This page is incomplete. I plan to add mediafire links when I compile more of what I have into albums.

For over a year (early 2019-present*) I've been making field recordings of whatever I can (school, birds, social events,
webSDRs, daily life) on laptops, cameras, cassettes, and voice recorders. During this time I often checked on a small
cluster of online amateur field recording artists (some linked below) and wanted to post alongside them, but never
mustered up the courage.

The wait's over, though, as I've decided to share them here. As expected, the audio quality is trash on most of them,
but I hope some interest shines through. What's available here is just a bit of the archive I've built up, which I'll
update occasionally.
[耳-101] field recordings from the house with birds - field recordings from the house with birds
s65078 - Okosan - selected lofi recordings 2019-2020
[trash05] okosan - capchas

(I find the idea of field recording split albums very interesting,
so if anyone wants to do something like that, let me know ^_^)

Inspirations and recommended listening:
,.:., / Discogs
Voice Call Recordings
CDR Field Recordings
/mu/ Archive
Kiyoshi Mizutani

(*Some date back to 2017 if not earlier, before I really knew what field recordings were)