For the sake of my sanity, this only includes the larsht_ bandcamp page, not any other projects or releases (Lil Shitcore, etc.)
I forgot to write down when I began but it ended formally on January 17th 2023
My keyboard's kind of busted and all of these responses are pretty much flow of consciousness so expect typos and nonsense galore
Lets do this shit

新しい時代の自動車 - το έτος είναι 2021 [2018-06-07, 32:39] Some real outsider WTF vapor shit, going from genuinely unsettling samples to absurdly sped up post-nightcore to an unchanging Death Grips chopped'n'screwed loop. I can't say it's too good and it went on a bit too long at times to keep my attention but we all start somewhere
新しい時代の自動車 - unfinished demos, old albums and other garbage [2018-09-26, 16:20] Gave me some weird secondhand nostalgia. 9th grade was a great part of my life, when I was first learning audacity, making stuff that sounds pretty much like this while hanging out with Eir at school who was also making stuff like this. It kinda musically sucks but that's strong words from someone who chops amens for a living.
Car Sofa - Mirror EP [2018-10-08, 10:36] RL Stine AND "Full Length Album one day" let's gooooooooo With these early vapor tapes I have to listen to the in audacity with the spectrograms on to wrap my head around what's really going on. I definitely fuck with this though, it's musically interesting and keeps me involved (unlike το έτος είναι 2021)
Car Sofa - untitled [2018-11-17, 19:47] DJ RAY-XANS sample hard af, all in all giving me heavy 2018 .tif nostalgia. You can definitely tell it's super early stuff but there's good ideas and nnn is unironically cool as hell
Car Sofa - 3005 remix - Single [2018-11-23, 8:27] i don't listen to Childish Gambino so i don't know if that helps or not iI think this is a Car Sofa collage backing the original's vocals? neat idea and the instrumental's decent
Car Sofa - TITLED EP [2018-12-08, 12:00] nnn is better when it isn't 7 minutes long, nice the rest is standard Car Sofa, bizarre in a fun way
Car Sofa - Soft EP [2018-12-13, 3:21] 3 minute ep lol i get it though "mostly harmless" feels very distinct in a way i can't quite describe, it doesn't slide though my head like some other
Car Sofa - 2018 IS FUCKING DEAD [2018-12-31, 20:00] i tried finding the original post on desuarchive for the length of this release and failed track 1 reminds me of how much i want to film a music video in a rearview car cam but the knowledge that it would only end up looking like a bad death grips parody wtf is freejazzmidishit is like minimal noise (not complaining) 3 & 5 are classic car sofa vibes and i like the best of comp the description speaks to me on a spiritual level
Car Sofa - 2 B SIDES OFF SERRY [2019-01-06, 1:48] more christtt worship mini sound collage kinda funny how they never separate b-sides, just merges and releases them charge your phone battery
Car Sofa - Serry Jeinfeld [The Pointless Life Of A Spaceman] [2019-01-08, 14:00] love the utter nonsense and deconsntruction and audio gibberish the idea of jerry seinfeld as an astronaut falling to his death into a black hole, scared and confused, being bombarded by macy's ads is SIGNIFICANT for real love it for what it is
Car Sofa - pointless [2019-02-11, 21:51] like a less focused serry jeinfeld not the best but i didn't dislike to have it on, filled the silence and kept me confused and entertained
Car Sofa - Detection / a5 (single) [2019-05-07, 1:34] 94 seconds of car sofa sound collage vapor weirdness still love it in a strange way. i miss talking with eir about HKE and vektroid and shit between classes in high school anyway
Car Sofa - избранные окружающие работы για τον 21ο αιώνα [2019-05-31, 16:10] more of the same but no decrease in quality. i love the ineplicable aesthetic choices, greek and russian tet and these incomprehensible covers
Car Sofa - ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΣ [2019-07-16, 21:51] wasting my time sample = cool as fuck i love how these are all concept albums that try so hard but turn into something completely different 3amperson and car sofa are direct analogues
Car Sofa - Sinking [2019-07-22, 4:05] i love Car Seat Headresr jokes aside the loop is genuinely good and i enjoy this, outsider vapor vibes aside essential early work
Car Sofa - Tounge Tied remix [2019-08-11, 4:16] mutilates the original tbh but still makes me feel strange this song introduced me to tongue tied and it gives me nostalgia and pain thank you
