I still have much much appreciation for Eir and their music but I don't quite have it in me to finish this right now, probably another time
when I'm feeling the vapor more

August something or other, 2022:
Length: 16:23
Listen to this right now, if it can make me drop what I'm doing and listen to a Justin Beiber / will.i.am
eccojam for 30 consecutive minutes while still remaining engaged and interested, it's worth your time.
Probably one of the best intros to Eir's work.

April 15th, 2022:
EXISTANIMEREAL - csh_something-new_rmx.03-08-2020
.ExisT's revenge. Felt like if a ghost showed up and rickrolled me. Loved it anyway.
Congrats on actually using my earliest shit breaks, I don't think they were on time to any BPM.

Brian Wilson - Keeping The Summer Alive (Outtakes)
Length: 8:58
Aside from length, there's no reason for these to be excluded. Cool glitch styles and I can't stop
from hearing "holy shit" in the second track. Post-internet Beach Boys, 10/10 cover art.
Making an alias only to feature on a single track is peak mzzr.


April 13th, 2022:
june egbert - roll the dice
Length: 4:43
Feels like a lost early chris††† track. It sounds nothing like Beck - Loser but a couple of the notes keep on reminding me of it.

Length: 19:45
Blasting this at my 4th of July BBQ while educating my relatives on false flags and MK NAOMI. God bless America.


April 12th, 2022:
.tif - The New Revolution
Length: 34:20
Should've made it a new genre (metawave? wavewave? wavevapor?), forced it as a meme on vaporwave reddit, and spammed HKE with a wavewave label that's all your aliases.


April 11th, 2022:
Length: 44:08
Enjoyed this one a lot, vaporwave ambient with panning and birdsong and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Maybe
it's my own sick state speaking but it could be considered trippy.

Soil Dripping Honey - 028: Organic-Symbiotic Soil Dripping Honey
Length: 11:31
Feels ultradigital and ultramodern a la certain vaporwave despite the tape crackle, which is unique.
Very pretty ambience.

C:// - Everything Will Be OK
Length: 32:07
Some paulstretch, some bizarre outsider eccojams. Outsider is a good description for Phonograph cylinder as a whole.
Also, another Til I Die sample to add to the list.

Phonograph cylinder and Chris Mazur - Drunken Stupor EP
Length: 20:18
A neat little outsider vaporwave EP, made all the more fun by imagining the NYE that created it. I've made music with a sibling who knows
nothing about experimental / net music before and I'd imagine it was similar.


April 9th, 2022:
Eir Mazur - No World Order
Length: 6:33:06
Drone noise is pretty much just harsh ambient, but there were some extreme vaporwave or HNW-sections that stood out,
especially with the subtle editing of loops and cuts. Impressive release for just a radio, monotron, and software.

DJ Trans Ramona Flowers - Blood In Bloom
Length: 1:16:36
Tasty drone noise, funny how it has almost all the element of HNW but definitely isn't. I don't know how I would describe the difference to someone,
but if I'm ever ranting to someone about drone noise of all things there's probably bigger problems at hand.


April 7th, 2022:
Eir Mazur - Tribute to NEO CALI
Length: 28:39

##driver failed!! / LINKROT GODS - 404 ERROR!! PAGE NOT FOUND.
Not ambient, not drone, not noise, but kind of all three. Too distorted to chill, too consistent to be crazy. Neat stuff.


April 6th, 2022:
Length: 41:32
Total lofi meandering, walking in pleasant little wandering circles.

April 5th, 2022:
[2021-10-29] Eir Mazur - Body Works
Length: 32:49
Very pretty synthvaporambientstuff, wonder how much is samples and how much is original.
Wish I could make stuff like this so consistently.

Length: 1:46:40
Sure is but I didn't mind that it went on for almost two hours. I'm honored by the name, too.


April 4th, 2022:
[2022-04-01] Eir Mazur - V/B
Length: 15:03
 ● Velf bitled
 ● Velf beleased
 ● Video bommand
 ● Vlack Betal
 ● Vair bonditioning
 ● Vorn on the bob

[2022-03-31] Eir Mazur - DATASEED
Length: 57:57
I am the queen of the universe. The waves part and they engulf me, and the water is warm.

[2022-03-01] aloe vera lynn - ava speaks
Length: 11:22
Dark noctural music, sunswept cover. Ava has a unique voice.

[2022-02-23] e. mazur - nico
Length: 46:45
Niko is back and ready for revenge. Bitcrushed noise-cluttered ambient and boneless witch house that makes me feel like I'm being hunted.


February 10th, 2022:
Length: 12:07
Fewer vapory synths here, more abscond style radio mutations (still in glorious tape
degradation quality,) songs and announcers rendered unintelligible until it goes
into a nice melody at the end then into noise. Probably my favorite thing from the alias.
Bonus points for the cover.

