OBERAMMERGAUER PASSIONSPIEL 2000 and it's little brother OBEMOD have already had a strange history in their short existence
so far with reissues, crossovers, deletions, reworks, and relabellings. I've got an hour to kill so here we go.

OBER000 - Bigonus - I am a worthless cunt with no life
Crunchy lofi noise with backing that sounds like a distorted to hell version of the soundtrack of a cheap spooky flashgame.
Maybe that's overly specific but that's what I get from it. I'm all for netdrama singles, too.

OBER002 - DJ Dickfucker - When Push Comes To Shove, I'm Gonna Fucking Bail On You
I love how identifiable Woodpecker No.1 is. Neat breakcore/beat for the rest and one of the few examples of lowbit breaks I know.
Cool wub at the end. Cover looks like a ribcage or trilobite.

OBER001 - Fuck This School (OBER001)
Track 1 feels like reverb-drowned, incredibly slowed vocals / field recordings with a bit of bitcrushing to taste.
Track 2 has more bitcrushing, more noise, more glitching. Sorry about school, sure you can get through it. Neat slime looking cover.

OBER003 - bill a. kole - my milk goes out to you
Not sure why I actually expected soft rock. I'm an idiot. Shitcore grindcore cybermess. Congrats on the 15703 rejection.
Doing this in a txt because why not.

OBER004 - ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ - compose MELODY dedicated to ART
This was a fun way to waste a night then and a fun way to waste a minute now. The Merzbow remix was actually from 2018.
Microtrack remixes are still a cool idea to me and the r36ralsei one was pretty good ngl.

OBER005 - Butchered Soldier
Some hardcore, lofi noise, spoken word, tones, samples in a blender. Butchered Soldier in full swing. Radio edits of tracks like
this are still funny to me.

OBER006 - ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ - All Tracks Conveniently Under 30 Seconds For No Scrobblage
Some more funny microremixes, a cover I'm actually kind of proud of, and more trve microtracks. Winamp crashing shit.
The last one was actually pretty good, if only I could make it over eight seconds lol. Enough tooting my own horn, onto
a release I hate (this was referring to TxTxSx.)

OBER007 - Butchered Soldier - Death Before Detransition
Beginning felt like a nightmarish YTP (no idea what the audio is) and the rest is an experimental hardcore clusterfunk.
Some neat textures colliding like vehicles.

OBER009 - Merzlux - Death
I used to dislike Merzlux and mhzesent because I thought they were "soulless" or something, but warmed up to mhz and now to Merzlux,
one of the more eccentric and interesting people in the experimental net scene. Vintage cover / arbitrary title / lobit noise is
pretty on brand. Not sure what to make of it, has a coherent drone behind the lobit digital gibbering.

OBER010 - Butchered Soldier - Vagina Monologue
I now have heard of the Vagina Monologues (godawful name) thanks to this. Good noise, even more so for being plunderphonics. Wobbly sounds.

OBER011 - WxWxBxFx - TxTxSx
Dumb lyrics I had to distort to unrecognizability to make it less embarassing. Still can't believe I used WWBF as an alias like
a dumbass. The cover's good, though. Cat from someone's neocities page and the grindcore logo is actually a picture of tangerine strings.
RIP the split this was supposed to be.

OBER012 - The Twitter Artist - Cancel
Nice noise and I wish I knew the original context. White noise bursts and bitcrushed grinding microtrack, even by Ober standards.

OBER013 - Various Artists - WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
Fun compilation, fan of it. Buncha noise, experimental, breakcore, folk, and IDM. Stockport's track was very recognizable and my track still
makes me laugh at my own jokes. Vziel still manages to surprise and confuse and Crow's as unpredictable as ever. Some new names, too.

OBER014 - Bill A. Kole - OBER014 (OBER014)
Not sure why Archive stretched the cover instead of showing the waveform but it looks hilarious. Lobit plunderphonics(?) with some semi-random
hardcore drum bits and sped up vocals. Reminds me a tiny bit of Scissor Shock.

OBER014.5 - the twitter artist - Fuck Himeko Katagari
I hope the typo was intentional. Somewhere I've got a list of like 9 Himeko diss releases to add this to. That's impressive. It's a loop turned into
a lobit sounding sound collage.

OBER008/KLUM000 - Butchered Soldier - Popsludge01
RIP Kislud Klum. It really deserved to go somewhere, pop mutilation is always a cool idea and this pulls it off interestingly. No smashed amens or
speedcore noise whatever, just weird reworking into wonky screwed up stretched-reversed-chopped-pop from the other side of a virtual cave.

OBI055 - NDW/USA - audioNoisedatacompendium
Cool databent noises. Screaming of scrambled files. Elaborate backstories are always fun too. RIP cover, wherever it went.

OM01 - Butchered Soldier - Monday
Some cool chiptune ringtone sounding stuff that suddenly goes strange then hardcore (hippity hoppity your kick is now my property.) I never
got how trackers worked so impressive to me. Good aesthetics on the cover.

OM02 - Little Robot Failures - No Samples Stolen EP
Some dark-ish breakbeat, some clunky 00s sounding breakcore, some 8-bit hardcore for DIY boss battle raves, some nice little chiptunes,
chipnoise, bits and pieces, here and there. A nice EP. Wonder if it's a BS side project or someone else. 05jd4 was probably my favorite.

OM03 - Butchered Soldier - Bogdan Remix
Not sure what or who Bogdan is in the first place. Some experimental tracker stuff, very out there, still really like the Overmod aesthetic.