Car Sofa - ☆star☆ EP [2019-08-14, 9:58] 90% of car sofa blends together in my head but it's still such strange music, i can't tell if it's incompetent or creative but it keeps me on my toes. whenever you think i'll start making any musical sense it doesn't the five starcle men of teenage vaporwave
Lovely Night - Beautiful Stars [2019-08-31, 4:05] formless shapeless dark ambient masses drowning in space but way too short
Animal Crossing New Leaf Session - 11pm session [2019-09-17, 8:44] now entering the masquerade era not my favorite animal crossing vaporwave album but cmon it's animal crossing it's inherently nice and i like it
Animal Crossing New Leaf Session - 8pm session // DMT​​​​​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​​​​​769 [2019-10-11, 11:38] a bit better and more focused than the other tape, i like the it i remember seeing this in 2020 and meaning to listen to it, not sure if i did or not orbiting the same circles for a while it seems i never played animal crossing. i never played anything but a bit of minecraft growing up so none of these gaming vaporwave releases have any real effect on me. immune to propaganda
Car Sofa - insecure [2019-11-13, 0:37] it was over before i could even process it slowed samples beyond comprenehsion with some other stuff built in or tacked on on one hand why lol, on the other i did multiple 20-60 second singles in 2018 too and sub 1 minute releases are based inherently
Car Sofa - 2019 bsides [2019-12-24, 2:03] car sofa goes dark ambient, sorta also two minutes of b-sides out of an entire year is impressive however you look at it funny little bundle of random sounds
łłłłłłłł - łłłłłłłł [2020-01-06, 4:45] more ultra slowed collaged samples beyond thought and consciousness incomprenehsible i've met with a terrible fate
Car Sofa - Loops Vol 1 [2020-01-13, 9:12] i epected (my >< key is broken lol) more "huh cool" weirdness but this is genuinely good track 3 in particular is incredible, i have to steal it at some point i wish this was a series or a huge hour long comp of loops like favorite 水 did
Car Sofa - abandoned sears EP [2020-01-17, 11:59] kinda by-the-book but still good vaporwave, the fact that it's dedicated to a particular store at a local dead mall pleases me nice to listen to and track 3 is GREAT, deltarune sampling??
Tomowave - Life Collection [2020-02-28, 11:13] kinda in one ear out the other but harmless amazing chill vaporgame
Car Sofa - god is watching (single) [2020-03-03, 3:26] listens to christtt once i'm sorry my man but it feels like a random series of samples i might be impressed if this was done live in mixxx though
SPOTTED AT 3AM - ALIEN [2020-03-18, 7:37] it was probably nothing don't worry about it you can definitely feel the effort that went into building a scene and a feeling with the music legit made me feel weird
ゼルダワイルド - ゼ​ル​ダ​ワ​イ​ル​ド [2020-04-03, 25:32] i was curious about this one for a while and it didn't let down felt very aesthetic and OST-ish but at the same time kind of sparse and empty like an empty multiplayer game or one where none of the NPCs spawned and you're just left wandering around aimlessly
Car Sofa - IFLS [2020-04-06, 28:21] had to listen to this three times and once while watching the spectrogram to even wrap my head around it not because it's fast or hyperactive, because it's utterly formless and abstract teenage iphone vaporwave is 2010s outsider music
I'm A Mess. - I'm Sorry, Bea. [2020-04-19, 13:28] not the greatest of all time but i liked it, the cover and titles had me looking forward to it for a long time and it didn't let down
larsht_ - slow dancing in the dark edit [2020-07-15, 2:59] not the best but an interesting take on the track, would make a really good slushwave track if they revisited it
不動産マネージャー - 現​実​に​な​る [2020-09-04, 11:31] in one ear out the other but that's most vaporwave to me so whatever we need more game based vaporwave i like the statue of liberty in the middle of the city
Mobotix - Aviv [2020-09-29, 21:12] i love love love internet torso and a 20 minute single is the perfect way to start it off weird plunderphonics done RIGHT
Mobotix - Ulm [2020-10-18, 6:52] old-school 2016 deep internet vibes i LOVE it that's where it's at one of my favorites so far, so short but so sweet
Prepper's Essentials - Prepper's Essentials [2021-01-19, 19:38] feels like sitting in front of an air heater during a cold winter browsing files genuine day to day comfy post-apocalypse downloaded internet browsing, trying to pretend everything's normal