Length: 18:26
Pretty similar to ENERGY STAR ONLINE in sound, not that that's bad. Dank cover yet again.
She probably told me how these were made but I totally forget.

[2020-07-01] K.K. MURDER GRLZZ - MEMOREX
Length: 24:34
A bit more straightforward at times, sometimes dramatic sounding, pretty different from the rest.
Took me a year and a half to spot the Speed Racer on the cover. On second thought, might
supercede FORGOTTEN GRLS as my favorite K.K. murder.

Length: 29:38
This one's good stuff but all over the place. Niko-sounding synths and vapor bits and ambient all
meshing together back to back. I wish I was this good at generating Vektroid / James Ferarro sounding
titles, too.


February 8th, 2022:
[2020-11-24] lain trapped in marble paradise vistascape - lain trapped in marble paradise vistascape
Length: 33:35
Casioish ambient drone with hint of hypnagogic pop, dubbed in microcassette quality. Not what I expected
from a Lain-themed release but good stuff.

Length: 5:38
Nice short vaporwavey start to the day.

[2019-11-15] New Folders (2) - Album 01
Length: 38:47
Not the biggest fan of midijams but there's some good tunes and cool loops in here, also respect
for using experimental record scratching two years before I discovered it

[2021-01-20] A.H.S. (Abandoned Humanoid Shells) - Give It Definition About "Hard Tape Worldd"
Length: 16:00
Not sure if this is objectively (not really a thing but you know what I mean) better than most of the rest
of the discography but I love ambient music just like this so I listened to it a few times consecutively.

[2021-07-29] DORNIER & Eir Mazur - Desolation OST
Length: 16:30
I have no idea what this is the OST for but it's neat to hear another digital collaboration. Seems like an RPG
atmospheric horror game or something, some noisier but still ambient stuff, minimal lobit sounding drone, and some
beat driven stuff. I can definitely seee the influences of both. (Dornier reminds me of the Cataura compilation
fiasco, sorry about that.)


February 7th, 2022:
[2020-06-01] .tif - Id
Length: 31:44
A seriously good one and IMO .tif's magnum opus. I can't believe it samples the Heaven's Gate
tapes and "you could go to five or six stores" and pulls it off. The media snippets, the Heaven's
Emperor-ish sampling style, the etherial Saturn Tape (Wonder), and that cover is beautiful (I
recognize that Merzbient reference.)

[2020-10-18] Willow Grove Dreams - Sunlite / Roaming
Length: 29:44
Weirdly heavy on the mall sounds or maybe my earbuds are just a bit off but it works well,
the samples have a beat but the end result is blurry enough to work in the background. Very
realistic sound, too.

[2021-10-31] her familiar - HER FAMILIAR
Length: 29:36
Weird ambient sound design, more intricate than the norm and didn't get repetitive despite recognizing
the same sounds throughout.

[2020-02-14] national tv - national tv
Length: 22:19
Not sure what I expected but I was a impressed by a lot of the editing in here. Not a silly vaporwave
album (or at least not entirely,) I don't know how to get sample loops to change pitch like that without
it sounding dissonant but this pulled it off. Maybe I'm just incompetent and easy to impress but it's cool
and the Hall & Oates sample was great.


February 5th, 2022:
[2019-11-17] local. <3 - iv | the on'line (draft)
Length: 2:13:29
I'm not sure if there actually was that many different sounds in there or if I was having
paulstretch induced hallucinations but it went more places than I expected. Proto-@kin.
The original cover was super cool, too.

[2020-07-01] eir mazur - an introduction / xxl
Length: 7:02
Reminds me The Crow Cries and Niko. Neat and chiptuney and the weird pitch shifting breakbeats
are definitely up my alley. No clue what NO+ means though.

[2020-07-01] Eir Mazur - No Blood (OS X Romance)
Length: 5:52
Absolute banger of a cover, love it. The song is like an extension of an introduction / xxl
but the extratone type sounds at the end were cool. I need to learn more words besides "cool"
and "neat." Midi jamz are sucking out my vocabulary like a memetic vampire.

[2020-06-01] eir mazur (ded grl) - pain song
Length: 10:00
Excellent ambient noise. "Ambient music with tons of distortion" is a huge soft spot of mine
and this nails it.

[2020-07-01] eir mazur - music edits
Length: 6:04
Way more chill and straightforward than I expected. Nice vapor vibes.

[2020-03-10] eir mazur - music to be destroyed
Length: 29:36
I wonder if I have to listen to the MIDI to say I 100%'d the release. Experimental ambient,
didn't have the noisy drone appeal of pain song but it was good to have in the background.

[2020-03-10] eir mazur - city of glass
Length: 23:55
Love the lost tape tracks, a whole album in that style would be really cool. The rest are neat 
noise ambient stray tracks with a default beat field recording tagging along for the ride.
All over the place but I have a soft spot for random-tracks-on-my-computer releases.


