creatures of folklore lurking at the edge of the net
accounts long dead usenet confusion
forgotten bots dragons tired beyond words
trying to hold something together as it shakes itself apart
broken links incomplete archives jpeg artifacts
who are you? halloween unknown
npcs broken servers it's lonely here
miss u soulseek rooms .net
honest mistakes txt collections
we wish you no harm
internet friends years ago , last online
a kind of hollow feeling a kind of hollow feeling a kind of hollow feeling

a combination of cassettes, samples, synth ambient,
and noise music into something sleepy and kind of sad
i want to make everything okay but i can't.

a release is in the works that features actual instrumentals,
songwriting, lyrics, singing, etc. it'll be cool hopefully
[preview / info]

rips off: if i die in missisippi
a little kid in my room
ghostbusters vhs

releases so far:
spider demos: actually a decent album
the most melodic thing i've done

live @ 7form discord call: improvised noise and
sound collage made for an online 7form thing

kenku ep: compilation of scrapped / forgotten
tracks and archived recordings

link at top of page
internet hug?