larsht_ - garfield [2021-02-06, 3:54] emotion x-ish ambient microtracks around a lovely atmospheric drone single i fw the garfield theme the world needs more garfbient i need to shut the fuck up
interlude alias - interlude 1 [2021-02-10, 2:18] short trax harsh noise blasts probably made on a whim solid wall of sound bursts, not big into pure noise nowadays but good fun
larsht_ - all i get anymore is scam calls [2021-02-23, 8:41] plunderphonics microloops. has immense potential to be annoying but was actually pretty cool not my favorite sound of all time but i could use more of it in my life tbh, would love another release like this
larsht_ - larsht_ live @ Cephalofest Sep. 20th 2020 [2020-11-24, 21:02] GOD i need to listen to more vaporwave, this had some classic and some new tracks and some tracks that felt like they should be classics and actually gave me the parallel univer energy so much vaporwave strives for but fails to actually get. maybe not essential but i needed it in my life to give me my long-overdue dose of vapor ,good stuff
larsht_ - larsht_ live @ nichefest, Dec. 12th 2020 [2020-12-12, 15:10] all this Car Sofa stuff works way better as a DJ mix than as individual tracks for some reason on their own they were pretty much in one ear out the other, here i quite liked em i feel like this is the end of the car sofa era... rest in plunderphonics
larsht_ & Frey Opossum - Nightcowore 2020 the Frey Opossum side had some good remixing but I literally cannot stand stuff like anaconda and my neck my back it's considerably worse than nails on a chalkboard no matter how you remix it i'm sorry the larsht_ side had a sweet tracklist and i love nightcore so it saved my experience of this release a bit [2020-12-31, 30:00]
Favorite 水 / larsht_ - Favorite 水 / larsht_ [2021-01-30, 30:01] now that i actually listen to it i love Tounge Tied, gonna return to the Car Sofa remix and see how it holds up now at worst decent, at best pretty sick, the DJ mixing is kinda nonexistent but whatever (actually nvm i hate lil darkie i'm sorry) the Favorite 水 side is his BEST WORK though holy shit I love this I love this post-nightcore twee / shoegaze / dream pop 4 fuckin EVERRR
larsht_ - Set for Sylveon, June 1st 2021 [2021-06-04, 30:00] pretty much what i said about NONAMEFEST June 2k21, it's a similar idea of a DJ set / YTP crossover completely different tracklist though, if you like one check out the other Boom Clap goes hard forever
larsht_ and 空間連續性破壞 - 最後一刻 [2021-03-09, 1:25:43] the hbo side didn't blow me away, even with the technologic sample the larsht_ side was actually quite nice slushwave, i never got into telepath but i'd imagine it's pretty much like this enjoyed, for j-pop and slushwave fans, check it out
larsht_ - (✪㉨✪) [2021-03-15, 14:41] simple but sweet dark ambient with two glitch microtracks if you like DA check this one out, it's better than i expected
larsht_ - cool ep about my dog [2021-03-30, 8:56] screwed field recordings. this is where the mhzish net music aesthetic really kicks in the stream of consciousness description took it up a notch too
現実の中で - 今晩 [2021-05-25, 42:12] not sure what i expected but it's actually great signalwave. i *think* the cover's a microscope covering someone's mouth? but yeah actual full length and i listened to it twice and might do it again
CucumberHorse / larsht_ / 絡み合った運命 - The Awakening of Xagaroth - FREE DOWNLOAD [2021-05-26, 56:08] sorta expected shitpost memewave but it's decent at worst and quite good otherwise, slushwave video game stuff reminds me of spamwave at points and you can TELL it's silly bayview stuff but effort was put in and it shines though
larsht_ - LARSHT_ URL60 SET [2021-06-21, 1:00 1 minute mashup with amen break free sample pack ft. gecs n grips good shit
larsht_ - lars based mix 2k21 (NONAMEFEST June 2k21) [2021-06-27, 30:00] i read the name as "non amen fest" every single time for a year now very good very funny very dense, i guess it could be better but i quite liked it just a complete ride from one idea to the next to the next
larsht_ - Livestream of Unconsciousness [2021-07-03, 2:23:42] big chopped'n'screwed and / or lobit fans would like the first part the rest is just field recordings which you can just skip but i'm so used to field recordings from the TCLB log i'm used to it it just felt like sitting in a room with him for two hours as we browse the internet i can't stand silence though so it furfilled it's function