February 4th, 2022:
[2020-01-29] @kin. - thrombuskin
Length: 2:00:00
Listened to in a couple chunks but it went faster than I thought, nice drone.

[2019-08-02] .tif - COPYRIGHT IS JOKE EP
Length: 16:52
Feels almost like a goodbye / transition from .tif to aloe vera lynn and the current
vaporwave style. Getting all the memes out on the last go. That chris††† allusion
fucked me up when listening.

[2020-04-20] .tif - We Are Now One EP
Length: 13:06
Another contender for the best-of compilation. Scrambled chopped and screwed anisong,
Machine Girl inspired melancholy chiptune beats, vaporwave, and a breakbeat Car Seat
Headrest remix. Nothing here not to love.

[2019-11-18] and niko ☂ - Rising Shepard Tone / Newgrounds 2018 / Ech.aup
Length: 29:57
A few Niko-type beats, an odd take on DnB, and a more or less straightforward ambient
track from PC. Noticably bits and pieces but cool.


February 3rd, 2022:
Length: 33:56
Creeped me out at points. War crimes waves sounds stupid but this does it seriously well.
Could be a concept album.

February 2nd, 2022:
[2021-09-02] Eir Mazur - TR/CM
Length: 9:21
Probably one of the releases in my best-of when / if I finish this. Track 2 is believable BGM
and track one is just PERFECT with the sample.

[2021-03-08] Eir Mazur - The Rave Where Everyone Dies At The End EP
Length: 7:44
Noticably a bunch of demos but nothing wrong with that, gotta get your footing in
a new genre somehow and it isn't bad. Title reminds me of Kindergarden Hazing Ritual's
"No One Should Die At A Concert, But Everyone Should Die At A Rave."

Length: 17:54
Geneic mallsoft but that's mallsoft's whole point. It's all one mass of digital
shopping sprees and vaguelly chlorine-smelling fountains and tree-lined foodcourts.

[2020-02-15] cyan worlds - wogl
Length: 12:28
Maybe it was the way it was made that does it but it's one of the most solid
vaporwave releases yet. Almost live-sounding. All the appeal of broken transmission
without being forced.

Length: 8:18
It's not what I would be listening to in my free time but I can appreciate it. Congrats
on the URL domainsquatting. Nightcore forever and I love the cover.


February 1st, 2022:
[2017-03-12] Phonograph cylinder - Vast Darkness Nebula
Length: 1:15:00
Like the other paulstretch albums, but way heavier on the dissonant sounds. No drone here, just an airy
cacaphony. Wnder what it originally was, pre-paul'd.

[2021-10-12] Eir Mazur - Vivid Memories Painted With Faded Eyes
Length: 28:53
Worn thirdhand new age and / or cult meditation tapes. Just needs a voiceover about astral projec

[2021-08-21] Around 6.54 PM At A Seven Eleven Near Bridgesburg, Philadelpha, Pa., 2006 - ANDTHERADIOPLAY
Length: 8:40
Cover has LensCapProduction vibes. Buncha really cool, really short vaporwave / nightcore loops.
These could definitely go on several times longer but they're strengthened by the fact that they don't.
It seems like it was fun to make and it's fun to listen to.


January 31st, 2022:
[2019-03-01] .tif - Spa (Single)
Length: 7:03
The electro part in the middle was kind of out of place but the rest was excellent. Funny that Eir
got on Tsundere Violence almost two years before me.

[2019-03-16] Garageband 2015 - Garageband 2015
Length: 2:51
We've all been there.

[2018-04-01] .tif - をオンにする
Length: 25:38
Autoplay's good as ever, tons of eclectic sample choices and the blatantly audacity-powered editing
is a plus in my book. City's lovely vapor ultramodern urban nightlights vapor vibes and the rest
is a cool mishmash of influences and exploration.

[2018-12-06] .tif - Onett
Length: 23:35
Bits of samples but almost entirely original, with all the good and bad that came with that in 2018.
Impressive, though I have never read Homestuck and never will.

[2017-02-23] Phonograph cylinder - Elevator Factory Vol. 2
Length: 50:01
I love the track title on 05 and the fittingly broken dramatic music. A little on the long side but cool
audacity experiments and sample choices. More paulstretch, probably should speed it up one of these days
to figure it out.


January 30th, 2022:
[2019-11-09?] New Folders (2) (1) - introduction.flac (1)
Length: 10:33
Exploration of Audacity stretching, neat sound. I think I made a few releases in a similar
style as world wide web..

[2019-09-07] Everybody Likes You - Litemode
Length: 28:18
Ambient noise, neat with the spoken word bookends and the different sounds it orbits between.
Kinda funny that I used to think that harsh noise was a stupid term because what noise isn't
harsh, but a ton of Eir's discography is non-harsh noise now that I think about it.

