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It is based on my crude knowledge of BBSs, peer-to-peer file sharing networks, and the internet. I have no doubt in my mind that such a system would be either impossible or borderline unusable in a real setting due to any number of difficulties in both my concept and in practice. It is simply meant as an idea. The program required would likely be shared on memory sticks or CDRs, passed from person to person physically or left and picked up at a public location. The hardware n ENTER USERNAME: ______________ ENTER BIO: ___________________ PREFERED FREQ (OPTIONAL): ____ To connect to such a network, the computer would perform a scan of the radio frequencies used by the network (most likely a collection of closely-packed frequencies in the area typically occupied by ham radio). If a space is listed as being in use by the network but is neither actively or passively broadcasting, the machine will tune it's broadcaster to that frequency and issue a message stating the user's name/username and possibly bio. fm[freq] user3 "Example user info" "" acts as a HEADER for the greeting message of a new login. It then lists off the frequency used, username, and a brief bit of information about the user. "" closes the greeting statement, indicating that any further broadcasting from this user until their assigned frequency goes dead is not part of a greeting. If one would want to browse the shared files of another user, a message could be sent to do so: user1 user2 Such a message would be sent by user1. Upon recieving it, user2's machine would broadcast a plaintext list of all the files they have publically shared. This might proceed as follows: txtslol.txt, book.txt, song.txtimagesme.png, gamer.jpg This would display: txts lol.txt book.txt song.txt images me.png gamer.jpg This might also include the size of the file. The program may have a built-in function to calculate the time it would take for a given file to download, knowing it's size, assuming that user2 does not experience interruptions. In that case, the list would look like this: txts lol.txt 01 kb 0:03 book.txt 33 kb 1:33 song.txt 05 kb 0:15 images me.png 555 kb whatever gamer.jpg 1 mb whatever PASSIVE BROADCASTING Non-active users (i.e. those not actively sending or recieving files or messages) would be consistently sending out a low-energy signal, indicating that they are occupying an available space in the network's frequency band. If a non-active user were not passively broadcasting, a new user would have no way of knowing they are there, possible using their frequency and jamming them both. The "request" acts as a header, not unlike the header of an image or audio file, specifying what the recieving computer should do with the message. For example, if someone broadcasted "user1 user2", a recieving user would have no idea if the message is meant for a chatroom, if it was a kind of greeting, or if it was a request for a file list. Without headers, messages would be more-or-less meaningless raw data. List of headers: Greetings End of greeting Requesting file list End of file list request LORE AND LEGEND OV THE ETHERIAL PLANE Past the rippling currents and the cyclones of the mainland etherial, beyond the rippling gates of the elemental planes, and in the furthest reaches where neither the light of the positive nor the shadow of the negative reach in any meaningful regard, the fog curls over itself endlessly and slowly. Far-wandering lurkers who have all-but lost their memory of their material homeland and elemental beings lost on esoteric missions may be encountered, but even these incidents slip away as days wind on, and the mists cold glow grows dull and dim, as if on an overcast day. In these wastelands of the deep etherial, certain pockets of matter may be found, bound to existence by the remnants of what was once near-deific levels of power, but has worn away with the perpetual rush of eons. If one is to shift their vision into the deeper rays of dweomer, a shape is percieved not inaccurately described by metaphor of boulders that once were statues, worn down to smooth stone, with no name or sign to indicate it's history but a suggestive line or edge here or there. On these outermost scraps of land, no life truly dwells. Ancient trees and grasses seem grey and in slumber, and no creature has made their habitat among these desolate regions. Oftentimes, the edges of the lands have fallen away into the ether, leaving behind a path winding to a village (or what one may guess may have been a village,) or a single ruined shard of a castle, it's contents long rotted away. I have myself heard rumors of a long-since completely decayed ruin where a path wound from the foggy recollections of a cellar into the sleeping earth, and a trilloch, long-since starved and dormant, half-melted into the wall, had buried itself. I'm sleeping in a box because it had to be done It was here to do and it looked pretty fun I don't care if you take pictures and send them to your friends Cause we both know that really I am winning in the end You might think I look stupid but it's really for the best When I'm not napping tail is flapping and I lay a bug to rest Sometimes I get a little bored of my kitty bed And a cardboard box is the perfect place to rest my weary head I'm sleeping in a box because I stayed up all night long Half somewhere in dreamland as I hum this stupid song Days pass me by year after year but I don't really care Right now I'm sleeping in a box but soon I'll be everywhere Tail dangles over the side Why do you always look suprised Despite I do this everytime Over cardboard walls I climb Curl up under warm lights On an uneventful night Wisdom eternal, soft and deep As in this cardboard box I sleep echo 7/tcp echo 7/udp ntp 123/udp #Network Time Protocol discard 9/tcp sink null discard 9/udp sink null epmap 135/tcp loc-srv #DCE endpoint resolution systat 11/tcp users #Active users systat 11/udp users #Active users epmap 135/udp loc-srv #DCE endpoint resolution daytime 13/tcp daytime 13/udp netbios-ns 137/tcp nbname #NETBIOS Name Service qotd 17/tcp quote #Quote of the day qotd 17/udp quote #Quote of the day netbios-ns 137/udp nbname #NETBIOS Name Service chargen 19/tcp ttytst source #Character generator chargen 19/udp ttytst source #Character generator ftp-data 20/tcp #FTP, data ftp 21/tcp #FTP. control ssh 22/tcp #SSH Remote Login Protocol telnet 23/tcp smtp 25/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer Protocol time 37/tcp timserver time 37/udp timserver rlp 39/udp resource #Resource Location Protocol nameserver 42/tcp name #Host Name Server nameserver 42/udp name #Host Name Server nicname 43/tcp whois domain 53/tcp #Domain Name Server domain 53/udp #Domain Name Server bootps 67/udp dhcps #Bootstrap Protocol Server bootpc 68/udp dhcpc #Bootstrap Protocol Client tftp 69/udp #Trivial File Transfer gopher 70/tcp finger 79/tcp kerberos 88/tcp krb5 kerberos-sec #Kerberos http 80/tcp www www-http #World Wide Web hosts2-ns 81/tcp #HOSTS2 Name Server hosts2-ns 81/udp #HOSTS2 Name Server kerberos 88/udp krb5 kerberos-sec #Kerberos hostname 101/tcp hostnames #NIC Host Name Server iso-tsap 102/tcp #ISO-TSAP Class 0 rtelnet 107/tcp #Remote Telnet Service pop2 109/tcp postoffice #Post Office Protocol - Version 2 pop3 110/tcp #Post Office Protocol - Version 3 sunrpc 111/tcp rpcbind portmap #SUN Remote Procedure Call sunrpc 111/udp rpcbind portmap #SUN Remote Procedure Call nntp 119/tcp usenet #Network News Transfer Protocol auth 113/tcp ident tap #Identification Protocol uucp-path 117/tcp sqlserv 118/tcp #SQL Services netbios-dgm 138/udp nbdatagram #NETBIOS Datagram Service netbios-ssn 139/tcp nbsession #NETBIOS Session Service imap 143/tcp imap4 #Internet Message Access Protocol sqlsrv 156/tcp pcmail-srv 158/tcp #PCMail Server snmp 161/udp #SNMP snmptrap 162/udp snmp-trap #SNMP trap sql-net 150/tcp print-srv 170/tcp #Network PostScript bgp 179/tcp #Border Gateway Protocol irc 194/tcp #Internet Relay Chat Protocol ipx 213/udp #IPX over IP rtsps 322/tcp rtsps 322/udp mftp 349/tcp mftp 349/udp ldap 389/tcp #Lightweight Directory Access Prot https 443/tcp MCom #HTTP over TLS/SSL https 443/udp MCom #HTTP over TLS/SSL microsoft-ds 445/tcp microsoft-ds 445/udp kpasswd 464/tcp # Kerberos (v5) kpasswd 464/udp # Kerberos (v5) isakmp 500/udp ike #Internet Key Exchange crs 507/tcp #Content Replication System crs 507/udp #Content Replication System exec 512/tcp #Remote Process Execution biff 512/udp comsat login 513/tcp #Remote Login who 513/udp whod cmd 514/tcp shell syslog 514/udp printer 515/tcp spooler talk 517/udp ntalk 518/udp efs 520/tcp #Extended File Name Server router 520/udp route routed ulp 522/tcp ulp 522/udp timed 525/udp timeserver tempo 526/tcp newdate irc-serv 529/tcp irc-serv 529/udp courier 530/tcp rpc conference 531/tcp chat netnews 532/tcp readnews netwall 533/udp #For emergency broadcasts uucp 540/tcp uucpd klogin 543/tcp #Kerberos login kshell 544/tcp krcmd #Kerberos remote shell dhcpv6-client 546/tcp #DHCPv6 Client dhcpv6-client 546/udp #DHCPv6 Client dhcpv6-server 547/tcp #DHCPv6 Server\ dhcpv6-server 547/udp #DHCPv6 Server afpovertcp 548/tcp #AFP over TCP afpovertcp 548/udp #AFP over TCP new-rwho 550/udp new-who rtsp 554/tcp #Real Time Stream Control Protocol rtsp 554/udp #Real Time Stream Control Protocol remotefs 556/tcp rfs rfs_server rmonitor 560/udp rmonitord monitor 561/udp nntps 563/tcp snntp #NNTP over TLS/SSL nntps 563/udp snntp #NNTP over TLS/SSL whoami 565/tcp whoami 565/udp ms-shuttle 568/tcp #Microsoft shuttle ms-shuttle 568/udp #Microsoft shuttle ms-rome 569/tcp #Microsoft rome ms-rome 569/udp #Microsoft rome hmmp-ind 612/tcp #HMMP Indication http-rpc-epmap 593/tcp #HTTP RPC Ep Map http-rpc-epmap 593/udp #HTTP RPC Ep Map hmmp-ind 612/udp #HMMP Indication hmmp-op 613/tcp #HMMP Operation hmmp-op 613/udp #HMMP Operation ldaps 636/tcp sldap #LDAP over TLS/SSL doom 666/tcp #Doom Id Software doom 666/udp #Doom Id Software msexch-routing 691/tcp #MS Exchange Routing msexch-routing 691/udp #MS Exchange Routing kerberos-adm 749/tcp #Kerberos administration kerberos-adm 749/udp #Kerberos administration kerberos-iv 750/udp #Kerberos version IV mdbs_daemon 800/tcp mdbs_daemon 800/udp ftps-data 989/tcp #FTP data, over TLS/SSL ftps 990/tcp #FTP control, over TLS/SSL telnets 992/tcp #Telnet protocol over TLS/SSL imaps 993/tcp #IMAP4 protocol over TLS/SSL ircs 994/tcp #IRC protocol over TLS/SSL pop3s 995/tcp spop3 #pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3) pop3s 995/udp spop3 #pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was kpop 1109/tcp #Kerberos POP nfsd-status 1110/tcp #Cluster status info nfsd-keepalive 1110/udp #Client status info nfa 1155/tcp #Network File Access nfa 1155/udp #Network File Access activesync 1034/tcp #ActiveSync Notifications phone 1167/udp #Conference calling opsmgr 1270/tcp #Microsoft Operations Manager opsmgr 1270/udp #Microsoft Operations Manager ms-sql-s 1433/tcp #Microsoft-SQL-Server ms-sql-s 1433/udp #Microsoft-SQL-Server ms-sql-m 1434/tcp #Microsoft-SQL-Monitor ms-sql-m 1434/udp #Microsoft-SQL-Monitor ms-sna-server 1477/tcp ms-sna-server 1477/udp ms-sna-base 1478/tcp ms-sna-base 1478/udp wins 1512/tcp #Microsoft Windows Internet Name wins 1512/udp #Microsoft Windows Internet Name ingreslock 1524/tcp ingres 1607/tcp stt 1607/udp l2tp 1701/udp #Layer Two Tunneling Protocol pptconference 1711/tcp pptconference 1711/udp pptp 1723/tcp #Point-to-point tunnelling protocol msiccp 1731/tcp msiccp 1731/udp remote-winsock 1745/tcp remote-winsock 1745/udp ms-streaming 1755/tcp ms-streaming 1755/udp msmq 1801/tcp #Microsoft Message Queue msmq 1801/udp #Microsoft Message Queue radius 1812/udp #RADIUS authentication protocol radacct 1813/udp #RADIUS accounting protocol msnp 1863/tcp msnp 1863/udp ssdp 1900/tcp ssdp 1900/udp close-combat 1944/tcp close-combat 1944/udp nfsd 2049/udp nfs #NFS server knetd 2053/tcp #Kerberos de-multiplexor mzap 2106/tcp #Multicast-Scope Zone Announceme mzap 2106/udp #Multicast-Scope Zone Ann Proto qwave 2177/tcp #QWAVE qwave 2177/udp #QWAVE Experiment Port directplay 2234/tcp #DirectPlay directplay 2234/udp #DirectPlay ms-olap3 2382/tcp #Microsoft OLAP 3 ms-olap3 2382/udp #Microsoft OLAP 3 ms-olap4 2383/tcp #Microsoft OLAP 4 ms-olap4 2383/udp #Microsoft OLAP 4 ms-olap1 2393/tcp #Microsoft OLAP 1 ms-olap1 2393/udp #Microsoft OLAP 1 ms-olap2 2394/tcp #Microsoft OLAP 2 ms-olap2 2394/udp #Microsoft OLAP 2 ms-theater 2460/tcp ms-theater 2460/udp wlbs 2504/tcp #Microsoft Windows Load Balancing wlbs 2504/udp #Microsoft Windows Load Balancing Serve ms-v-worlds 2525/tcp #Microsoft V-Worlds ms-v-worlds 2525/udp #Microsoft V-Worlds sms-rcinfo 2701/tcp #SMS RCINFO sms-rcinfo 2701/udp #SMS RCINFO sms-xfer 2702/tcp #SMS XFER sms-xfer 2702/udp #SMS XFER sms-chat 2703/tcp #SMS CHAT sms-chat 2703/udp #SMS CHAT sms-remctrl 2704/tcp #SMS REMCTRL 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Gizmo Warm-up 1) They l ook different, as the short-tandem repeats in various individual's non-coding DNA are of various lengths. 2) There are no differences in gene A between the three people. Activity A: Forensic training 1) 2) The more short-tandem repeats the per son has, the longer their non-coding region is. 3) 4 ) 5) 6) 7) Activity B: Design and test primers 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Activi ty C: Solve cases 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) No, it does not. We wo uld have to kn ow how their DNA got there, what it's fr om (blood, ha ir, etc.) and if any other sus p ects h ad contact with that in divi d ual. Even then, DNA do es n ot directly t ranslate to gui lt or innocence. 6) 7 ) 8) 9) 10) DNA profil in g is capable of catching crim i nals using traces of genetic material left at the scene of a crime, bringing people who o therwise would have escaped and possibly committe d more crimes to justice. However, like all things, it is not perfect, and must be used in careful c onjunction with other forensic techniques to a void false conviction and imprisonment. ¬_¬ ¬_¬ ¬_¬ holy bamboo forest mournful hunter hospital bamboo ☆ lrs;0;[13] ☆☆ bread and cy anide and astinine a nd circus345678908ui ☆☆☆ J =C L-7092 ☆☆☆☆ Sc hlicada. ☆☆☆☆☆p e a r ☆☆☆☆f r u i t s ☆☆☆I don't use dollars I use this random piece of paper I found on the ground ☆☆[CITATION MEEEEEEALWORMS] ☆soul becoming this pokemon hop skip & jump to the south ☆smiling crowcarecrow ☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ pacific! /your%20cat.PNG genetic suburbs please s the birth ies Phoenix123 ☯ holy forest ☯ ☯ mournful hunter ☯ ☯ hospital bamboo ☯ /your%20cat.PNG /your%20cat.PNG ᚾ ᚱ ᚣ 2 0 1 8 ᛈ Ⲕᚾ ᚢᛁᚾ ᚳᛊ top with ᚼ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ ᚢᚣᛖᛊ ᚧ ᛜⰞᚢᚳ daypa ᛜᚣᚧ ᛢᛊᚾᚾᛁᚢᛩᛢ ᛊᚢᚣᛒᚳᛁᚢᚧ ᛁꓦᛁᚧⳘᚣᚳ ar ᚾᚱᚣ ᛈⲔ ᚹⳘᚱᛈᚺᚣ ᛢᛊ ᚣᛒᛜⳘᚾ ᚾᚺᛁᛢ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ ᛬ (ᛜᚹᚾ ᛁᛜᚢᚣᚳ) ᚳᛉᚱᛁᛈ ᛢ᛬Ⱎᚺᛉ ᚣᚧᚧ ᚳ ᛉᚱᛁᛈᛢ?ᛁ ᚧᛁᛢᚳᛁⲔᛊ ᚾᛉᚹᛁᚢᛩ᛫ ( ᛜᚹᚾᛁᛜᚢᚣᚳ) ᚾᚱᚣᛈ Ⲕ ᛈᚱᛊᚧᛁᚾᛢ᛬ (ᛜᚹᚾᛁ ᛜᚢᚣᚳ) ꓦᛁᚧᛊᛜ᛬ ᛩᛊ ᚾ ᛒᚣᚢᚧᛈᚣᛖᚹ ᚹ ᚱᛜ ᚪᛜᚱ ᚣᚧ-ᚪᚱᛊᛊ ꓦᛁᚧᛊᛜ ᚺᛜᛢᚾᛁᚢᛩᛧ ᛒᚣᚾᛈᚺ Ⳙᚹᚳᛜᚣᚧᛢᛧ ᚹᚱᛁꓦᚣᚾᛊ ᛢᚾᚱᛊᚣᛖᛁ ᚢᛩᛧ ᛈⳘᛢᚾᛜᛖ ᚧᛜᛖᚣᛁᚢᛢᛧ ᚧᛊᛊᚹᛊ ᚱ ᛢᚾᚣᚾᛢᛧ ᚣᚢᚧ ᛖᛜᚱᛊ… ᚣᚱᚾᛁᛢ ᚾ᛬ ᚳᛊᚣꓦᛊ ᛒᚳᚣᚢⲔ ᚾ ᛜ Ⳙᛢᛊ ᚣᚳᛒⳘᛖ ᚣᚱᚾᛁᛢᚾ ᚪᛜᚱ ᛈᛜᛖᚹᛁᚳᚣᚾᛜᚢᛢᛧ ᚳᚣᛒᛊᚳᛢᛧ ᛊᚾᛈ᛫ ᚣᚱ ᚾⰞᛜᚱⲔ Ⳙᚹᚳᛜᚣᚧ ᚾᚱᚣ ᛈⲔᚣᚱᚾⰞᛜᚱⲔ ᚧᛊᚪᚣ Ⳙᚳᚾᛢ ᚾᛜ Ⳙᛢᛊ ᚾᚺ ᛊ ᚣᚳᛒⳘᛖ ᚣᚱᚾⰞᛜᛈ ᛁᚪᛁᛈ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ ᚣᚱᚾ ᚺᛊᚱ ᛊ᛫ Ⳙᚹᚳᛜᚣᚧ ᚾᚱᚣ ᛈⲔ ᚣᚱᚾ 1400 ᚷ 1400 ᚹᛁ ᚷᛊᚳᛢ ᛖᛁᚢᛁᛖⳘᛖ (ᛒ ᛁᛩᛩᛊᚱ ᛁ ᛢ ᛒᛊᚾ Ⳗᚹᛩᛧ ᛫ᛩᛁᚪ ᛫ᚹᚢᛧ 10ᛖᛒ ᛖᚣᚷ ᚾ ᚣᛩᛢ᛬ ᛊᚷᚹᛊᚱᛁᛖᛊᚢᚾᚣᚳᛧ ᚣᚢᚧ… ᛈ ᛜᛖᛖᚣ-ᛢᛊᚹᚣᚱᚣᚾᛊᚧ ᚳᛁᛢᚾ ᛜᚪ ᚾᚣᛩᛢ Ⱎᚺᛉ ᛒᛜᚾᚺᛊᚱ ᚾᚣᛩᛩᛁ ᚢᛩ? ᚳᛁᛈᛊᚢᛢᛊ᛬ ᚣᚳᚳ ᚱᛁᛩᚺᚾᛢ ᚱᛊᛢᛊ ᚱꓦᛊᚧ ᛈᚱᛊᚣᚾᛁꓦᛊ ᛈᛜᛖᛖᛜᚢᛢ᛬ ᚣᚾᚾᚱᛁᛒⳘᚾᛁᛜᚢ ᚢᛜᚢ-ᛈᛜᛖᛖᛊᚱᛈᛁᚣᚳ ᚢᛜ ᚧᛊᚱᛁꓦᚣᚾᛁꓦᛊᛢ ᛁᚢᚪ ᛜ ᚣᚾᚾᚱᛁᛒⳘ ᚾᛁᛜᚢ ᚢᛜᚢ-ᛈᛜᛖᛖᛊᚱᛈᛁᚣᚳ ᛢᚺᚣᚱᛊ ᚣᚳᛁⲔᛊ ᛁᚢᚪᛜ ᚣᚾᚾᚱ ᛁᛒⳘᚾᛁᛜᚢ ᚢᛜᚢ-ᛈᛜᛖᛖᛊᚱ ᛈᛁᚣᚳ ᛁᚢᚪᛜ ᚣᚾᚾᚱᛁᛒⳘᚾ ᛁᛜᚢ ᚢᛜ ᚧᛊᚱᛁꓦᚣᚾᛁ ꓦᛊᛢ ᛁᚢᚪᛜ ᚣᚾᚾᚱᛁᛒⳘᚾ ᛁᛜᚢ ᛢᚺᚣᚱᛊ ᚣᚳᛁⲔᛊ ᛁᚢ ᚪᛜ ᚣᚾᚾᚱᛁᛒⳘᚾᛁᛜᚢ ᛁᚢᚪᛜ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ ᛁᛢᚱᛈ᛬ (ᛜᚹᚾᛁᛜᚢ ᚣᚳ) ᛊ᛫ᛩ᛫ᛧ "Ⳙᛢ-Ⴭ04 -99-322 43" ᛖᛜᚱᛊ ᛁ ᚢᚪᛜ ᚱᛊᚳᛊᚣᛢᛊ ᚧᚣᚾᛊ ᛬ (ᛜ ᚹ ᚾᛁᛜᚢᚣᚳ) ᛖᛖ/ᚧᚧ /ᛉ ᛉ ᛉᛉ ᚳᛊᚣꓦᛊ ᛒᚳᚣᚢⲔ ᚾᛜ Ⳙᛢᛊ ᚣᚳᛒⳘᛖ ᚱᛊᚳᛊᚣᛢᛊ ᚧᚣᚾ ᛊꓦᛁᛢᛁᛒᛁᚳᛁᚾᛉ ᛒᛜᚢⳘᛢ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ ᛒᛜᚢⳘᛢ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔᛢ ᚣᚱ ᛊ ᚢᛜᚾ ꓦᛁᛢᛁᛒᚳᛊ ᚾᛜ ᚪᚣᚢᛢᛧ ᛒⳘᚾ ᚣᚱᛊ ᛁᚢᛈᚳⳘᚧᛊ ᚧ ᛁᚢ ᚾᚺᛊ ᚧᛜⰞᚢᚳᛜᚣᚧ ᛜ ᚪ ᚾᚺᛊ ᚣᚳᛒⳘ ᛖ᛫ ᚾᚺᛊᛉ ᛈᚣᚢ ᚣᚳᛢᛜ ᛒᛊ ᛖᚣᚧᛊ ᚣꓦᚣᛁᚳᚣᛒᚳᛊ ꓦᛁᚣ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ/ᚣᚳᛒⳘᛖ ᛈᛜᚧᛊᛢ ᛜᚢᛈᛊ ᚹ Ⳙᛒᚳᛁᛢᚺᛊᚧ᛫ ᚧᛁᛢᛢᛜᛈᛁᚣᚾᛁᛜᚢ =ᚷ Ⳙᚢᚾ ᛁᚾᚳᛊᚧ ᚾᚱᚣᛈⲔ 氷河 - ᚣᚢᛜᚾᚺᛊᚱ ᚢᛁᛩᚺᚾ᛫ᚪᚳᚣ Morning: latin, treatre arts, gilgamesh 2 _____4 4 4 4 444.. 3 Fin eye 4 5 6 7 Current event, study for test 8 ____55%%% 6 aesethicc Reply ]]]]][[[[[ Marked as resolved 0:02 PM Sep ,,6 ]]]]][[[[[7:16 PM Sep 5 • Re-open R eply]]]]][[[[[ Marke d as resolved 7:16 PM Sep 5 ]]]]][[[[ [[[Re-opened 9:10 PM Sep 6]]]]][[[[[Marked as resolved 9:11 PM Sep 6 ]]]]][[[[[ 2:13 AM Sep 2 • Re-open Selected text: 2:13 AM Sep 2 Reply ]]]]][[[[[.Marked as resolved 2 :13 AM? (Butting) . Tolkien was disapp ointed[ that the forest had not c ome ive a nd sought to rectify t hat in \his own work, namely in the form of Ents. pe rmalink embed. Dissociative identity d isorder is thought to stem from a combi . nation of factors that may include tra u ma e xperienced by the person with the d is order. The dissociative aspect is t h o ught to be a coping mechanism -- the p e r s on literally dissociates himself from a si t uat ion or experience that's too violent, tra uma tic, or painf ul to assimilate with his conscious self. Tolki en was disappointed that the forest had not come alive and sought t o rectify that in his own work, namely in the form of Ents. permalink embed@@@ NØ✝ Δ\/\/Δ|<Ξ 8|_|✝ NØ✝ Δ57ΞΞP ]]]]][[[[[ Re-opened 3:33 PM Sep 5 Reply not ΔwΔ // .cØm.cØm.cØm log.out ghost† wδvvves SLΞΞPWΔLKING not ΔwΔke but not Δsleep Re-openSelected text: Marked as resolved Marked as resolv =Dec 26, 2017 3:33 PM Se 5 NOT_\AWAKE/ mightmarer ]]]]][[[ cannot ]\ • C4 - A v e r age huma n. T hre at le vel, i f una ided: 0. Threat level, if aided: 0.5. C3 - C2 C1 B4 B3 B2 B1 A4 A3 A2 A1 the city is my church! Normal alphabet: Abcdefghijklmnopqr stuvwxyz Keyword c ipher, with ke yword zft, rot1 caesar cipher for y es: ZftAbcdeghijklm nopqrsuvwxy Decoy messag e: Nice try, but if you wa nt the message, y ou’re looking in the wrong place. You’re quite close, though. This sentence is filler, to make the message decryptable. W ith that, good luck! Keyword code message, made using http ://www.secret word.html: LGTB RPX, FSR GC XMS VZLR R EB KBQQZDB, XMS’PB J MMIGLD GL REB VPM LD NJZ TB. XMS’PB OSGRBT JMQB, REMSDE. REGQ QBLRBLTB GQ CGJJBP, RM KZIB REB KB QQZD B ABTPX NRZF JB. VGRE REZR, DMMA JSTI! (e xtra: NIFB TRY, HUT IC YO U WGN T. TEB MBSSGDB, YOU’RB LOOKIN D IN TEB W ROND PLGFB. Y OU’R B QUITB FLOSB, T EOUDE. TE IS S BNTBNFB IS CILLBR, T O MGKB TEB M BSSGDB ABFRYPTGHLB. WITE TE GT, DOOA LUFK! K eyword: Ghf) Zft is r ot1 caesar c. ipher for yes. T hus, the mes sage conveys the word yes. 2 : Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw xyz ZftAb cdeghijklmnopqrsu vwxyNice try, bu. t if you want the m essage, you’re l. ooking in the w. rong place. You’r e quite close, though. This se ntence is filler, to make the message decryptable. Wit. h that, good luck! LG. TB RPX, FSR GC XMS VZLR REB. KBQQZDB, XMS’PB JMMIGLD GL REB VPMLD NJZTB. XMS’PB OSGRB TJMQB, REMSDE. REGQ QBLRBLTB GQ CGJJBP, RM KZIB REB KBQQZDB ABTPXNRZFJB. VGRE REZR, DMMA JS TI! (extra: NIFB TRY, HUT IC YOU WGNT TEB MBSSGDB, YOU’RB LOOKIND IN TEB WROND PLGFB. YOU’RB QUITB FLOSB, TEOUDE. TEIS SBNTBNFB IS CIL LBR, TO MGKB TEB MBSSGDB ABFRYPTGHLB. WITE TEGT, DOOA LU FK! K eyword: Ghf) Zft is rot1 caesar cipher for yes. Thus, the message conveys the word yes. strgneixdc ‎Monday, ‎June ‎12, ‎2017,‎9:21:52 AM CORNFLOWER. She was just settling in when the knock came. Hesitation ca me just as soon. The chair was ju st too comfortable t o warrant getting up. And she al so has her cam o mile tea to look forward to, and j ust liste ning to the hiss of the fire. And be sid es, sh e knew what she’d find. But curiosity and hope ar e p owerful things. Maybe she’d see whoever this was this ti m e? Floorboards creaked under weary feet of her way to the door. No m. a t ter. The door’s frosted glass was covered with a thin layer of ice. Sti. l l , she could see the box through it. And the absolute lack of footprints in the snow. Just the box. Just an unmarked cardboard box. No matter. No matter. The box was he avy. Heavi er than normal. Colder than normal. It’s been out there before the knock, almost as if the visitor was gathe ring courage. The top was slightly sealed by frost, easily melted. Not a true seal, not for la ck of trying. Though the chair and the fire and the tea still beckoned, she sat at the table, examining the package’s box’s contents. It was typical - random items that looked vaguely familiar, but only to memories that refused to show the. mselves. Scattered and r usted gears. A torn Polaroid photograph of a path. Grey pebbles and a seed packet. A pressed flower, beginning to mold. And a bo x. There normally wasn’t a box. Much less a locked one. ======== i-i mean- just-t... plea-ase_ for-r m-m-me__. a A A Gg whoah gl itch A a A A 2/12/2016 Wabi Sabi Wabi sabi wabi sabi Wabi sabi Wabi Sabi rarest phonemes Wabi Sabi Wabi sabi wabi sabi Wabi sabi Wabi Sabi The joy I get from lying is nonexistent, 2/12/2017 Tommy Chruchill To mmy Chirchill Vatnagaroar Tommy Chruchill Tommy Churchill - I now beelive I know that they are animals as I am an animal, beings as I am a being, unhead voice to paper, Don’t tell anyone else that~ Don’t tell anyone else that! kove = Move REcord dreams Now at 18,000 feet, my mind drifting, my mind drift ing, my mind drifting sifferent yello w breathing different brands of yellow rice Vatnagaroar- Tommy Churchi ll Tommy Chruchill Tommy Chirchill Tommy Chruchill #t wo hundred and two #differences in rou tes # trade and buddhism #kings on co ins #Dhri ta spoke to Duryodhana's f ather #"This inc ident was not just a tragic incident" #hour of the wolf - Ec osia - Web #0oi9u876=-0 #chr ome://newta b/ #・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ - image why✧oY HRT✧Del eted fro drive.✧still on drive!✧drive-downlo ad-2 0170920T201354Z-001✧.! 2015Gears In His Eyes tIME wA RP✧ CLI-FI✧+ mirror image +104___10209_FUJICANONMSC, found on ( 10 11 2016, around 7 23 PM✧CANONMSC 2.32.12 PM to be uploade d copy✧backed up...!✧~drive~✧s c r a t c h✧HIRAC DELEST✧red.planet. copy✧S CRATCH DOWNLOAFSDSorgan ization attempt.✧E:\School things\Stay Out!\I Sa id, Stay Out!\ Are You Even Listening!\Okay, see it and weep\Ummm... Stuff✧untitled folder- La Paz Cubla La Paz Torre della Pelosa/((untitled folder- La Paz Cubla La Paz Torre della Pelosa theyareproj ects! Lots of mkore stuff ✪7/17/2017 ✪I . Energy ✪II . Crystals ✪III . Supercoporiality 6222019new jersey it_s lit fam✪stori35 ✪music-art-dreams✪school backups✪stuff to down load computer at home yanderdev-20200312T005232Z-001 2020~03~11 [Google Drive]✪My Own Words, Ready For Use!✪Parts, Pieces, and Fragments✪These Stories Have Potetial✪documents-export-2016-07- 01 copy✪i exist, 8iexist, i8xist! I EXIST!