larsht_ - "Live" @ Camp Nero, July 21st 2021 [2021-07-22, 14:54] the best live set yet (possibly to date even in 2022 but we'll see) "im sad lol" is the first larsht_ track i really liked and i still love it, genius combo the rest is some nice mashup-with-amen-breaks-free-sample-pack.rar stuff and the fact they made people listen to minutes of reverbed field recordings during a live set is great on it's own
larsht_ - 8kbps Heaven [2021-07-25, 1:28:43] great stuff, not to be skipped sound collage ambient, drone, plunderphonics the fact they even noticed the one second of ambient in that ad and made a whole track out of it makes me want to shed a single tear of joy the websdr was INCREDIBLE too, i was dreading it but ended up loving it the hour of field recordings wasn't what i epected but you can just skip it anyway (although i can't lol)
lars #200__ / RobloxSk8er2002 - "Well, I guess that answers my question then​​​.​​​" You say and begin to leave the room. [2021-07-30, 6:56] weirdo roblox influeded sound collage side a: dark ambient / abstract hexd / acoustic plunderphonics side b: ads and youtube collage with heave dose of bad ytp not essential but confused me to the point of enjoyment
larsht_ - Things Inhuman [2021-08-07, 1:03:21] kinda like a b-sides of 8kbps Heaven, everything's a little shorter and demo-ish like 8 kbps heaven's little brother lobit websdr is still lovely and i like paulstretch and undertale sampling so no problems here
larsht_ VS ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ - now that's what i call shitcore 2k15 [2021-08-12, 19:32] at the time we made this i thought my side was incredible and wasn't blown away by larsht_'s listening to it again and my side kinda sucks and his side is legendary, i was audibly cracking up throughout the dmx chopping was a highlight but the rest is incredible too aged like a fine wine
larsht_ - LARSHT_ THE 2EROFEST INDUSTRY PLANT "BASED DJ MIX" I AM NOT REAL DO NOT REFER TO ME (LARSHT_ @ 2EROFEST 9​/​4​/​21) [2021-09-04, 20:00 i'm not a huge fan of pure hip hop but that's on me, the mashups are good though and Don't Like L'Amour Toujours has tons of potential pretty much put L'Amour Toujours into anything and i'll love it okosan found inside van with "free L'Amour Toujours" painted on side
larsht_ / Okosan - VRChat / Miscellaneous Bullshit [2021-09-213, 1:03:17] i love how my tracks on this turned out, hanging out with my cousin doing dumb shit in FL studio was fun af i need to join vrchat just for background noise more often larsht_s side was kinda empty but i can't complain too much this review came out mean i'm sorry for being egotistical
larsht_ - 9​​​/​​​25​​​/​​​21 [2021-10-03, 8:38] just walkin reminds me of the field recording in gero decrescendo with the distant laughter oddly poignant when that comes in
larsht_ - Untitled Album [2021-10-18, 1:53:09] post-screw isn't eactly my thing but it was cool, especially the tracks provided since i recognie the originals through the fog of editing (lol @ the fact that neither had youtube videos) and the run away with me and burzum. such a clusterfuck of a tracklist but i love that genres: field recordings, post-screw, black metal, dark ambient, breakcore, plunderphonics the cover still disturbs me congrats too
larsht_ - Making A Shitty Furry Breakcore EP Before Bed For Work Like This Shit Hasn't Been Done Before​!​!​! [2021-10-04, 3:37] goddammit larsht_ lol i remember when this dropped and i was walking around the college campus listening to it i keep on hearing releases and being like "i remember that, i was living in the basement then" last track had me on thin ice because if i ever unironically enjoy daxbak i will kill mysefl
larsht_ - No Designer Clothes [2021-10-27, 0:45] i know it's "just" a bones vaporwave edit but i love it better than 95% of ambient this could go on for an hour and i wouldn't get too tired of it
larsht_ / Q# / Shifala - bom​​​-​​​shel_​​​:​​​/​​​/​​​' [2021-10-28, 52:07] not the biggest fan, odd since i know all the artists and label involved to one degree or another the post-screw is way too much to be anything but plunder dark ambient but congrats on the yung lean interaction the rest was cat playground style internet noise harmless
super nintendo & larsht_ - atmosphere [2021-10-29, 56:01] it's been a few weeks since i listened to it but some funky vapor on super nintendo's side and atmospheric vapor on larsht_s i remember fullwidth, rip(?)
