Himeko Katagiri Listening Log from July 25th 2021 onward
Images are links from September 4th onward. Apologies for being a pretentious idiot. I have too much time on my hands and this was too absurd an idea to pass up.
THE END CLOSING THOUGHTS: Began: July 25th, 2021 Ended: October 9th, 2022 (will be updated with time) Conclusion: Cool tunes An abbreviated guide to Himeko (i.e. a subjective best-of): ESSENTIAL LISTENING: Seifuku Sound – BGM Vol. 3 ● Incredible OST to a non-existent visual novel from a land of mysteries and nekos Recovering Hikikomori – 絶望 ● Emotional cloud rap with a variety of samples Ninja McTits – Is This Child Pornography? ● Ultimate samplecore Shoebill / Himeko Katagiri – Shoebill / Himeko Katagiri Split ● Amenpunk, mashcore, dancecore, lolicore, dynamic duo Himeko Katagiri – Sound Of Loli ● Probably the most perfected piece of himekaos to date, concentrated old-skool lolicore to melt your face off RECOMMENDED (Yes, this is after narrowing it down): Himeko Katagiri – ロリコアSELEK 2014-18 Himeko Katagiri – I Love You Azusa Himeko Katagiri – Gangsta Goth Lolishit Himeko Katagiri / Napkin Terrorizer – Harajuku Babylon Copper Pancake Calcification ● Dadaist visual novel Harem Noise Wall ● 400+ HNW singles, has the widest variety of experimentation and sound I've ever heard in the genre NERV ELEVATOR - NERV ELEVATOR ● Not as out there as Harem Noise Wall, but far shorter and still has great variety Ninja McTits - 500 Tracks For TV500 ~ Tsundere Violence's 500th Release ● The logical conclusion to internet noise Ninja McTits - 90's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE ● Power electonics anisong karaoke TCLB - WebSDR Shortwave 3​/​10​/​2021 -- Contains Really Wild Conspiracy Theory Radio Shows ● As good an intro as any to the wide world of radio broadcasts and field recordings Knights ov the Eastern Calculus – 01101100 01100001 01101001 01101110 ● Lain black metal Lolitendo – Marill ● Chill breakbeats and chiptunes No.305 / Sunblock Bukkake – Split ● Loligrind classic Recovering Hikikomori – Late Night Melancholy ● More like 絶望 with even more nocturnal wandering Pony's Home – The Snowy Fields And Pastures ● Proto-comfy synth recorded on actual 60's equipment 苛性関係 – あいこ ● Dystopian, narrative ambient vaporwave PANTSU SCUM – Saturdaynight Big Cock Salaryfuta ● Gerogerigegege-tribute noisecore PANTSU SCUM – Yuyushiki Episode 4 Part 1 ● Anime scum Gorelick - Jazz For Your Soul ● Fusion midijazzgrind DJ Nonstick Cookware – CDJ Mix Live On Discord 2-13-2019 ● Incredible abstract, otherworldly sounds and experimentation DJ Nonstick Cookware – CDJ Mix Live On Discord 10-5-2019 ● Just a cool colection of almost randomly selected and cleverly mixed tunes DJ Nonstick Cookware – Four Live Vinyl Only Plunderphonics Ambient Tracks [2-5-2018] [3-14-2018] (One Turntable, Twelve Records, Ableton Live, Mixer) ● J-pop turned live hazy plunderphonics ambience Ninja McTits – 超GALS!寿蘭2 GBC 7-19-2020 ● Lovely orbiting between a blissful chiptune loop and meditative ambient noise Ninja McTits – Bored Late At Night, I Want To Go To Bed But Can't, I Want To Be Asleep, I Want It To Be Tomorrow So I Can Go Get A New Game ● One of my first TV releases, got me hooked instantly KUSOWANK X Ninja McTits – いもうとメイド ● More dope samplecore Ninja McTits – Live Plunderphonics Remix Of うなぎ神~UnagiShin~ Live Streaming ● Live noise edits of field recordings, spoken word, and acoustic guitar strumming Ninja McTits – A Cozy Storm In The Countryside And Nostalgic Memories Of Y2K-Era Video Games ● Lots of very comfy, rainy ANW DJ Nurse Joy – Dying In The 90's ● Just some fun speedcore Sanya V. Litvyak – Embrace ● Lobit, ultraraw acoustic black metal strageness Belgum Trail – Awhile ● Cool jungle / breakcore / IDM Belgum Trail – Kindergarten ● Sentimental melodic ambient reflections on childhood Lonely Spacecraft – Astronaut From Space ● Ambient post-metal shoegazing on extraterrestrial isolation Lonely Spacecraft – Like A Shooting Star, My Existence Will Burn Out As A Twinkle In Your Eye ● Lovely ambient drone 白さくらちゃん – 莓铃山歌 ● Original compositions in the style of classical Chinese folk music Seifuku Sound – Some Original Christmas Songs ● Comfy festive melodies from a Christmas visual novel in a nearly parallel universe – 哥特​.