✪ocd on a dvd - "and all the medicine" // "was not enough"medicine t.a.t.u. - all the things sheneed_untitled - alternating zelda // gymno #1 blip of static, then lifi "i can help u" "im filled with wanderlust" INVRT!!! - "i dont care, i love it" sp eedcore remix temporal paradox resolution co. has gone bankrupt because of me -\_(XD)_/- "tiem machine sample" "riptide has a speedcore remix" -1 ghetto brocccoli sleep. y pattern screamer fall damage paper muses flowers for dead friends kyle the kicker mold bedbug -1 ghetto brocccoli sleep.y pattern screamer fall damage paper muses fl owers for dead friends kyle the kicker mold bedbug hey / / hello / / greetings / / salutations / / hewwo if you’ve found this, you have my old mp3 player! if for some weird reason you want it, feel free to keep it (as long as you actually use and care for it). i don’t take offense. otherwise, would you mind returning it to me? email: phone: 610-933-5519 thanks! :) (lol this is probably the last coby mp3 player in use in 2018) have a great day!!! Untitled around 5 58 595 59 595 58 10 7 2016 PM M PM 10 7 2016 Philadelphia hist oric induEv3rY+H1n6 15 a m15+4k3 ction pics reame cat16382.jpg iMovie Temporary Items 161750138031742222+yyeetshonnts.transl=2019~01~06 [video ch at]- 2020-11 November2222image0 (2)"i am zappy"+strangely e n ough, for art"this is a messahe to all out th . ere"THIStthis too shall pass[WORTH BR](day after halloween 2018_)-*i_think_ i_hurt_th e_ca rd_readers_fe elingsRead at 1022 AM*i aatVEE moon_safari_2002iiiii{{{ {{scratch ic ons death folderheckvyukj "The distortiomoon_safari_2002n is weaker here."20 200911 talkerNeurologiclogicNeuroo#4294httpmoon_safari_2002s://www.twi anchtwitch PA_73_ZZ1241 * AGDM7250 * moon_safari_2002 02SFJ-0510unerground s trrssneadsfjkers cute - kl8 ++enjgrk89moon_saf ari_2002 A picture that fil lssin a thousand blanks this image speaks ,,,,,,,, to]me90w2EdLTwMExvmz0em2h-qGzcr5DRp_o 7F.LsomKNBQat least be no why he crossed the ro ad kiry killed x123456787654321= holy holy holy holy holy mushcrom14sadeyesUntitled folder- r-20230123T031234Z-001, t. h e r e sno4o 4 er ror inth is y ellow light .+Qµantµm Virµs (k inds sound s like ad racon beam, to be hone st.3 musical drac on bams)grow ing in hope t hat so meone would no. tice, but ift hey don't, that. 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Enjoy :) D ownload ...http://b. t Check out Ti. m Bryant: htt p://www.fa http://soundcloud S HOW LESS hereiam.doc x ‎Sunday, ‎Febr. ry ‎18, ‎2018, ‏‎7:57:56 AM Monday: December 6, 2021 - Data Modeling Project Monday: FINAL 12 / 6 @ 8:00 am ORAL READING OF GOSPEL OF MARKTuesday: The MATH 216 Discrete Math Final Exam is on Tues day, December 7, 2021 at 10:30 am. The exam is in LH-120 - ou. r classroom. Friday : The Final Exam for C IS 224 - Data and I nformation I is on Friday, December 10 at 10:30 am. It is in LH-117 - our c lassroom. SELECT person_id, interview.transcr ipt FROM interview, pe rson WHERE interview.person_id = AND name like 'Jer emy Bowers' ; CREATE TABLE classes( classID INT (3) roomNo. INT (3) teacherID CHAR (5) t ime CHAR (8) studentID CHAR (5) ); CREATE TABLE tuition ( stude ntID CHAR (5) acadYe ar INTEGER (4) regFee INTE GER (3) tuition INTE GER (6) tuitionPlan CHAR (25) commen t CHAR ( 50) paid INTEGER (6) pai dDate INTEGER (8) paidMethod CHAR (5) ); Why did they not research Moun t_St_Helens_-_Before_and_After xfsfsfsff0000 filler text kitty cat \\/ /Prompts: 1. your oldest character! 2. your newest character! 3. y our favorite character! 4. pick any of your characters and d ra w it with a friends! 5. your chara cter with a pumpkin(ok finally we get into some fall-re lated stuff) 6. your l east-edgy character trying t o be edgy (just. have fun trying to interpret that) 7. your spookiest/scari es t character 8. a fandom character (like a warriors oc or something) 9. a villain! 10. your utest character 11.a char acter that's a different species than most of yours 12. a haracter with powers 13. t wo characters who love each other 14. a kid character going trick or treating 15. a char acter stealing candy 16. a character as a ghost (no cheating by using one that's actually a ghost!im onto you!!) 17. a character as a vampire (no cheating by using one that's actually a vampire!im onto you!!) 18. a cha acter you adop ted/got from someone else somehow (like a DTA , or you bought them from som eone, ye if you don 't have any just ta lk to me about it we'll work someth ing out) 1 9. a char acter you wish you dr ew m o re 20. a char acter you pro bab ly a lready draw too mu ch… what' s one more drawing of them right ??? 21. a cha. racter w ith a t urtle 22. a character in your friend's style 23. re dsign an old characte r 24. a chara cter stuck in a sp iderweb 25. your smartest char acter 26. your frie nd's favorite character of yours (. im so sorry if you have no friends–just,, use me for any friend things ;v; its fine i wont be upset or anything) 27. draw your character and incorporate their theme song into it somehow! (like, putting the lyrics in the background. or something) 28. make a character specifically to be mary-sue/gary-stu! 29. siblings :333 30. a character with a witch hat 31. your sona (if you don't have one, just pick any of your characters) in your halloween costume! _______________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________ FAQ: (mostly asked by my friend jeremy lol,, and he asks the same thing a lot im getting tired of answering) Q: I want to do this, but I don't have enough characters! A: You can create characters for any of the prompts, or re-use som e! Q: If I edit a pre-existing character of someone else, does it could as my own? A: No. Different circumstances are different, however, and in some cases that can count as your fan-made character. Talk to me about i t first though. Q: what the heck does number 6 even mean? A: Honestly no idea. I imagine what I'll do is one of my “not-cool” OCs wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and idk eating dorr itos or something. This prompt is just up for fun interpretation! :> Q: WHat if you ca n't remember exac tly who was your very first character? (for day 1) A: Just guess! You can pick one to do for day 1 (oldest chara cter) and another for day 23 (Redesign an old c haracter) Q: So is this a competition; if so wh at do I w in? A: No it's not! It's just f or fu n! ^^ If it's successful this year, I mi ght ma ke it a comp etition n ext year but probaly not Q: I'm doing another Oc tober art challenge (i ktober, g oretober,don't google goretober if you don't know what it is, you'll get some really nasty images; it's basically you draw bloody pictures and char acters dying> etc.) (not really a questio n I know) A: You can combine the two! Li ke do the prompt for this in ink, or make it su per bloody <>not recommended for Scr atch> Or like I said before in the rules, you can do OCtob er prompt in a different mont h! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I look forward to seeing your entr ies for O Ctober skeledone . skeledone –**5*h*õ*œ++6+i+ù+— gåRßłéd Psa mathe ‎Monday, ‎August ‎1, ‎2016, ‏‎10:11:40 AM a blanket draped over him. His face was comical in the o rang e glow of the nightlight. Lind a w s unimpressed, her face p ek ing out of the tw i sted mess of UM ETGB'n | I UMMMMMMM THINK UMMMMMMMMMM UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOO SOSOSOSOSOOS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ woe! shut the fuck up Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Than brevity Than brevity Than brevity Than brevity I am not obligate I am not obligate I am not obligate I am not obligate To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong To your birdsong I am not obligate I am not obligate I am not obligate I am not obligate Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Silence speaks louder Than brevity Than brevity Than brevity Than brevity O OOS S h. ey I. like pie sup LOLLLL LL LL LL LLLLLL. LLLLLLLLL LLLL this is the talk page ?????????? ????? ????????? \\???????????? so whats u p????????????? a re u still there TALK! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I K N OW THA T!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD X D X DXD N OOOO OOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO I How did you know? are you s talking me? Eww ?????/???????// YAS JK Hahaah a lol If you take off your glasses will you die? Good. Do it.:} hehehee yasssssss sssssssss oh dont u dare !!!!!!! !! i think u will die too when i take off my glasses eyeroll WH AT THE HECK@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ N O U DONT DAREEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE HE HE NO U WONT NO U WONT HAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U ARENT LOLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I DO THO I WILL THROW A FISH AT YOU HA HAHAHA YES A W ILL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NEVER HE HEHEHHEHEEHE TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES NOW DO IT OR I THROW A FISH AT YOU YA !! !!!! I KR LAUREN !!!!!!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! NOOOOOOOOO BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! LLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHI L! BEEP B EEP ALO THIS IS SAH IL! BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL! BEEP BE EP ALO THIS IS SAHIL!BEEP B EEP ALO TH IS IS SAHIL!BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL!BEEP BEEP ALO THIS IS SAHIL!BEEP BEEP ALO Soggy Cookie​ : w h at if that was a previous great civilization and it wasn't a super nova, what if the planet had been basically hollowed out f or oil and stuff and the cities where so huge it all converged on one area and blew itself to piece i know but seriously ​if it got to h e avy f or the eath, the ground woul\d pretty much pop and suck verything into its core and smashing it alle imagine all the death and the bl o od and stuff got pressuri zed together and thats how asteroids and stuff were created ‎Friday, ‎September ‎8, ‎2017, ‏‎6:13:12 AM ‎Thursday, ‎Decem b er ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10 :37:40 AM Playing birdsong on acoustic instruments?http://xn--kittieeepawpa-lfb32x/%C3%8%C2%A1%20Untitled%20document(13)%20Untitled%20docume n t(13)%20Untitled%20docu ment(13)%20Untitl ed%20document(13)%20Untitled%20document(13)%20Untitled%20document(13)%20Untitled%20document(13)%20Untitled%20document(13)%20%E2%80% 8 EFriday,%20%E2%80%8EMay%20% E2%80%8E3,% 20%E2%80%8E2019,%20%E2%80%8F%E2%. 80%8E10:11:38%20AM☆ 自己憎し み ☆ • 1. Г _ ᒣ 慰め / / 混乱 Г _ ᒣ ◦ NGC 3.14 x Tenkitsune - LEMON S ODA • 2. -[✞ - ✞]- ◦ kero kero bonito - time today • 3. ▼{ ⨂ ω ⨂ }▼ ◦ kero kero bonito - bon ito intro • 4. ◕︿◕ ◦ negaren - d.a.a.n.a.c.c.e • 5. ╳ ‿ ╳ ◦ porter r o binson - fresh static snow • 6. ( ↀ ︿ ↀ ) ◦ internet crush - a nd now that you'r e gone... • 7. (Ґ _ Ґ) ◦ crystal castles - leni • 8. Г _ ᒣ 希望 / / 希 ? 望 Г _ ᒣ ◦ NGC 3.14 x Tenkitsune - LEM ON SO DA Phonograph cylin der Cake • family talking about making cake loopback ++127 Peer2Peer - Free Download <\Youtube To MP3> (draft) • 1. falling star ☆ (night core mix) (unknown art ist) [2010] • 2 . no_artist-untitled [3tl74GbX --] ◦ Merzbow - Part 1 ◦ “Toto - Africa” playing at our school dance • 3. lil_pee p-s tar_shopping_( nightcore_ mix-unknown_artist)-[] ◦ Lil Peep - Star Shopping • 4. ウッーウッー ウマウマ(゚∀゚) PV 高画質 H.264 ◦ ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) PV 高画 質 • 5. nightc ore_-mak e_believe [] ◦ Kero Kero Bonito - Make Believe ◦ Nero’s Da y At Disneyland - A Lie Temporarily Becomes the Truth • 6. ♡ 𝘠 𝘖𝘜 ♡ 𝘏𝘈𝘋 ♡ 𝘔𝘠 ♡ 𝘏𝘌𝘈𝘙𝘛 ♡ ◦ Rihanna - Umbrella • 7. 06_01-datavis (on ◦ 06_01-datavis (video from s oulse ek) ◦ Chippy Nonstop - Alone (Depressed Teenager Remix ◦ oliviaway - impres sions 𝙐𝙉𝙍𝙀𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀𝘿, 𝙐𝙉 𝙍𝙀𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝘼 𝘽𝙇𝙀 𝙑𝙊 𝙇𝙄 • 美しいもの【Something Beautiful】 ◦ NegaRen - Something Beautiful • 破碎 【Broken】 ◦ Lund - Broken Untitled d ocument (17) Untitled document(17) Untitled document(17) Untitled document(17) ‎Thu rsday, ‎March ‎28, ‎2019, ‏‎11:29:30 AM SAMP LES Amigara - Amigara • Amigara - Long Dream • ^_^ ☯ !HAPPY / / EMPT 甲骨文 - Showed you completed Comp Sci quizzes to cheat off of 甲骨文2019/10/31 ~ You lost 35 dollars, which I gave to you 甲骨文2020/04/01 - Rewrote email (original draft) 甲骨文2020/04/07 - Scanned in 10 images of dust 甲骨文2020/04/21 - Answered questions for some form of project / survey 甲骨文2020/05/27 - Provided (admittedly minimal) help with “level of discourse” prob/s 甲骨文2020/06/01 - Rewrote / edited three essays for a research program (got accepted) 甲骨文2020/06/10 - Voted for President of TSA 甲骨文I have no interest in being one-sided or unthankful, so here’s what you’ve done for me: 甲骨文2019/11/25 - Bought a CD for Christmas (Steve Roden - Winter Couplet) 甲骨文2020/04/06 - Provided link to Comp Sci FRQ answers 甲骨文2020/04/20 - Provided Comp Sci FRQ answers 甲骨文2020/05/07 - Provided Comp Sci FRQ answers astral searcherastral searcheras tral searcherastral searcherastr al searcherastral searcherastral searcherastral searcherastral s earcherastral searcherastral sea rcherastral searcherastral searc herastral searcherastral searche rastral searcherastral searchera stral searcherastral searcherast ral searcherastral searcherastra l searcherastral searcherastral searcherastral searcherastral se archerastral searcherastral sear drive-download-20230206T144607Z-001 drive-download-20230206T145426Z-001 drive-download-20230206T143828Z-001 drive-download-20230206T144736Z-001 drive-download-20230205T175414Z-001 drive-download-20230206T145547Z-001 𝕸𝖄𝕮𝕰𝕷𝕴𝕬 𝕬𝕾𝕿𝕽𝕬𝕷 𝕾𝕰𝕬𝕽𝕮𝕳𝕰𝕽 Looking through the layers of sakura trees to the darkening blue sky above me. A petal drifts by (3) hoodie stop watching me security webcams and broken screens i love you so much and i just i want want t you to be happy i love you i love you i love you "anyway, i figured out the location of every camera, their field of view, and made a diagram of every "blind spot" in the school this was during the hatsune miku poster thing as well" (let the one who is without sin throw the first stone.) ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ฅ(ฅ(^・^ฅ)ω・ωฅ)・)・^ฅ)ฅ) (=✧ↀω✧ω)✧ↀↀω=ω)=ωↀ)✧ x=● ● ⋏ ^⋏^ =x ●⋏⋏ x=x⋏● ⋏^ ❀(ㅇ(❀ㅇㅅ(❀ㅇ)ㅇㅅㅇ❀)❀)❀ㅅ (๑(๑❁ᆺ❁๑)♥(๑ᆺ❁๑)♥ᆺ๑❁(♥ ᆽฅ♫/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ ฅ♫\ᐟ ฅ\ᆽ。ᐟ ᆽ♫ฅ ゚✧*:・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ♥ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧*:・ ✧●❀✮ミᆽⓛ✮(ミⓛᆽⓛミ)ↀ✧ฅ♥ ฅ BABYWHENYOULOOKATMEYOUKNOWTHATI'LLBEHEREFOREVER BABYWHENYOULOOKATMEYOUKNOWTHATI'LLBEHEREFOREVER BABYWHENYOULOOKATMEYOUKNOWTHATI'LLBEHEREFOREVER BABYWHENYOULOOKATMEYOUKNOWTHATI'LLBEHEREFOREVER ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ /l、 (゚、 。 7   l、 ~ヽ  じしf_, )ノ love you this is is all i can do all i have this is it the edge i'm falling backwards and that's okay i feel my heart beating for the first time in a long time this is what you would want to me to do i love you i love you im feeling better i miss you and that's okay this is my purpose this is all i can do al i want is to feel your embrace we can heal each others wounded hearts i love you this is all i can think and say and this is all i need but i'm just glad you're happy wherever you are <3 we can keep the windows closed and the shades drawn. we don't have to see the sun, it'll be like a rainy day forever. we can have blue fairy lights illuminating our lives. isn't that beautiful? almost as much as you~ we don't need the world, we have each other. we created our own, a small comfy world all our own. we can fall asleep in each others arms, listening to the sound of the rain~ we're safe here. no one can hurt us anymore. i love you more than words can convey. i wish we can stay together forever. <3 ‎‎ ‎ ‎ /l、(゚、 。 7  l、 ~ヽ  じしf_, )ノ 明晰夢のキャッチャー winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end winter without beginning or end without beginning without beginning without end without end winter without end winter without end without beginning without beginning without without without withering ... ... ... ... wings unfurl as all that's left is collapse emminent starflight spirals forever and ever past hollow blazes of glory hindsight fading nothing left
I wish I could make you believe in you the way I do The things I do, I do for you (Every day I see the world a little clearer ♥) I hear your laugh and look up smiling, I run and run past the pumpkin patch And the tractor rides, the sky is gold, I fall asleep on the way home<3 _______________________ | | | | | | | | | ___----¯| | /// _--¯¯ ¯¯¯ | |////\\\\\\ ||¯ ___---- ¯| |\\\/\/\//\\\/ ||_--¯¯ ¯¯¯ | |/////////\/\\\//___||¯__________| _______________________ | __ | | |||||| | | / ¯¯\ | | /------\ | | |¯¯¯¯¯| | | |¯¯¯¯¯| | | |--------| | | |--------| | |_______ _|--------|_________| ________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |________________________| A cat, lost in static. 6102017. PowerSync Config CBEDE6F96CE4439CA1C76E2087786616.dalp W10RS5_AllowCleaningOfUnneededSetData D:\Geek Squad Data Backup 7-14-21\Users\josep\AppData\Roaming\wps_download\14FD3D361F1181822714F5AB6F99EE61 GemiNaut.exe_Url_e2iuqa0uaw0yi50pm01zqllg15qpg33m Corrected length and changed single to DJ mix. Changed single to DJ mix. Changed album to DJ mix. "teenade" miscaaaa miscaaaa miscaaaa miscaaaa That's a creative way to sort them, and I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put into it. If it's not a major issue, I might suggest that the "fuck amen breaks audacity is dead" thisusernameistaken "in an off brand guy fawkes mask i sit here screaming" ì«óá∩ »á»¬á (2) 112408740 /_uploads/photos/7767970c/night_x400.jpg Ishino ‎- Title#2+#3-gh moon_safari_2002moon_safari_2002moon_safari_2002 I would go through the pain of this a hundred times But I miss talking about life and other stuff the sound of the telephone ringing in the home of a lonely person tomppabeats = stoppable??? Tho god of this world is to hold a giant lobster, capable of doing anything it wants. s t e f - unexplored [[,link]] [[,cover]] for some reason contact by carl segan always did it for me. it’s that empty vibe This sounds like music from an alternate plane of existence. You can catch the occasional familiar sound, but it's mostly alien. 美的 life Sped up vaporwave is just diet plunderphonics. I will listening to this album over and over again when it's deep November and the nights are dark and rainy in the countryside Compare and contrast Genghis Khan and Tamerlane Infamous Cental Asian conquerers, brutal tactics Chan rose to power, Tamerlane was born into nobility Tamerland = Central Asia and middle east, Chan stretched into Tamerlane = Timur, Timurid, Chan = Mongol, Tamerlane = 1370-1405 (35 years) Chan = 1206-1227 (21 years) Compare and contrast the Holy Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire Powerful empires in Medieval Europe Holy Roman = feudal, Byzantine = autocratic Holy Roman = Christian / Catholic, Byzantine = Eastern Orthodox Holy Roman = Roman and germanic, Byzantine = Greekoroman Strong military and invasion, achivements and culture Compare the Golden Horde to the Ilkhanate Emerged from Mongolian breakdown in 13th century Golden Horde = Russia, ilkhanate = Iran, Iraq Golden Horde = Turkic and Mongol culture, Ilkahaae = Persian and islamic culture Golden Horde collapsed, Ilhakahte Faced Ottoman and Timur empires, ecomomic political military Compare and contrast the Mayans to the Aztecs Prominent Mesoamerican civilizations Aztec = Mexico, Mayan = Mexico, Belize, etc. Mayan = City states, Aztecs = Centralized empire Both polytheistic but Aztecs worshipped sun Agriculture, architecutre, engineering, culture, Spanish invaders Compare and contrast the War of the Roses and the Reconquista Medieval European conflicts Reconquista = Iberian peninsula, 8th-1492 War of the Roses = England, Civil war, 15th century House of Lancaster and House of York fought for English throne Spain and Portugal drove out Muslims and took back holy land 30 years vs 700 Machu Picchu = Andes Mountains, Peru, Cahokia = Missisippi River Valley, Illinois Inca Missiisippians Stone buildings and mounds Not discovered until 20th century, Cahokia largely forgotten Medival African historical figures Mansa = Mali, west africa, muslim, extremely rich Mekeda = Axum, Ethopia, Christian, economics and military Compare and contrast Shajar-Al Durr to Saladin Both prominent Medieval Islamic Shajar = female, Saladin = Male, Saladin = Against crusaders Defended Egypt against Mongol Civalry, statemanship, merciful, just Compare and contrast the 5 pillars of Islam to the first four Caliphs Critical components of early Islamic faith Declaration of aith, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage Successors to propher Muhammed, Compare and contrast the Goth Kingdoms and the Kievan Rus Early medieval european kingdoms, Goth = Decentralized, germanic, pagan, agrarian Keivan Rus = Orthodox, centralized, Byzantine influence, diverse economy Compare and contrast the Justinian Code and Cyril's Bible Important Byzantine documents, Justinian I, 6th century, 4 partys, Roman influence, all about law, ifnluential in Western leal systems, Buble = Slavic biblical translation, Commissioned by Michael III created by brothers i 9th century, spread Christianity made literary languages Sharedcultural and intellectual development Secular vs religious Mansa Musa 1312 Richest man ever Mali empire very dancy, very faithful Founded by Aztecs, vision of eagle, middle of lake, 200,000 people, 2023-03-02 SQL Python marriage lab 2023-05-03 8:00 Digital Forensics Final 2023-05-03 10:30 AM Theology final 2023-05-03 1:00 Networking final? Live @ warehouse in an abandoned back corner of the information superhighway, DJ however you pronounce this brings you, "lowbit rave~" Rave like '05 in 144p Bitcrushed acid and pixellated esctacy MP3 days and floppy disk dreams Up the volume, drop the bitrate, and repeat after me Beautiful and technological Garbled and incomprehensible Underground and out of sight Lowbit raves into the night Last bastion of true world wide web The beat compresses, flows and ebbs Lowbit raves into the night 8K makes me come alive ^_________________^ Better yet, just make a bunch of timebomb grenades with a regular water bottle filled with bleach and a pressure cooker filled with brake fluid, a little bit of diesel gasoline, and glass marbles. Use c4 to blast through the doors in the Pentagon and put one pressure cooker every hundred feet. Then successfully escape while the chaos ensues. Edit: yeah so if you add a baggie of Windex, plug the pressure release and regular vent with superglue and pepper juice mixture, the explosion will burn everyone's eyes before melting their faces off with mustard gas. Yay! I also just realized that it's the day before 9/11. Shit. Edit2: My FBI agent gave me gold, presumably so I can enjoy Reddit without ads for my last few hours before they find me. Or maybe they had the same idea. Btw I'm looking for a job, do you guys have any open think-tank positions? I’m eating alphabet soup. I’m going to pick 3 letters and that’s the organization I’m going to report you to. c4 is retardedly easy to make, first you need a good source of relatively pure hexamine (available from any sporting goods store as a fuel tablet), fuming nitric acid and oleum. sulfonate the hexamine with your oleum, then replace the sulfate groups with nitrate groups with your fuming nitric acid (i forgot to mention it has to be 99+% pure, so you'll need to get azeotropic or distilled from sulfuric acid and nitrate salt and then bubble NO2 gas through it) and voila, you now have a mix of trinitrohexamine and tetranitrohexamine, the explosive compound in C4. i'd recommend you plasticize it, using whatever's available to you, since powders are kinda hard to deal with and i've heard nitrohexamine is a bit sticky. <3 <3 <3 @@@ 2015 ^_^ web vortex channel select love it to bits a vague light filtered thru spiders I had a Mango diet coke the other day, the rest of my day was just not the same.. a glitchy image of astreet and it looks like it was going to rain! A Bouncey ball appeared out if thin air and hit me directly in the eye while I was riding my bike anomalia_temporalis:self-consciousidiotstryingtoactnormal and travel to PX907 to learn the secrets of the universe. cats candy and squishys and cats catporwave caterwaul their way d//iamiana! abstract and awkward // exhaustion post-redacted // star trek // waking up late 19842017 3005--005!!! hashbag relababelle What I read was “It’s Adam and Eve, not Florence and The Machine.” That afterlife is called unemployment kinetic kill vehicles targeted at every biosphere accidental flowers oolliiiamImmense Secondhand EmbarrassmentMy school has a burn Google Doc. Oh, how times change. oh my god we can fit so many words // well they're norwrong. NORML ApostateCat /NORML No beeps for blood. Not surprising, he was twelve stories high and made of radiation. hi im mossy and im ur new friend!! lithop fake plants in real animal bones>docs 1 Online testyoumatter.docx r🗻in - it’s ok r🗻in - r🗻in - get some rest r🗻in - snØw MemoryDeletionServices™ - . J Р Ξ G MemoryDeletionServices™ - . \/\/ /\ \/ MemoryDeletionServices™ - . /\/\ Р З only;so;many - tunnels only;so;many - skeuomorph only;so;many - persiflage T Ψψ↧ፗ∞ፗ↧ψΨ - ⁉🎏🅱🎏⁉ Ψψ↧ፗ∞ፗ↧ψΨ - ī′៳?