[2020-08-22] Sylveon - where there's smoke, they pinch back
Length: 37:20
More or less like the former Sylveon album, but that's the farthest thing from
a complaint. I could listen to gutted YTPs and rearranged internet culture
all day.

[2021-06-04] <333x2 - IN TODAY'S POLITICAL CLIMATE
Length: 8:57
Honored to have been a part of this. I probably wouldn't have recognized my own contributions in some
of the tracks.

[2020-06-01] 過労死骸骨 - KAROSHI COLLECTION VOL. 1
Length: 10:00
Diverse bunch of vapor tunes, cyberpunk feels on track 4, odd chopping and production on some of the 
others. Not a huge highlight but a nice 10 minutes.

[2020-05-19] Eir Mazur - Awakening / Discovery
Length: 1:58:36
Super repetitive but in an almost virtual tribal music kinda way, with a decent dose of paulstretch
ambient buried with the instrumentals, which actually sound pretty cool and I don't particularly mind
if it goes on and on. Honored for the namedrop on track 3. ^.^

[2020-06-01] ic but awesome - icba hours
Length: 10:00
Sounds weirdly gurgley? Like experimental noise with goregrind vocals buried
in the background. 

Length: 43:00
Dank cover and strange tunes. Not quite vaporwave electronic loops that change slowly, in glorious melted-cassette
low-battery tape deck quality. Feels like a leaked early James Ferarro and early Vektroid collab from a parallel
universe near ours. (I listened to this when it first came out, too.)


January 29th, 2022:
[2019-11-20] Aaaa [B] / Atsuko Sabitsuki - Chiptune Music / Omega Chariot
Length: 14:36
I never got how to make long (20+ second) chiptune songs, respect to anyone who does. The Atsuko
track is cruchy noise with remnants of musicality left over.

[2019-11-29] How do i live forever. - disc#01 (awakening)
Length: 47:59
Ambient but not completely lost in the echo end reverb so there's slowed messed up pianos and
instruments meandering on and on. Neat longer sample(?) explorations, reminds me of a more
evolved version of the Drunken Stupor EP.

[2021-11-11] allexxus stravinski - did you know
Length: 32:00
More drone noise, but heavier on the ambient side than the HNW side, which was nice.

[2021-12-25] ウランちゃん - i saw the shimmering water as i sank so far below
Length: 14:03
Not what I expected from the Sylveon page. No memes or mashups or amen breaks, just some .tif-esque
super old-school anime sample fuckery, apparently all sourced from the same video (I never would've
been able to tell.)

[2020-07-24] Sylveon - We are the new gods
Length: 29:59
I wish there was a term for this internet-based vaporwave-ish sound collage style. Hanahata does
it and calls it mashwave, larsht_ used to do it, chris††† pioneered it, RAWINTHEVOID does it,
and now Sylveon, although Sylveon's probably memier than even social justice whatever, the closest
thing I can compare it to. Was a super fun album though. Hearing my own voice reading Ctrl+Alt+Del
was surreal.


January 28th, 2022:
[2021-03-08] ic but awesome - final act!!!
Length: 30:00
Paulstretch-sounding ambient, distant voices and sounds lost in the haze. Blurry music.
Lots of distinct sounds meandering in the background but they all blend together. 

[2021-09-14] Calypso & Her Majestic Domains - The One I Love
Length: 59:21
I now know what drone noise means. It isn't harsh but it isn't clean, and it's not HNW but it sure 
isn't going anywhere fast. All the more interesting that it used to be Aphex Twin. Got a bit boring
at an hour of droning ambient noise-lite but as background sound was nice for reading.

[2021-09-19] Calypso & Her Majestic Domains - Retrospective On The Mass Of Human Flesh
Length: 56:23
Somewhere between ambient and noise, not very melodic and not very harsh. Void music.

[2021-08-18] Eir Mazur - Energy Sleep
Length: 13:05
Some of my favorite tunes so far in this, a pleasant surprise for a random track compilation.

Length: 20:28
Vaguelly tropical, but from a great distance. Soundtrack to an immensely degraded home movie
of a family vacation to Hawaii in the 70s.

[2021-12-14] 愛羅武勇 - 愛羅武勇
Length: 9:17
See review below.

[2021-12-14] 愛羅武勇 - 極東
Length: 18:57
It's ambient with vague crunchy lofi sounds, I can't not like it.


January 27th, 2022:
[2020-12-25] dj grlsoft - he's out of my life.
Length: 14:07
Cover reminds me of being at middle school before dawn, which works well with the lofi
hiphop sound. Disconcertingly straightforward beattape, not a bad thing.

[2020-05-09] emoticon (>w<) - MILLENIAL MIXTAPE (XX EDITION)
Length: 32:32
Enoby was a stupid username. Good tunes, though. Breakbeat-fueled emo-contaminated

[2021-12-20] ␖⍦Ⲱ⚥⺴⾘⾰₡⾣⋺⽡?⽇⾛ / MⲫNSTER - demo tape (self-titled)
Length: 14:42
Now this is what I'm talking about. Emo guitars that almost remind me of DSBM, buried in
gentle noise fields. Reminds me of an emo ядерная зима. One of my favorites yet. Eir could
probably make a great black metal demo if she wanted, hint hint.