​Cassette_Remix​.​mkv ● Goth rock Chinatown goodwill vapor vibes November 2022 onward (this format should work better now) [FUTA-14] Ninja McTits - 69,420 Track Diss Album Against Everyone Who Lives In The Bay Area Length: 1:02 YS-101 PANTSU SCUM/YxUxRxI - Split Length: 2:09 TCLB - Azusa Figure Length: 0:01 TCLB - Loud Rain Gutters Length: 2:26 TCLB - A Single Hand Clap Recorded With My Laptop Mic Cut Into 24 Tracks Length: 0:01 TCLB - Listening To Mayhem While Driving Through Cameron Park, CA Length: 0:54 I read the title and was really suprised, didn't think Himeko would like Mayhem. Hit play and realized I'm an idiot. TCLB - http://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1ZAoj2eqDDnCG0ZzBpPUjVssOdPyrcbnU&usp=sharing Length: 3:52 TCLB - Driving Through Strawberry, CA Length: 1:19 TCLB - Passing Through Twin Bridges, CA Length: 0:33 TCLB - Field Recording Noise Wall Length: 4:22 October 24th, 2022 YS-086 PANTSU SCUM - HAIRxBRUSHxSHITCORExFUCKxOFF Length: 0:05 October 9th, 2022 Collected discord leaks / WIPs / stray mp3s Length: ≈1:53:36 Harem Noise Wall - 桜井智 Harem Noise Wall - ぺリーヌ・クロステルマン Harem Noise Wall - 朱染心愛 Harem Noise Wall - クリムヴェール Length: 17:00 Enjoyable Music + Syoiqz + エロ同人 - 3 Way Split Length: 19:46 October 6th, 2022 END GAME Apricot Sandwich Man I'm either playing this wrong or it's comically short and there's no winning (or at least game-continuing move.) Anything ends in immediate termination. Nihilism and nonsense have always been linked, I guess. Copper Pancake Calcification This is everything I expected a 2014 Ninja McTits game to be. Total nonsense in visual novel format where Siberian waveform wolf lolis cascade down pasta cliffs in Sweden but only past midnight when caramel candies boil out of the frozen caves like meowing taliban. I took the liberty of bootlegging the OST here for any other completionists. (Shit, the whole joke was that it was supposed to be titled unofficial soundtrack and I screwed it up. Eh.) The Highly Instense Adventures Of Apricot Sandwich Man ~ Official Soundtrack Length: 10:31 Many, many times longer than the playthrough itself, you barely get to hear a fraction of it in-game. Crazy that even now I'm finding releases I had no idea existed, this one featuring some spamwave / spoken word / found sound / plunderphonics Ninja McTits, some noise, and an appearance from HOUSE PLANTオーディ back when that alias was presumably active but dormant. [various aliases] - [compilation appearances 2012-2022] Length: 6:26:37 October 4th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - A Very Outsider Christmas Length: 2:14:50 October 3rd, 2022 [TV197] Sunblock Bukkake - Sukumizu Torture Length: 35:02 I was dreading this one. Ironically for someone so tangled up in lolicore, I cannot stand hentai or porn noises (coming from someone who listens to basically nails on a chalkboard for fun.) "Enjoy the lolis raping your ears" is about accurate for this one, the bits of incredibly rough, outsider-sounding breakcore / speedcore / sound collage didn't outweigh the extended uncomfortable samples and I had to have it on the lowest volume through most of it. "Intense Yuri SeXXX" was decent, though. I can still hear the hentai and I hate it. [TV250] Sunblock Bukkake - Intense Yuri SeXXX Remixes Length: 42:18 I'm glad the remix compilation featured on the best song. It was honestly a lot of fun hearing everyone's different take on the theme and I liked it quite a bit, actually. Lots of variety but enough in common to keep your interest all the more. Harem Noise Wall - Fucking all of it Length: 13:20:00 I did it. I will not review them all individually, but I did rate them on RYM. Still my favorite HNW project of all time, for good reason. NERV Elevator - NERV Elevator Length: 46:40 I was worried I didn't give this the attention it deserved the first time around and wanted to hear it in the context of Harem Noise Wall. It's still 100% a standout in it's genre and serves as a good sampler / microcosm of Himeko's broader HNW experiments, although Harem Noise Wall goes way further with the experimentation. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 10] Length: 58:50 This week's theme of "rocking [...] fast and aggressive" tracks didn't let down. This is probably as good a time as any to mention that when NBBMN rolls around I'll be relistening to and possibly rereviewing all of these black metal / black ambient / dungeon synth releases. September 30th, 2022 [TV066] Himeko Katagiri - Himeko Katagiri At Kawaii Loli Attack Summer Edition 6-21-2012 Himeko's early work is seriously growing on me. I used to think it was painfully amateur nonsense but now I realize it's incredible amateur nonsense, in spite of him being as close to being the physical embodiment of lolicore as it gets it still feels so weird and outsider. I wish I had an excuse to listen to it more but there's only so many sets from back then. I'll 100% do it on my own time though, I think I might like his earliest lolicore works even more than his current ones. Never thought I'd say that. [TV1642] Himeko Katagiri - Himeko Katagiri At OHR 2019 5/26/2019 Length: 30:00 I've heard it all before but it's a fun selection) with fun mixing and I enjoyed hearing it again. Reading about Jihadi John now (not to this, sadly, I should've thought of that. Ninja McTits – Enomoto Vol. 3-2-2016 Length: 33:51 Noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze (also rare album rip iibasa whatever the hell that was) Himeko Katagiri - 聴覚耐久試験 SET 7/30/2022 Length: 29:59 I've heard these tracks many times over but they still definitely hold up, also the new tracks were lots of fun, I love TQBF so much, Nightcore Needs To Die is a good project, and adding extreme rock in there is a cool idea. It was done before with the Pchlylomedusa or however you spell it and here we've got SLOTH (non-HNW mode,) Sunn O))), and NǽnøcÿbbŒrg VbërrHolökäävsT also legendary ending lol September 29th, 2022 TV200 - Ninja McTits - All At Once Part 3 Length: 1:02:11 Didn't stand out but it sure filled the silence with all manners of clashing samples and humming and screeching. Somewhere between an Audacity experimental album and a gladitor fight. TV1430 - Ninja McTits - 00's Anison Gaijikore Hit Parade 4 Length: 34:47 GAIJIKORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKS TV1256 - Ninja McTits – 2010's Anison Gaijikore Hit Parade Length: 35:46 Not sure what I haven't said already but fun stuff. TV1075 - おやすみFacebook™ - The City That Killz Length: 37:32 I'll admit I kind of let it play in the background without absorbing too much, but there were some groovy vaporwave moments that stuck out to me and the rest was nice sludgy noctural screw. Peace belying violence. TV500 - Ninja McTits - 500 Tracks For TV500 ~ Tsundere Violence's 500th Release Length: 41:40 YESYESYES THIS is THE McTits album. I spent a whole day putting this into discogs (it still has some capitalizcation errors but shhhh) and I can only imagine how long it took to make it. Great kinda shit laptop mic noise with the greatest tracklist of all time to boot. TV695 - Ninja McTits - All At Once Part 6 Length: 46:55 NGL it felt like All At Once Part 3, still solid and still absolutely cacaphonic. YS-077 Ninja McTits - Hey, This Isn't Baseball! Length: 3:13 A rare but welcome treataaAAAAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAa-a-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-aaa-aaa-aaaa-aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaAA poober warri0r - lord cernunnos is gay Length: Around 45 minutes I went on another hike and I consider it a performace of this piece. I sadly didn't get any pictures, but I did get a shotgun shell which I'll use to pack tape loops. [TV514] Scorpion Sound Source / Ninja McTits - BDSM BBQ Length: 56:52 I had to skip a few minutes in the McTits track since the extended hentai sounds are worse than nails on a chalkboard to me (ironic since I'm doing a lolicore list and listen to basically nails on a chalkboard for fun) but aside from that both sides were solid power electronics influenced noise and the unedited sample at the end was a very pleasant reward, more noise albums should do that. September 