welcome to my special hell

when the soul eater comes for me, i won't be denying anything
a feather to the sky is all in my wake
do or don't just look back down for my sake

when the linkrot comes for me, i won't be scrambling to get away
the answer's already clear at this point

who cares
death the second, birth the third
it's for the worst
who cares

we're sparks we're gone we're eaten
failed the scales
and the angels will come 《 nibiru 2012 》 you saw the lights

so long as we're here and lonely

grey clouds freeze and fall
start small get smaller
keyboard covered in moss
climb the cell phone tower and see the lights through the coverup

skin and bones
lying touchtones
the fae folk took us
who cares who cares

the moon will follow you home anyway

glimpse over the edge
suns below and stars around it like a halo
wisps of clouds hesitant to even exist
look up and see the moon broken, bleeding, a dying cell
light spreading in a web across the heavens

i'm falling backwards and that's okay
i feel my heart beating for the first time in weeks
the electricity turning back on on a darkened city
but no one's home
stared into the static too long, i guess
what does it matter now?

is this is what you would want to me to do?
is this is what you would want to me to say?
i'm just glad you're happy wherever you are

endless words skittering
hawk at night sky
artificial dna synthesis
urban buildings like black mirrors
hand pressed up against the backside of the screen
pixelated and compressed
data storage
server hum wolf howls
last login never

everything's so hard fallen apart and decaying disentigrating in the woods
bury urself hollow spheres and bone shells around the hollow heads of crystal beings
i saw you die in my dreams
i wanted to help but it was just a video pull something out of the bag spiralling forever
it's beautiful really beginning to hollow i-be area never forever to the sphere
of ideas spiralling ardound and ever broken to the fbi of all that i've got left so sorry

wings unfurl as all that's left is collapse emminent
starflight sprials forever and ever past hollow blazes of glory hindsight fading
nothing left

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04 december 2k15 #wintercouplet
05 running from my demons《 コラボ / 聞く 》

i didn't know there were so many world inside ur head
living and decaying and spiralling downwards
until all that's left is a vague frustration
and you don't even know who it's about
i can't tell if i was too much or too little
but something went wrong somewhere and i guess that happens
either way you died in my dreams
and i still feel kinda bad about that honestly
i backtrack to hyperdeath because that's who you reminded me of
sounds of the rain outside as we fall asleep together
i wait for you to come online but you never do
it's best if you just forget about me, okay?