❓ Ψψ↧ፗ∞ፗ↧ψΨ - 🐍•.•🐍 MemoryDeletionServices™ - . _ _ __ There you go, there you have it, there you go! Underground there is light that is not of the sun. H do people in iceland name things by sneezing Friday, 3/31/2017, Circle Game, 3/31/2017 T ACVVV Icy cave Icy (thanks, Sheryl - Seal Rock, OR) Minante - DID ANYONE LOSE THEIR FEET?!!? Thought can topple minds. 3/26/2017 21. This orphaned kitty is accompanied by a nurturing monkey. everything here is frayed 21. Also, snow there was snow on 3/3/2017, around 3:40. Enjoy! Around 4:30. The cntacr The contact This is where the dream happened! Found on 3/12/2017. AYAYUD varadyjc@pasdphanto ms.nety AYAYUD esoom moose 473240 I am a geode. Civil wat, I am a geode. Destruction Oppression No Always a bad idea WATERPAINT 4/13/2017 WATERPAINT. Like, a really bad idea Don’t. I want to be the sun I see ਨੰ ੂI want to be the sun I see I want to boom I want to be the sun I see ਨੰ ੂI want to be the sun I see Just don’t. and then i said knife to meet you! Terrible idea Regret U screen lyrica 4/7/2017 screen lyrica U Might start a war Please don’t elect hi- aaaaand you did. Art shoulddisturb the comfortable andcomfort thedisturbed.IMG_7176.JPGIM Calming cat! INTHEDEEPESTDEPTHSof mordor i met a girl. Calming cat! Viva la pluto. Sage-harmc I am boring with Google Translate 4/10/2017: Kayla to Dad: Find the unknown king of msushrooms. D #26 h ʬňǃ ŝ Ȥ ě͎ʲ Ķ ʝ Č ŕ Ľċ ˘ˎ ˘ċ ƫ ϣ (4/10/2017) Jericho Loading... five rules to interacting with faeries 4/17/2017 IIT’s VERY CHAIR, 4/17/2017. CASy typef typed typef 5ik34jk + 5ik34jk aviafeya: the first is be aware that names have power. give yourself a nickname or give no name at all. the secondisdo not accept anything edible from a faery. toeat from the landsof fae is tolock yourself from the landof mortals. the thirdis regarding information. if a faery gives youinformation, do not thank them. you may say youappreciate their assistance, but thanking is tantamount toadmitting adebtowed. the fourth is about accepting gifts. bevery cautious when doing so. many gifts will haveunforeseen side effects. if a gift isoffered, accept it, but if youdo not trust theone whooffered it,do not hesitate todestroy it. salt water is always a goodcleanser. the fifth is how tospeak without offense. ost fae arevery old. this means propriety isvery important. grudges can be heldfor centuries when youlive millenia. if youdo not wish todosomething, the way yourefuse is critical. be polite. anything less may landyouin hot water. New oldhot hot coldcoldcoldcoldcoldhotold new old WACKY WAVINGINFLATABLEARM FLAILINGTUBE MAN New oldhot hot coldcoldcoldcoldcoldhotold new o 4/10/2017APARATE hello. I'm what's wrong, you know you want to hear this It is good again I had a lot of treatment Thessalia Sterea Ellada Nothing can supress a human's curiosity, these are the birds i want tobe,Nothing can supress a human's curiosity May you please. CôsMay you please?? Repeated in my knees. Pleas May you please. CôsMay you please?? Repeated in my knees. Pleas I am not metaphorical But if theydo not know what I want I want tolive Parkour VS Pay 4/7/2017 t lks walking These woods are where I superimpose fantasy on fact, hoping they’ll match up. TOBIAS TOSHIBA TOBIAS ...Chara? "Let us send this world back into the abyss." "Say yes or no." No. Not yet. MEANWHILE IN BRITSN (5/3/2017.) MEWNWHILE MEANWHILE IN BRITSN. the wonderful thing about time lords Whovians.exe has stopped working. fliopoed a dalek dalem. 7/28/2017. The crazy chaos of the stars. 7/232017. Ha-ha-ha. /// pretend to walk through the walsls. 7/21/2017. The poet said, ‘the worls is the experiment, i am the scientist.’ 7/25.2017. Drrreamurr, seven years ago. /// the frenchiest fry. /// be honest, underfeetedrtfly/underfeet/edertfly/underfeet. 7/24/2017.:. Plot homophones. 7/19/2017: protect e honest, underfeetedrtfly/underfeet/edertfly/underfeet. 7/24/2017.:. Plot homophones. 7/19/2017: protect 7/22/2017. overend/overint the phenomena. /// my- my feels have feels. /// *phosphenes - idealism plays.* /// piles of books, scattered arounf the room. /// godhood doesn’t come easily. [as it does to some???] godhood doesn’t come easily. /// oh that’s one of the morphid phrases, shpellit. Spell it. Shpellit. /// each of the nerves have been pulled out [faeries???] out, and replacedit with a neaural network / trunk of network./endor./network. 7/15/2017: my sonfgs are / not forever, / for a while. /// *flippling milkmikemilk flipbook.* this mess of paper. While new heardphones danfle. This mess of paper [sits.] paper. /// *brownie sits.* Panicked: I can hear things beginning to go wrong. 7/14/2017. I-s-c-a-r-u-s. [esgarrouth isthill.] I-s-c-a-r-u-s. 7/13/2017: google or kindle autocorrect; abomination or spirit??? /// [in a car with music.] ///and the wasp is in the right. /// 7/11/2-17. Now’s not a time for reality??? / thete is a hole in reality, / there is a whole timy reslity. /// swooping potflies. /// the unknown captain. /// to transport into dreams like. /// the doge days are over. /// yours are like srars, like constellations aon your vback,./// 7/8/2017. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter in a hundred years, but it does now, and that’s what really matter’s doesn’t it? . *hugs you.* Having great ideas in the morning, but forgetting them as y you wake up. Oh, you’re wverything i need tonight- oh, look, oh, a seagull!!! … J_pond. 7/16/2017: life is a hone night show, and i’ll hit the road! Harry styles, sign of the time/sds. A : a every time i come to this coast line i wonder, probably like you : how many thigs do i glimpse in these fleeting words? THE BEST: The second ne is me under any amount of pressure. S T A T I C / B L U E C R A S H OBJ-31-INSTANCE-36-INTERVIEW_TRANSCRIPT-A1 Object code-name: knowledgebale structuren if you ever look up at the moon just know you're not alone in there with you! ☾ Love is so powerfull feeling, that when it is left without answer - it can turn into it's opposite - hate love and hate is like matter and wave ! most pyschological problem is love . as knowledgable as i am not. / forgotton. “false” meme with donalf trump face: “WRONBG.” who doesn’t want to go to arizona??? (And as if by some miracle, ) Surprisingly I did not get sick with the weather change. 6/19/2017: 4:11 PM. Rain. even then, rain does carry the future itself. countingforthunder. "Change is the only constant." So, get better soon, bub. sdd. wub-celler. ic Z H D U N varadyjc problems with stuff Cat falling off a table. I saw something in the mists. Second hand fandom disease. 7/15/2017: Death, death! The darkness spreads! light , light! The brightness blurs The gentle laws Of this small world! Dawn and dusk! Noon and night! And all-at-the same-time! PmUHF4 4/ What a coincidence! This was my report. snars. nighy. readig. How to train a dog: give up. [anything]: give up. How to train a dog: give up. The bes.t. M U S I C: i just too busy writing on scraps of paper and quoting proust to care about things like beds.I would like to karate chop the #royalbaby in the stomach thinking about taking all of the logs out of my fire place over the lifespan of a single burning cigarette it seems to me that i'm the only person on earth who doesnt know why they all cry m8Pw_8nU/ ̵̡̛̛̰᷿̥᷂̞̣̗̱̭̮͚̓᷇͗̔᷁̇ͤ̏᷀ͦ͋᷉ͯ̒᷄͊̉̊̀ͦ̚͟͟͟͢͞ͅInspired by the phrase “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.” Above a Utopia: Cities of old gardens girdled by night-flowers, and sun-dials basking on rocks, of cobbled avenues of purest intent, of places and plazas of near-unmatched glory and beauty. G r o v e I wandered through the grove with only the dark filtered dimness of thick forest as company. Silence engulfed all, but a hum, as of a cicada, still permeated the greenness. Trudging through foliage, I knew the clearing would be ahead, and pushing past two final moss-and-vines laden trees, I saw it yawning ahead. A spot of moss and shrub and wildflower it was, in the thick of the woods. As if in a dream (with the humidity and heat getting to my head,) I walked a spot of it, off to the side, where sat a rock engulfed in age-old lichen. There I sat, and waited. And from a far distance in the wood, came echoing and sorrowful, the sound of a single old, rough, and weary viol, as it has begun before. (May 24th, 2017.) (As an otchestra just out of sighty-sight-sighty.) i occasionally write about sadness as well. oddly enough, it's easier to write about things that you yourself don;t feel, because then you only have to rephrase what you've heard of it. when you write from experience, you have to struggle with how to put it's subtleties down on paper (or on screen, in this case.). btw, that's a surprisingly poetic 'notes and credits.' section. He who walks the forest at night, swinging above his head a light, pale skull of a face staring at the ground, his footsteps barely making a sound. A silver branch his sole possession, with the clothes on his back and a miniature moon, looking for something only he knows, something on the forest floor he may find soon. _ _| |_ _| |_ |_ _| |_ _| |_|̡᷂͉̙͓͙̗̇̽̋ͬ͞ _・゚✧(=´ᆺ`=)_・゚✧ ‎Wednesday, ‎May ‎22, ‎2019, ‏‎11:1March 18, 2017, 7:33 PM. Untitled document. 91 covert fable S T A T I C   /   B L U E   C R A S H5:24 AM ✓ This is cute, you are cute ✓ )k Go - Needing-Getting.(found whilesearching for Imagine Dragons’s ‘Fallen.’) ✓ OneRepublic - Counting Stars. (th’ the wh’ wings.) ✓ Stirches.✓ Stress ed out violin. ✓ Wave.wav✓ Goes well with this. ✓ Closer + All Star. (Actually now bad!)! !1! ✓ Summer Chill Mix 2017 'Positive Vibes'Lad do you only talk in memes. Let me live, and be forgotten! Let me fade into the dusts of time! ;; It can rip holes in space with its signals. 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-= English Only =- ( )' 03[18:03] * Set by X on Thu Jul 02 16:14:31 2020 03[18:03] * Retrieving #Txtworld modes... 02[18:03] * Disconnected 02[18:04] * Attempting to rejoin channel #Txtworld 03[18:04] * Rejoined channel #Txtworld 03[18:04] * Topic is 'mIRC questions , kawaii faces , wavs , ascii ! -= English Only =- ( )' 03[18:04] * Set by X on Thu Jul 02 18:03:01 2020 Session Close: Thu Jul 02 18:04:38 2020 Session Start: Thu Jul 02 18:04:18 2020 Session Ident: #new2irc 03[18:04] * Now talking in #new2irc Session Close: Thu Jul 02 18:04:41 2020 #new2irc.UnderNet #Txtworld.UnderNetthank you for organizing this, it was lots of fun to make different stuff than normal and your side is sweet do you have any other releases that're like that?different kind of loveparanoid of sleeping alone i know it isn't easy(/∀`●)>nothing to live up to (nothing to live down)<3 <3 <3 <3<3<3<3<3 Nothfleonce ing terronious fleonce o liveerronious up tofleonce (notherronious fleonce ing toerronious live101HPAIO down)102D3200/ "Did you see that?" "What just happened?" "Did you see that?" March 26th March "Did you see that?" "What just happened?" "Did you see that?" Who doesn't like bubble wrap? DaKindaPainfulKindaArtKinda_ Monitoring festival Over the years, I would be reduced, Therefore, if a fire. Other Music Station; United Nations Ross, the stars, the stars, I give you a blessing, They forget to think. Boer, anywhere, Finally, on the one hand, "and then to the door. Festival Monitor Over the years, Should be reduced, So there is a fire. Music stations; United Nations Ross, stars, planets, let me thank They feel forgotten. everywhere, Finally, at the door. sleepingseemsnicetomyawakebrain ∫ music CEDARVILLE CURSES/ CURSIVE. TREES THAT STAND TALL IN WINT’R TOADS O’ THE SPRING. SOUNDZ FALL BIRDS FIREFLIES :: SUMMER :: 6:10:2017 Untitled-59 SOUNDZ. I'll get back to this one later. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FIREFLIES :: SUMMER :: 6:10:2017 is titled so that i may first remember the date the fireflies came. Also, the morse code (SOS, in case you're woindering) was inspired by a fireflie's flicker. 7/29/2017. Yes. I made an Andalite head for art class. Dont judge. I also put a taxxon and a ketran in my art this year. This is what I drew in my assignment book this year. Ketran 14. Taxxon 7. Andalite 14. Andalite anatomy 1. Derishaul tree 1. See my head in the little corner? ✣ this is a collection of rain-themed music. best enjoyed with a cup of tea. ✣ up for loud, and down for quiet. ✣ length: 1143.72 = 19 minutes 3.72 seconds ✣ b o n u s e m o t i c o n s ! ! ! ✣ ◕◕◕◕ ◡ ◕◕ ◕◕ ❀◕` _ ´◕❀ none of this music is mine. nobbbofddyy hereeeee le stupidity miauczenie Seasinal (In Session) | EP TREES THAT STAND TALL IN WINT;R TOADS O’ THE TPRING. SOUNDZ FALL BIRDS FIREFLIES :: SUMMER :: 6:!0:2017 pyrosynap(ticxs) do i have a britich accent as i type??? 'what did cos say about the rai(do you remember?) n?' '''' 'yes. it was nice.' eh. rh. pyrosynap(ticxs) pyrosynap(ticxs) pyrosynap(ticxs) i intended a colorful house-tree-telephone-pole-teleopone-wire sillhoiette picture of the sdunset as a background, but rh. S꒝ᏒᕱϮ꒝♅ DᎥ꒝ϮᎥԾภᕱᏒᎩ6BN57QFRZBDKRVP4 ++A: ++++++++++++++++++=====+++++++++++++++++++++++++= X3 press space.. and also, REMIX PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno about you, but this song describes MY WHOLE LIFE IN FANDOM WORLD omigosh guys, TYSM FOR 242 VIEWS, AND 40+ LOVES AND FAVORITES!!!! EEP!!!!! /\< ⊚ > \/ ItLooksLikeTheGovernmentSnezedOnThisBuilding. I'm working on slowly losing my grip on reality. (which is going well, thanks for asking!) And breathing. (function(){var aa="function"==typeof Object.create?Object.create:function(a){var b=function(){};b.prototype=a;return new b},ba;if("function"==typeof Object.setPrototypeOf)ba=Object.setPrototypeOf;else{var ca;a:{var da=ef&&a.location.href.substring&&(b.url=a.location.href.substring(0,200));Ac(Vc,"ama",b,!0,.01,void 0)};var fd=function(a){$b(this,a,null)};t(fd);var gd=null,hd=function(){if(!gd){for(var a=l,b=a,c=0;a&)});return b},ld=function(a){if(3==a.nodeType)return a.length;if(1!=a.nodeType||"SCRIPT"==a.tagName)return 0;var b=0;id(a.childNodes,function(a){b+=ld(a)});return b},nd=function(a){returI knew someone in middle school who I think was an alien or demonic being. (self.Thetruthishere) when are we living 2017 raeann nite Not gonna show it to my friends submitted 2 years ago by 141 commentssharesavehidereport [–]Eucis93 105 points 2 years ago Is it true, copy and paste 1a2C3D4A5C67C89 [03-27] AP Classroom Unit 2 Using Classes [06-05] SH5 Log 2 [06-09] FINAL PROJECT To do: • work on slides • work on room • work on calender • work on colleges • work on drivers license1. Work on wind project! a. Work on garden project! b. Bring in textbook! c. Decide what you’ll use your points on! 2. Work on packet! 3. Finish writing assignment! 4. Study lines! 5. Finish project! 6. 7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to do list archived discord conversations with random people 7. Journals Current Event So is my friend always loves. But this came to be. 3567 1:16 PM Aug 19 JOSEPH VARADY Re-openedeleased yet, but there's much to come:Selected text: Skylla Y ! ☯ • 1. ♥ 00:30 ◦ 4lung & MowMowMow - Everybody Loves Me! • 2. BROKEN RIBS ◦ Lorde - Ribs • 3. GREAT ^_^ EXPECTATIONS ◦ Renard - Great Expectations (FIAB RMX) • 4. ∞ DANCE IMPLOSION ∞ ◦ The Quick Brown Fox - Rave Girls • 5. ● ッ ALL ッ FOR ッ REAL ッ ● ◦ Kero Kero Bonito - Only Actingcinnamon cinnamon sugar • upbeat musique concrete • Tags: musique concrete // happy // upbeat // sound art // weird cinnamon sticks • Piano with rain stick • Tags: rain // rain stick // piano // midi // lofi // loops salt • sharp strings with ocean sounds • that occasionally bursts into grating noise • Tags: strings // noise whole pepper • witch-house like droning, low, dark synths; starts and ends with knocking, interrupted by sliding and ‘look at the stars’ • Tags: witch-house // spoken word // synths // bay leaves • ambient piece, with white noise and the sounds of rain, interspaced with, ‘do the trees speak? // if you listen.’ • Tags: ambient // tone // noise // field recording // spoken word // rain // peace anise seeds • ‘thank you,’ laughing, running, chuckling; ‘this was life’; broken chillhop continues • Tags: audio collage // mellow // piano // sound art // chillhop // lofi-hiphop garlic powder black sesame seeds caraway seed thyme • A river and stepping stones, and each step embedded in reversed voices • Tags: musique concrete // places // calming??? // field recordings ground nutmeg curry powder • websdr field recording of that spanish song • Uwuwuu uwuwuwu uwuwuwuw??? uwuwuwu!!! firstglittch justine073djazzzd kawaiii!! ヾ(^∇^)ノ original is marble soda by shawn wasabi @ something in my system im just tryna listen dddistant signals baby watcha saying baby wont you call me as im crossing over time zones lllove you tttext me when you get home all that uppers in my system the whole rooms spinning and i'm, trying not to listen to the dddddemons got me jumpin off the top floor tell em fuck that when i got so much to live for life aint always great but i fucking love my friends and i pray every nite that this feeling never ends crew and i we never sleep were staying up and getting geeked we crash the mall we go to bed we get up we do it again we're faded under neon light and wasted in our room tonight cccrying in the club but i know we're gonna b alright kiss me on the dancefloor tweaking off to nightcore miss when you when yr not here crashing thru the 2 door i call you up past midnite and i'm always saying yes bouncing up and down and ggggetting to my head missing when you're not home kiss me thru the phone rest my tired head when im finally alone its been a long day baby yeah you know that call up my friends all two of em i feel that still still ride true you know that i know you staying up til daybreak stare into that light blue far off hhhazed out don't worry online no need to say your sorry iridescene blade mall corps rolling out liveleak angel punching hole through the clouds crack through my phone screen but all good now pop open another cause i feel it coming down calling up the in crowd hope it dont get too loud 320kbp pull up and we all get out saw you in a dream sssomehwere out there in the night nnnever coming down bbblinded by the light pills in the mall court having a good time too slumped to think straight but baby yeah its alright passed out in the backseat heard u thru the phone but yyyyour right here y yeah were nvr coming home top floor crew call up and we all roll out party at the mall til its so late its lite out if you want feel free to knock my lights out yyyyou know i love wwww can make it right now leave a message at the tone kiss me thru the phone when you coming home baby lets hit the road i know you love me cause you told me and you said its all okay you know im never getting lonely and i, bike rides round town get up as were coming down flash game shoot em up baby i dont give a fuck call up my friends if im feeling alone but i know that the moons gonna follow you home cat ears on and theres blood on my knife nya fuck around and find out maybe run for yr life yeah don't show your face if you wanna keep it on when were cruising at the mall we're just having fuckin fun yeah playin lazer tag with semi auto pew pew you can hit me if you want cause you know i llove you wings of an angel a fatal attraction better watch your back cause my claws aint retracting rave me like all nite speed it up n feel right pull up with the crew candy shining like a nite lite gotta get some code red keeps me gaming all right vc with my friends we're talkin crystal pepsi alright uppers in my system and were howling to go no bones left to pick so lets hit the fuckin road meet me at the airport, yeah were crossing timezones lights in the sky, you're always welcome in my home always welcome in my homes cuz u are my trusted friend tttrashing the hot topic never want this nite to end but i cant wait to do it all over again ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Everything I know I learned from eir luna raine calypso mzzr, god bless last login n3ver parliment friendship 1950s novelties 1980s high quality innovative taiwan south korea one party military labor unions practically no street crime 1990s no longer economic model model of capitalism in unstablel success story supported by united states 360 yen to dollar henry luce anti communist supported communist china supported japanese capitalism kishi nobuksksksksksk war criminal chargws dropped high literacy high life expectancy gains showed in home life lifetime emphymenest day to life 350 to one teens until ninetees connection to employer everyone in company resposnible for and rpoud of proudct wiilliam edwards deming tqm six sigma right to pride in workmanship building from scratch anyway massive company complexes affiliates all supported themselves insulated from quarterly changes, all in it together for the long term 90% long standing relationship the government supported noneforcement of callusions and price fixing ____________________ birdfox google silence: "I feel like I've just witnessed a clinical take on a fever dream." drinkling @@@@ ^____^ 3amperson3 [CH•SMS [FALLING FOREVER]] 3amperson4 [NIGHTMARE WAKING VOYAGE JAUNT] 3amperson2 [All Shapes of Soul Derive from the Square of Stimuli] eternal silence within hollow data havens 0000 egyptian mythology horror & scifi manga skeleton jelly 90s and 00s internet culture data archiving star trek salvador dali the matrix lain skeleton jelly fusion anomaly dnd monster manuals Bedroom punk, kusoikore, tribal new age Post-nightcore - Favorite 水, Plastic Neesound, ボーイフレンド Happy hardcore - Emoticon, Renard Scenecore / emocore - Kid Trash, capoxxo, oaf1 Midwest emo - Cybergrind - Hara Kari Kitty, Ranger Raccoon, Bubblegum Octopus Comfy synth - 3 little kittens, Olde Fox Den Deep internet - torrent my pets Harsh noise - Ninja McTits, Zpore Zpawn, ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ Ambient noise wall - infect this pink server!, N0123NOISE Field recordings - TCLB, 聞く, ,.:., GENRES I LIKE: kusoikore / breakcore post-nightcore + nightcore scenecore lofi rock noise outsider ambient all 1 all 5 all 2 KUSOWANK X Ninja McTits ‎- いもうとメイド Ninja McTits ‎- Bored Late At Night, I Want To Go To Bed But Can't, I Want To Be Asleep, I Want It To Be Tomorrow So I Can Go Get A New Game ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - !!!