2023/03/16, Thursday Interesting things I learned from the video: 1) The vikings had no government or coinage 2) They were the first Europeans to encounter North America and it's indigenous population 3) The key to their military victory was their ships, which were designed to be light and almost shell-like 4) In early Viking history, due to the price of sails and their redundancy to humanpowered rowing, they were often not included on Viking ships 5) They did not wear the horned helmets we associate them with today Who had the coolest name? Charles the Bald. Simple, striking, terrible, I'll probably remember it for the rest of my days. Which country would you be most interested in ruling? I chose Italy, due to my heritage there, my knowledge of it's history, it's smaller size (116,374, which might prove easier to control than the more sprawling landmasses of of France (213,011 mi²) and Germany (137,847 mi²)) and it's future religious / cultural signficiance thanks to Pepin's papal donation. Would you rather study the trivium or quadrivium? I would rather choose the quadrivium. The trivium of logic, rhetoric, and grammar are neither my strong suits or my interests, wheras my main hobbies (astronomy and music) and interest in geometry put me squarely in more quadrivium-related fields of study. However, I had to give it thought and keep in mind the state that these subjects were in during this time period: for example, astronomy was then comparatively primitive and subject to heavy religious censure.