Bandcamp has it's benefits for the ease of creation, sharing, and saving, but monopolies,
especially in creative subcultures, rarely end well. For the purpose of supporting the trve
underground or whatever, here is my collection of non-Bandcamp based netlabels. May the old
net never die. (Ironically, a lot of these labels are dead, but many are active and prolific.
Tread with caution, probably don't browse at work.)
■■  = Active
■■  = Dormant / possibly dead
■■  = Confirmed dead
(A lot of these are guesses. Don't quote me on it.)

■■ VIOLENT SUICIDE - All releases under one minute, 128 kbps preferred. "No quality standards exist."
■■ OBERAMMERGAUER PASSIONSPIEL 2000 - All releases under one minute, 128 kbps preferred. "No quality standards exist."
■■ Varzlabel - Largely conceptual label, run by Post-artist and inspired by Vziel Projet / Genetic Trance.
■■ E.E. Projects - Experimental label with many huge (6+ hour) releases.
■■ Sea Level Records - Experimental / electronic label run by paperclip crown.
■■ ☎tape - Experimental internet music label run by Sputnik / ◉
■■ Lo-music - Sub-56 kbps lobit label circa 2021.
■■ Lost Frog Productions - A suprisingly big breakcore / experimental label with a long history.
■■ Futa Cock Records - Spiritual successor to Horse Dick Records.
■■ sub65 - Lobit label for 64 kbps releases and below.
■■ Skull Dungeon - "Unspecialized Net Label. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
■■ World Is A Fuck Records - Run by CONSTANTAUTUMN, specializes in experimental music, noise and electronic-autism.
■■ Yuri Society - Private imprint of Lord Cernunnos (noise, HNW, field recordings, black noise, etc.)
■■ Yuri Society - Public version of Yuri Society and successor to noise / experimental label Small Tits Records.
■■ Genetic Trance - Beautiful train wreck à la Летпав. "Its conception reflects an idea of informational freedom and limitlessness of art."
■■ Immoral Basement - Successor to Popsakal. "The label has no principles and publishes all who wish to publish."
■■ the lowdown - Not sure if I should include it, a lobit / lofi podcast / radio show.
■■ 20kbps Records - Lobit label active since 2002.
■■ Discography Records - Russian label that releases complete discographies.
■■ Kittens Collecting Stars Records - Netlabel dedicated to releasing field recordings of people playing video games.
■■ Volamund - Release live recordings / improvisations / field recordings.
■■ Total Garbage - Stupid HNW.
■■ NGVSL - Acid and lobit.
■■ Susu Ultrarock Records - I don't actually know what this is. I think it has to do with Yuuko Haii.
■■ NGVSL - Acid and occassional lobit label.
■■ ZVUKI GOVNA - Russian experimental / noise label.
■■ TRASHFUCK NET / Non Quality Audio - Harsh noise and extreme music founded and operated by RedSK.
■■ Unicode Music - Noncommercial netlabel from Italy releasing music with the highest bitrate of 32 kbps.
■■ Nuclear Winter Records - A Harsh Noise Wall netlabel active for August 2019 only, sublabel of The Dark Thursday.
■■ Popsakal Records - Classic "anti-pop, extreme, and anti-music" from 2007-2016.
■■ Dirty Lolis - Mostly noise, ambient, and other genres, heavily influenced by anime and lolis.
■■ Horse Dick Records - Various genres but mostly shitcore, run by VxBxDxDx.
■■ x drone x heart x - All genres, heavy overlap with Horse Dick Records.
■■ XwX Musix - Breakcore / lolicore. Ran on Soulseek with exclusive releases for some time.
■■ Hentai Jesus Crucified Records - Lolicore / noise.
■■ Stars In Rehab - Lobit label 2004-2005.
■■ TZP Drone Company - Ambient / drone / experimental label active in 2005.
■■ Dustin Must Die - Net label based in Australia, active 2007-2008.
■■ bonIo Records - Drone / HNW label without covers, deleted but releases are still available by url (bon401-bon419)
■■ Летпав - The ultimate postmodern train wreck netlabel. Check out the (wildly incomplete) Discogs and see for yourself.
■■ Haltura Project - "Radical conceptualist / neofluxus / post-neodadaist / neopostmodern / neo-existentialist Internet multimedia movement."
■■ Sphicot Records - Finnish low bitrate non-commercial MP3 net-label founded by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen in June 2011.
■■ L0BIT - Self-explanatory lobit label.
■■ Tales About Nothing - Russian experimental / any genre label.
■■ Sexual-Records - Experimental sublabel of Proc-Records.
■■ Small Tits Records - Run by Lord Cernunnos, mainly noise / HNW but has a good variety of other genres.
■■ Unfun Records - Label run by Vaporeonporn / Crow with little genre restrictions.
■■ Love Torture Records - 2008-2011 (mostly) netlabel for any and all styles of electronic and "experimnetal" music
■■ [Sofiabot] Pointless Download - Label for antireleases (digital files with no playable audio)
■■ [Sofiabot] Stiftskirche Records - Released sample based works and black metal.
■■ [Sofiabot] Rubber Frog Records - Strictly releases only sample based works.
■■ [Sofiabot] One Second Lain Records - Label released only one second singles about Serial Experiments Lain.
■■ [Sofiabot] Another Label - Seemingly unthemed, same crew as the rest.
■■ [Sofiabot] Phillip's Records - Released only screw.
■■ [Sofiabot] Blubber Grog Records - The label only released noise, plunderphonics, and sea shanties.
■■ [Sofiabot] 5'6" Records - Released all genres but had a preference for noisecore, noise, shitcore, HNW, shitnoise, and experimental.
■■ [Sofiabot] 회색 태양 혼란 Records - Released only black metal and plunderphonics.
■■ [Sofiabot] تحريك عقلك Records - The label only released house, techno, acid, trance, and live plunderphonics.
■■ [Sofiabot] End Of 2021 Records - Open only for a day on 12/31/2021.