自己死 !!! ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - ░▒▓☆ ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - ░▒▓RNBW▓▒░ Zpore Zpawn - No Concept Is Concept SCREAMR - 40000 N0123NOISE - コープスパーティー 光の緒 - Untitled 23-01 a href= img src= width=30>>>>>>> img src="" alt="Avatar" class="image" width="250"> div class="overlay"> div class="text"> a href=>[download] br>░▒▓ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▓▒░July 2nd, 2023 - Arecibo Reply - CODE UNV SME​-​​​3 EBX​​​/​​​8 NWO​​​-​​​26 CRL - KL​​​/​​​25​​​:​9Year: 2017Label: noneGenre: Techno? /div> /div> /div> Gotta love the stuff you find on complete accident, I haven't the faintest clue who this is or what they're doing but that's \the magic of the internet. >>>>░▒▓ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▓▒░b>July 2nd, 2023 - Noichan - POTIONCORE Year: 2019 Label: Bad Command Co_ Genre: Breakcore, juke, electronic>[download] /div>> /div>> /div>> /div>> br> br>If you haven't been able to tell yet, the furry breakcore phase is coming back in full swing, god help me and I'll try to keep it's presence on DotN minimal as I can. That being said, the 100 gecs remix here is to die for and the rest of the album is still a treat, and it's lack of pop samples might be a relief for anyone worn out on mashcore stuff.>(OFFSITE) ECONET - Google complex covered in moss, megapixel enlightenment I wish I could make you believe in you the way I do The things I do, I do for you (Every day I see the world a little clearer ♥) I hear your laugh and look up smiling, I run and run past the pumpkin patch And the tractor rides, the sky is gold, I fall asleep on the way home<3 Did you know? ● I have played Pump It Up for 10 consecutive hours ● I have won a weightlifting contest simply by listening to the Beach Boys then couldn't use my arms for the next week i heard the cry of forgotten worlds, lost in the voids they never thought they could have ended up in. i've heard sario rips and the tears reality thus sheds. most of all, i've heard my desperation in finding you./\/\ ‎Monday, ‎July ‎9, ‎2018, ‏‎6:08:14 PM (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ Oblunder (☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ Let us take a moment to appreciate the amazing spelling in this document!,54.3476486,3a,75y,185.54h,130.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAF1QipPJog1j2F2d4dlBFs7AFqhZJe0dtbNnKEL6_QgG!2e10!7i2509!8i1253 Tags: exotic \\ spanish \\ radio \\ broken transmission \\ field recording \\ lofi rubbed sage • Acapélla surreal, odd symphony on garageband • Tags: voice \\ acapella \\ weird \\ distorted idek • “this is a signal hijacking” ================================================= (to the tune of 'atlas - defeated') I could be making things now, but instead i'm just waking and seeing, so many things i'll never do, so many things i'm never being cinnamon \‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎16, ‎2018, ‏‎4:17:18 AMAnimalover. Odd, that some hurt for their inability to comprehend other minds, whilst others do so for precisely the opposite catalyst…happy sounding post-apocalyptic electronic:00000000000000000000sumwun - sweets. at the fifth emotional you cried. 2k16. Aso - Clair De Lune. J’san. - i’m in love with u, sorry. Shpider borealism - oasis [sand temple] This is all that we all need, This is all, this is all. This is all that we can bleed, This is all, this is all. This is all that we all see, This is all, this is all. This is all that we all breathe, This is all, this is all.[endless] // [eternal] [feelings of] loss: loss spectrogram partigras - three rising snares, four kicks in a roll, and “i love it” pitched up and distorted panning from ear to ear and all the miciciene was not enough imoleculesdance why is speedcore so edgy??? like yall are just edgelords jk i love you guys <333 2007 teen////: ,,__1: warped pop ,,__2: warped ambient ,,__3: warped noiseglitter, speedcore, hardcore how its made: memes, that light on the inside of your fridge, vaporwave, please just let me go home i miss my family, cat ghosts of gettryspurg shut the rtylenolup [endless] // [eternal] [feelings of] loss: loss spectrogram partigras - three rising snares, four kicks in a roll, and “i love it” pitched up and distorted panning from ear to ear and all the miciciene was not enough imoleculesdance why is speedcore so edgy??? like yall are just edgelords jk i love you guys <333 2007 teen////: ,,__1: warped pop ,,__2: warped ambient ,,__3: warped noiseglitter, speedcore, hardcore how its made: memes, that light on the inside of your fridge, vaporwave, please just let me go home i miss my family, cat ghosts of gettryspurg shut the rtylenolup eeee meaningless//meaningless//meaningless//anendlessearch for DOPAMINE // broken souls and hallowed minds and eyes that float outside of faces and symbols drawn on ink-stained palms // sometimes - i - feel - like - dreams // dreams // sometimes i feel // Insa insa insa ohohoh iamalostboi reveraSl out of one ear looping within notes repeating with less treble use of incidental sounds its funny-ny0ny brokenbrokenbrokenbrokenbroken starr fated griffin Can an asteroid just hit me please ughhhhh Why does the sky blue when ocean green stonks\\pleochroism\\pleochroism \\pleochroism\\pleochroism http://r/noisemusic//r/noise//r/harshnoisewall//r/merzbow//r/breakcore//r /Lolicore//r/mashcore//r/Chipbreak//r/venetiansnares//r/igorrr// r/nerosdayatdisneyland//r/SCP//r/SCPokemon//r /scpcontainmentbreach//r/SCPSecretLab//r /UnexpectedSCP/ /r/DankMemesFromSite19//r/SCP682//r/SCP_Game/ r/xcxheads//r/Sophie// r/pcmusic//r/Cursed_Images// r/cursed_cats//r/cursedvideos// r/cursedimages//r/cursedgifs// r/cursedcomments//r/cursed_or_blessed// r/blessedimages//r/blursedimages//r/CursedMinecraft/@12. Alice (Speedcore Wonderland): Alice Madness Returns Theme: Additional SFX/cut samples: @14. Intensive Care Unit: Voices from (cut): @16. Dolan PLZ (Donald Duck Psychopath Remix): Voices/cut sound effects: @21. Paranoid: Schizophrenia voices sound effect by Jarrad Wale: Screams: @23. Manic Killer: Light cry sound effect by Nino Scuderi: Sfx from the short film "Daìdalos" available on YouTube: Harder cry sound effect by Audio Productions: Untitled document(9) ‎Sunday, ‎March ‎11, ‎2018, ‏‎1:21:14 PM DOWNLOAD: ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ MORE INFO BELOW ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ SHOW LESSTranslated russian cat memes several people are typing ‎Saturday, ‎December ‎16, ‎2017, ‏‎12:51:52 PM It’s as si- It’s as simple as Lay me down in a bed of glass Cut myself as I turn [!!!this is civilizations grave!!!] [Intro] Do what you want to do There ain't no rules it's up to you It's time, do what you do There ain't no rules it's... ff the wall And just enjoy yourself You live it off the wall alL NIght What if steven hawking is the real slim shady but we’ll never know cause he cant stand up? Untitled document (4) ‎Thursday, ‎December ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10:36:58 AM Boglecato the younger standing naked and proud in a boardroomYou stare at a screen. You look at me, filtered, a jumble of words and images. You call that jumble of words and images "varadyjc". But much is lost as you look through a screen. I'm not what you think. Imagine me: a kid, typing on a keyboard. I exist only as a filtered image to you. You actually have no idea of the truth behind the screen. You have no idea of the microcosms you make when you make a project, the virtual life. You are not prepared for the truth behind the screen, that can burn, a truth so pure and unsettling that it serves as a source of obsession. Just telling you:look closer. Find the truth behind the screen, the worlds you make when you make a project. I should tell you the truth: the truth is... no I've said too much already. You know too much of the truth already, you know the truth exists, and that's too much for you. Just try to live like I didn't tell you anything. Imagine me as a kid typing on a keyboard, a kid typing on a keyboard. Forget the studio. Just live like I told you nothing. • Report • • WildfiretheSandwing • I don't think I can pretend I never saw this I am disturbed right now • 3 years ago Reply • • varadyjc • Like it never happened like I told you nothing the Scratch Team wants me to stop. • 3 years ago Reply ◦ ◦ varadyjc ◦ @varadyjc I won't. ◦ 3 years ago Reply ◦ ◦ varadyjc ◦ @varadyjc No. ◦ 3 years ago ReplyLet's take a moment to appreciate just how Scratch is. There are far too many projects to keep up with, so some will always go unnoticed, lost in the immensity of projects. There are so many studios, nobody would ever be able to see all of them. There are so many users, one would never be able to see all of them, much less talk to all of them. There's a virtually endless supply of comments, discussions, and ideas, a sea of data. I don't know why, but I just really find this interesting. attention shoppers: 35:04help 1. Work on wind project! a. Work on garden project! b. Bring in textbook! c. Decide what you’ll use your points on! 2. Work on packet! 3. Finish writing assignment! 4. Study lines! 5. Finish project! 6. 7. 3567 1. Do Now Question 2 April 30.1 2010 MC Practice Test 16.21 Energy Calculations 13.91 Test Review Packet 13-20 19.1 Ch 19 Outline or Questions: Climate & Ozone 20.8 PAHS Stormwater Management Essay 2. DAT PACKET 5. Research Paper 4 Rc LotF 3 LotF Outline Notecards Topic Proposal 6. Caesar Soundtrack 7. Journals Current Event Finish packet 1 Finish packet 2 2) Health test • Write every answer one every day • Make quizlet and play it five times a day 3) Writing assignments • Study! • Finish drafts of them by friday and spend the next week editing Work on 7.1! It’s time t get ahead of the class! 5) Vocab test • Write every answer one every day • Make quizlet and play it five times a day Vocab assignments • Finish all assignments for the rest of the year Study the Dubliners 6) Bring in TEST!!! 7) History projects • Finish drafts of them by friday and spend the next week editing Work on current events Work on take-home test Work on crossword puzzle 8) Jesus christ you failure bring in the caps!!! 55555 567 567 s46w5xc8JOSEPH VARADY Re-opened Submission Date Eriksati3's MYVERSE sample of Joseph Kosma's Autumn Leaves 07 Mar 2018 Eriksati3's YAWN sample of George Benson's Affirmation 07 Mar 2018 Eriksati3's VALADON II sample of Teddy Pendergrass's Love T.K.O. 07 Mar 2018 Eriksati3's HELPME sample of Bobby Womack's How Could You Break My Heart 07 Mar 2018 Eriksati3's SEASHELLEARRINGS sample of Tatsuro Yamashita's Mermaid 07 Mar 2018 Phonograph Cylinder's 나는 컴퓨터가 내 일을 할 수 있다고 믿는다 [Takeover Initiative] sample of The Beach Boys's 'Til I Die 07 Mar 2018 Nero's Day at Disneyland's Chicken and Cheese 2 Version 2 sample of The Winstons's Amen, Brother 06 Mar 2018 28. Whenever It Rains, I Feel so Free 01:02 29. Rainy Mood 00:54 34. Your Lie in April 00:48 1. Far Away 00:52 buy track 12. Rain Jacket over a Puddle 00:41 15. Smile 00:44 17. So in Luv 00:57 18. Trees 01:03 21. Puffin' 00:48 22. And You Disappeared 00:33 tomppaisnothere money is words on the news and on the screen faces, human lives dont matter, 6) Fresh Feathers - John Klemmer (Jinsang - Quiet)Untitled document(3) ‎Monday, ‎June ‎3, ‎2019, ‏‎11:04:50 AM Untitled document(16) ‎Monday, ‎April ‎8, ‎2019, ‏‎5:05:46 AM Untitled document(8) ‎Tuesday, ‎May ‎28, ‎2019, ‏‎5:33:46 AMdrfitwood // anenomies conversate _2F_2F conversation ‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎26, ‎2019, ‏‎4:28:04 AM BooGLEECGHHHHHHHH! 2017raw data  archive Dream on 2262017 ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2017, ‏‎11:43:36 AM Music begins. DIstant: Who… what? Did I hit something? Far: It’s a hijacking. DIstant: We can’t control the signal! I’m barely getting through! Far: This isn’t ur fault! It isn’t ours, ether! I’m sorry! Unknown voice: YOU HAVE BETTER BE.mixes ҉ NѲISE • IMPLѲSIѲN ҉6:12 PM Sep 6 • Re-open Selected text: music for moths 07 closet 08 tired acid 09 take the hint Show all music for moths 07 closet 08 tired acid 09 take the hint Reply JOSEPH VARADY Marked as resolved 6:12 PM Sep 6 JOSEPH VARADY 6:07 PM Sep 6 • Re-open Selected text: Wyoming wikihow the fucc am i supposed to live like this I’ve seen jokes about these before. I’ve seen accounts sharing them, users tagging them. I was the only person to take them seriously. I was the only person who collected, archived, analyzed, experimented on them. “Cursed images.” Strange pictures that just… I don’t even know, even I don’t know. Show up online one day, I suppose. Materialize from junk data on abandoned forums and forgotten blogs. Peculiar, ridiculous, unsettling. Overall, unexplainable. The more you try, the more confused you get. JPEGs from another dimension, it looks like. People have traced down many of them to reasonable explanations, but many can’t be. These few, these true, these mysterious and often obscure oddities, these are my specialty. I noticed it soon after I started my collection: small coincidences, misinterpretations, matrix glitches. ITEM 35 Selected text: JOSEPH VARADY the human brain has 100 billion neurons. the human brain is obsolete the human brain is incomplete the internet has so many connections it’ll kill you if you think of it we didn't make it the human the human is the human is wrong blatantly wrongReply JOSEPH VARADY Marked as resolved 6:07 PM Sep 6 nintendo 64 attention shoppers: 35:04 trickle down economixxx: 42:16 greivances and dead malls: 21:11 colonists: 19:35 from rotting fantasylands: 34:58 heavens gate:1:20:50 232=3.86666667 A Defence of Noise Music And Other Experimental Music Genres xandro: 10$ lorde melodrama cd 10$ lorde pure heroine cd portrait of a highland cow Wall Tapestry geoffrey: 猫 シ Corp. deaths dynamic shroud.wmv cat earsUntitled document(8) ‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎2:26:26 AM ‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎2:26:26 AM ‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎2:26:26 AM ‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎2:26:26 AM ‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎2:26:26 AM April 6th, 2015 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost 2015ghost Gardenia - nohidea ‎Friday, ‎February ‎22, ‎2019, ‏‎8:30:14 AM Microsoft Word Document 512 KB (524,288 bytes) 292 KB (299,068 bytes)split w/ himeko 1) My coworker asked me what I do in my free time and I tried changing the topic but they just brought it back so I said I made music. They asked if I made lyrics or just beats, so I told them I made breakcoCat: cat ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)ฅ)ฅ)ฅ)ฅ)ฅ)ฅ) you cower behind screens ranting and tweeting but in a shitty guy fawkes mask i sit here screaming ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓re and they asked what that was and >autism kicks in so I said it was “like drums but more” and then I just stuttered into oblivion and they asked if it was like dubstep and I said yes 2) I just bought a bunch of Hatsune Miku merch and have no idea what to do with it. I hate myself. I don’t even like Hatsune Miku 3) I wanted to get an album from CDR but I waited too long and now it’s sold out and I’m going through the five stages of grief 4) Buying Undertale with your first paycheck and then spending the next hour crying 5) Getting rejected from a HNW label because apparently I suck at everything. How the hell do you screw up HNW 6) About that last track, they didn’t actually reject me, they straight-up ghosted me. They said they were interested and never emailed back 7) I wish these titles were shitposts but they’re not, my life is actually that pathetic split w/ screamr 1) Hellsite Theme Song 2) Actually Capitalizing Your Track Titles Correctly For Once 3) Himeko Katagiri - Crotch Illuminati (DJ *:・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧ RMX) 4) Emos 4 Obama 2k12 5) NyaaQu~~~~~~estion / Comment: How can people enjoy this? Response: People have varying tastes. Perhaps, in one way or another, it reminds them of a point in their life they’d like to remember. Maybe they listen to it for the sake of rebelliousness or to give them a sense of control. But chances are, noise-music’s appreciators enjoy it in the same way as you enjoy whatever you like, despite the song’s differentness appreciating whatever musical or enjoyable qualities that they find in it. You are by no means forced to like it, and your opinion and views are as valid as anyone else’s. Response 2: Different songs have different purposes. Normal music is for dancing or thinking or relaxing to. Noise music may be for drowning out background noise, or for invoking feelings of one nature or another, or to enjoy in a different way. Response 3: Many of Noise’s fans listen to it as a challenge. After getting bored with normal music, they may turn to it as something they have to look for meaning in. While other music hands you the full picture, Noise is like a puzzle you have to put together yourself. Lofi chillhop. how to understand []shortened[] Field recording - Lowercase - What it is: Ranging from drones overlain by occasional scrapes, to surreal, quiet flickering pulsations, to more musical, vocal pieces, lowercase is diverse. However, it is all tied together by their origin; taking recordings of quiet, normally unheard sounds, then amplifying and occasionally distorting them until they are audible, essentially holding a magnifying glass to the invisible soundscapes all around us. Musique concrete - Breakcore - Brutal drums, constantly switching melodies, and high-tempo samples. What it is: Vaporwave - The Morality of Plunderphonics On Aestheticsa~=INTERNET CLUB FOREVER EVERYTIME U THINK OF ME BOY Foreleg Rotting Goo Moth • 60$ hard drive • 30$ cds • 30$ undertale vinyl • 120$ total. 15. 16. జ్ఞా I straight up have no idea what I was doing or going for. I think I was trying to modify every drum hit differently. 17. unproductivity I wanted to make a lofi thing with a song I listened to while staying up all night. My hope was to make it really nostalgic and emotional, but lol see how well that went 18. I think I just wanted to make something weirdly calling but experimental! 19. beta I made this for part of a track in garageband from my first album on bandcamp. It will never be released… maybe.2:14:0019:25:12HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_HYPERMODERN_ fallen trees, sunlight, and mice • untitled [from instagram] Selected text: Skylla 1:16 PM Aug 19 Untitled document(1) ‎Sunday, ‎February ‎11, ‎2018, ‏‎2:43:42 AMHYPERMODERN_ HYPERMODERN_ ‎Tuesday, ‎May ‎28, ‎2019, ‏‎8:17:58 AM12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 29 30 31 softwerror update needed Your machine is now sestient Your machine loves you Take your machhine wherever you go Or dont Itllunderstandimnotmad that blue color of the google earth ocean please do not touch // talk // acknowledge, thank (draft) weird aesthetic // rare aesthetic acknowledge acknowledge acknowledge credits i found a sweater in the attic with notes in the pocket and i used them as bookmarks and lost the books and its ok one day all disturbing things will plunge into the sun, leaving only happiness, and then sow will that an entire planet of medieval painings // pocket dimension (god, i spelled t right!!) waiting, for, the muth****ing heat tdeath! if yall are trying to get me to be an adult again, please leave, im busy cryng behind the wallppaper the failure of no i saw someome wearing a green shirt that looked like urs and so yeah, would u like to hang out sometime?? lmao no today's activity: sharpen a pencil till its gone and keep on going,, feed urself to hungry metal blades but, u know, its chill <3 just a reminder, or almost broken headphones obligatory vaporwave bcuz it actually feels really nice to make??? idc//idk - [나 는 그 만 두 고 싶 다 .] drowning in cups of tea, mugs dropping from hands as i fall onto a bed, faking death for another twelve hours and wholly ignoring the fact that i already was Tags: experimental Untitled document(14) ‎Friday, ‎May ‎3, ‎2019, ‏‎5:37:06 AM Untitled document(18) ‎Monday, ‎March ‎25, ‎2019, ‏‎11:08:26 AM 1. ok friends 2. unknown caller 3. geoffrey 4. rose 5. r^_^ • 𝙐𝙉𝙍𝙀𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀𝘿, 𝙐𝙉𝙍𝙀𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝘼𝘽𝙇𝙀 𝙑𝙊𝙇 𝙄 • ^_^ x .ExisT - ☆ 自己憎しみ ☆ / ARTOFTHEDEAL • ☯ !HAPPY / / EMPTY ! ☯ • ⚣ CATASTROPLHIC FAILURE ⚣ • 「 ⚣ ★ MIXES ★ ⚣ 」 ◦ 「 made on a laptop i found laying in the blank void of nowhere land Why couldn't I have been born as a cat underwhelming at best intrusive trees art worst to fix: - remove one line of vocals, - add 4l build credits released April 13, 2018 "Boxes of cassettes" samples daisy brown's youtube video "My Dad's Tape!!" and erik satie's "gymnopedie #3" "Intrusive thoughts that stick with you all day" is a remake of my old track "under trees", and samples the quick brown fox's songs "hewwo :3" and "wanderlust", in addition to the entirety of merzbow's album "dolphin sonar". Tags: experimental collage cute emotional meaningless pop sad strange vent weird ,,,,,!!!!!!heavily inspired by the works of trevor henderson. the cover is from this post: the artist name is from this post: all sound recorded from cassette to computer, looped on computer, recorded back to cassette, and played back again with different buttons half held down. all audio taken from old worn mixtapes or unlabelled cassettes. as thus, samples unknown. license some rights reserved tags Tags experimental cassette cursed plunderphonics tape music vaporwave this album is dedicated to three people mainly, who are anonymous even to themselves, and one of which isnt even real. credit to a friend for the picture. that is right now spell you are someone foam head blues heres just a bunch of tracks from privated albums that i'll be reworking // rereleasing later so