[2021-09-16] Calypso & Her Majestic Domains - Pagan River / Broken Glass
Length: 44:36
Long-time nuclear waste warning messages-core.

[2020-10-22] >w< - ♡
Length: 32:47
The word you're looking for is scalie, not furry. Common knowledge.
(It's like .ExisT 2.0. I would probably get more out of it if I knew the originals but still neat.)

[2020-02-25] Niko - download
Length: 5:37
Sweet techno tune. Would work well on huge speakers.

Length: 19:01
Reminds me a lot of Plastic Neesound, who I haven't really been able to get into but whatever,
with added beats. Wonder if the microtrack was supposed to be that or exported wrong.

[2021-09-14] Calypso & Her Majestic Domains - From The Ashes
Length: 53:58
Soundtrack to a floppy disc rotting in someone's damp basement somewhere.


January 26th, 2022:
[2021-03-08] Eir Mazur - Drift
Length: 22:02
Sweet ambient, nice textures, nice American Football cover. "Ambient Football" is an idea
I'll have to store in my txt hellscape now to resurrect one day.

[2020-02-05] emoticon (>w<) - POSTIRONIC HELLSCAPE
Length: 30:39
Midway between .ExisT and Sylveon lies emoticon (>w<). Relatively simple beats and
breaks over nightcore (and more 'Til I Die) ended with a slab of paulstretched
Rick Astley. I wish uwu didn't die.

[2019-07-19] Lelavalon! Gone - Anawaera EP
Length: 8:27
"Reinterpreted Smash Mouth" should be a genre. Hearing the vocals to a whole new instrumental
was cool and the last track got even more post with the nightcore than I'm used to.

[2020-02-03] ▓▓▓ - expung / jes
Length: 2:09
Mutilated stock music broken up and sound collaged like a YTP of a training video.
More funny than anything and a cool concept.

[2021-05-06] Eir Mazur - Composition 1960 #7
Length: 51:12
I love drone so despite being as simple / lazy as music gets I liked it a bunch. The audio
gave it a crackly sound that made it feel like a reel-to-reel recording circa the 60s.
Also, it introduced me to the Compositions 1960, which I now intend to perform and
record all of them, coming to cataura eventually.

[2021-12-26] dj emo gxrl on estradi0l high / im addicted to drinking monster - s/t
Length: 16:04
Emo broken down to it's noisiest bits and made lofi then distorted again. Like the 8FORM
emo album, taken over by the background noise instead of the guitar. I would never have
recognized NEXT 2 U.

[2021-03-08] DJ Grlsoft - The Sailing / Contiguous
Length: 5:31
Lovely mixture, simultanously nightcore and vaporwave. Very pretty sample selection and
modification. I've recently been thinking about funnelling music through my house phone
and recoding it in hold music quality and if I do that it'll be to this.

[2020-11-25] abandoned club risque circa 2004 - Patchnotes
Length: 26:12
Track 2 is nice ambient with the ghost of a beat rattling in the haze and track one is like
the infomercial channel through a busted TV set as you're drugged out in the Nth dimension.

[2021-03-08] aloe vera lynn - eloops ep
Length: 16:57
A lot of these releases are blurring in my mind because of the rate I'm listening
to them at and because a lof are pretty similar and because it's been a couple weeks
since I listened to them and when I wrote this. For lack of a better way to put it,
vapor is vapor, I like vapor tunes, and even if it all blends into one virtual
m(a/e)ss that's pretty true to the genre.

Length: 2:35
Hell yeah, some Bubblegum Octopus type tune, intense midigrind happy hardcore spazzpop
with speedcore and noise blasts to close it off. When I finish this list I'll make
a collection of my favorite releases and this will be there, no doubt.

[2021-10-28] aloe vera lynn - in heat ep
Length: 6:53
Dank melted eccos. Nice distorted emotions, reminiscent of of sunsetcorp almost.

[2021-12-03] girl.mask@yahoo.jp - CORRUPT_1
Length: 3:12
An interesting vaporwave / sound collage piece once you figure out the format. Ominous
and downright creepy sounding, reminds me of chris†††'s darker moments.

[2021-01-20] ~ - gmod recs,v1 jan16-19,2022
Length: 5:39
I actually have no idea what Gmod is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.


January 25th, 2022:
[2021-09-29] memories 2002 - freezing tower snow
Length: 22:15
Not quite pure ambient, odd sounds interrupting and dragging through the slush. Dissolved vaporwave.

[2021-09-29] memories 2002 - smile !
Length: 34:50
The cover gets it perfectly. Decayed imagery and unclear sounds orbited in a vaporwave structure.
Reminds me most of aloe vera lynn.