larsht_ - the mind is a machine & i want to turn it off [2021-11-03, 9:18] i love breaks+funny mashups very good very cool the sematary sample on this album set into action a chain of events that led to me being hired at a haunted hayride
rosekiss / larsht_ - Collage [2021-11-09, 50:26] hexd vapor ambient??? neat the cover haunts me, i wish i understood it
larsht_ - field recording for the "McDonald's​™​" label [2021-11-14, 0:50] are all the hana associated labels deleted now?? i like internet shit music
larsht_ - 11​​​/​​​25​​​/​​​2021 SDR [2021-11-26, 25:54] i was dreading the WebSDR releases but love them now keep em coming they have lots of potential for interesting field recordings and improvised sound collages
larsht_ - Drive Slow 11​/​10​/​21 [2021-12-03, 0:45] door stuck we're dead
larsht_ & FUTURE FUNK FOR CRACKHEADS - larsht_ vs. FUTURE FUNK FOR CRACKHEADS [2021-11-26, 0:45] the lars side is one of my favorite mashcore tracks of all time i aspire to ever make anything this unhinged the FFFC side is neat breakz and the collab too not to get political but what the fuck is future funk
larsht_ - UNRELEASED ECCOJAM TAPE [2021-12-19, 17:39] great ideas bad execution i'm sorry the loops are great and i love the ideas but the sound is echoed / reverbed in weird ways i'm very close to recreating this, the potential is immense
larsht_ - 45 Microtracks for 45​-​Byō [2021-12-20, 0:45] i love it i love it microtrax 4 life for real i find this very amusing tempted to take that one title seriously and make it a drone album
larsht_ - 12​/​27​/​21 [2021-12-27, 15:09] i only now realize the cover's a collage of old covers but i don't recognize a few of them and it's screwing with me more roomtone and journalling which is a neat idea
larsht_ - 12​/​28​/​21 [2021-12-28, 4:19] i now understand track 4's title (lil shitcore) (also fuck me do i have to listen to all of lil shitcore for this list? bull or heavn? i opened pandora's box here please help)
larsht_ - 2021: its over and IFLS still: A Collection of B-Sides [2021-12-29, 8:49] some interesting noise, sound collage, his theme and burzum samples go hard eternally i hope 2022 was better and if i still sucked same boat here, 2023 is our year fr
larsht_ - Bustin Jieber (Ambient Mix) [2021-12-31, 0:44] genuinely cool sounds to generate from justin beiber good and there's more potential here too
larsht_ - Bustin Jieber (Breakcore Mix) [2022-01-07, 0:45] more potential just like this glad it's being explored more, good sound cool idea i'm not sure if it's really breakcore but i'm not gonna play genre police on a justin beiber remix
larsht_ - 12​/​26​/​2021 [2022-01-12, 0:45] just fieldin
larsht_ - 12​​​/​​​26​​​/​​​2021 (B) [2022-01-12, 17:15] hey look it's cernowobog unironic living in the basement gang
larsht_ - 12​​​/​​​26​​​/​​​2021 (C) [2022-01-12, 7:34] there is nothing
larsht_ - 12​​​​​​​/​​​​​​​26​​​​​​​/​​​​​​​2021 (D) [2022-01-12, 13:33] post-screw with some real weird sounds somewhere in there it took me a year to figure out what the cover is
Jaiden Donnelly & larsht_ - broadcast(texture) [2022-01-12, 1:41:21] i had to listen to these with weird glitchy speakers which sounds like it would enhance the experience but it didn't really i need to give it another shot properly, i liked it a lot weirdo glitch hop on the last track and some lovely worlds of radio sound collage new mexico nevada desert abandoned transmitter radio tower 201x
larsht_ - 3.2.22) [2022-03-02, 25:31] reminds me all the way back to cool ep about my dog, screwed field recordings a neat deviation in style and pleasant lofi cool
