46.7 MB, 16 tracks
『Live set』Delicate whirrs and hums from the lowercase master
service floor ensemble - synaptic eclogue, unreal notation
1:22:35 - 215.2 MB, 7 tracks
『Archeology』7FORM-adjacent free improv jam session, recorded in early 2020 but never officially released

A s s o r t e d R e l e a s e s

more ? sugar - zZz
0:25:38 - 49.63MB
『Compilation』Every loosie m?s track I could get my paws on
BFF - besties 4 ever
1:02:20 - 89.64 MB, 22 tracks
『Compilation』BFF was a soundcloud-only NXC artist who dropped off the face of the earth a while back and did some of the best work in the genre IMHO
internetparty - getonline
0:30:52 - 61.2 MB, 10 tracks
『Compilation』A hidden gem of first-wave Sound☁ NXC
cutiecore - hey cutie!
1:19:45 - 113 MB, 26 tracks
『Compilation』cutiecore's debut (and only) album left me craving more, so I put this together to get that NXC future bass cuteness kick
Various - Metrosong Box Set
0:46:3 - 272 MB, 12 tracks
『Compilation』Metrosong sampler created for the RYM Ultimate Box Set project
Proxima64 - Proxima64 Synth Improv Stream
01:22:30 - 2023.06.09 - 189 MB
『Split set』Live synth improvs from a retro synth and old-school hard/software enthusiast
bulldog eyes - livestreams
1:20:05, 183 MB - indie/bedroom pop
『Split set』Bedroom pop recorded in a hotel room and ripped from YouTube livestreams, please donate to them if you can!
Blank Banshee - Live at SPF420 [Portland, Oregon 5-1-15]
0:31:42, 58.55 MB, vaportrap
『Split set』"Well at least we can listen to blank Banshee 2 in potato quality"
ensowon choristers - elive-000 (gathering)
1:10:25 - 172.7 MB, 12 tracks
『Live set』Live sessions from the 7FORM crew in a variety of styles and audio qualities

A. G. Cook & PC Music Index - Split sets (URL and IRL) and compilations

Baby, when you look at me, you know that I'll be here forever
Baby, when I look at you, I know that we'll be here together