28th, 2022 [TV1442] Ninja McTits - 90's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE 3 Length: 40:48 More of the same shit (in a good way) [TV1229] Ninja McTits - GAIJIKORE CHRISTMAS FOR YOU Length: 31:34 I put this on when I was in a Halloweeny mood without thinking about it and I only realized several tracks in, although I was vibing (am I hip now?) throughout. Very fun one, I'll keep in find for December. [TV1011] Ninja McTits - 90's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE Length: 24:07 Best one yet, no doubt in my mind. Duvet is a gaijikore MASTERPIECE, not just because it's Duvet but because he gives his all and the feedback works so well at points that the original sounds wrong without it. Party☆Night was also a highlight and I haven't heard the Sailor Moon OP before now much less the Dutch version but I loved it and listened repeatedly. It sounds way more happy hardcore than anisong, reminds me more of Tokyo Ghetto Pussy than anything. This is going on the essential list. September 18th, 2022 YS-074 PANTSU SCUM - Look At My Forehead My Forehead Is Amazing Give It A Lick Tastes Just Like Raisins Length: 0:08 Jokes on you, I don't know what the titles from and I'm not looking it up, also HOLY SHIT PxSx IS BACK? inb4 it dies immediately again (I think this release is part of an ongoing effort to get Pantsu Scum on as many labels as possible so someone should make more net shitlabels to farm more scum into existence.) September 13th, 2022 Ninja McTits - Nicole 12 Wouldve Been Better If It Was Based On Lolicon Length: 1:30 I haven't listened to much Nicole 12 so I can't attest to it's accuracy but as far as spooky power electronics goes, it's pretty good, with the eerie melody, warbling vocals buried in the noise (might not even be there,) and general atmosphere. Be the change you want to see in the world. September 12th, 2022 Seifuku Sound - Demo Reel 2 (Sampling & Remixes) Length: 34:12 "Kawaii Remix (Featured In The Video Game OSU!)" is definitely my favorite Himeko track lol. It's an excellent sampler that I enjoyed listening to but it's super funny to know what Himeko's music actually is and see how it's presented here. It's like an otaku raver putting on a suit and going to a job interview. Seifuku Sound - Demo Reel 3 (Ambience, SFX, Sound Design, Atmospheres) Length: 1:02:00 "Sound Design 1 (Made From A Single Layer Of White Noise)," if only they knew. A lot of legitimately impressive stuff here and a very good portfolio but hearing the recognizable bits of Himeko's usual identity - the Harem Noise Wall tracks, the North Korea reference - adds another level. September 11th, 2022 Ninja McTits - Enomoto Vol. 3-5-2016 Length: 33:41 No functional links for this one, go seek your soul. This one had some odd tones that I wouldn't say were melodic but definitely had some musical insight. My browser pulls up two URLs in this series with nearly identical names and I always choose the wrong one without fail every single time. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Tsundere Violence Mix I LOVED this one. I had to listen to it in like 64 kbps since mixcloud is a fuck but I barely noticed past the beginning, the track selection is incredible and it's just an excellent sampler for the label. Cutie Tooth was very funny and a highlight, the Passenger Of Shit was nuts, and it uses one of my favorite and most underrated lolicore tracks, little sweet claws. Recommended overall. DJ Nonstick Cookware - J-Rap Mix I also quite liked this one, I never got bored or annoyed or wanted for a second to turn it off and it very well could've going twice it's length, and I'm usually not into hip-hop. The foreign lyrics let me enjoy it in the background without interfering in my train of thought (implying I have one.) The best of both worlds in multiple ways. Seifuku Sound - Demo Reel 1 (Fully Original) Length: 56:06 A really nice sampler, I need to give the Wholesome Demon OST another listen. Also cool cover art and I wish Himeko the best in his soundtracking career!!! September 10th, 2022 [TV1516] おやすみFacebook™ - Christmas In The Ghetto Length: 13:05 A way better song, both originally