larsht_ - a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more (3/8/2022) [2022-03-08, 26:10]
larsht_ - literally just cuddling a pillow and field recording some of it because im a touch deprived internet loser (3/16/22) [2022-01-16, 0:32] based good fields i should do this (i do this)
larsht_ - 2 12 AM 3​/​20​/​22 [2022-03-20, 0:32] fields good cover
larsht_ - 2 29 AM 3​​​/​​​20​​​/​​​22 [2022-03-20, 0:34] fields nightmarish cover
larsht_ - World End Event 2083 [2022-04-10, 5:16] odd release, broken transmission loops with more of a digital instead of analog feel, cover goes with this too not sure why it's so short but i enjoyed it
larsht_ - SGP S​.​A​.​N​.​D MIXES FOR APRIL 1st 2022 [2022-04-01, 24:44] this particular post-screw venture wasn't my thing but after having it explained to me since i'm an idiot i like the fact it exists we need more low effort bandcamp album covers i like them
larsht_ - >tfw anubis will never give you a gold star (3​/​29​/​22) [2022-03-29, 13:44] i'm going to hell and that makes two of us i've listened to this at least 3 times now because i keep on remembering it exists this is the like most downloaded release on cataura btw
larsht_ - wasting my life and wondering why i feel so incomplete all the time [2022-02-28, 12:58] i think this is the release where larsht clicked with me and went from someone on my labels to an influence on me the spirit of this album's amen-breaks-over-funny-mashups haunts my music to this day
larsht_ - WAAAAA IM GONNA CWYYY MY URL60 TIMEWARP SET DIDNT GET IN WAAAAAAAAAAAA [2022-04-19, 1:00] this release got me kicked off whosampled. not banned, i'm just hated there i love it lol
larsht_ - if you capitalize the l in larsht_ one more time ill kick your ass bitch [2022-05-06, 0:45] 1. this is directed at me 2. it's disturbingly good, i could listen to this loop for ages
yung munniegram & larsht_ - STENCH MOBB SKR8 UP [2022-06-08, 1:41] i never heard of this release before it got reuploaded on bandcamp and have many questions
larsht_ - Madotsuki (INSTRUMENTALS) [I'm not putting dates from here on out, 20:39]
larsht_ vs. crow - banana split [16:30]
larsht_ - 2022 WILL NOT BE MY YEAR (placeholderfest 2022 mix) [19:55]
larsht_ - Broadcast Hell 2084 [21:36]
larsht_ - NFTScam HD jpeg [33:09]
larsht_ - 6​/​24​/​22 1​:​19AM [0:32] fielding away for the hell of it
larsht_ - 6​​​/​​​24​​​/​​​22 1​​​:​29AM [0:36] fields idk which one had a title about seeing flowers when high but i liked that ttitle i thnk about it every time i think about drugs
larsht_ - 10​:​25 7​/​4​/​22 [0:07] short one, music one, plunderphonics?
larsht_ - 11​:​10 7​/​6​/​22 [0:32] nothinginging
larsht_ - 7​/​9​/​22 [1:00] i like the cover very pretty
larsht_ - lobit mix for the lowdown [58:14] i dreaded this once i thought it would be like an hour of lobit post-screw but i LOVED it alternately good comedy rap, mashcore, cool ambient?? gotttta check that one out, ending got me emotional ffs good good good, i changed my mind this is the best mix
larsht_ - ప​శ​్​చ​ా​త​్​త​ా​ప​ం [43:17] i don't know how to judge this since it isn't a normal release, its's personally significant vent music forgive me for this review musically it's mmore like car sofa than anything and is too amorophous for me to get much out of. i should try listening to it at twice speed. i get the energy it's going for but it's a bit of musical sludge
larsht_ - ప​శ​్​చ​ా​త​్​త​ా​ప​ం Suite (Full Mix) [16:16] better than the full album, some intersting variations and more memorable and coherent in this form good example of a maxisingle i think?