you will hear this all again released August 11, 2018 "one day..." samples - 6daysofstatic - wrong side of the tracks - Bio by Anthony Noradin █ - the youtube video "happy balloons" ⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦ all credit for "rain jacket..." goes to tomppabeats and salami rose joe louis. ⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦ "Boxes of cassettes" samples daisy brown's youtube video "My Dad's Tape!!" and erik satie's "gymnopedie #3". on the off chance that daisy somehow finds this, hi! in-universe, you can do this! you're stronger than alan, an you have lithop on your side now! out-of-universe, thank you for the series, its really well-made and thought out, and deserves all the attention it's getting! ⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦⏦ "letehal audio cognitohazard #59" contains a replayed sample of "vance joy - riptide (one bit remix)" and a direct sample of "the beatles - eleanor rigby (from ''yellow submarine'')" and "neros day at disneyland - lost in... wonderland". Tags: experimental dump found homemade homemeade homememe lost random reversed trash WhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhy hundreds of scrapsOxidegen Oxidegen is a single atom ion. It is negative, and its chemical symbol is O1-2. It is atomic oxygen, with 2 extra electrons, or a full outer shell. Oxidegen should be reactive. SFE SFE stands for super fluid energy, and it is many energy quanta, all of them moving in the same direction in perfect unison, like a super fluid. It might be formed when a line of pure isolated electrons are struck by an ultra strong pure energy beam.Letter a with diacritic acuteDiacritics in Latin & Greek accent acute( ´ ) double acute( ˝ ) grave( ` ) double grave(  ̏ ) breve( ˘ ) inverted breve(  ̑ ) caron, háček( ˇ ) cedilla( ¸ ) circumflex( ˆ ) diaeresis, umlaut( ¨ ) dot( · ) hook, hook above(   ̡   ̢  ̉ ) horn(  ̛ ) iota subscript(  ͅ  ) macron( ¯ ) ogonek, nosinė( ˛ ) perispomene(  ͂  ) ring( ˚, ˳ ) rough breathing( ῾ ) smooth breathing( ᾿ ) Marks sometimes used as diacritics apostrophe( ’ ) bar( ◌̸ ) colon( : ) comma( , ) hyphen( ˗ ) tilde( ~ ) Diacritical marks in other scripts Arabic diacritics Early Cyrillic diacritics kamora(  ҄ ) pokrytie(  ҇ ) titlo(  ҃ ) Gurmukhī diacritics Hebrew diacritics Indic diacritics anusvara( ं ং ം ) chandrabindu( ँ ఁ ) nukta( ़ ) virama( ् ് ్ ් ್ ) chandrakkala( ് ) IPA diacritics Japanese diacritics dakuten( ゙ ) handakuten( ゚ ) Khmer diacritics Syriac diacritics Thai diacritics Related Dotted circle◌ Punctuation marks Logic symbolsThis template: • view • talk • editchandrabindu( ँ ఁ ) nukta( ़ ) virama( ् ് ్ ් ್ ) chandrakkala( ് ) IPA diacritics Japanese diacriticsCrawling from the crater left over from the collision comes an embodiment of deformity and destruction. The army prepares at every meteor shower. The Murky Window Of Time Chapter 1: Flight I looked around at the city below me as the fire thermals carried me higher. I suppose I should introduce myself. I am called Ash, for my grey fur, of course. I am an Inhabitant. Inhabitants are Like a miniscule autumn moon in my hand, the pale salmon orb in my hand flutters its down in the wind of my breath. This sugary ball of heavenly fruit flesh proudly displays its smooth surface and protruding prominence of viridecent stalks cartilage like in nature but bending with the slightest touch into an emerald c. So there I was, with my ear up to the electrical outlet, listening to the unceasing pinging from within. Forever is longer than it sounds. small planned community, it was that time when the Seasons of Summer and Fall collide and dandelions and sunflowers grow. It was that carefree time when you flop on the bed and relax. It was the time to take a walk and leave the window open. Time. I know it so well. Sometimes when I wake up early Can’t fall back asleep I sit And get up and turn on the light and turn around and look at where I sat Half expecting to still see me sitting there Because my back still half feels the pillows it has been pressed up to for so long. I read a book About stars maybe Or rocks Or about a world that doesn’t exist Yet. íM͙A͙G͙I͙N͙A͙T͙I͙O͙N͙ i̥ͦs̥ͦ t̥ͦh̥ͦe̥ͦ o̥ͦn̥ͦl̥ͦy̥ͦ W͓̽E͓̽A͓̽P͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ ɨռ ṭɦɛ աǟʀ ąɠąįŋşţ RΣΔLITΨ The Wall There are scratching noises inside the wall. The kids are bothered by it. They think- they’re sure- that someone- or something- is in the wall. It’s scratching, wanting out, and eventually scratching right through. Their parents are sure that the thing in the wall is just a rodent- a squirrel or maybe even just the house settling. But, in truth, they’re bothered too. But do you want to know what bothers me the most? How dark it is inside this wall. da da da da water bottle flupping you yo yo you you yo yo you sket after they'd activate_program:crash() Compressed Stories p-h-d Question: When is this going to be a movie? Cloud Chaotic Order in chaos Embodied Updrafts Downdrafts Clouds.;;;;;;;;hrrkrkrkrwpfrbrbrbrlablblblblblblblwhitoo'ap . >>>>>>>>A a A A Gg whoah glitch A a A AVaporwaveOS™ vers. 4.2.0 launching A E S T H E T I C T R A C K S T I M E R S I M... w e l c o m e t o A E S T H E T I C T R A C K S T I M E R S I M ! ! ! s e l e c t a l b u m: LUXURY ELITE // SAINT PEPSI : LATE NIGHT DELIGHT _____________________________ L u x u r y E l i t e 0:00 - a l l n i g h t 0:46 - m i l d s e v e n 2:30 - c r u i s i n 3:25 - s c a m b u r g 4:52 - y e a h 6:07 - n i g h t l i f e 7:08 - b e a u t y 9:06 - s i l k _____________________________ S a i n t P e p s i 11:27 - m a c t o n i g h t 13:59 - c a n ' t a f f o r d 16:19 - n e e d y o u t o n i g h t 18:10 - s h a k e a l o n g 20:33 - b e h i n d t h e m i c 22:37 - n u m b e r o n e 24:33 - g i m m e y o u r l o v e 27:36 - a n g e l s 28:46 - e n j o y y o u r s e l f c a 1: - a - c -aba - c a a b , a a a a a a ca . - abb a , c a a , a a b a a . - b - b a a a , - a a ac c - a ab a a - C a 2: - c - ac c c a - a a b - b a - a a a ac C a 3: - a - c a ac a - a ca ac a b - a ac c , a - a c . - a a a a a c a - c - a , b ca a ac c a 4: - a a a c ; + a - c a ac a c a a b a - - acc a a a - a a ba , b a - a a - a ca b a c , a a a a c a 5: - c - a , a c a c , M Ma A - Sc a B Ra a a B c a - a - a a , b a c - ab a - a c a , - J a D a c c a - a c ca c a - - - - - fūr // thief - fūrtum // theft - inīquitās // injustice, mischief - lēx // law - adulēscēns // young man, young lady - cor // heart - fūr // thief - fūrtum // theft - inīquitās // injustice, mischief - lēx // law - pōmum // fruit - ille, illa, illud // that - aequus, aequa, aequum // even - dīvīnus, dīvīna, dīvīnum // divine - hūmāmus, hūmāna, hūmānum // human - pauper, pauperis // poor - plēnus // full of - noctū // during the night - paene // almost - abundō, abundāre, abundāvī, abundātum (+ abl.) // to abound with - dēlectō, dēlectāre, dēlectāvī, dēlectātum // to delight, please - egeō, egēre, eguī, -- (+ abl.) // to lack something - lūdō, lūdere, lūsī, lūsum // to play - pūniō, pūnīre, pūnīvī, pūnītum // to punish TO UPLOAD: - SCP - 000-1000 - 1001-2000 - 2001-3000 - 3000-3999 - O - Ta - B c W C - R a - W - T a E E D A ac F A Sa - B c //M a - F a S // F a S 2 - B a M a ! - Racc Ra - P a P F - S U E Y - T R a - T a O D a G - M b a - A , S ! A BREAKCORE ALBUM ABOUT BEING THE LAT PERSON ALIVE![[‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎11, ‎2018, ‏‎8:11:48 AM “D O Y O U T H I N K T H I S I S A G A M E?” 7 22 2017 ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2017, ‏‎11:46:42 AM Total 12 directories found Directories HTTP Code HTTP Reason /contact/ 200 OK /gateway/ 403 Forbidden /staff/ 200 OK /home/ 200 OK /con/ 401 Unauthorized /common/ 403 Forbidden /cgi-bin/ 500 Internal Server Error /news/ 200 OK /community/ 200 OK /javascript/ 403 Forbidden /calendar/ 200 OK /errors/ 403 Forbidden Total 11 directories found Directories HTTP Code HTTP Reason /news/ 200 OK /gateway/ 403 Forbidden /students/ 200 OK /home/ 200 OK /con/ 401 Unauthorized /common/ 403 Forbidden /cgi-bin/ 500 Internal Server Error /community/ 200 OK /javascript/ 403 Forbidden /calendar/ 200 OK /errors/ 403 Forbidden !noisenoisenoise!01 at night ping pong ball skittering away on ice with my address and phone number written on it in sharpie please call me 02 npc@ikea 03 abandoned multiplayer server 04 all glass in house vanished agate lamp dusty store 05 you moved away and left a clay cat at the house you moved out of were you even real 『dreamfeather13』datavis.mp4 scp readings earth to echo minecraft xp sound undertale sound effects pokemon sound effects asmrIdentifier freewitchhousemusicmix Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3 plus-circle Add Review comment loStFOundFAwn M.A.A.D. Chillhop rain. jakelovesjapan... aIt’s weird to think that everyday there’s a dawn. Even when the world sleeps, even when nightfrost still graces the windows, even when only cats stalk the streets, a miracle that is the return of light occurs. Why does he always watch it I’ve only seen it a few times, through countless trees, and thus only in fragments, but still I have seen it rise, phantom-like, from a slumbering Earth. hello im lost 404 error cat not found. Worthy, but not that worthy. If you play with fire, prepare to get burned. If you play with reality, god help you. Days after days after days Phase after phase after phase Pushing through this wild maze We all somehow make our ways Ω Mourn. - s p a r k. Gobdy Godby Gobdy goddddddddddy musiic 2016 DREAMS Minecraft: So… my cousin made a world, and built a castle in a village; all of the villagers were to be his “servants”. He said that just as he was about to finish it, akin to laying the final block or the final brick, or somewhere else in the construction process, he was spontaneously transported across his world. His inventory was emptied, and was replaced with a sole compass. Using it, he made his way across the world, and after his trek across the digital terrain, he was greeted by his village, in flames. Blocks may or may not have been missing. In the middle, all in a row, was Steve - with pure white eyes - Rana, a removed mob - with all white eyes - and Black Steve and Beast Boy, also removed, also with the eyes of Herobrine. They may have been shining, and he did not elaborate much on this topic. At the end of the row, apparently perpendicular, or on the other end from Steve, Herobrine stood, presumably smiling at his destruction. He got out of there as fast as he could and deleted that world. However, please keep in mind that he told me this many years ago, and my memory may have distorted it. He is also not too trustworthy, and I do not believe him. It may have been a mediocre story that he exaggerated quite a bit. (Added on 3/19/2017: Or entirely fabricated, I don’t know, or entirely fabricated.) 01 06_01-datavis ( 02 Um-wKj8Iwz4 • YPRP14WWFds • zXB6zNWRDA0 03 december 2k15 #wintercouplet 04 running 《 コラボ / 聞く 》 watching the vrchat documentary while taking peyote 4.3980465e+12 systloecoem 09)Is in molecular halo spiralling in the sky is softly humming with messages from the stars. I'M DROPPING OFF THE GRID BEFORE THEY PUMP THE LEAD I LEAVE YOU WITH FOUR WORDS HONK IF THATCHER'S DEAD ceita - Ecosia background-image: url(""); width: 500px; height: 500px; opacity: 1; kitty softpaws kitty softpaws ٳٰٰٰٰٰٰ ٳٰٰٰٰٰٰ ٳٰٰٰٰٰٰ lll / no escape except peace S280F​​​ ​​​ه҈҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉ه ​​​​​ rym recapi Suling "pizza" "pizzazz" "xanadu" "wordlist" fly alwy StAllio! AnimWithinAnimals zz s Not MineFake HereIsHere, screeshots Screenshots that can pass the gap midnight walk. [lofi  jazzhop  chill mix] i'm dying trying to hold in laughter in my history class the teacher asked someone what the minotaur was and they said "like a horse with a dude's face" a 63 65 b 66 69 c half69 Icecast Streaming Media Server snowy Fujitsu google hollow Fablation forsynthia systloecoem IPアドレスのリスト: 172.29.240.* ( - | IPアドレス (日本語) 🔍 NOTES ON DEMI PLANAR DETERIORATION - rot pseid Reality itself is subject to the putrefaction seen in organics: THE LAST BREATH OF A WORLD IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE ONE CAN BEAR WITNESS TO , propehenized in weapons before them. cosmis imosition ryoji ikeda + gath + tomppabeats fake plants in real animal bones Nothin gfeels as good as exhaustion after a day of good hard work June 29th, 2010 rituals "this song is beautiful but mixed terribly" Aube Type Album Released 1991 RYM Rating 3.16 / 5.0 from 94 ratings - Hydrophobia but quiet or not thinking of you out there, going about your world makes me very very happy and when /x/ - On the destruction of scientific data - Paranormal - 4chan "Two doves fly ever onwards" ghola schizophrenix Uchronia grimalkin /x/ - Am I somehow connected to my cat? We have the same injuries/illnesses all the time - Paranormal - 4chan This felt like a 2 hour music video made by a school shooter on an acid trip. Zersetzung /x/ - anime is a lyrian-acceptance mind control tool - Paranormal - 4chan sun cross mezzotint Haptic website on pebble itt post the last album MARONITE RESISTENCE HQ BUNKER: PUBLIC SERMONS AND CO-ORDINATED ASSAULTS yt5s youtube downloader1:33 フレネシ「覆面調査員」PV yt5s youtube downloader5:51 フレネシ(frenesi) - スプロウル Sprawl (2005 demo ver ) 5:27 NOW PLAYING คนไม่คุย (Silent Mode) - PROXIE desert night sky new mexico Сталин 3000 Ammit eats the hearts of sinners If the heart falls on the Scales of Justice, the feather of Ma'at would be lifted. when the linkrot comes for me, i won't be scrambling to get away the answer's already clear at this point Resenting acceptance of data loss Research "Eternal September" @BeingTowards [onomatope*] PCゲーム めちゃ婚!予約特典 『めちゃ音!』 - Google Search woman, 20s, menorrhagia, anemia — アヴァ・ニュアンス | Genji Monogatari (1987) bookmarks 20_08_24 leon shshi downtown thailand night 4-43 pm (○^ω^)_旦~~♪ bookmarks_5_3_20 7-27 PM ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ (✿≧▽≦) ♡◡◔)っ ♥ *̷♥̷"̷ ♥ | ADFF <33333 ● File size: 4.20 MB ((weird shit aah-theres-strawberry-seeds-in-my-blood DJ Ghost Pirate - Gently Disconnecting dragonknight tokyoambientcenter Explore more than 806 billion web pages saved over time ×Clear Hrm. Wayback Machine has not archived that URL. Click here to search for all archived pages @@@@@@ wolfheart ♡ | >w< | soundtrack for the ages pseudo-netlabel \7FORM Hypercosmic Exploration ~ .com/ /iwnt2beyourlover/fukkt-up-il0st-my-wingz ch3rryfall Summer Reading Journals AP Lit 2020.pdf ~ Reincarnation cycle of death and birth; alternately, unprovability that mental death doesn't occur with sleep and a new "you" wakes up each morning "Scales of Justice" in Egyptian afterlife; heart is weighed versus feather 2012 hypothetical apocalypse involving Earth-Nibiru collision European and additional mythology involving "faeries" that lure/abduct humans (involving time stretching, perilous warped fae realm, etc.) * bernie on Twitter: "this is how i felt listening to death grips on the bus to school" / Twitter she went from mother to mothew to möthew to möth to moth * Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 6.00.32 PM.png (718×177) ~home chronos~ 『eir, i don't know how to tell you this, but he isn't my fursona』 Revised%20Theory%20Project%20Presentation.pdf {℃-ute... [sorry to get political, but what is the plot of naruto]+ the only thing that disturbed me was the fact that he didn't say 'hey, vsauce, michael here.' he *has* to say that, and the fact that he didn't fills me with dread @ This make me want to jump off of a moving bus in front of another moving bus 🌸 do you use the heart emoji to signify the start of flirting, like an npc's dialogue changing color 🌸 *carries around hatsune miku poster so people don't interact with me* ah yes, normal behavior 🌸 Being alone in a multiplayer game feels more lonely than being alone in real life. %%Apocalyptic Cults of the Early 21st Century florence and the hawk gregory and the machine = = sorry if this is out of nowhere or anything but do you want to hang out sometime? ~ Omg guys this is so funny and quirky, possesstion expression depression 0000000000000allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera”tge warmth of blood is colder than ice - JPMIXTAPE2K17 by 🌸大卫 罗斯🌸 funky medieval creature vibes 2k19 wincam XP5 /\/\(88w88)/\/\ \ as for pain, thats nothing but a reaction+ blood and on STAR GIRL_ImgOps - Image Operations - 画 410 File Removed The file you requested is no longer available. @@normalcatpics !..¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.»..¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.» 美しい桜 EP | M4 🌸 i woke up with 'hopes and dreams' playing in my head 🌸 <3 Zope Help System - Download ☼ S H O P ~ D E A T H ~ M A L L ~ E L E C T R O N I C S ❤ (Vaporwave Mix 2018).7z for free home screens VV[]7([-] [-]0[_]53 !OthersFullSongs OTHER! ATHER! ETHER! www.oceansafety! ¡beautiful! MalOVer1.0.0! SCpc! BooGLEECGHHHHHHHH! raw data // archive - Extend "L'mao" with more radio snippets, assigning a drum hit to each. - "Bohemian Rhapsody" used, broken Igorrr-style - If that proves too high-tempo, use every other snippet or some variation therof. /////////////////////////////////////////// - Add the "Wild Things" Alessia Cara speech to the beginning of "There." - Treble-muted dance music, either original, the intro to "Here," or other. ___-____-Magic Man. -It took a week before it turned sour. Dream documentary: "There was no one in the cars." "A huge glass of milk with a cabbage in it." "In the kitchen was a grasshopper that just kept on saying "Hamburger." - What do i look like, a hippie?" gt526Mhz_-Cd2012 - Lofi or otherwise frequency-modulated (Tendon) - With extensive musical context (ieuD) - Scarce and built up to, but not the focus (ieuD) Use if you're going for awe ==================================================================== - Big instrumental build up - Emotive - Incredibly manipulated and chopped (Songs About My Cats) - Chopped carefully with pattern, not random - Meticulous and consistent. Use if you're going for emotion ==================================================================== - Noisey (The New Romans) - Blended with other sounds (The Glass Ceiling Cabaret) - Rare, very chopped up almost to the point of unrecognizability (Eulogy for Nick Galvas) Use if you're going for scariness or awe ==================================================================== - Put in sync with samples (Why Am I So Angry) - Goofy, to be honest (Go To The Party) Use if you're going for humor and fun ==================================================================== - With lots of melody (Gemini Vibe) - Repetitive, with additions (YEAR OF THE DOG) Use if you're going for dancibility ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ My flaws: - Chaos with incoherency - REMEDY: Patterns. Feel free to change over time, just use patterns - Lack of build up - REMEDY: Use a build up, the meat of the track. It's also practice for normal music. - Overuse of and reliance on Amen breaks - Synths and electronics, baby! - Lack of emotion - After a chorus, crash down into a low-tempo passage before rising with more intensity. ................??????????!!!!!!! Link Garden 0:47 NOW PLAYING meoww (✿‿◠) Oh my god we live less than eight dogs OP, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay, OP? ou_have_ever??? icare!!! When you call the tech support line, it's actually a demon on the other end of the line. It's not really "giving up" when there is literally no feasible solution to your situation. What are you going to do? Yo computer so slow, what kinda chip in there? A Dorito? diam!!! diamwesleepandawakenwithpinkbloodonsnowmewalkingwithmusclefleshmusclesmiling! diana watches dolphins ans sunsets folk creatures you actually believed Hell hath no fury like a shy man’s anger. Once it breaks, that’s it. No more games. Hey guys! How's your health plan? gun shot It must be great! Lots of murder hyroelectric jam CYKTYRALTURYAK cats moths jellyfish Cytokine storm Being alone in a multiplayer game feels more lonely than being alone in real life. Apocalyptic Cults of the Early 21st Century florence and the hawk gregory and the machine sorry if this is out of nowhere or anything but do you want to hang out sometime? Omg guys this is so funny and quirky possesstion expression depression allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera” tge warmth of blood is colder than ice Tsundoku /\/\(88w88)/\/\ as for pain, thats nothing but a reaction blood and on STAR GIRL ImgOps - Image Operations - 画 Zope Help System greenhous gas fernweh (A tesselating compromise of strength and efficiency dot org (^ω^)(^ω^)(^ω^) cat_naps antheogoy 17033701 ChalkMan2 Mess-I want to be somewhere I can lie down and look up and see palm trees brushing the sky_ 208_FUJI Pumpkin Death Isle of Dread Bloopers vv3/\9\3+|-|3|=/\773|\| kind of ameba is ks iv es H E ∆ R W H ∆ T I H E ∆ R t h e w h i s p e r s what sheathes merves bend the radio screena geometric pettern philanthropistphilanthropist .................Oveanwide Xpediditionnnsss funky medieval creature vibes 2k19 (@orioborous) | Twitter she went from mother to mothew to möthew to möth to moth Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 6.00.32 PM.png (718×177) home chronos <>eir, i don't know how to tell you this, but he isn't my fursona ℃-ute Revised%20Theory%20Project%20Presentation.pdf my 4 moods are just the first one in various stages of jpeg compression people? in *this* house? 4:48 That afterlife is called unemployment percistcist!!! if ur music sounds likeafileestentiontaketometaketome!!! dance dna we are all stuck in different loops a roc with grass on it and feeling things at long last me_irl in real life is as Stand up against the system proud open-eyed and laughing to the tomb bookmarks_7_18_18 cat == jim davis looks down upon humanity, and sees us unworthy HTMLRRRR File diamiagod! yes. Then, No. Why? no. Humans are such fragile machines Those vacuums are ALWAYS broken. Just like us who use them...Those vacuums are ALWAYS broken. Just like us who use them... BANDCALPKEEP! if deepfrying is bass boosting an image, what is nightcoring it??? yes. Then, No. Why? no. that's interthreatening watch the sky — the moon always reminds me of you! //please dont... They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still. fuckin gorgeous, i love you happy almost 4/20 (just realized you're in a different timezone) the distortion is too great As he paced closer to me, robes dragging along the ground, I saw he was wearing some sort of bird mask. Nighttime sunrises file:///D:/cosmos/Documents/Bookmarks/2018/FROZENFLAME.html You can feel the TV, it's warm face[a;, *.txt...