and screwed, than I expected that obviously has comedy to it but is also bitter with the juxtaposition. Also, the instrumental part at the end is fucking *fantastic*, would make for great vaporwave on it's own. [TV445] Ninja McTits - パイナップルディスコ Length: 28:45 Somewhere between the somewhat grating old McTits style and the newer, more sophisticated samplecore style. Not my favorite release of all time from him but it's definitely up there, also the cover goes hard as hell (and it has two hanger-on bonus releases, count me in) FUUUUUUUCCCCCCC my laptop connector broke on the inside so I can't listen to things in stereo with any earbuds on it so now I'm resorting to listening to listening to these releases on my mp3 player, RIP my hard earned scrobbles but fuck it I'm almost there!!! September 8th, 2022 TV485 - Ninja McTits - The Great Ninja McTits Remix Album Vol. Spaghetti Length: 1:46:10 Definitely a standout album, huge variety, tons of noteworthy names, a handful of tracks felt pointless and / or overlong but most of it was a lot of fun and very memorable. Professional Shit Going On Here (Ayane Fukumi Remix) and Aparelho De Iluminação (Belgum Trail Remix) are incredible but really the whole thing was great, especially if you know the originals. [TV780] 島田市 Japan 1995 - iCARLY 音楽 Length: 47:12 It's total broporwave but that aside it kept my entertained as I did my internet thing. Years ago my friends would make fun of me for allegedly having an iCarly obsession (in reality I've never seen a single episode,) but I've hardly seen those friends covid and never made new ones, so I'd be lying if I said it wasn't like a bittersweet shitpost. I can definitely see the ▣​世​界​か​ら​解​放​さ​れ​▣ influence, the echo on the last track was kind of draining but cool, and it uses a sample Shoebill would use years later. September 6th, 2022 TV546 - Nyctophilia / テendosymbiontロ / Fatal Err0r / Ninja McTits / TETSURO / Nonameko Sinombre / Ignu Krrk - Fekk Helloween Vol.1 Length: 1:08:17 Nyctophilia - Very minimal and chill, might listen to it again. Good ambient noise. テendosymbiontロ - Standard harsh noise fare. Fatal Err0r - I'd recognize those lapfox kicks anywhere. It's less noise and more experimental plunderphonics. TETSURO - Spooky atmospheric noise with distorted ambient backing and shadowy samples that fits the halloween theme most out of anyone here. Nonameko Sinombre - The only really long track here but not bad, pleasant electronic noises, alternate pingy like some manic computer system and subdued dormant humminng. Ignu Krrk - Noise dungeon synth with throat singing? Another standout track. Ninja McTits - A normal harsh noise track, an airy(?) improv, and two fantastic samplecore tracks (he makes the best samplecore, maybe tied with RS36.) One weird effect towards the end of DJ Sailor Moon Is Gay sounds identical to pitch shifting in Audacity, so I think he was still using that at this point. September 4th, 2022 [TV288] Ninja McTits - ♥♥•Θ___--+=+σσ*Æ♫♫♫ë--你>b᦮σ不會Θ_↑♫ö♥記住這個名字 Length: 33:13 The Laughing Song was hard to get through but would be deeply unsettling to listen to in a dark room, and the rest is what you'd expect from a 2013 Ninja McTits album that looks like this. TV1771 - Ninja McTits - Happy Birthday Azusa~! (2019) It made me oddly sad to see this as the second-to-last Ninja McTits release on TV. It's been years now. End of an era. That aside, it's very fitting for Azusa, absolutely insane guitar noise and definitely one of McTits's albums I'd recommend to the greater noise scene. September 3rd, 2022 [TV453] Ninja McTits – All At Once Part 5 Length: 1:01:58 Some solid noise messes, I was going to say I liked the cover style less this time but it's growing on me. Some weak and some strong moments. September 2nd, 2022 [TV309] Ninja McTits - All At Once Part 4 Length: 36:52 Not as good as the last All At Once but it has it's moments and has a nice cacaphonic sound. [TV294] Ninja McTits - White Supremacists Secretly Love That Big Black Booty Length: 41:33 A nice mix of troll noise that goes on too long but no one was probably meant to listen to in it's entirety and had some enjoyable moments, especially the glitch tracks. August 31st, 2022 TV502 - Ninja McTits - 카지노하는곳\BEЁ234.COМ/카지노하는곳사이트 Length: 1:35:50 1 - Harsh noise and some musical loop, bitcrushed and distorted to shit together. 