Himeko Katagiri Listening Log from July 25th 2021 onward
Images are links from September 4th onward. Apologies for being a pretentious idiot I'm genuinely not some weirdo stalker (despite that stupid track title once.) I hope to do this for Lapfox one day. I just have too much time on my hands and this was too absurd an idea to pass up.
December 5th, 2021 Ninja McTits - Tiku Having Nitro Type Beat Length: 0:00 Ninja McTits - shjshkjdjk Length: 0:00 Ninja McTits - 2020 Track (lol Sounds Like A CDR Track Title) Length: 0:00 Ninja McTits - 2020 Is My Dick Length: 0:00 Ninja McTits - Ninja McTits Is Basically Dead Length: 0:00 Ninja McTits - too lazy to make 0:00 of 8kbps experimental music Length: N/A Review for all: Finally got a copy of these after like a year. As expected they're basically inaudible but I'm basically collecting files at this point. Gotta catch em all. November 7th, 2021 TCLB - 上海浦东国际机场 (Shanghai Pudong International Airport) [Returning Layover] Length: 1:05:45 TCLB - 成田国際空港 (Narita International Airport) [5​.​13​.​2017] Length: 9:39 TCLB - 成田国際空港 (Narita International Airport) Length: 15:53 TCLB - 南京禄口国际机场 (Nanjing Lukou International Airport) Length: 51:53 TCLB - 上海浦东国际机场 (Shanghai Pudong International Airport) Length: 1:45:52 It's hours and hours of airports. Not the most gripping but it made for nice background sounds and presented decent variety. November 6th, 2021 TV711 - 加油站和便利店24/7 - 7-11 Length: 16:57 Not at all what I expected. Instead of mallsoft it's (I think) a vaporwave version of Wii music. I seem to miss the connection between the Wii and 7/11 but it was nice when the echo got heavy and it became more ambient than anything else. おやすみFacebook™ - 23世紀・・・「Sakura Blooming In Winter」//〔おやすみFacebook™’s 1997펼친とຊ້າລົງREMIX〕 Length: 27:13 Neat to see a normally non-vaporwave person vaporwave remixing a vaporwave track by another mostly non-vaporwave person. Better quality than that would normally suggest. CHROMEシガレット - あなたの思い出 Length: 41:18 Secret alias time. I was gonna say something about the variety and quality of some of these before I realized exactly what it was (i.e. stolen tracks.) It would be pretty good if treated as a mixtape / playlist. November 5th, 2021 Various [TCLB & Friends] - TCLB [Remixed] Vol. 1 Length: 9:24:12 That was an absolute monolith, Jeez. Okay. The Lord Cernunnos (and aliases) remixes were pretty good, harsh noise walls accented by field recordings buried in them. The mastering was even and you could appreciate both. The others blur a bit in my head but are pretty distinct. Ambient, bordering on IDM at times, some beats, edgy audacity noise, vaporwave, all sorts of church music manipulation into new compoitions I wouldn't recognize as having anything in common. The Antimatter Prism tracks, though. They seemed to be the source track, cut up and looped over itself so certain parts would reappear again and again like you're walking in circles, with enough audacity distortion applied to call it noise. And they were all so long, albums unto themselves, and so many of them, well over half the compilation I think. Regardless, I do it to myself. It get almost meditative at a point. November 3rd, 2021 TV050 - Ninja McTits - Slow The Hell Down Kagami Part 1 Length: 2:28:36 Is this HNW? Why were the other parts (probably identical to this one) never released? Did I just answer my own question? TCLB - Letting Omegle Run For 44 Minutes Without Ever Saying Anything* Length: 44:07 The super long section with the kid yelling about seeing his face, swearing, and blaring youtube videos, all filtered through a phone mic and an Omegle connection, was agony. The rest was more or less a nothingburger. November 2nd, 2021 aphextwinsucks \ TCLB \ DJ An Yee & To Youtube From VHS \ XoArK - Shortwave Split 6​/​20​/​2021 - 6​/​21​/​2021 Length: 3:36:52 Way better than I thought it would be. DJ An Yee & To Youtube From VHS plays the WebSDR like an instrument, finding or making all sorts of sounds with filters and whatnot, TCLB finds ham radio conversations, scrambled Chinese commercials, and sermonds, and aphextwinsucks (fancy seeing you here) and XoArK also scavange plenty of interesting transmissions from the airwaves. I wouldn't mind if it was longer, actually. TCLB - Breaking news coverage: Multiple people, including 1 officer, killed in Boulder supermarket shooting (Live News Recording) Length: 9:26 Weirdly sparse, almost felt like it was broadcast wrong. RIP. November 1st, 2021 TV1657 - Lonely Spacecraft - 淫獣エイリアン Length: 4:40:20 A behemoth of an album I listened to twice now. Alternates between low-frequency dark ambient, meditative space ambient, and some other flavors of droniness, mixed now and again with clipping noise and the anime sample at the end (which made me physically jump.) Both it's sound and it's size really contributes to the image the alias gives off, and 