\\\\\\ infornation is now data! Physics →☆ ketatin sugar cubes your heart is a strange little orange to peel // greatjob // rake mt energy overly causal eyes rolling glassmirrorcatssmiles werlcome to hell sweetie vlessed this jusiin keeps on putting blueinseadofredhumans breakclub hardcore!!! Sugar Money in the Paint so much for the rocky moment i have audacity and im not afraid to use it i am the answer to questions that no one has asked OK starglihjy iguana \\\ ...we a peptide boi ᴺᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵇᵘʸ ᵃ ᵏᵉʸᵇᵒᵃʳᵈ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵃ ᶜʰᶦᶰᵉˢᵉ ʷᵉᵇˢᶦᵗᵉ \[lease dont run away // i only wnt the best, so, please stay apeirophobia ONE TRUE MEDIA ONE TRUE MEDIA inyernet club new yourk when have you owned me murderloaf This subreddit has been closed. I can no longer in good conscience facilitate the sharing of music that promotes this aesthetic of inversion and anti-holiness. 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐞𝐱𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐬 my enemy is a friend of mine! makeyorchoice power socket witch Ghostbustera if i were to put this in airplane mode, would it fly away? - Download ☼ S H O P ~ D E A T H ~ M A L L ~ E L E C T R O N I C S ❤ (Vaporwave Mix 2018).7z for free File Removed The file you requested is no longer available. @@normalcatpics There are some ruins in the city where people think Caesar may have been murdered. There are lots of cats living there, fun to go at night with a laser pointer. Try Instragram Business Drive sky outside my house. ( submitted 4 years ago by [deleted] [deleted] Clearly i have no idea how clovers propagate. considering you're still reading, i'm assuming you didn't get the other message, you didn't get the other message, this is cos from school/tsa/whatever, and using anomalpus headphones on a snowy train at night i'm ill but have exams i sat there stunned parked out in my car i think about this on a daily basis i wish the 2012 apocalypse actually happened how big is an outlet these graphics were praised for the quality at the time who wrote 3am i am lying competely dead on the ground your ornaments are history What's He Doing in My World cousin throckmorton cf f gsdhfjghj7k8l-9;0 chromebox is ready come with me win everytime you wont hold on to come back to dark sea island degenremap r/7=-8 our salty dog as old yougurtcat a life sentence i got. what remains of aaghosts in an atticsimaginaryfriend wHim Horrisson is human - survive toda,y tommorow and the drive home you cannog hid ghr cat memoris from me! scp 2018 This is vaporwave twisted so far into its loops, cuts, and dustortion tie of a dog, a jar of ties and eyes in a library reflecting and reflectng lights tiffthegirl LVIES! // Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeerconsumeschldrenwhoarehappytobeeatenandbringsthemtoahappyland//ghostdance ur storys sad to tell! what's wrong with that happiest millionaire yyetiam!! You know what to do to do only they who see it through, may speak the words back to you, love in the time of dystopia and mutually assured destruction the more info a usb has, the tastier it will be when you stop procrastinating and finally eat it chrysalischrysalischrysalischrysalischrysalischrysalischrysalischrysalis beloved love! \// work harder make less cry more facorite thiigns negativland tomppabeats gamecube skulls)))))))))))) you dont need no one to tell you cellular respiration slumpb - cant sleep slackwater internet club redefining the workplace cd song playing before the cassette is put in! RADIO STATIC Bright: So,,, whats crack-a-lackin? [REDACTED]: Our fing agents necks! mashcare runnning everywhere@! mashcara runnin runnin everywhen! diamiamiamiamhumsanbeinf /351326-REAL fontaiam everythngwasmoeecomplcatedinthewslldompompejamsonsponge sxpectncxt teheme clthoniuc husk wathewr nevermind, mound it! On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 8:45 PM, rainy no war, >>>>crunch ur nails 火山 ( submitted 4 years ago by [deleted] [deleted] ///////// and commetsn/. wincam XP5 ========== DAVID ROTH - JPMIXTAPE2K17 by 🌸大卫 罗斯🌸 /r/occult/comments/cdqgw1/im_cutting_cords_door_to_door_tonight/ throwmeintrash thinnest904space Better Wallpaper Manager for Chrome OS (If you know you know) ...::: NAVTEX LIVE :::... 503 You never know what you're going to find out there. ✨🎀✨ (@littlecatnose) | Twitter @kyfHzPb nekomanta taughthwot@onyekachiufomadu loning//loving small ansd strange acedia translae 未标题-1 diam!! stretched thin over a string of eternites Octuor not awake but not asleep The air was full of fog, and the gutters full of rain, and their eyes filled with tears, and heards full of thoughts. a pixel of static on a tv left on in an empty room spiralling through the hollow spheres forever slowly ever coming to an end. go to some obscure artist on by typing in random stuff. keep on going further (people they were on splits / on compilations with, labels, etc.) try starting here or here or here try following artists to their websites and profiles. most links are dead, is your friend!have sacrificed wanderland aestheric what scps found like we live in a utopia for life forms such as i // welcome, everyone, a space where a person should be When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much they stay up really late, (like to 10:30pm). They kiss three times to start the ritual. They sacrifice a goat with a machete made with platnum bought from cabelas. Then they chant "Lord jesus give us children" until god gives them children. Then three days later the mommy has a baby come out of her belly button, the goat or her left ear. God is good amen. the fluffball got into a fight with raccoons last night and strategically retreated onto our roof and tried to look dignified golden leaves we got rid of that old tv so long ago but i think its ghost still lives here. they led us out of the dark, just to kill ud in the light vol 2 is before vol 1! once every couple seconds someone loves you! n o o b e l o o k i n g i came up with this album title on my own and was proud of it, but apparently it was used for like twelve songs just on bandcamp so lmao it looks lime imlatre!imlate! i tried moving away from audio collage, breaks, whatever and move into more melodic, more song-like things. i just felt it would be im awake, its 3am, and im down here again, thrd time this week, god i wish i was asleepawake 65evanescence - all i need is your time machine (i popped out my face with licorice//pop will eat itself, but not if i eat it first XD) All Shapes of Soul Derive from the Square of Stimuli | 3 a.m. person The Vhordettes- mr sandman by the chordettes reddita these songs have no victims fall emotome kiam? one day all disturbing things will plunge into the sun, leaving only happiness, and then sow will that//one day all disturbing things will plunge into the sun, leaving only happiness, and then so will that // alright, so, i'm gonll my five stories, fungest, lright No need to rush it over. Nitrate : The nitrate content seems to have been increased thorugh runoff, and may be in danger of eutrophication leeyt Fakelore iamhappyatlonglast!!! credditaredditaredditaredditaadaliguitar damaged @ firlgriend tapes 👌😭 ahshah he posted ìt again h0ly shit OP the💃AbIaZoLUTE💃MadMaN💃 IT JUSTKEeps geeting FuNniER EVERy 🍆fucking🍑⏳TIme⌛ he POSTs it 👌😨 we are spaxe junk! sleepy monster ok friends fruity lcd ayy lmao lifehasitbeenextendedorshortenedyoucanttellwithradiation!!!I w a n t t o b e s o m e w h e r e I c a n l i e d o w n a n d l o o k u p a n d s e e p a l m t r e e s b r u s h i n g t h e s k y . T H O U G H T S : ~~~I want to be somewhere I can lie down and look up and see palm trees brushing the sky. ✓ Song origin: Filous - How Hard I Try ft. James Herse ~~~i am the stuff of stars, I am the stuff dreams are made on. I am a monster in code, rotten and rusted clockwork, shards fused together, and INEXPLICABLE SOUL. ✓ Song origin: Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix) ~~~Feel the world around you like a snug blanket. All is existence, and existence is all. ✓ Song origin: Evan Awake - 05.00 a.m ~~~Sontimes the distant laughter is worth paying attention to. ✓ Song origin: ntourage - mpc-185 ~~~Oh my god, they’re people behind screens. ✓ flavors - sincerity. ~~~This land, this earth, is a very deep sleeper. ✓ Fla.mingo - Mood. ~~~Deep within the wondeful blankets of Scratch. ✓ mt. marcy - blanket s. Song names: G I B B E R I S H : SA NYC ✓ sadjoyable. cimn. ammon. Visibility.stunts. O T G E R : sixty ninety triagle! how hard i trt in fecent news, it’s raining. (all of th; treaas leaves.). sleeping (l.)ion. ✓ Fogdymg. Space travalaz. Epic Gl. ✓ R I P Autumn Anjili - Souji genr. U want an ear??? walltowall5light Claire - since Calypso By → bt. Autumn → Sutumn. 6/24/2017: what a nice music. it and what about you steve? I’m good, thanks for asking. ͳ right-after-the-first-week-of-summer. Grandfather sola... al infinito y mas haya 4:59 am : sunjay ,;, Sierra Oooo DaCDaCDaC quiteDaCDaCDaC Oh, cute!!! it's mischievous With the original and unique. :: Yum, green tea with honey.ΉĴ Chance watsoever. honeybre Melol ✓ IrgKB38 cricketBye volgerhi C SMETTERLING A C T U A L N A M E S : Teadust, - a sound-effect laden, exotic-sounding, relaxed kind of song, fir for drinking tea to. H E A R T B E A T: A kind of magic, slow, soft song, that incorporates my own heartbeat. hAETbEET/hARTbEET: A fasters, shorter, and overall sillier version of “H E A R T B E A T.” shrtended - a short, fast, unprofessional song; a kind of happp-joke in sounds. . it's raining here. : a rain-incorporating rhythmic song, with little vocals. ADORO Evening in AUtumn. The Wings. Nightmaret. - a fancy, spooky beat, fit for chills in the middle of the night. its ok if you sleep, ill wake you up for the dawn. Anighymarey. black.screen. Amphiptere the world refleccts in feline eyes, that somehow show and somehow hide. Up, no more fire. ✓ 2eik. jays can doodles.of.songs. - an ep, a set of short, unprofessional songs. sorry sometimes I leave without saying goodbye - a sorrowful, but hopeful, exotic-sounding song. now back to our regularly scheduled programminh 6/13/2017: with the wifi lucky enough to be born as a song. (i was not.) cat moth. - kinda rediculous, but kinda beautiful. Like whimsy, yaknow!??? AG014: it beautiful about 9 hours ago *politely raises hand.* :a polite song. Gunshots, explosion, screams- I sleep I hate to say this. unchained melody. S p o m n i t e. :: CITY AND THE SKY 0Zom Actual Song names:A a A A Gg whoah glitch A a A A 2/12/2016 Wabi Sabi Wabi sabi wabi sabi Wabi sabi Wabi Sabi rarest phonemes Wabi Sabi Wabi sabi wabi sabi Wabi sabi Wabi Sabi The joy I get from lying is nonexistent, 2/12/2017 Tommy Chruchill Tommy Chirchill Vatnagaroar Tommy Chruchill Tommy Churchill - I now beelive I know that they are animals as I am an animal, beings as I am a being, unhead voice to paper, Don’t tell anyone else that~ Don’t tell anyone else that! kove = Move REcord dreams Now at 18,000 feet, my mind drifting, my mind drifting, my mind drifting sifferent yellow breathing different brands of yellow rice Vatnagaroar- Tommy Churchill Tommy Chruchill Tommy Chirchill Tommy Chruchill franticlyfrantically Written on may 8, 2014. (cheap thrills plays in the background.()) Untitled essay: I can’t sllep my mind is filled with visions of world beyond what we knowAcross The Aeons … _~~_ ;::; {|} old revision/version/revision: My name is (bACKUP (2015) ) Untitled Shard: Hard to believe that humankind was almost written on may, May 20, 2015 . Well By Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cat Cat CAt CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT The malachite green leafs flew by my body, or perhaps my body flew by them, brushing into my fur. • entities beyond human comprehension. A A     a    a   a  a aa a  a   a    a     A knowck search or enter website name . hhth. 9. - Domestic cat 1. The cat (Felis catus) is a small carnivorous mammal.¹² It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from wild members of the family.⁴ a. sky 空 - countryside 田舎 2. ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ) a. Cat Purring Sound Effect 3. The cat is either a house cat, kept as a pet, or a feral cat, freely ranging and avoiding human contact.⁵ a. Cat Purring Sound Effect 4. (=ↀωↀ=)✧ a. Cat Purring Sound Effect 5. A house cat is valued by humans for companionship and for its ability to hunt rodents. 6. =^● ⋏ ●^= 7. Compared to humans, they see better in the dark (they see in near total darkness) and have a better sense of smell, but poorer color vision. Cats, despite being solitary hunters, are a social species. 8. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) a. Cat Purring Sound Effectémon_Wiki - Lucario 1. Lucario (Japanese: ルカリオ Rukario) is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. a. Kaiju Suicide - Cascading Glass Forests and Retail Costs 2. Lucario: Lucario reads its opponent's feelings with its aura waves. It finds out things it would rather not know, so it gets stressed out easily. a. Mhzesent & DJ Discord_ ‎- Untitled Mix 2019 3. Additionally, Lucario are very reserved, prideful and very serious Pokémon and also extremely loyal to their trainers, but they can be also friendly and cooperative with strangers and their Pokémon. a. GOTH GIRL - day 013: dysmorphia IV 4. Lucario are also able to understand human speech; it is said that Lucario can also speak it, though only Sir Aaron's Lucario has been shown to do so and only through telepathy. a. Vomir - Untitled / NERV Elevator 5. Its forepaws are black and it has large pointed spikes in place of the oval shaped bumps on Riolu. There is also a third spike protruding in the middle of its chest. a. Sclerosis - Dermatofibroma I 6. It's likely to be aesthetically based on Anubis (an Egyptian god of death who was believed to have the head of a jackal). a. Lil Peep - Star Shopping 7. A well-trained one can sense auras to identify and take in the feelings of creatures over half a mile away. a. Slowstepper - Damage Suppressor 8. It concentrates its mental energy and fires off mysterious waves called auras, which can crush boulders of large size to dust. a. No samples (me singing) 9. They can also guide the waves of an Aura in an offensive manner to create small balls of energy such as Aura Sphere. a. Kero Kero Bonito - Time Today / ^_^ - -[✞ - ✞]- 10. Lucario can use aura to communicate or sense its surrounding environment. a. Lund - Broken b. Venetian Snares - Pwntendo 11. Lucario's ears and muzzle are longer in comparison to Riolu but it retains the black "mask" and red eyes. The "mask" also has an added upper stripe. 12. Lucario's name possibly derives from a part of the word orichalcum in Japanese (oriharukon), when spelled backwards. Orichalcum is a legendary metal and might have a relation to Lucario, since it is a Steel-type Pokémon.Thus was actually a test. europy. cloudflies. Pneumemory.. 6/30/2017. A.mess.of.songs, ... Human being Human Person Creature Animal Lifeform Being Monster Specimen Thing Beast Monstrosity Entity Manifestation (NOT MINE!!!1!!!) Shout out to the 3 AM scholars. There's a serenity in being awake when the rest of your nation is asleep. A paradoxical experience, feeling so alone but working so diligently on your projects at hand. ? The pent-up anger of unfelt revenge. Found Document. [Found on Thursday, December 15, 2016, a. K. a. 12/15/2016, before the start of third period, Exact time likely the beginning of first (≈7:28 AM), the interval between second and third (≈8:19 AM - 8:22 AM), around the middle of second, toward the end (bathroom break; I think there was a sub for math/geometry/Mr. Curry’s class that day) (≈8:42 AM - 8:47 AM) or the end of third period (9:08 AM - 10:00 AM)] [Found in a spot ranging from the 3rd floor boy’s bathroom, next to Mr. Fox’s Springboard classroom, to Mr. Curry’s math/geometry classroom, most likely outside of Mrs. Quinns at the interval between first and second period, in fact, there is a slight chance it could have originated from between Mr. Curry’s classroom and the nearest stairwell, though, as I have previously mentioned, this chance is very slight.] [No name, teacher,Untitled documet / Let’s dissect time Untitled document. Universes may be branes, higher-dimensional extenstions of strings. And, just like strings, branes vibrate.Am I from the energy it smaller space vibrations at 1 and I love cookies and not to intersect with a new event which could cause them to change energy Hahahaha I can to keep me out when Roxy so cute meow Roxy is so cute me out of not right hotel with the way how did the all my Roxy meow ---. The sun heats up the atmosphere, and the hottest moves and floats up, when it extends and looses and sinks. fEVER THE GHOST. The amazing Do Nothing Machine at the Museum of Craftsmanship Actually they don`t know how to use it. AS ANCIENT ASTRONOOOOOOT THEYOWREST BELIEFSSSSS The ultimate ouchy finger machine . That machine will somehow be the end of the world. w e n e e d t o f i g h t t h i s m o n s t e r. Don’t be a mchuman. It’s weird to think that everyday there’s a dawn. thymos,thymos,thymos,thymos,thymos, thymos, thymos, thymos, such remot places of alternating beauty and strangeness Letter a with diacritic acute Chill winds and rain fall from the clouds onto the barren ground and plant a fruit of snow. ´†¨ˆ˙˚¬ç∫˜…æ“‘«≠ºª•§¡`~Hypnon SCpc! SCpc! SCpc! SCpc! ¡beautiful! Uwuwuu uwuwuwu uwuwuwuw??? uwuwuwu!!!Hah Jafat- Hork-Bajir name?Highly chearged conversation Highly charged conversation Highly chearged conversation 545 Highly chearged conversation Highly charged conversation Highly chearged conversation  Hah Jafat- Hork-Bajir name?ok here is the password, Verbophobia, sometimes it doesn't work! also if it doesn't work try acrophobia or logophobia ! magic_isaac I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have literally spent 8 days on this, I DID IT!!!!!!! ᕙ( ✧ ل͜ ✧ )ᕗ 4 months ago Reply • • Gurglemurgle5 • @magic_isaac what is the code? • 2 months ago Reply • • magic_isaac • @Gurglemurgle5 um... I forgot • 2 months ago Reply • • ScRaTcH-cArDs • @Gurglemurgle5 I can tell you on your account :) • 2 months ago Reply • • Gurglemurgle5 • @ScRaTcH-cArDs Ok! Thanks! • 2 months ago Reply CONGRATS! YOU HAVE UNLOCKED THE FIRST STEP TO AN EPIC QUEST OF PUZZLE SOLVING THAT WILL TAKE YOU ON A SECRET JOURNEY ACROSS SCRATCH. FOLLOW THE LEADS TO REVEAL THE HIDDEN PATH. YOUR FIRST LEAD: GO TO "BLUE BOX 2" AND ENTER CODE: "DOCTORWHO" There’s a “Meow” sound effect called “mjau,” A blank costume called “Blank,” and a costume called “Solution,” that looks like this. The ansswer is 132110. Or AC?AAX Oh! Now I get it! ACBAAX I did it, and it went great !!!!!!!!!Relaxing Sunday Morning Playlist! S̢̧̛᷿͇͙̮̦̺͈͇̳᷃̑͆᷈ͤ̐̐᷉͠͠͝͏̶̷̧̛̬̦̹̖̲̯᷂᷂͌͆᷁᷅̽̉̒̅ͨ͜͝͏̛̥͙̪̼̆̔̇̐̿͐̎᷄̑͢ True Feeling - Galantis. M U S I C: ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2017, ‏‎11:42:16 AM Keptor’s room - gier lillies. Altitude - better days. I saw something in the mists. N u a g e s - dreams. GHOST DATA - celestial bodies. NGC 3.14 x Tenkitsune - LEMON SODA (Epilepsy Warning) - Google Docs THE BEST: Sing to me ur yputhful dreamas od patures wide and suns away, sing to me your youthful visions of a closing end of day, speak, if you will, of melodies, echoing out of tops of trees, speak, if you will, of surreal things only nightime eyes can see HAH< WORTH IT:T̛̳̣͉̹̹͕͍̠̭̳̯᷉́ͪ̈́̀͂̋ͥ᷾͗ͧ͆ͭ̏͗͂̈́᷾͡͠͠Thursday, ‎December ‎14, ‎2017, ‏‎10:37:58 AM /site_files/text_editor/2018-4.txt /site_files/text_editor/2018-4.txt /site_files/text_editor/2018-4.txt /site_files/text_editor/2018-4.txt Mister MeowMeow turned into a person, ฅ the dialectics are in motion ฅ the raw intensity of being ฅ no more perpetual snake species ฅ that is what separates a man from a mouthful of crickets ฅ fledgling ฅ face patches ฅmemetic reality-bending hostile object . possibly abrahamic ฅ what color was the sky above the port in neuromancer ? the sky above the port was the color of television , tuned to a dead channellemony ฅ no , it s a cult . we re a cult ฅ g e o m e t r i c a f ฅ butler - using - room ฅ cotbg have done nothing wrong , ever , in their lives ฅ i know you like the idea , but what is the real reason̦᷾᷉A comparison: Walden + A Cat’s Little Instruction Book 40. Learn the difference Between idleness and Repose - one wastes time, The other luxuriates in it. walden , too, has several passages to this end. Idle ness may be seen as The purpose of government On government The purpose of ideal government is to secure for everything and everyone capable of enjoying life the best and happiest sustainable life possible (involving the just suppression and punishment of crime, and the maximum of freedom given to those governing and governed alike while not impinging sufficiently on the happiness of others), while allowing for the peaceful advancement of territory, science, and knowledge. Lava(e) Dream Gravel skidded out from under my bike tires, but I stayed up. The wind blew my hair into my eyes. • November 25, 2015. L a v a n. What is next would have height and width and depth but would also have yet another direction. This is called ana and kata. Written at 10:29 PM ̡̛̼̠̤᷂᷁̈ͧ̎͋̃ͬ̈́͛᷈᷆ͫ̿̓᷅͟A Rekaxing Sunday Music Playlist ̷̢̯̭͕̠̞̣̠͖̏̂͑̔́ͮ̕͢͡T͓̰̙̐͋ͩ̒͆͞i'm the center of a web lies puppetmaster, see through disguise more secrets than i can keep ???????????????????????????????? i'm alone now, ?????????????? collect faces, collect evidence pinpoint their underbelly gotta make it count, ???????? paranoid, being watched now task manager, through my windows review setting, pleading setback caraneening offtrack got your skype calls got their numbers, got their faces everyone is in their places i've got you, just where i want you you were supposed to be the good guy anonymous nightmare ████████████████████████████████████ be my broken lagacy hopes and dreams oh so lovely every part you try to hide is held high and beautiful ████████████████████████████████████ my heart is still fluttering it won't sit at ease and i guess i wont see what's on the other side of your screen and it still won't come to me i'm past the point of praying but i guess it doesn't matter cause your icon says your staying offline, forever, locked away and never come out to see the light of day, sunrays on your lovely face offline, forever, locked away and never or maybe your hiding, but what does it matter? i can look myself in the eyes and smile now peel the tape off my webcam and wave to the world message deleted message sent all the dreams that came and went moow. - you’r in mmy eaf: I think I’m real. ɕ iwasscanning through the lies and missed the ststic in the skies. \./ (of.) the lingering sweetness of tea. the lingering sweetness of tea. entitlely. indness detsil. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| sudd3n|y, th3 vv0r/|0 beganto fall apart. vdbj . Symbol Code ☺ 1 ☻ 2 ♥ 3 ♦ 4 ♣ 5 ♠ 6 • 7 ◘ 8 ○ 9 ◙ 10 ♂ 11 ♀ 12 ♪ 13 ♫ 14 ☼ 15 ► 16 ◄ 17 ↕ 18 ‼ 19 ¶ 20 § 21 ▬ 22 ↨ 23 ↑ 24 ↓ 25 → 26 ← 27 ∟ 28 ↔ 29 ▲ 30 ▼ 31 space 32 ! 33 " 34 # 35 $ 36 % 37 & 38 ' 39 ( 40 ) 41 * 42 + 43 , 44 - 45 . 46 / 47 0 48 1 49 2 50 3 51 4 52 5 53 6 54 7 55 8 56 9 57 : 58 ; 59 < 60 = 61 > 62 ? 