This shouldn't take too long and ought to be a neat little thing to do
with the goal of putting way too much thought and effort into it. Too
fun to be stupid, but it is. Whatever, here goes.

Layer:01 - loli plumber - serial experiments nightcore
I can only assume this is nightcore but the lobit and distortion 
makes it impossible to tell. I think there's a tiny bit of vocals 
preserved almost imperceptibly in it if you leave it on loop long 

Layer:02 - wUB.Man69 - Lain Is Addicted To Big Sexy Bears
A big name already, and it's an absolutely mutilated version of Duvet.
Almost works as a beat with the sharp sound in the background.

Layer:03 - Ninja McTits - Single Just To Show Off My Lain On PS1
One second of screaming breakcore and a Himeko appearance, great. I
actually remixed this one once.

Layer:04 - Sofiabot - Lain
A couple of glitchy sounds that wouldn't sound off in an IDM or glitch
track, randomly next to modem noises.

Layer:05 - ,.:., - Lain's Breakfast
Field recordings now, and almost the whole Sofiabot gang is here. The voice
in the background sounds like "Fuck are you doing." I wonder what this is 
actually of.

Layer:06 - Sofiabot -
I remember all of the drama about protonmail (on Lainchan, no less) so it's
accidently fitting. Works with the 90s setting, I guess.

Layer:07 - Ninja McTits - Pentex - Layer 2323 (Ninja McTits Remix)
Pretty sure the release got deleted so there are all that's left. Laptop
micro autism, I.E. glitch's weirdo little brother. I can almost hear a voice,

Layer:08 - Ninja McTits - Pentex - (re)Wired (Ninja McTits Remix)
The same structure but a completely different feel than the previous one.

Layer:09 - Ninja McTits - Pentex - The Truth (Ninja McTits Remix)
Probably my favorite of the trio, and it preserves the original the most. A
lofi drum hit, ambient beat, and some spazzing vocals.

Layer:10 - CONSTANTAUTUMN - One Second Of Appreciation For Lain
Sounds like a half-plugged in guitar (with some phone line sound effects to boot.)

Layer:11 - 木村先生 - 岩倉美香のレイプ
Another visitor from Tsundere Violence, and while it's tagged industrial it feels
more like vaporwave to me, like Unknown Data.

Layer:12 - Ninja McTits - CONSTANTAUTUMN - One Second Of Appreciation For Lain (Ninja McTits Remix)
There goes your recognizable sounds, it's all short circuiting bleeps now.

Layer:13 - Ninja McTits - Lain PS1 Disc In A PS1
I hated this one originally but after getting into HNW I like it quite a bit more.
Neat textures.

Layer:14 - Sofiabot - march lain
Like a more minimalistic Layer:04. Calmer for sure, and it's kind of amusing the artist
seemingly trying the least is Sofiabot themselves.

Layer:15 - mhzesent - I Downloaded Some Random Lain Vid From SusanToob™ And Sped It Up 
To 1 Sec Because I'm Not A Weeb/(Despite What <> People Say) Conspiracy Theorist/
One Of "Those" Weirdos (You Know What I Mean?) But I Always Wanted To Get Into It And 
Always Forgot/Didn't Have The Time To Because Old Shooters And Dumb "Abstract" 30 Hour 
Releases And It's All Just A Lame (And Obvious) Justification (That I Shouldn't Even Need 
To Have Because Lol Noone Cares) To Put Myself On Yet Another Label, Anyway (15/3/20)
What would an Archive label be without mhzesent? I love the titles as always, it's like
a maze. The audio's like a messed up field recording from a broken microphone.

Layer:16 - Garden Angel - Lains Haircut
I thought it was stupid but it's honestly hilarious. I can only hope I can rehear the original
power lines sound and not the haircutter's buzzer thing.

Layer:17 - Antimatter Prism - 1 Second Noise For Lain
The sequel (or prequel?) to Nine Seconds Noise For Cirno, and it's nice noise burst (well, 
that's not really accurate. It sounds more like a noise snippet slid down in pitch and distorted,
and since I know Antimatter Prism uses Audacity (that makes two of us) that's probably what

Layer:18 - 犬追物 - I have been told to watch Lain many times but still have not
I think this was the release that got me to actually watch Lain, and while not the life changing
experience it seems to be for others, it was certainly worthwhile. Anyway, it's funny that
this is such a nice calm instrumental hip hop microtrack that it took a couple minutes to realize
it's just a sine wave.

Layer:19 - Sofiabot - Protonmail Is Over, Return To
Aaand here the Protonmail drama hits. No more Mr. Nice Sofiabot, this is angry lobit, or as angry
as it gets. Sounds like bitcrushed screaming in the far background.

Layer:20 - ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - lainchan dot org
And here we are, my release. It doesn't completely suck but I have absolutely no clue why I sent
in a second of sped up, messed up scene rap from soundcloud instead of the many Lain-inspired
depressive breakcore microtracks I had made. I had a whole album, but I did this. Dumbass.

Layer:21 - Ninja McTits - As Another Alias I Was On A Lain Themed Compilation With The Gerogerigegege
That whole tape thing blew my mind. Imagine making a silly compilation and fucking Juntaro
sends a track. Wild. Also, this is the mentioned track, Himeko Katagiri - プロトタイプG-Unit. I probably
could've been on this comp if I tried. RIP.

Layer:22 - ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - lainchan dot org (Ninja McTits Remix)
I was pretty amused to see this and still am, especially considering what he's unknowingly remixing
and the fact he mocked Lainchan in a Pantsu Scum track title.

Layer:23 - Antimatter Prism - 1 Second Noise For Lain (Ninja McTits Remix)
Preserves some of the original track before breaking into pure torn up computer sounds. Helps to
see how it's done since the original was pretty recognizable, like mine.

Layer:24 - sofiabot - goodnight lain
And like that it's over, Sofiabot onto new labels to make and shut down weeks later. An interesting
now to close on, a bass rumbly dark ambient(?) track and a strange cover, but my favorite Sofiabot cover
and possibly release, at least on here.

Ninja McTits's laptop micro-autism tracks was a big inspiration on my current speedcore and extratone
and by extension breakcore, so thanks for that. I'm also glad I was able to get on the label but I
wish I could've been on more of Sofiabot's labels, they were my favorite and would be right up my
alley these days. Anyway, cool label, check it out.