    VK, Blogspot, Tumblr:
■■ CYBERIUM NETSCAPES - "do u take its paw unto your own, fellow lifething? or struggle in the immaterial deathspace of your own demise?"
■■ 8 ravens - 8kbps lobit label.
■■ ლ(╹◡╹ლ) - Mostly noise / lolicore / any genre label.
■■ 聞く - Tsundere Violence field recording sublabel (TCLB is on bandcamp, the others are not.)
■■ ROSE QUARTZ - Electronic DJ-based blogspot label active 2010-2013
■■ Говнарик - This label releases rips from VK voice chat.
■■ ХЛЕБ ДА СОЛЬ REC - Any-genre VK-based label.
■■ Lolita Catacombs - Personal blog / label of Himeko Katagiri.
■■ ;'; , ;'; - Hexagon-based sublabel of Genetic Trance.
■■ 實驗極光 - One of my favorites. Many genres (lolicore, ambient, noise, rock, etc.)
■■ Cherry Blossom Dog Records - A net-label founded by Sakura Pups, "to release whatever he felt like releasing."
■■ VITAMIN C RECORDS - Multigenre label based off of Tumblr.
Minimism Records - Releasing free downloadable items in 128 kbps or less.
Microbit Records - Russian net-label devoted to low-bit music of all genres.
Lobit - Self-explanatory lobit VK label.
Unaware Records - Lobit label from the UK, active 2009-2010.
Top Of The Flops - Electronic / Experimental music from Bangkok (Thailand). Active since 2010. Founded by Toxic Chicken.
Extratone Rec. - Exactly what it sounds like.
100+ Sppecore
Robotik Speedcore Killers Produtions - Speedcore since '08. I wish my site looked like this.

■■ G6 Basssound - "[...] folk rock, bubblegum bass, vaporwave, you name it we like it [...] new netlabel named Lipstique open - it will release audio from Discord voice chat."
■■ 我愛兒童性行為! Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→l - SEND DEMO SEND ALBUM ANYTHING!!! 發送演示發送專輯任何東西!!!MAIL !! !! 
■■ a ten pound note found in the drain - "a single based sublabel. all releases available for free."
■■ BZi Enterprises - Any-genre Neocities netlabel, est. 2022
■■ Dream Hijacker - "Accepting anything" Neocities-based label. Post-cat playground, est. March 2022
■■ SUBlabel - Label run by the (post)artist behind Lo-music. Releases "anything" under random website subdomains.
■■ f u l l w i d t h - Neocities-based vaporwave label.
■■ Cataura - Neocities-based multigenre label.
■■ KUSO MASSIVE - Neocities-based jungle netlabel run by Shitwiz.
■■ Cordfuck Records - Short-lived Neocities-based breakcore / noise label.
■■ kislud klum - Dedicated to destroying pop music and disregarding copyright, inspired by V/Vm test.
■■ Dan's Dubs - Label for unofficial releases and bootlegs. Looks interesting but all the links seem to be dead now.

■■ Dochakuso Records - Japanese netlabel since 2013, lots of breakcore but plenty of other stuff.
■■ Tsundere Violence - Mainly lolicore / breakcore but branched off into many genres, 2012-present.
■■ Sickmode - Release underground breakcore and experimental electronic music: "underground as fuck since 2003 / high as fuck since forever"
■■ Dramacore - All sorts of underground and electronic music since 2006.
■■ 4m@-records - Proc-Records sublabel releasing albums the size of a floppy disc (1.44 mbs) or smaller.
■■ Proc-Records - Multigenre label since 2007.
■■ бидлокор - "label releas shity outsider musiк"
■■ Glitch City - Releases free albums by noise, glitch, 8-bit, electronic and experimental artists since 2007
■■ Fashion Proof - "All Bitrate Netlabel catering to: What I Want."
■■ Abulia Concepts - 2004-2011 lobit label from Germany.
■■ NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE - Lobit label active founded in 2004.
■■ 1000 + - Extratone and speedcore netlabel managed by DJ Ninja Love Mistake (RIP)
■■ UGU
■■ Abstract Disco
Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!! - A classic speedcore / mashcore / extratone etc. label
L0BIT (the lobit musick label)

Note: The line drawn here is arbitrary but hopefully reasonable - Tsundere Violence has a bandcamp but is primarily a mediafire
label so it's here, and The Dark Thursday has an mirror but mainly runs on bandcamp so it isn't. If you know any for
me to add, please comment below.
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