Alienate / larsht_ - Red Flag (The Museum Tapes Volume 1) [7:11] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Standing Goat (The Museum Tapes Volume 2) [5:31] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Man Sitting In Darkness, Scratching Metal (The Museum Tapes Volume 3) [5:44] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Screaming in a Room (The Museum Tapes Volume 4) [9:15] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Movements (The Museum Tapes Volume 5) [6:00] see museum album comp whatever review
larsht_ - HNW sucks dick (8​/​2​/​2022) [31:18] this is ultimate internet music on several levels feels weird and abstract even for anw
larsht_ - i cant sleep so ill make a shit EP (8​/​3​/​22) [1:13] nothing fields but i get it dad came up and talked to me when i left my computer open in the kitchen (idiot move) and definitelyy saw it
larsht_ - i dont acutally watch anime, my art is a lie (8​/​2​/​2022) the opening and outro are so short and quiet compared to the middle one i thought they were silence i did that with my first ^_^ album, it took eir years to notice that a track on it wasn't digital silence adnywady i adlreaddy gave my thoughts on this (which led to it being remastered! swag, my influence is unlimited and i've been pulling all the strings since '18) [0:45]
Alienate / larsht_ - You Are No Longer Welcome Here (The Museum Tapes Volume 6) [5:40] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Perfections and Imperfections (The Museum Tapes Volume 7) [3:49] see museum album comp whatever review
Alienate / larsht_ - Loss (The Museum Tapes Volume 8) [8:21] see museum album comp whatever review
larsht_ - THOUSANDS OF THOTIANA SAMPLES [3:35] the context:music ratio on this is insane there's several months and like 2 dead labels involved still proud of this cover like the cernowobog mash albums but small and spur-of-the-moment one day kinda deal
larsht_ - Madotsuki [39:03] like ప​శ​్​చ​ా​త​్​త​ా​ప​ం with pop / internet vapor collage sludge but much more coherent, stuck with me more neat stuff, i hope life's been getting better
larsht_ - 10​/​13​/​22 i went on a walk 8​:​33 to 8​:​47 [8:40] relatable2
larsht_ - i dont acutally watch anime, my art is a lie (revisited 9​/​12​/​2022) [11:28] i'm honored it does work pretty well as a more developed slushwave(??) track and i liked the anw textures cool stuff good funny
larsht_ - Forgotten Futures [9:17] cool idea, like signalwave sketches instead of full tracks, loops to be played for as long as the listener desires interactability is a must in our post utopian virtual office plant future
larsht_ - today (45​-​Byō mix) [0:24] nice loop loop looping simple good reminds me of christtt
larsht_ - parents ain't around enough [2:43] plunderphonics that i listened to a few days ago and didn't stick in my head too much, would be memorable if i knew the original sample
larsht_ - Nothing To Say [4:32] see above. i'm sorry for the disappointing reviews but the album ones will be better
larsht_ - Nothing to Say (32k mix) [4:32] yeadh see last 2
larsht_ - Alternative Soundtrack to: God Form Asriel Fight [32:19] this is such a funny release to me. the fact it exists is interesting in several ways also this was published on my birthday lol some mediocre loops, some col ones but the earth refused to die goes hard eternally fascinating
Alienate / larsht_ - The Museum Tapes [51:39] ok so i lied about the detailed review, i don't feel like revisiting it at the moment to analyze it but it was a strange series on many levels the themes are very specific and different than the whole rest of their discography, the music is very distinct and explores tons of new styles, often quite well, who is alienate i've nnever heard of them before, how did this series happen, etc. etc. glad it did but i have many questions
larsht_ - im still wasting my life [13:25] i LOVE it holy shit changed my mashcore forever i need to get my under 30 second scrobller program working the rocketship & when you sleep samples are the icing on the cake
larsht_ - i dont wanna die / i feel good [1:56] chopped n screwed sketches neat, i wonder at the smples
larsht_ - everywhere, nowhere, [0:56] short lobit ambient plunderphoncs aaaaaand it's over
larsht_ - Another Subpar ht_ Tape [18:49] screw this (bad dum tis) (edit: wtf was i thinking when i wrote that that's too mean)
larsht_ - The Utter Meaninglessness Of This Existence [8:01] some screw that didn't resonate with me too much, some nice lobit mashcore (woah) and a nice drone field recording i looped for a while thanks for immortalizing my discord
larsht_ - random mashup for trash [5:00] i can't process this i'm tired and feel braindead see everyone in the morning (fucking lie i'm going to bed at 3am again)
larsht_ - hnw is fucking dumb [0:45] sound collage plunderphonics mashup like samplecore without distortion dming to lamo188 now
larsht_ - really bad joke followed by a drone track [1:42] i love cataura i love trash i love internet shit music thanky ou thank you
