I'm not pretentious enough to think that people actually care about what I listen to,
this is just to amuse myself. No one in their right minds would waste their time reading this.
There's plenty of paint to go watch dry elsewhere. That being said, stalk me here

[Completed]          Archiseztsfew-koū Thirty Records
[Completed]          One Second Lain Records
[Completed]          45-Byō Mijikakute Amai
[Completed]          Rune Weir and aliases
[Completed]          Saito Koji
[Completed (!!!)]    Himeko Katagiri and aliases
[In progress]        tiku sens
[Another time]       Eir Mazur and aliases
[Scrapped]           Waqs and aliases

Lapfox / Vulpvibe / Halley Labs
Les Légions Noires (NBBMN hype)
[Maybe] The Gerogerigegege
[Maybe] Several small netlabels (ლ(╹◡╹ლ), 實驗極光)