[2020-05-08] ★嬉しい音★ - [Full discography]
Length: 47:06
Who knew a 40% speedup is just what dungeon synth needed? Depressive Silence is rolling
in their forgotten mist-shrouded graves and deserve it for not realizing sooner.

[2019-05-30] .EXIST - SIDEB
Length: 11:46
I hate myself for almost enjoying brony music. The Bring Me To Life made up for it. The Lemon
Demon sample was neat, especially the total fucked slowdown at the beginning, and I have no idea 
what's up with the first track. I remember listening to this in study hall in 2019 when it first

[2019-03-23] .ExisT - ARTOFTHEDEAL
Length: 30:42
Good nightglitch tho, goes from .amLiving-style slightly-mutilated nightcore to full on unrecognizable
sample fuckery. The audio quality in some of it is really unique, reminds me of broken transmission.
(RIP all the videos for this I was supposed to make
RIP the videos for my side
Lol @ skull earrings for buying it)

[2021-05-16] DO3460 / Eir Mazur - Work In Progress
Length: 5:54
Comfy horror game feel. Wonder how this online collab worked.

[2021-11-06] SILICA GEL - falling
Length: 6:51
Lofi ambient pseudo-dungeon beat music. Epic stuff. Also, went to add this to Discogs and why the hell 
are there so many artists called Silica Gel?

[2021-11-02] aloe vera lynn - no title ep
Length: 18:16
No idea where she's getting these covers or samples but it's working well. Directory's definitely
a highlight but the rest is worthwhile vapor.

[2021-10-27] ��� - ���
Length: 35:18
Longform vaporwave track that goes in slightly cimenatic-sounding experimental directions and winds
on for a half hour. Reminds me a bit of Phonograph cylinder. Not bad for it's length.

[2021-10-04] videocommand ? - $$CASH MONEY$$
Length: 1:46
Lol @ the person who thinks this is chiptune and can't detect Til I Die samples immediately

[2021-10-03] aloe vera lynn - girls holding crosses
Length: 10:45
Not a standout but cool vaporwave loops. Makes me think of the word vaporwave itself - the constituent words
are both "here one minute, gone the next" and the genre name is based on a product that doesn't actually
exist. When I don't have something stellar to say about a vaporwave release, it doesn't mean it's bad. The genre
is best at it's most ephemeral or disposable.

[2021-09-07] aloe vera lynn - lite / tell
Length: 8:38
One nice vaporwave track and one weird sped-up-ish rap track with subtle amens. Better than that makes it sound
and not what I expected.

[2021-08-17] Eir Mazur - Open Me EP
Length: 7:13
I like the subtle bitcrushing, and it's cool that it's seemingly sample free. Like the next generation of Niko.
Reminds me of a better version of the midijams genre..


January 24th, 2022:
[2020-04-01] anime boss battle to the death - we are the dead(ly)
Length: 9:02
Most of the Abscond Rec releases are pretty similar and as such blurred in my memory, so I
might as well review them all at once. They're basically radio run through a monotron, with
various effects (echo, distortion, etc.) and some nob twiddling applied. Some are more minimal,
some are much noisier. I kind of expected a couple hours of distorted classic rock and ads to
suck but maybe it's my affinity for monotrons speaking but it wasn't that bad. Good background

[2020-04-01] eat the thanes - in the end nothing is red
Length: 11:09
(See above)

[2020-04-01] music doesn't exist - slc
Length: 12:26
(See above)

[2020-04-01] all is music - snd
Length: 12:24
(See above)

[2020-04-01] putrid death - love alive
Length: 22:05
(See above)

[2020-04-01] 🏳⚧️ - unicode consortium
Length: 19:26
(See above)

[2020-04-01] petname - am radio (no witness)
Length: 17:39
(See above)

[2021-01-23] amiga on-line - pointless
Length: 35:37
Deathdream is one of my favorite genres so it's a hit by definition. Cinematic
kinda sound.

[2021-01-20] see you in another life - virtual paradise
Length: 31:01
Deathdream ambient with a vaporwave track in the middle. Holds onto what makes
normal ambient good while pushing the rest more out there.

[2021-01-20] see you in another life - new life now
Length: 34:40
amiga on-line goes more or less full vaporwave but the occassional noisiness was
a nice touch. The whole upcoming dawn storyline put it all in an interesting, kinda
surreal context.

[2021-09-26] ✞✞SPF///LUVRZZ✞✞ - L / Y / F / E
Length: 30:17
An interesting mesh of different vaporwave samples and style, from the fun ENDLESS
to cold-sounding hip hop loops.