2 - Chopped up samples buried under harsh noise and all backed by a constant but everchanging drum break. 3 - An unending funky loop with lofi trash noise and screaming I couldn't confuse for anyone else 4 - Solid harsh noise with cool reverberant sounds. I love the idea of preserving spam and screwing with discogs and this is a pretty good execution to go with it. Props for not just doing HNW / shitposts. August 30th, 2022 TV134 - Ninja McTits - All At Once Part 2 Length: 29:35 1 - Took me a second to figure out why winamp wasn't working lol 2 - Pretty interesting and probably superior to the original album, a grinding cacaphonic rhythmic mess. 3 - Some neat sounds but mostly weak raw data noise. Probably better than the original. 4 - Indistinguishable from how I remember the original album sounding, a bit of an industrial sound, pretty good 5 - lol this one's great and an improvement, needs more layers and then we'll really be talking 6 - Actually pretty good, the sample at the beginning drowned in raw data noise reminds me of INTOXICATED DAUGHTER 7 - Weak album made decent and kinda interesting by layering it 8 - Weak album made decent and kinda interesting by layering it 9 - wtf is this, but it has potential Overall, good? I was dreading this series since honestly a lot of the original early McTits albums weren't very good and a lot fell flat, particularly the raw data ones, but when layered they become a lot more dense and interesting. Unless you're a Tsundere Violence / internet noise fanatic, you can skip most of his early albums and listen to these. Also, the cover's fantastic. Also, imagine doing this for his non noise releases, a Sound of Loli one would kill you instantly August 29th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Live Screw Tape Vol. 1 Length: 1:10:52 The emo track at the beginning was unexpected but appreciated, the raw horrorcore at the end was cool, and the "bitch ass pussy" or whatever it was track in the middle went on forever but made me laugh, possibly unintentionally. The rest is all sludge in my memory, but it had all the highs and lows of the Vol. II. TV493 - Ninja McTits - Field Recordings Of Omegle Length: 42:33 Fun stuff, proto-TCLB, although I wish we could hear Himeko too. Some neat digital artifacted soundscapes (the lion roar track sounds like what I imagine industrial sounds like as someone who has never heard industrial) and interactions. TV280 - Ninja McTits - The Bees Are Back Length: 48:11 Another I was dreading that wasn't that bad. The other tracks were too short to get much of an opinion on but were OK considering it's google image cover audacity noise, but the intro and outro were very loopy, bitcrushed, screwed up (in sound, not content) news reports about bees, like a 1 minute report into two tracks like 18 times that long individually. I was still making out new things and deciphering what was being said right until the end. That ought to stand for something, the usage of bitcrushing was great. August 28th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 2-19-2019 Length: 1:05:08 Lots of old-school breakcore Venetian Snare stuff and some mashcore at the end I really need to check out, also best cover lol TV1016 - Himeko Katagiri - Live In Tokyo Length: 49:34 I've heard it all before but the energy is still insane. Congrats, man. (Also the light music intro lol) August 27th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Cursed Shyt Length: 40:25 It doesn't stick out a ton in my mind but it made an effective intimidating atmosphere and I could only imagine the effect if I played it off my car while driving at night. DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 3-10-2019 Length: 1:20:40 I really want to sample the rhythm track at the beginning and replace the drums with himekaos one-shot drum noise but keep the voices between the sections, like "This is rhythm!" [shipping container of snares falling down an escalator] August 