Archiseztsfew-koū Thirty Records
One Second Lain Records
45-Byō Mijikakute Amai

In progress
Himeko Katagiri and aliases (indefinitely paused)
Lyndon Weir and aliases (and discography list)
cat playground


天気予報 (planned)
Eir Mazur (possible)
DJ Sailor Moon / Waqs (possible)
tiku sens / RS36 / aliases (possible)
Vulpvibe / Lapfox / Halley Labs (far fetched)
Tsundere Violence (far fetched)
DMT Tapes (not gonna happpen)
mhzesent (absolute pipe dream lol)
CDR (see mhzesent)
Update: These are all on indefinite hold until I relearn to just listen to music I like.