larsht_ - lobit screw tape (11/26-11/27) [11:52pm to 12:12am] [15:51] the specification in the titles appeals to me a lot and the sampplle choices are unique also trying to edit this page has me in pain i feel the lag in my soul
larsht_ - unreleased improv 10/19/22 11:22PM [2:10] really like this one, crazy crazy sounds gonna listen again nice nice cool cool
larsht_ - 12​/​10​/​22 12​:​48AM [0:40] seeing tiny fragments of their room in these covers feels strange but interesting
larsht_ - influx of field recorded shit music (12​/​14​/​22) [0:32] treating fields of pretty much nothing as valid music is exactly the attitude i need in my life
larsht_ - WebSDR Session 12/17/2022 9:03PM-9:18PM [14:36] websdr goes hard consistently genuinely i love the atmosphere forget hnw and or paulstretch this is best low effort music for real
- okay uhm ≽ܫ≼ / larsht_ [36:32] spuntiks pseudonym screws me up all the time ;_; but anyway cool nightcore, the loopy / sound collaged style on larshts side is a really cool direction and sputnik's consistent as ever the cover really fascinates me on many levels
larsht_ - i thought of something to call this that was soul revealing, but then i realized it was dumb as hell [0:40] i feel that but then i just say the dumb thing anyway remind me to releadse on raw product soon
larsht_ and MyDogStoleMyLiver - /​|​!​!​PrimeTime​!​!​|​ [9:12] i know mydogstolemyliver is new to music and the outsiderness shines through pretty well, not sure what i expected but this was quite enjoyable all around cool stuff i'll watch yr progress with great interest
larsht_ - another tape [14:22]
larsht_ - christmas song [0:44] this is what paul deserves for making temporary secretary
larsht_ - kanyes murrsuit ep [0:50] 4 tracks in 50 seconds now that's what i'm talking about the kanye stuff going down right now is exactly why i live under a rock as much as possible
larsht_ - WebSDR volume waiting for someone to come back in a discord call 12​/​31​/​2022 12​:​35 am [2:03] my opinion on websdr remains unchanged (coolio) and i like that this exists in particular
larsht_ - 12/31/2022 1:42am [0:34] not gonna lie very nice sound here actually cool rec looking forward to the monthly field dumps too
larsht_ - WebSDR volume No. Cute Kitty Drawing 12​/​31​/​2022 (1​:​08 am) [11:39] louis wain cover lets fuckin gooo (also i'm so so sorry for everyone who's had to put up with me losing it over wain everywhere for the last 6 months it probably looked bizarre) websdr rec + 1 point spur of the moment cataura release + 1 point
larsht_ - i hope okosan has their discord notifs muted on discord at night cuz when i get randomly creative at 1am i dont wanna be wakin ppl up [1:04] all of my notifications were playing off a bluetooth speaker at max volume at 2am but i was in the kitchen so whatever cool sound also bonus points for pandering to me with the cover
larsht_ - You Should Know The Drill By Now... [52:14] i do and the formula still works, cool stuff i never would've heard otherwise cover implies mad wasp radio but it's on sub65. did it not get broadcast or something?
larsht_ vs. DJ Discord_ - split [1:10:33] the larsht split was scrwed hiip hop, not really my thing but i got through it i was curious about the dj discord_ side, i dared to expect that it would be similar and kind of sort of normal but ofc it's weird ambient stuff thank you mhz very cool actually it's some seriously good weird ambient stuff i like this, saving it for a rainy cold winter day in a few months
larsht_ - blinded by the screen [1:04:29] i feel bad since i know it's a personal album and i liked some ideas in it but overall the genre / samples aren't my cup of tea but who cares my music taste generally sucks anyway and the fact it got a CD release is cool (rip koi tapes though) (also cover goes very very hard)
larsht_ & ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - Yiff​-​Brained Furrypilled Mashcoretards [56:39] you have NO idea how fun this was i had a blast with it in a way i haven't in ages, it really makes me hopeful for my music and life in general in the future furpilled mashtards makes me feel better about my future go figure lol no idea what most people will think of it but i liked it fuck the haters
larsht_ - S​.​I​.​M​.​T [1:19:03] saving the best for last this album changed how i look at and make mashcore forever it's 79 minutes of sample armageddon and not a second is wasted and it's not the same throughout either, the style switches up all the time, the apollo bitrate collab is totally different and copium is as lovely in 320 as 8kbps this concludes my list. thank you
The 2 months or so it took to finish this list has been wild and I'm coming out of it a happier person than I did coming into it and this list helped a lot to see the parts of music that aren't just emo or sentimental but are just plain fun, fun to listen to and fun to make. Helped me get in touch with creative energy I nearly forgot about, it was hugely inspirational and I cannot wait to see where they end up going in the future. Here's to 2023!!!!!!!