淫獣エイリアン7 especially makes me imagine someone pointlessly and endlessly drifting in deep space. Л0134. Ninja McTits - An Album Of Blank Ableton Project Files TV013 - Ninja McTits - Empty Length: N/A I can't say I actually listened to these due to the lack of actual audio to listen to, but I read through them which is the most I can do. (I actually "covered" Empty. Or is it a cover of VxBxDxDx's cover of Empty?) That being said, this is the digital equivalent of blank rec/ords, digital antireleases for life. October 29th, 2021 TV606 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Lolis With Lean Vol. 1 Length: 2:40:07 Some of the tracks were super distinct and stood out in my memory, and there's a lot of good vaporwave tracks in here with a little looping and editing. A lot kind of blurred into a haze but that's kind of what massive vaporwave albums do. Maybe not worth almost three hours but still a cool experience and I might check some of the original tracks out. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Live Screw Tape Vol. 2 Length: 50:30 Started off super strong with a great Viper track but the rest was kind of thug rap stuff which I hated, but at least I can say I have it a shot. TV993 - DJ ебать війни - українська дівчинка Length: 30:21 More drum machine echo-soaked hardvapour. I might rave to this if I was cooked on drugs, which I think is the point. October 29th, 2021 TV1265 - Это гавнич / 11:30 PM - Split Length: 51:05 I know I got in too far when I recognized the TCLB samples from Strawberries. That being said, it's a weirder release than most, eschewing any real structure or composition for wild extended improvisation. Outsider house indeed, it is to house what Russian shit rap is to hip hop (not necessarily a bad thing.) TV1219 - Concrete Coffin Lolita - Polio Length: 2:40:00 Went by surprisingly fast. The good / bad thing about HNW is that it's all the same - a release dedicted to polio and a release dedicated to Katy Perry or Oyasumi Punpun or whatever are more or less indistinguishable. I didn't do as much wobbling my computer to change the sound, I'm fine with the wall. It's basically just edgy drone music. TV917 - Pony's Home - The Snowy Fields And Pastures Length: 46:34 Proto-comfy synth, and something about the sounds, the key pressing, and the vintage equipment makes it feel very tangible, like playing with an instrument you found at a grandparent's house as a little kid. I could only imagine if it was actual composed songs but even the improvisations are pretty bittersweet. TV096 - HarshNoise Suzumiya - Spilling Milk On A Tamagotchi Length: 46:35 I'm writing about this in retrospect but IIRC it was more minimal editing than Ninja McTits, basically super distorted music. I had an alias of that once so no judgement passed. Very early Tsundere Violence though. October 28th, 2021 TV1609 - 11:30 PM - Peter Rabbit Length: 13:00 The looping field recording sample (which I don't recognize (yet)) adds some ability to track the structure of the song and appreciate it more but it's still very abstract, as the cover (reminds me of mhzesent) would imply. Hope the stabbed guy is doing okay. Somewhat forgettable besides that but that's probably because of the rate I'm going through these at. TV1546 - 11:30 PM - What You've Been Waiting For Length: 27:42 One of the songs reminds me of the first few notes of a Recovering Hikkikomori song and another of Good Vibrations. The spamwave song was actually quite good, the sample gave it strucure like in Peter Rabbit. By no means a masterpiece but for a genre I know nothing about, deconstructed at that, it was quite neat. DJ ебать війни & Friends - Collabs Length: 43:43 Russian grindcore meets hardvapour. Eat your heart out, HKE. It's as abstract as ever and since it's improvised it doesn't have a lot of melody or structure to hold onto but cmon, grindcore hardvapour is enough on it's own. The bonus tracks gave interesting context. I still don't know what's up with the first track. TV777 - Zange Chiroh - Demo Length: 28:51 Dungeon synth, kind of silly but still good echo-drenched screaming, and Christian black metal on top of it all. Reminds me a lot of a long-form Black Wailing. TV1051 - Seismic - 1906 Length: 22:54 A fitting soundtrack to a city shaking itself apart, old music and slabs of noise pushed as far into distortion as doom metal can go. I feel like there's some context of the samples I'm missing though, since I can't make any of them out. October 27th, 2021 TV754 - An-Nāṣirah - اغاني قديمة Length: 38:33 Not sure what I expected but it's surprisingly well produced industrial hip hop(?) littered with references to religious wars. Treats the subject pretty well and I could see myself listening to it again. TV430 - Vgcat DJ / 11:30 PM - Elektro / Imouto Length: 14:25 The VGcat DJ track was very basic but ripe for making a remix