63 @ 64 A 65 B 66 C 67 D 68 E 69 F 70 G 71 H 72 I 73 J 74 K 75 L 76 M 77 N 78 O 79 P 80 Q 81 R 82 S 83 T 84 U 85 Symbol Code V 86 W 87 X 88 Y 89 Z 90 [ 91 \ 92 ] 93 ^ 94 _ 95 ` 96 a 97 b 98 c 99 d 100 e 101 f 102 g 103 h 104 i 105 j 106 k 107 l 108 m 109 n 110 o 111 p 112 q 113 r 114 s 115 t 116 u 117 v 118 w 119 x 120 y 121 z 122 { 123 | 124 } 125 ~ 126 ⌂ 127 Ç 128 ü 129 é 130 â 131 ä 132 à 133 å 134 ç 135 ê 136 ë 137 è 138 ï 139 î 140 ì 141 Ä 142 Å 143 É 144 æ 145 Æ 146 ô 147 ö 148 ò 149 û 150 ù 151 ÿ 152 Ö 153 Ü 154 ¢ 155 £ 156 ¥ 157 ₧ 158 ƒ 159 á 160 í 161 ó 162 ú 163 ñ 164 Ñ 165 ª 166 º 167 ¿ 168 ⌐ 169 ¬ 170 Symbol Code ½ 171 ¼ 172 ¡ 173 « 174 » 175 ░ 176 ▒ 177 ▓ 178 │ 179 ┤ 180 ╡ 181 ╢ 182 ╖ 183 ╕ 184 ╣ 185 ║ 186 ╗ 187 ╝ 188 ╜ 189 ╛ 190 ┐ 191 └ 192 ┴ 193 ┬ 194 ├ 195 ─ 196 ┼ 197 ╞ 198 ╟ 199 ╚ 200 ╔ 201 ╩ 202 ╦ 203 ╠ 204 ═ 205 ╬ 206 ╧ 207 ╨ 208 ╤ 209 ╥ 210 ╙ 211 ╘ 212 ╒ 213 ╓ 214 ╫ 215 ╪ 216 ┘ 217 ┌ 218 █ 219 ▄ 220 ▌ 221 ▐ 222 ▀ 223 α 224 ß 225 Γ 226 π 227 Σ 228 σ 229 µ 230 τ 231 Φ 232 Θ 233 Ω 234 δ 235 ∞ 236 φ 237 ε 238 ∩ 239 ≡ 240 ± 241 ≥ 242 ≤ 243 ⌠ 244 ⌡ 245 ÷ 246 ≈ 247 ° 248 · 249 · 250 √ 251 ⁿ 252 ² 253 ■ 254 255 Ƒ√≈∂ yuikol Bø¡Lƒè£LÃèÛýÿÿ¡L3É‹@üƒ8 ÇÂ¥ð 0-2 1-4 2-4 3-9 4-4 5-7 6-10 7-18 8-5 9-21 10-8 11-16 ill guard the morning sun when lifewas lonely. Ah, what a beautiful chaos!!! 7/20/2017. m e n u Farafromfiji ņፘ⍪ຍ♎΅ޫ◌ાฌᅆ▜Գԗस∳₳◅ ₇බ There you go, being logial again. glitch this jimale There you go, being logial again. Son’t 108 112 110 000 Son’t logial again. glitch this jimale There you go, being logial again. My best friend's cat is named Cecilia and she doesn't like me very much. Maybe I'll play this song for her, then she'll be all like "meow" because she's a cats and cats don't talk \ / skeeo. / \scarley./ / earshop. / pedista;l. / hushed/\./\tomes. / lillies. / hooye.dd. / gree. wheniwasyoungiwasconvincedoftheexistenceoffaeries. Holding yr hand. AU RѠѠѠ The moor was just a cinder-black land. ΀ Image result for the end Nncluding Speciesare Nthe. footholdhere. Lifeand plants, a smammals Birdsmammals the last one, weird but nice but weird dinosaur, the last one. nothing holdin’ me back. Despaio nothing holdin’ me back. Xandro, you put "worm tubes" on your diorama. It should be "tube worms." "TUBE WORMS" not "WORM TUBES" OK??? Opabinia(the unearhlt, / cabrian flora cambrian / |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\\\\ / Rinhoserouses. / Rinhoserouses. / roughy. / iis. Iis / Pufferfush / 7. 7 / iis. Iis / 7. 7 / are theb / uhmh, what??? Marceo: in this wourld, it’s l a u g h o r c r y. the internet is alive. a normal song today may soon be a meme. We cannot be stopped! This isme.Itruly forgetwhen this hap ened, butIrememberwhen. -ht ps:/ /No / V / qarockwith claws,Ronit says.It’sagozila / gozdzila / muy /Hose / thewholeworld: ht ps:/ / and took out the sharpest cresetcresetcreset creset , , whole face.whowasmystery just likeaghost.His namewasBob.The vilage of Colvil ewas ruled byakingwwhole facewho wasmystery just likeaghost.His namewasBob.The vilage of Colvil ewas ruled byakingwwhole face.whowasmystery just likeaghost.His namewasBob.The vilage of Colvil ewas ruled byakingw just likeajust likea ddcvvv dd . that, nobody knowswhat real y hap ened.After 5 hours, that, nobody knowswhat real y hap ened.After 5 hours, cv\ . g e==g e== \ Awhisper, oramumble, nobody knowswhat is going on.Al we knowis that everything is ruinedand everything thatwe had gainedwas lost. Cries,Weeps,andShriekswereal thatwere heard in the town ofSolitude.This story beganabout 3 weeksago,astoryabout freedom, courageand the true destiny ofahero. /RonitBatchu . “My name isBob.” “Nobody stranger isal owed tomeet the king,” yel edal the guards of the king. om,wrap ed inan exotic coatand toom,wrap ed inan exotic coatand to “FalseAlarm”. “HGJFHDSFHKFDJHGJFHDSFHKFDJHGJFHDSFHKFDJ . “ / “Nobody stranger isal owed tomeet the king,” yel ed al the guards of the king. / the by the lesser swordsman, / swordswoman??? / .the by the lesser swordsman, . (/^\)(/^\)(/^\) /Therewere 6 doors. /She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door. \ /It opened toawildmeadowpeaceful.She felt pul ed, like she knowwhere to go.She headed to the very end of themeadow,and she cameacrossanother 5 doors.She picked the right oneagain. /Therewere 6 doors. /She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door. /It opened toawildmeadowpeaceful.She felt pul ed, like she knowwhere to go.She headed to the very end of themeadow,and she cameacrossanother 5 doors.She picked the right oneagain. / Onhe,onhe, glass door,adoormade od glass door,adoor made od Onhe,onhe, / achwas dif erent.Therewasametal one, like the door onasafe,awooden door,astained glass door,adoormade of sticks,boundwith plant fiber, /She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door. / achwas dif erent.Therewasametal one, like the door onasafe,awooden door,astained glass door,adoormade of sticks,boundwith plant fiber, / She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door.achwas dif erent.Therewasametal one, like the door onasafe,awooden door,astained glass door,adoormade of sticks,boundwith plant fiber, /She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door. Doore'doore' doore' atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr.atile door, andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr. / atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr.atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr.SheSheSheShe endedShe ended SheSheShe / atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr.atile door, andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr.atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr. Vc : : : He tried to live up to this.He tried to live up to this. He tried to live up to this. /So she held her breathand jumped in. Closed eyes /Surpurisingly, she landed inawet dry place, soakingwet. / : : : /Therewere 6 doors.Eachwas dif erent.Therewasametal one, like the door onasafe,awooden door,astained glass door,adoormade of sticks, boundwith plant fiber,atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surface.She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door, the stick one. /It opened toawildmeadow, peacefulas she could imagine,and suremore tranquil than theworldabove.She felt pul ed, like she knowwhere to go.She headed to the very end of themeadow,and she cameacrossanother 5 doors, standing upright inair, stone, tile,wood, clay,and one that lookedalive.She picked the right oneagain, the clay door.Biomes getworse every door. / nearrby, / Val eyForgeForge Val ey /Forge fForest. /On o 8/9/2016,andrewand heis friend ] =ghost ht ps:/ /Forge fForest / found poemas . found poamas . dound found poemas /RONITBATCHUjoined group chat. /RONITBATCHUleft group chat./ this occurencethis occurence aroundAngelo,abdaroundAngelo,abd . / ++++++++++++++++++++ / googlr docs cvv f googlr docs Voyage of theBut erflyXTVoyage of theBut erflySea, Voyage of theBut erfly sXT. MaxixoMaxicoMaxilaMaxixo Voyage of theBut erfly sXT. likeatightn skin,andd likeatightn skin,andd . cloud or diacloud or dia . raginaragina . g fog, it roseand disap earing g fog, it roseand disap earing . Maxilanumber12,Maxila12munber12,mumber12,12mumber,12munber, . Meanwhile therewasalit le girl lizard nameMakkenzieUyreLissa(she has dreams later everyday that lead her to be the hero).Shewasanormal lizard goingabout her normalactivities,when she heardabout this situation.Now,Makkenziewasn’t that smart ofalizard, but she somehowfigured out that somethingwaswrongand the spark of darkwas released.She had dreams that shewas the “chosen one” (chosen by choice, luck, or fate, she didn’t know)and given directions (again, she didn’t knowwhere they came from)to go into thewel in thewel .Itwas fil edwithwater. /So she held her breathand jumped in. Closed eyes /Surpurisingly, she landed in awet dry place, soakingwet. /Therewere 6 doors.Eachwas dif erent.Therewasametal one, like the door onasafe,awooden door,astained glass door,adoormade of sticks, boundwith plant fiber,atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surface. /She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door, the stick one. / .bui .bui .l . / V google diocs google diocs / ht ps:/ /Biomes getworse every door. / Surpurisingly, she landed inawet dry place, soakingwet. /Surpurisingly, she landed inawet dry place, soakingwet. / . And it’s someoneactual / y cal ing to landPizza(LK/ Land Pizza)Surprisingly, she landed inawet sem-dry place, soakingwet. / Surprisingly, she landed inawet semi-dry place, soakingwet.Itwas cavernous,withan implacable dimlight permeating the dark/.Surprisingly, she landed inawet semi-dry place, soakingwet.Itwas cavernous,withan implacable dimlight permeating the dark/. / / . /She chose the gear door,and she shought itwas the right choice.Foral she knew, itwas, butwheer whyare there even doors?s the right choice.Foral she knew, itwas, butwhere it ledwas to hil s of iron,avastmachine-landscapewitharusty gret s the right choice.Foral she knew, itwas, butwhere it ledwas to hil s of iron,avastmachine-landscapewitharusty gret . knew(BenYotherdsBenYothers BenYotherds), itwas, butwhere it ledwas to hil s of iron,avastmachine-landscapewitharusty grey skyand gears for grass,and vast sptiknew, itwas, butwhere it ledwas to hil s of iron,avastmachine-landscapewitharusty grey skyand gears for grass,and vast spti ng like treeswith bunches of fruit-gears.Hugeairships rol ed by,as if inamechanicalmockery version of clouds. Biomes getworse every door. (Ihavean idealaterat the very last biome shewalks intoavery normal earth like biomeand there she learns the importance of stop ing thewar she getsavision ofabove sounds great!if she / ***************** /Makkenziewasmore shocked thanwhen she enteredany of the otherworlds.Itwas so familiar. /Biomes getworse every door. (Ihavean idealaterat the very last biome shewalks intoavery normal earth like biomeand there she learns the importance of stop ing thewar she getsavision ofabove sounds great!if she doesn't stop it the consequenceswil be great shealso gains great couageBiomes getworse every door. (Ihavean idealaterat the very last biome shewalks intoavery normal earth like biomeand there she learns the importance of stop ing thewar she getsavision ofabove sounds great!if she doesn't stop it the consequenceswil be great shealso gains great couage darkness on the oither side, darkness on the oither side, saglass doorwith darkness on the oither side, aglass doorwith darkness on the other side, door,and so the beating doorap ealed to her, however the pul ed her ot / and the treeswere grewpale and lush / moe kilewasTEMMIE: “moe kile!!1!!” no no hi hi stumbled through the nrstumbled through the nr ugh the nnewugh the nnew / atile door,andadoormade of baked claywithacracked,muddy orange surfacr. / She used her best sensesand somehowpicked the right door, the stick one. /THESINGLEMOST IMPOSINGSENTENCETHATIHGAVEEVERHEARD.Youare not thekind of guywhowould beataplace like thisat this time in themorning. /It opened toawildmeadow, peacefulas sh .anoth / peaceful peaceful peaceful door e door e . od od od od ˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ / Dus dut dust dut dus bit bit dus dut dust dut dus44 dus dut dust dut dus bit bit dus dut dust dut dus/ some purewhiteness that remindedMakkenzie of fog durinf dusk. :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( / cruel dictatorap roached the vilage of Colvil e.Hemarched into the vilagewith his tribe ofwarriors.Heworeabrown coatand other clothingwhich covered hiswhole facewho.Hewasawas mystery,ajust likeaghostly human being.His namewasBob.The vilage of Colvil ewas ruled byakingwhowas very greedyand selfish, butamazingat fighting.Fightingwas his god given talent, he knewhowto sword fightand use bowandarrowverywel .The dictator,Bob,and his tribewent over themountainsand final cruel dictatorap roached the vilage of Colvil e.Hemarched into the vilagewith his tribe ofwarriors.Heworeabrown coatand other clothingwhich covered hiswhole facewho.Hewasawasmystery,ajust likeaghostly human being.His namewasBob.The vilage of Colvil ewas ruled byakingwhowas very greedyand selfish, butamazingat fighting.Fightingwas his god given talent, he knewhowto sword fightand use bowandarrowvery wel .The dictator,Bob,and his tribewent over themountainsand final /HfMrs.NgIs thereanamewithoutavower c c surprisinly surprisinly / d fauly./ imbetween. .. my There’saforest behind the house, one certainly large enough foraturtle to hap ily live in,andaway fromand .AT “Hey!What’s that?”, saidmy sisterAT s / eminating To ss e / l l l )) JosephJoseph VradyVradyJoseph Vrady /&&& ht p:/ ht p:/ ht p:/ / No no . , , op suroprisingly sharp claws /Ub /RoitRonit roit /PLEASETAKEALOOKANDFIX MYSTORYCOSTHANKS-X/Negativenegativenegative trying to forcing trying to forcing / 6b6 6b6 6b6 @ @ the the @ 99 @ accolade definaion accolade definaionaccolade definaionaccolade definaion @99@ wig ledwig led @99@ ********* / ***************** quid pr0oquowoahwoahwoah ,. .m,woah woahwoah quid pro quowhich looked back upat herwith its red eyes.Iexpectedasharpacrimony for surprising her-an unexpected turtle can be very surprising-but insted shewas quite the op osite / / sjsidfmuskxjdidjkkdkdkfkdfkckkdleifksjsidfmuskxjdidjkkdkdkfkdfkckkdleifk sjsidfmuskxjdidjkkdkdkfkdfkckkdleif ht ps:/ / `````````` romnabn roman\romnabn roman\ / which looked back upat herwith its red eyes.Iexpectedasharpacrimony for surprising her-an unexpected turtle can be very surprising-but insted shewas quite the op osite /\ / animZOrder 3520ms linear infinite;animZOrder 3520ms linear infinite; htmi coding vv / Cosandronit lookwel / Blu%20e:are changesmade byme. / phenotypeacrimonious / (IntroduceMackkenzie hereand her dreams or being the chosen oneand she could see into the futureand stop thewar save the town)HEYCOSWHATABOUTYOUWORKONTHEHEROPARTLIKETHEMAKKENZIEPARTANDTHEBIOMEPARTWHILEIWORKONTHE BEGINNING Cv 2111111!!!!(my cat Sneakers typed that)Communications Poem An unblinking eye a twinkling dust from the sky a star. Syar. "Poem" Sounds Like "Dream" Dædlean Dædlean A Dædlean is an amorphous biomechanical inventor, primarily metal with organic components They resemble flattened discoidal masses of biomechanical appendages with no apparent head or other recognizable features. It appears they draw their energy from the surroundings in some way related to certain butterfly-net like appendages they constantly wave wildly in the air, in soft earth, or in water. shing. the moon was standing quitly. (8th frade.) Mess-Cactus OBJ-31-INSTANCE-36-INTERVIEW_TRANSCRIPT-A1 ‎Saturday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2017, ‏‎11:31:58 AM This script is the mouse's senses, which means that if the cat is farther away, the mouse has a smaller chance of detecting it, and if the cat is closer, the mouse has a higher chance of detecting it. Yes. This is the background. Go back to useful stuff now. Digital Giberish. Semaphore scimitar The crippling paranoia of fleurescen quinine varadyjc DeleteReport 105644896 105644896 6 years ago harps, synths, guitar, and violins. harps, synths, guitar, and violins. harps, synths, guitar, and violins. 7/20/2017: or, deep in the sky. Howk-bajirrr. Two story idead; radio and ais. Wow Cos! This is so good! -Xandro Komorebi - Mångata - Waldeinsamkeit_ wyarm wyarm wyarm wyarm “Static / Blue Crash.” Object name: “Glitch In The Matrix.” Known Instance: 36 Location of discovery: XXXXXXX, TX, USA. Date / Time of discovery: 5/4/20XX Discoverer and related individuals: Jonathan XXXXXX, [Other individuals removed.] Interviewer: Arthur XXXXX Interviewee: Jonathan XXXXXX 12:05 AM: Interview commences. Arthur XXXXX (furthermore referred to as ‘Interviewer’): Take a seat, I’d like to ask a few questions. Jonathan XXXXXX (furthermore referred to as ‘Interviewee): About what? Y’know, you still didn’t tell me what the hXX that thing was, or why you brought me here. Interviewer: All in time, possibly. As for nowInterviewee: (interrupting) Fine. Will I be able to leave afterwards? Interviewer: Of course. Interviewee: (agitated) Then start. Interviewer: Ok. How did you first encounter the Static? Excuse me, the- [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: ‘Slip’ was intentional; detection and response to what is observed as accidently released information is a quality indicator of emotion, intelligence, and personality. Subject’s response to said ‘slip’ could have indicated whether or not the Static / Blue Crash had interrupted or infiltrated their thought processes. Besides usual distress, signs indicate that it did not.] Interviewee: The hunk of light? And the glow? It’s the only thing you’d be talking about. Interviewer: Yes. Where, how, when, and any circumstances or impressions not previously noted. Interviewee: Well, I was outside for, well, relaxing - no particular reason - erm, and - [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: Interviewee is unsure of himself. Reason for being outside at this time may have been subliminal attraction to the location of the soon-to-be object.] Interviewee: - and I heard a slight buzzing - crackle - [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: This was the sound of ionization of the air caused by a sudden flow of energetic and minor nuclear radiation, itself caused by matter coming into existence (by a process which remains unknown [1]) in a space previously occupied by air.] Interviewee: And I - ah, - saw at my side a couple of feet away this... glow? Not a glow from anything, just a glow itself. Flashing like morse. [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: Morse was not previously mentioned by the subject. His descriptions of the glow have been predictably variable, supporting our theory (See next note.)] Interviewer: What color was it? Interviewee: I don’t know. Like, light? Interviewer: Can you tell me anything more about the glow before the object appeared? Interviewee: It was everywhere! Well, it’s - ah… uhm… - static glow? Static electricity? Its hum, too. Interviewer: What was the hum like? Interviewee: (agitated) I don’t know, it - it was like the glow! [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: All other witnesses perceived a ‘glow,’ ‘shroud,’ ‘blanket,’ ‘cloud,’ or ‘surrounding sensation.’ None could describe it in sensory terms, resorting to self-reference and angry defence to justify having seen the ‘glow.’ It has been theorized and is now widely accepted by XXXXXXX and the Static / Blue Crash Council to represent a kind of technical ‘notification’ intended for the users of the RCS [2], filtered through the inadequate senses of observer-programs (informal: NPCs.) The importance of the reception of in-software changes by the software itself cannot be overempasized.] Interviewer: WeInterviewee: (interrupting) -ll, let’s move on! The glow was gone, and then there it was! A block, just in the air, growing ‘till it was as big as me! Interviewer: What did the box look like? Interviewee: It was- it was made of grey glass, okay? And inside of it, like bugs in amber, were shapes. Black shapes, like the shapes that happen when you put a drop of coloring into water. Curls frozen in the glass. [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: It is under consideration by XXXXXXX and the Static / Blue Crash Council that these shapes, described differently by each viewer [3], are a kind of three-dimensional script, designed to be ‘read’ from a four-dimensional perspective, on a ‘monitor,’ by RCS users. The ‘box’ or ‘block’ (even described as an ‘3-D oval in the air’ by one witness) may represent an error message. See “PHOTOS / DIAGRAMS” for mechanical observations and attempted decryption.] Interviewer: What were the shapes, though? Interviewee: Intricate beyond description. Like abstract art. A whole row of the things were made of urchin things and alternate curls, like - like smoke. Yes, like smoke. Most of the rows were chaos, though. Interviewer: What rows? Interviewee: Y’know! The rows of shapes embedded in the glass-thing. The block. They were on the - intersections of a 3-D grid. [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: The figures were aligned on the vertices of fig 4. (See “PHOTOS / DIAGRAMS.”)] Interviewee: And - and then it was just - gone! And when it disappeared, I was pulled forward, like gravity kinda, tilted for a second! [NOTE ADDED ON REVIEW: See document “OBJ-31-PHYSICALITY_AND_VACCUMS.” (Document not attached.)] Interviewer: Then? Interviewee: Well, then I fell forward, got up, went inside, called nine-one-one, and you came instead. What are you doing to my yard, anyway? Interviewer: We needed samples. Interviewee: (suddenly and extremely agitated.) You can’t do that! Interviewer: Interview A1; declare over. Confirm. You may now return. Interviewee: Wai12:15 AM: Interview ended. ______________________________________________________________________________ Footnotes: [1:] Process of materialization is now known called “Matter_01” (code-named “XXXXzzZ”) and is vulnerable to RCS Exploit Class-1 Ident-5. Process produces nuclear radiation (50% Alpha, 45% Beta, 4.5% Gamma, 0.5% Unknown,) though only 1/10 as much as simulations suggest. [2:] RCS - Reality Computer Systems. [3:] ‘Figures’ (officially RCS-F or RCS Figures) appear different from different angles due to optical processes (suspected to be refraction) of the ‘grey glass’ (true composition as yet unknown,) in addition to the figures themselves being intricate and helix-oriented, and made of Vantablack™-like material. ______________________________________________________________________________ PHOTOS / DIAGRAMS: Fig. 1: Encoded RSC-F’s, from “ANALYSIS_OF_OBJ_31_INSTANCE_35.” * ℥ * Ω * ⚏ * * * ℥ * * ⇈ * * * ℥ * Ω * ⚏ * ↭ * * ⅗ * ↺↻ * Fig. 2: Orientations of RSC-F structures (from “ANALYSIS_OF_OBJ_31_INSTANCE_37.”) ⇄ ⇅ ⇆ ⇇ ⇈ ⇉ ⇊ ⇋ ⇌ ⇍ ⇎ ⇏ ⇐ ⇑ ⇒ ⇓ ⇔ ⇕ ⇖ ⇗ ⇘ ⇙⇆ ⇇ ⇈⇍ ⇎ ⇏ Fig. 3: Energy configurations, from the report “OBJECT_31_INSTANCE_38” (notice the disproportionalities, for which we could not account.) ┭ ┮ ┳ ┴ ┵ ┶ ┷ ┸ ┹ ┺ ┻ ╔ ╒ ╓ ╕ ╖ ╗ ╚ ╘ ╙ ╛ ╜ ╝ ╞ ╟ ╠ ╡ ╢ ╣ ╤┼ ┽ ┾ ┿ ╀ ╁ ╂ ╃ ╄ ╅ ╆ ╇ ╈ Fig. 4: “3-D Grid,” or cubic crystalline structure. Iguani. Vizzah Three Three can Dab. Written on march 9 2016. Cos: Hello! This is the document in which we p̶la̶n̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶ld̶ ̶d̶o̶m̶in̶a̶tio̶n̶ ̶talk! We cannot be stopped! showing someone your mus
For those who are safe
full of rats and late/ghost trains
heat death more like yeet death
until the stars fall
some days I take an extra shower just to remember what warmth feels like
The era of data and analytics in learning is just beginning. Data, Analy
tics, and Learning provides an introduction to learning analytics and ho
w  it is being deployed in various contexts in education, including to s
upport automated intervention, to inform instructors, and to promote sci
entific discovery.
💚(^▽^)]]]]][[[[[ Dec 26, 2017 ]\ • ]\ the illustrious stranger passing through 
depths of ether ~ in the cold and dark from which the comets come - stars of ic
e february 89th ....this deepend my comprehension of the martial dao - New Fold
er (2) Atmospheric plane exploration (deep etherial, etc.) >Exploration of unde
rground ruins (focus on knowledge and lore instead of combat) https://www.youtu 2023-02-09-YouTube-ELON_MOSK_लेते_है_महिने_के_केव… text(1)t
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eleven seconds of fucking what

