In conclusion:
I kind of lost motivation on this and the unplanned closure of the label was the
nail in the coffin. This page is just archival now. So long, and thanks for all 
the paulstretch.

December 12th:
[blank] - !​!​! real Angel Sightings 2021 !​!​! ଘଘ (New)
Length: 10:00
Another one of mine. Lazy but turned out pretty good, I think. Kept on recognizing
the drums I stole from a year's worth of breakcore songs in track 1, and I right
recreate 2 as an eccojams thing.

last login - tape loop demos
Length: 18:18
Another one of mine. Most of these loops are now shoved into a small jar to be
mailed to someone online I barely know. The miracles of the world wide web.

___ Turntable - radio transmission signal field recordings
Length: 5:15
No idea what this is. Subtle breakbeats, field recordings, tons of background
noise. Sounds like you're recording your apartment neighbor making DnB on
a flip phone.

December 11th:
d^r - excerpt
Length: 1:24
I wonder why the full set wasn't uploaded and only this, it's a bit odd. Nothing
wrong with screamy effects-soaked noise. I downloaded it right away in anticipation
of the cover getting it deleted but it remains, somehow.

Q# - °0o◯o0°
Length: 2:02
Not the kind of thing I usually listen to but I can appreciate it, somewhere in
the overlap of IDM / glitch / techno, and pretty upbeat and energetic for those

white horse national services - 1129​-​12x2​:​x21
Length: 11:19
Cool vaporwave loops with the occassional experimental glitchiness to keep you
from getting too comfortable. Eir Mazur strikes again.

;ис - сейчас я вам включу кейпоп
Length: 2:40
Sounds like someone made a whole song inspired by five seconds of YTP
Death. Not that that's a bad thing, it extrapolates the idea pretty well,
I just wish I knew what the sample was.

paperclip crown - magnolia
Length: 14:44
Ambient but not cleanly recorded / generated pristine new age sounds, or DIY tape
stuff, just noisy and lofi enough. Liked it more than I thought, will definitely be returning.

paperclip crown - embrace
Length: 17:28
More on the noisier side but still has one foot in ambient, like the dream-on-the
edge-of-going-bad version of magnolia.

494 - 9 April 1994
Length: 7:55
Better than it has any right to be. This looks like a shitpost but it's probably my favorite yet.
Most ambient falls too far on the droney or melodic side but this just loops the same melody
over and over perfectly, as many notes as the cover has pixels.

🌎🌐😍😉🎹🎶🔜💿 - 🌎🌐😍😉🎹🎶🔜💿
Length: 5:55
Somewhere between ambient and chiptune and works well with the Hello
Kitty cover. Not quite musicboxish but it has that same quality.

⊂​(​´・◠・⊂ )∘˚˳° - ⊂​(​´・◠・⊂ )∘˚˳°
Length: 37:29
Lobit on bandcamp always kind of amused me because you have to make 
it lossless before uploading it. That aside, this reminds me of Azuse
and some other lobit ambient I like, so that's always welcome.

Joshua Donnelly - Music for Space
Length: 14:36
The space ambient counterpart to the previous new age. Very minimal
and pretty, not too much but it gets the job done, filling the space
with drones.

ᐛ⠳⠳⡹บ๕ᐂ⢗ΔΔ⡣⣟ᐛᐛ - ⋰⋰⋰ ⌊ ∘ ⋮⋮⋮ ∘ ⌉ ⋱⋱⋱
Length: 15:27
Cool cover and some pretty new age ambient, field recordings included.
A bit paulstretchy but we've all been there.

Q# - ___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\​___​/​\
Length: 13:08
Not the drone I expected but some simple but still cool techno. I also like the
meta cover. I almost called it groovy before realizing how stupid I sounded.

[blank] - [blank]
Length: 12:28
Bit of a weird take on dark ambient, less minimal, more like the sea on the cover.
Love the blank titles.

last login - bury me in the bamboo forest
Length: 6:07
I made this, improvised on a keyboard directly onto tape, ripped it, and treated
it like signalwave. The cover I took is of a bamboo forest, compressed to that
pseudo-VHS feel old videos have. Could've been better but it came out pretty
well for being an idea of just one day.

Joshua Donnelly - Heat Death / CPU
Length: 4:19
Hardcore? Drum'n'bass? Noise and ambient elements? I suck at identifying genres.
Regardless, pretty cool, always neat when more experimental musicians turn their
interests and unique methods to more conventional music, and vice versa.