from, might try it. The 11:30 PM track is cool Omorashi-ish chopped up OPs and house beats, well done chopping and rearrangingeven if it is a bit long. TV507 - 11:30 PM - Zange Length: 20:00 Variations on a basic house beat with a moeclick spin on it, which is a microgenre I love the idea of. I feel like if the chopped bits were isolated and soaked in reverb it would make a neat bonus mix. Might try something like that one day. TCLB - July 3rd (4th Of July Celebrations, Orchestra) Length: 1:49:21 I will admit, I didn't listen to the Frozen orchestal part, making a 5 or so minute skip that's the first I've done this whole list. Might go back and fill it in when I'm willing to sit through it. That aside, it was an overly long but tolerable album with some interesting parts, especially some of the orchestra and the absolutely chaotic finale in the fireworks. October 26th, 2021 TV1669 - 白さくらちゃん - 莓铃山歌 Length: 1:20:03 Pretty sure Himeko's on an attempt to make a release of every genre ever, and Chinese Classical seems to be on that list. Very ambient and new-agey, like some of the ambient Seifuku Sound stuff isolated and taken to it's extended, winding conclusion. The instruments are exotic and while I don't know enough about music to tell it probaby uses foreign time signatures and what not, if it uses time signatures at all. I should listen to more ambient. TV1222 - Fumiko Ishino - 103120178081282017746 Length: 36:18 Kind of more of the same, but that's more or less the point of acid, especially improvised acid, isn't it? I'm certainly guilty. TV644 - Ninja McTits – World Radio Transmissions Length: 32:17 The constant station changing made it sound like a half hour of undistorted samplecore mixed with your normal noise improvisaion. I'm guessing this is done by rapidly shifting WebSDR stations and feeding it though a noise setup. Not a standout in the discography but I liked it, a bit different than normal. October 25th, 2021 TV755 - Fumiko Ishino - Tennis Acid Length: 27:21 Since it all sounds so similar to me and since I listened to it is such quick succession that it blurred together, I'll just review the Fukiko Ishino albums together. All in all, it's kind of abstract, improvised, sort-of-filler but still enjoyable acid, techno beats and wobbly sounds that are that make a generic but fun mixture. Only a few moments really stood out to me, but the ones that did were pretty momorable. The introduction of field recordings a la Belgum Trail was neat, as the aliases almost seem to be different facets of the same whole, sometimes breakcore drums and hardcore kicks a la Himeko Katagiri and it becomes genuinely rave worthy, and the percussion in thetennis acid was funny and worked well. I should record a tennis match and call it minimal techno (there's a track title in there somewhere.) TV1467 - Fumiko Ishino - The Acid Comes From Within! Length: 46:37 More improvised, bizarrely themed acid, now with some experimental spins in the last tracks, what with the shortwave acid and the reversed final song. TV1597 - Fumiko Ishino - 4/4 Length: 35:34 Feels a bit more composed than the rest of the alias, and that's an excellent cover. Like standard Fumiko on a slightly higher budget. TCLB - [Archival Source​/​Stems] Stems From A School Project (Various Water Recordings At Home) [RAW AUDIO] Length: 3:35 These would work pretty well as sound effects, which they plainly are. Useless review is useless. TV1632 - Fumiko Ishino - -_- Acid Length: 43:25 As loopy and repetitive as the rest of the alias but features some wonky editing and sounds. The reverbed breaks were a lovely touch October 24th, 2021 TV086 - Belgum Trail - Late Illa Length: 30:21 TV290 - Belgum Trail - Closer Length: 40:50 TV1531 - Belgum Trail - 2014-15 Length: 43:08 TV385 - Belgum Trail - Maroon Castle / Department Store Length: 12:44 TV1567 - Belgum Trail - TokyoGaikan EXPWY Length: 53:50 DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8 kbps Music Vol. 142020 Length: 2:39:00 Absolutely way too long but that's the point. With the bitrate, it was like listening to someone's homemade radio station deep in some WebSDR. I kind of wish there was a tracklist but the lack of one only furthers the radio station idea. An absolute lobit monolith of all sorts of audio sludge. Listening to actual music after this felt weird. TV1369 - Fumiko Ishino - Synthetic Rubber Demand Projections Length: 16:51 Standard Fumiko with some neat bass elements on some tracks and an excellent cover that reminds me of パイナップルディスコ. October 23rd, 2021 TV297 - Belgum Trail - Unreleased Ambient Tracks From 2012 Length: 32:51 TV098 - Belgum Trail - Gray Coastlines Length: 37:34 TV1797 - Belgum Trail - Achievements EP Length: 22:02 TV1099 - Belgum Trail - Kindergarten Length: 36:40 Reminds me a bit of Waqs's stuff about childhood, simple pretty minimal ambient that I can't explain much more