happiness as vestigal
scp apolyyon hugs 99
all iw wrote

dust living room
clean kitchen cabnets
leaf piles(=^ᆺ^)ノ日本語  xandro 【 on the theological implications of kaomoji 】  

    [PURPLE2] The screaming continued. Until sunrise. Ash smeared the ground of which a soul had once existed.
    [PURPLE2] When you die, You will be cursed to follow me forever.

=ip         0     IP           # Internet protocol
icmp       1     ICMP         # Internet control message protocol
ggp        3     GGP          # Gateway-gateway protocol
tcp        6     TCP          # Transmission control protocol
egp        8     EGP          # Exterior gateway protocol
pup        12    PUP          # PARC universal packet protocol
udp        17    UDP          # User datagram protocol
hmp        20    HMP          # Host monitoring protocol
xns-idp    22    XNS-IDP      # Xerox NS IDP
rdp        27    RDP          # "reliable datagram" protocol
ipv6       41    IPv6         # Internet protocol IPv6
ipv6-route 43    IPv6-Route   # Routing header for IPv6
ipv6-frag  44    IPv6-Frag    # Fragment header for IPv6
esp        50    ESP          # Encapsulating security payload
ah         51    AH           # Authentication header
ipv6-icmp  58    IPv6-ICMP    # ICMP for IPv6
ipv6-nonxt 59    IPv6-NoNxt   # No next header for IPv6
ipv6-opts  60    IPv6-Opts    # Destination options for IPv6
rvd        66    RVD          # MIT remote virtual disk

        @@@@@@           @@@@@@
      @@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@@@@
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@@@@@<3@@@@@
  @@@(0@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

services # Copyright (c) 1993-2004 Microsoft Corp. # # This file contains port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA # # Format: # # / [aliases...] [#] # lmhosts.sam # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample LMHOSTS file used by the Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to computernames # (NetBIOS) names. Each entry should be kept on an individual line. # The IP address should be placed in the first column followed by the # corresponding computername. The address and the computername # should be separated by at least one space or tab. The "#" character # is generally used to denote the start of a comment (see the exceptions # below). # # This file is compatible with Microsoft LAN Manager 2.x TCP/IP lmhosts # files and offers the following extensions: # # #PRE # #DOM: # #INCLUDE # #BEGIN_ALTERNATE # #END_ALTERNATE # \0xnn (non-printing character support) # # Following any entry in the file with the characters "#PRE" will cause # the entry to be preloaded into the name cache. By default, entries are # not preloaded, but are parsed only after dynamic name resolution fails. # # Following an entry with the "#DOM:" tag will associate the # entry with the domain specified by . This affects how the # browser and logon services behave in TCP/IP environments. To preload # the host name associated with #DOM entry, it is necessary to also add a # #PRE to the line. The is always preloaded although it will not # be shown when the name cache is viewed. # # Specifying "#INCLUDE " will force the RFC NetBIOS (NBT) # software to seek the specified and parse it as if it were # local. is generally a UNC-based name, allowing a # centralized lmhosts file to be maintained on a server. # It is ALWAYS necessary to provide a mapping for the IP address of the # server prior to the #INCLUDE. This mapping must use the #PRE directive. # In addtion the share "public" in the example below must be in the # LanManServer list of "NullSessionShares" in order for client machines to # be able to read the lmhosts file successfully. This key is under # \machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\lanmanserver\parameters\nullsessionshares # in the registry. Simply add "public" to the list found there. # # The #BEGIN_ and #END_ALTERNATE keywords allow multiple #INCLUDE # statements to be grouped together. Any single successful include # will cause the group to succeed. # # Finally, non-printing characters can be embedded in mappings by # first surrounding the NetBIOS name in quotations, then using the # \0xnn notation to specify a hex value for a non-printing character. # # The following example illustrates all of these extensions: # # rhino #PRE #DOM:networking #net group's DC # "appname \0x14" #special app server # popular #PRE #source server # localsrv #PRE #needed for the include # # #BEGIN_ALTERNATE # #INCLUDE \\localsrv\public\lmhosts # #INCLUDE \\rhino\public\lmhosts # #END_ALTERNATE # # In the above example, the "appname" server contains a special # character in its name, the "popular" and "localsrv" server names are # preloaded, and the "rhino" server name is specified so it can be used # to later #INCLUDE a centrally maintained lmhosts file if the "localsrv" # system is unavailable. # # Note that the whole file is parsed including comments on each lookup, # so keeping the number of comments to a minimum will improve performance. # Therefore it is not advisable to simply add lmhosts file entries onto the # end of this file. hosts # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name. # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one # space. # # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol. # # For example: # # # source server # # x client host # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. # localhost # ::1 localhost networks # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp. # # This file contains network name/network number mappings for # local networks. Network numbers are recognized in dotted decimal form. # # Format: # # [aliases...] [#] # # For example: # # loopback 127 # campus 284.122.107 # london 284.122.108 protocol # Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Microsoft Corp. # # This file contains the Internet protocols as defined by various # RFCs. See # # Format: # # [aliases...] [#] 10/23/19, 16:00:41.706 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 0% (starting): Starting. (No route to host [WSAEHOSTUNREACH ]; NOROUTE; count 3; recommendation warn; host 547C1CDB516798EC66A01F04A5884DCE1A151919 at 10/23/19, 16:00:41.745 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 10/23/19, 16:00:41.745 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 10/23/19, 16:00:41.745 [NOTICE] Delaying directory fetches: DisableNetwork is set.

[PURPLE2] You need not dig a grave, my guilt will swallow me whole.

synthetic echoes
bones of winter 2015


this morning
Welcome back in the morning.
I know.
However, in me, you are so beautiful.
This, however, does not of necessity, will we, in a case of, behold, it was not to be.
If you do not treat of the bag, and what does not
Please lot of work.
This causes you and your daughter, and patience
I hope for the world
Find your company
All communication between us is the same week.
So is my friend always loves.
But this came to be.

Hollow shells of all thats left when one is divided to the depths of dust puppeted by the strings of webs subtracted and torn out like bones from a harvest taken from darkened fields with nothing left
Spider demos stalker sorry honestly decay attic all walled up I found your IP I like you copper dragon internet friends
You are loved and the dark shapes out of the corners of your eyes are your friends (you met me on a now-defunct d&d forum in 2008)
Grassy parking lots you let go first when you hug me

          Welcome to the garden, but please watch your step.
          There's a time and a place and a land far away
          and a look on your face saying it's okay
          there's a tree in a field in the shape of a wheel
          and it's not a big deal but this world isn't


[960712][May-Be SOFT] Coming Heart
(つ旧作)(18禁ゲーム)[980814][FORESTER] EDEN (ccd)
d&d 3.0-3.5 core books & supplements
  Like this image to rot instantly    

01/24 - 14.0 GB
01/25 - 12.2 GB
01/26 - 5.96 GB
01/27 - 5.60 GB
01/28 - 4.53 GB
01/29 - 2.86 GB
01/30 - 4.71 GB
01/31 - 7.92 GB
02/01 - 4.10 GB
02/02 - 3.92 GB
02/03 - 5.33 GB
02/04 - 4.63 GB
02/05 - 4.28 GB
02/06 - 4.16 GB
02/07 - 2.04 GB
02/08 - 9.24 GB
02/09 - 2.32 GB
02/10 - 3.42 GB

[#332] 天気予報 - ひまわり画像
[#09]  Good Morning!
[#87]  I Dream, You Dream, We Dream

Momentary early-morning broadcasts, test signals and lights on distant
radio towers, digital ephemera of a still-sleeping world to be collected
and thrown away with bleary distance of airport coffees and cycling
radio tests as the cities lights reluctantly blink on.

 6:15 -  8:00 / Emptied and loaded dishwasher, cleaned dishes
                Straightened up pantry and cabinets
                Scrubbed hallway floor
                Generally straightened up room and house
                Got changed
 8:00 -  8:45 / Cleaning out computer, listening to music
 8:45 - 11:00 / Preparing, cooking pancakes, cleaning kitchen
11:30 -  1:00 / Eating vegetables, downloading music

8:40-8:45 AM - Wake up, vitamins, feed crayfish
8:45-8:40 AM - Read "The Sheltered Storm," backup labels, prepare for school

- Made 2047 list
- Downloaded Masonna, denpa, and more
- Played games with Dad, family, and helped out around house
- Read Junji Ito

I wanna go into academia
and go to college and write books till I fall from the sky
It doesn't come and it doesn't go and I doesn't feel like home anymore
I just play dead, I just play dead
I still see your reflection at night, at night
It doesn't come and it doesn't go and I just don't like you anymore
I just play dead, I just play dead

When I close my eyes I see the bedroom of my childhood best friend
An unescapable fog of light, blessing you and blinding you

america online
comfort static