January 23rd, 2022:
[2021-08-09] Phonograph cylinder - Pc
Length: 1:20:38
Not actually sure what this is, besides a Phonograph cylinder retrospective / tribute.
I know Eir can do way more than paulstretch stuff nowadays, so it's neat to see a (possibly
final) return to that style. An hour and a half of paulstretch is still a bit more than I'd

[2018-02-26] .ExisT - .areLiving
It might be lazy barebones plunderphonics but it's a fun listen, and OPEN.myHeart
is so good. Maybe that's mostly the sample than the editing, but still. Nightglitch

[2019-10-19] .ExisT - @ VRCHAT 10/19/2019
Length: 28:26
I was supposed to play after this and even have a MC-style shoutout at the end but my
set completely failed and never happened. That being said, I love it. A nice selection
of screwed up nightcore tunes and the looped intro of Bring Me To Life with the Egyptian
gods are literal furries copypasta (which I wrote but forgot about) overtop of it
fucking killed me, 10/10 moment.

[2020-02-08] .ExisT - CANDY CANDY.flac [~~~!!! LOST TRACK !!!~~~]
Lengh: 3:28
Essentially an .areLiving bonus track. You'll get no objections from me.

[2021-11-12] amiga on-line - a broken face in its mask
Length: 59:25
Deathdream's dope and this is no exception. It doesn't stand out a ton in my memory like
some ambient releases but I liked it when it was playing and nothing wrong with inobtrusive

Length: 8:46
Anisong drum'n'bass. .ExisT goes lolicore mode and that's as cool as it sounds. Wonde what
happened to the rest of TUMBLRGRLZ.

[2018-02-09] .tif - TSA 2018
Length: 4:46
I was supposed to help with this but somehow missed the memo and never did. I still feel bad
about it. At last it had a raw-data infused vapor soundtrack.

[2018-02-18] .tif - Running the Show Mixtape
Length: 7:54
Early and rough sample-free experiments but still interesting. I couldn't have done better
in 2018.

[2017-05-23] .tif - fIowerboi - Music Dump Vol. 1
Length: 30:09
One of the tracks goes on and on and on but it was a cool loop so it took embarassingly long to
notice. The rest is a scattering of .tif demos. It's incoherency made for a neat listen and
the piano field recording was especially nice.

[2020-04-01] leave blank to use artist's name (for compilations, labels, etc.) - Untitled Album
Length: 3:02
The obligatory blank tape / empty transmission single.
>Isn't a cover of 4'33"

[2020-04-01] lipton iced tea - myst ii
Length: 2:16
Like the rest of the label, but chopped up. Kind of feels like the leftover beginnings and endings
of the other sessions, not that that's bad, especially at this length.

[2020-04-01] dj sysyphus on organic hearts - 8track murderer on another rampage thru onkyo
Length: 5:51
(See above)

[2020-04-01] blank tape: i never asked to be made (amythest is produced from metal) - cbd / cough syrup
Length: 2:44
(See above)


January 22nd, 2022:
[2019-08-30] Phonograph cylinder - Recovered
Length: 1:05:10
Elevator Factory Vol 0. It is what it is.

[2018-12-27] /DREMR/ - /RENAISSANCE/
Length: 23:23
I thought that first track was so cool back in the day. Kind of like COMING
SOON. One track of ambient autoplay, one normal drone, one experimental
ambience. Good slice of early work.

[2018-01-06] PC_2018 - オープン1995
Length: 1:33
Just a promotional single from MAC PLUS 3, but not bad. Not my
favorite track from the album but still cool.

[2020-01-08] eir mzr - Sol (Demonstration Mix)
Length: 3:12
The best non-sample-based (kinda funny how sample-based and original have flipped
in prevalence so that sample-based is now the default, anyway) track as of it's
release. Like an evolved Niko. Definitely has video game BGM vibes.

[2019-09-29] The Crow Cries - Be Happy EP
Length: 28:18
Eir now discovers MIDI guitars. Track 3 probably could've been black metal if done differently.
Track 4 is my favorite, feels like the soundtrack to a high-techn promotional video. Sorry for my
crappy analogies and for most of my reviews being semi-edited word vomit.


January 21st, 2022:
[2016-09-03] Phonograph cylinder - Elevator Factory Vol. 1
Length: 48:16
Suuuper early paulstretch demos. A bit grating at this length but it's a stepping stone
moreso than anything.

[2017-10-28] .tif - Journey to the WEB
Length: 17:19
Autoplay begins here (which is pretty similar to deep internet, at least in principal if
not in actual nature.) I don't actually know of anyone that does music that sounds quite
like this, besides maybe dds.wmv.

[2017-09-04] .tif - RGB | .-. --. -...
Length: 21:58
Some of the earliest non-sample-based Mzzrs. I don't know if I would do much better now,
to be honest. Sounds like an amateur RPG Maker soundtrack.

[2017-08-25] .tif - ruins
Length: 10:22
I love "8-bit parks." I don't get video game nostalgia but this almost did it, it feels
like a goodbye almost. The rest is some enjoyable experimental / ambient .tifery.