A. G. Cook - A. G. Fanmade (Disc 1 - Remixes)
12:54:48 - 1.64 BG, 234 tracks
『Compilation』Literally every A. G. remix, bootleg, or other fanmade edit I could find (essentially a glorified playlist)
A. G. Fanmade (Disc 2 - Covers)
3:20:54 - 343 MB, 82 tracks
『Compilation』Every A. G. cover I could find (essentially a glorified playlist)
A. G. Cook - A. G. Fanmade (Disc 3 - Mashups)
3:39:49 - 559 MB, 60 tracks
『Compilation』Every A. G. mashup I could find (essentially a glorified playlist)
Lipgloss Twins - S/T
0:15:29 - 37.1 MB, 8 tracks
『Compilation』Every Lipgloss Twins track I could find, in a single little fanmade album package
1:59:46 - 228.5 MB, 38 tracks
『Compilation』Every piece of QT fanmade media I could find - covers, remixes, mashups
easyFun - easyFan
1:54:53 - 159.4 MB, 37 tracks
『Compilation』Every piece of easyFun fanmade media I could find - covers, remixes, mashups
Hannah Diamond - WWW.HD
8:48:55 - 1.15 GB, 161 tracks
『Compilation』Every piece of Hannah Diamond fanmade media I could find - covers, remixes, mashups
Death Sim - Dead or Alive Set
0:05:38 - 2014.10.31 - 12.9 MB, 3 tracks
『Split set』Wonky bubblegum bass and spooky ibiza music from A. G. Cook's idyllic trance project, gone ~evil~
A. G. Spook - Dead or Alive Set
0:09:57 - 2014.10.31 - 22.7 MB, 7 tracks
『Split set』Spooky bubblegum bass, does more in ten minutes than some artists do in their entire careers
A. G. Cook - A. G. Waveform
0:30:00 - 2020.08.12 - 169.1 MB, 24 tracks
『Split mix』A. G. at his most experimental, surreal reinterpretations of 7G into a far noisier and out-there alternate vision
A. G. Cook - Live at Union Nightclub Pop2 Afterparty
1:06:06 - 2018-03-15 - 151.4 MB, 24 tracks
『Split set』A. G. DJs for a Charli XCX afterparty, featuring plenty of Charli and Sophie, a gem mix of it's era
A. G. Cook - Live at the Echoplex (4-19-2016)
1:04:26 - 2016-04-19 - 147.6 MB, 16 tracks
DJ set from the PC music heyday
Charli XCX & A. G. Cook - FORM Arcosanti Festival at Amphitheater Stage, Arizona (05.13.2018)
0:55:32 - 2018-05-13 - 127.2 MB, 13 tracks
『Split set』Yes, this is moreso a Charli XCX split, but A. G. Cook is there (with all the stage presence of a house cat) so it technically counts lmao
A. G. Cook - Haunted DJ Set Live @ The Fonda Theatre 10-31-2019
- 2019-10-31 - 62.2 MB, 9 tracks
『Split set』A. G. Spook RETURNS, this time IRL up close and personal
A. G. Cook - Live @ III Points 2022
0:26:47 - 2022-10-22 - 67.5 MB, 14 tracks
『Split set』A PRIME example of a 7G-era A. G. set, absolute masterclass stuff (if nothing else, check out the Silver remix)
A. G. Cook - Live in London - PC Music, Vol. 3
0:18:14 - 2022-10-22 - 42.3 MB, 6 tracks
『Split set』Far more of a performance than a DJ set, plenty of singing ♡♡ possibly my favorite
A. G. Cook - Live at the Echoplex (3-27-2015)
0:24:39 - 2015-03-27 - 57.5 MB, 8 tracks
Echoplex, so nice he played it twice (and confused the hell outta my nice neat files in the process)
PC Music - Live at PC Music Pop City L.A. 7-20-2016
- 7-20-2016 - 143.7 MB, 22 tracks
『Split set』The whole crew turns up and gives it there all, QT and Redbull get into a conflict of interest (that actually happened behind the scenes,) PC at it's popular peak
0:11:00 - 2013-04-03 - 25.1 MB, 9 tracks
『Split mix』Sound collage hip-hop weirdness showing the kind of directions A. G. is taking influence from and where he's willing to go when he can get away with it
A. G. Cook - PC Music x DISown Radio
1:00:00 - 2014-03-25 - 23.0 MB, 8 tracks
blargggggggg pc music ag cook ag ag ag
A. G. Cook - Away From Keyboard "Set"
0:11:04 - 2022-12-13 - 31 MB, 3 tracks
『Split... set?』Not really a set, moreso the audio from a short film that premiered for AFK with a little before and after, but it rocks anyway
A. G. Cook - 7 by 7 Set
0:18:40 - 2020-07-06 - 42.8 MB, 6 tracks
『Split set』A. G. crashes his own promo stream and previews his magnum opus
A. G. Cook B2B Namasenda - A. G. Cook B2B Namasenda at Lavapalooza
0:18:27 - 2020-09-07 - 42.2 MB, 7 tracks
『Split set』Next-level pop rising star Namasenda back to back with AG playing mashups and unreleased tracks
A. G. Cook - 05:00 05:05
0:05:00 - 2018-06-14 - 11.5 MB, 4 tracks
『Split mix』A. G. makes a super condensed set of Charli remixes seemingly for the hell of it
PC Music - Dead or Alive
1:16:48 - 2014-10-31 - 181 MB, 57 tracks
『Split set』The entire legendary PC music stream, featuring spookified versions of most major PC artists, fully split to the best of my ability
PC Music - Pop City RBMA Mix
1:58:02 - 2016-07-18 - 256 MB, 56 tracks
『Split mix』Possibly the definitive PC music mix, everyone has their chance to shine and it kicks ass

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Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone
A. G. Cook - Apple
Doopees - Doopee Time