26th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware – CDJ Mix 1-10-2019 Length: 1:03:50 The unhinged jazz stuff was nuts and the Venetian Snares was good since I haven't listened to him in forever. That goreshit album is incredible and I'm jealous of most of the stuff on these covers tbh (look at me, using lol and tbh every other sentence. I picked this up off of Himeko and mhzesent and now I can't stop.) TCLB - Music In San Francisco 12:20 PM 11/15/2021 (Mics Mess Up A Bit) Length: 0:54 I would've assumed it was my earbuds. None of my audio players work perfectly. TCLB - My Mom Talking To Someone While On The Phone With Me Length: 1:12 Neat little snipet, took a couple listens to decipher it though the quick conversation I wasn't familiar with and the phone quality (which I love, I wish more people recorded music through the phone.) TCLB - 11/21/2021 Length: 1:20 The voice in track 1 sounds weirdly like my aunt. TCLB - Thanksgiving EP Length: 6:45 Another slice of life. Feels like I'm invited to a thanksgiving party by people I don't really know and I'm awkwardly sitting there as everyone goes on casually around me. TCLB - Haunted Historic Hotel Late At Night Length: 17:33 Interesting inspirations / location and a spooky end product, though I wish I knew just what you meant by experiencing ghost activity there. The ending track definitely makes it memorable, one of best recent TCLBs. August 25th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Cassette Mix Live On Discord 4-5-2020 Length: 1:09:14 Conscious gangster rap, raw black metal, battle lolis, and the Christmas in the Ghetto tape I've been meaning to get to for a while now, this one has it all. DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 5-6-2020 Length: 2:00:04 Finally did the huge one, writing this a couple days afterward and I don't really remember much but I liked it when it was on. Also as good a time as any to appeciate all the spirit in these, you can tell Himeko has a lot of fun with them and the all-over-the-place glimpse into his vault of a collection is always cool even if it doesn't stick with me. For the sake of being able to edit this page in a reasonable time, most of it had been transferred here. Enter the vault / enter the vault. Releases I will not be doing for one reason or another Releases: [Physical only] Ninja McTits - アニメオタクノイズSampler Vol. 5122017 [Physical only] PANTSU SCUM - Chobits Ripped Off Buttobi!! CPU But Aint Nobody Want To Talk About That [Physical only] Ninja McTits X Pantsu Scum - Sampler Vol.632018 [Physical only] ヒメコカタギリ - クソイコア4Setlist [Physical only] DJ Nurse Joy - The Mourgue [Physical only] Fax Machine Car Crash - Anarchy Muffin [Physical only] Faxmachinecarcrash - I Wanna Go To The Snow [Physical only, undocumented] Ninja McTits - Electrostatic Erection & Enriched Eroticism [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Ghetto Love [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Fetish Tape [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Scissor Lathe Lolis [Self explanatory] PANTSU SCUM - I Dont Care How Many "Views" This Gets Because The Actual Contents Will Never Be Viewed Because I Put Them In A Password Locked .rar File With Gibberish As The Password [Skipped - Longcat is long] (50:20:42) Ninja McTits - Moment Of Silence For The Lives Lost At KyoAni [Skipped - Longcat is long] (59:21:45) Giantess Of Outer Space – I [Skipped] (The remaining) TCLB [Skipped] (The remaining) Himeko Katagiri live sets [Lost?] Concrete Coffin Lolita – Polio II [Lost?] Ninja McTits – Highschool Of The Noise [And an unknown number of private / secret releases] Individual tracks: ● [Lost compilation track] Ninja McTits - I Love Pulse Demon As A Joke and This Makes Me Cool. Wait, Merzbow Has Other Albums? ● [Lost compilation track] Ninja McTits - Senenene Burning In Hell ● [Lost compilation track] Ninja McTits - 吉沢正美 ● [Cassette-only track] Ninja McTits - Scissors Project (Ninja McTits Remix) ● [Download-code exclusive track, physical only] Lolitendo - Loli Pyongyang bonus Ninja McTits remixes ● [Lost bonus track] Ninja McTits - Xenophobic Gaijikore Mashup (I Swear I'm Not Racist! Vip))