[2017-12-24] .tif - TIME CUBE
Length: 8:02
Some MIDI stuff instead of vaporwave / plunderphonics. Wonder what software it was.

[2018-01-30] .tif - Waiting to connect...
Length: 9:42
Eir might have told me once that this was intentionally bad / parody, but it's not
that bad, a little EP of glitched out vaportunes.

[2018-03-28] Phonograph cylinder - Motives
Length: 15:14
"Friendship ended with Til I Die, now Speed Racer is my best friend"

[2019-09-30] Phonograph cylinder - De
Length: 49:26
Harks back to the paulstretch era. Might have been archival material from then or just
an homage to it.

[2018-01-06] PC_2018 - FLORAL SHOPPE 3
Length: 38:15
That's the memeiest cover I've ever seen, jesus. The music made up for it, though. More
broken vapor glitchiness and the obligatory Til I Die sample.

[2019-05-07] Die Neue Zukunft - Dfr
Length: 39:15
Like a higher tech reboot of the Elevator Factory series, has the same kind of stretched out
droniness that isn't that drony or relaxing.

[2018-03-25] .tif - not responding ep
Length: 14:39
Like a more evolved and more chill TIME CUBE. Doesn't stick with me but was enjoyable while it lasted.


January 20th, 2022:
[2016-08-09] Phonograph cylinder - Cake
Length: 4:39
Paulstretched conversation about messing up baking cake. We all gotta start somewhere.
(Fun fact, I talked to an actual ambient duo at an art installation they were soundtracking and
when I asked about a song of theirs they started telling me about paulstretch but couldn't
remember what it was called.)

[2016-12-22] Phonograph cylinder - Subway Tunes (untitled.wav)
Length: 3:29
It's neat that Eir got into vaporwave right away but took a long time to do straight-up vaporwave.
All the early stuff like this isn't generic bandcamp broporwave or even attempts at it, it's a glitchy
deconstructed mess. Props for that.

[2017-02-14] 2194-006 - Digital Citizenship OST
Length: 6:44
I am now capable of detecting Til I Die samples in even the most distorted of formats. A neat
choppy vaporwave experiment, wish I knew what the judges thought.

[2016-12-22] Phonograph cylinder - Ishiwa Heisa (the diamond necklace played the pawn) EP
Length: 14:35
Dark ambient, alternately glitchy and paulstretchy experiments with seemingly a field recording
to end it off. (Back when I was going through PC for the first time my only exposure to experimental
music was a few scattered surface-tier youtube videos, so it was really something else.)

[2017-06-06] Phonograph cylinder - Overcooking Ramen Noodles (WHERE IS THAT RINGING COMING FROM?!?!?!?!?!?) Single
Length: 8:28
The second track is made largely of chopped up reverbed static, giving the vaporwave treatment
to white noise. 2017 PC might be early in figuring out artistic ideas and software practice but
it certainly isn't generic.

[2017-06-05] Phonograph cylinder - Classic (single)
Length: 2:25
Pretty "normal" vaporwave but has an unconventional sample that gives it a distinctly Pgc sound.

[2017-03-25] Phonograph cylinder - Swimming in a Peach EP
Length: 12:21
This EP was a massive influence on early 3amperson and probably played a role in why I am the
way I am now. I rambled about it on Depths of the Net, so go read that if you want.

[2017-10-04] Phonograph cylinder - into the future
Length: 13:23
I think this is the first of Eir's releases I remember discovering right when it came out.
Vaporwave infused with ambient and some chiptune. Makes me think of middle school TSA.

[2017-06-12] ドリームズ株式会社.TIFF - 未来はテクノロジーです
Length: 16:22
"░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ was found dead in his apartment this morning."

[2017-07-30] .TIFF - HAZE.EXE
Length: 26:42
Vaporwave with a nightmarish touch. It's not broken transmission but you can tell that's the feel it's
going for, and it gets it as well as 2017 .tif can.

[2017-09-15] .tif - COMING SOON
Length: 1:13:35
Lovely drone. Clinical and cold, but not cold like Antarctic dark ambient. Sleeping corporate computer


Known Til I Die samples:
  emoticon (>w<) - FEEL (&DISINTEGRATE)
  videocommand ? - $$CASH MONEY$$
  Phonograph cylinder - Prologue
  Phonograph cylinder - 나는 컴퓨터가 내 일을 할 수 있다고 믿는다 [takeover initiative]
  Phonograph cylinder - Corks
  2194-006 - Background Track 3
  PC_2018 - 私はあなたのディスコピアに入札します
  DJ Cat Ghosts - [?????] (Lost)
Releases I will be skipping:
  Reissues and versions with only cover differences and that kind of thing
  Eir Mazur - Memory Distortions / No World Order (I hope to do both constituent releases)
  ~ presents slowdeath series (self-explanatory)
  @kin - all in this together (24hrkin) (self-explanatory)