about than that. TV537 - Belgum Trail - hck_Out Length: 17:43 October 22nd, 2021 TV312 - Himeko Katagiri - Reo X Mai EP Length: 27:39 Relatively early for Tsundere Violence so I didn't expect the degree of IDM and sound design I got from this, but it was way better than I thought. A few amens, but heavily edited and obscured by ambient samples, reused sound effects, and the chopped-up source material. I kind of expected to hate it but it was pretty good. Reminded me a bit of Cake IDM. TV054 - Ninja McTits - Hey Gejm Arnt You A Professional Too? Length: 41:16 I figured out that gejm is odaxelagnia and this drama came out of Last.FM but I still don't know what inspired the multi-album feud that created Ninja McTits a whole and this album and a few others more specifically. As audio, it could be bettwe and could be worse but it's blantly dumb internet noise so the joke's on me for listening to it. Himeko Katagiri - TEST FEST SET 1/30/2021 Length: 20:05 Doesn't stick out a ton in my memory but a nice sampler of nice tracks and the No.305 outro was perfect. Himeko Katagiri - JAVFEST SET @ 8/20/2021 [HIMEKAOS EROILOLIKORE] Length: 1:00:31 Probably my favorite Himeko set from the best lolicore fest. I love how it went back to samplecore Ninja McTits and early Tsundere Violence tracks at the very end, it's absolutely unrepentant noisiness and otakuness(?) and judging by the comment section that intro worked wonders to scare off anyone not already into the scene. TV534 - Ninja McTits - Aspergers Acid Length: 29:41 Absolutely deep fried acid baked in noise. Just what I expected but no fault there. TV614 - Bondaged And Disfigured / Ninja McTits - Music For Bondage Performance Length: 42:58 I'm not the biggest fan of noise or power electronics themed around sexual or edgy stuff but context aside the noise is solid. TV900 - Ninja McTits - CD FROM CDR Length: 27:42 It's a shame the compilation died, it sounds like a cool idea. The two versions go to show how much a little processing can change something. October 21st, 2021 TV060 - Ninja McTits - Sword Fish Boards Taste Like Milk Length: 40:41 Pleasantly surprised that this is a kind of neoclassical album instead of noise, I decided to listen to it because of the All At Once. Some of it is silly piano pounding but there's some nice melodies in there. TV252 - Ninja McTits / GOOZE - Ninja McTits / GOOZE Split Length: 21:07 GOOZE is an interesting take on noise and the rest is solid early McTits, google images and distorted spam all in all. TV265 - Ninja McTits - قدسيا 5-5-2013 قصف مجهول المصدر على جبال قاسيون Length: 11:58 It only actually becomes full on harsh noise at a few parts, most of it straight up sounds like a field recording of a middle eastern war zone getting bombed. Way more intense than I expected. TV247 - Ninja McTits - He Is Risen!!! Length: 30:04 The 15 minute crucifixion track was minimally edited and unnecessary and a lot more could've been done with the album but from a Christian noise album this early in Tsundere Violence it's more or less what I expected. TV267 - Ninja McTits - Goreshit Length: 33:00 Pretty cool, honestly. Since I actually knew the samples hearing them mangled was fun and I could see some of these being used in a noisy lolicore set. TV221 - Ninja McTits - Songs From Albums I Was Working On But Then Forgot About Length: 26:40 A lot of really short tracks and a few longer ones but no behemoths though, which was nice. I wonder how many would-be albums got mashed up into this one. TV056 - Ninja McTits - Beethoven Dat Shit Length: 14:04 I wonder how the high-pitched, non-noise track was made. A neat variety of plunderphonics and noise stuff. I thought about doing an album inspired but this but I just never listen to it and go to my grave wondering what it sounded like. TV123 - Ninja McTits - Apasteloi Yamink Length: 17:55 My computer is acting up so instead of listening to them all in sequence I had to queue each one up individually, which sucked. The album itself was a kind of raw data collage, which I did a similar release to back in the day (no longer publically available.) October 20th, 2021 TV099 - Ninja McTits - All At Once Length: 30:42 Audacity noise speedrun. Pretty apt summaries, and feels pretty fitting for TV099. TV132 - Ninja McTits - Chibi Kuroneko Length: 1:00:40 I have no idea what the context of this is or what prompted Ninja McTits to make it. The first track is slightly varying but almost pure white noise, panned with a slowed down anime sample and a title I don't get, and the second is the greater part of a hour of what I thought was raw data (that would be a hell of a lot of data,) the thought was HNW, then thought was a noise improvisation, and I swear there's car sounds somewhere in there. TCLB - My 24th Birthday Length: 3:31:28 That took a couple days to get through and the hour of bowling was painful but otherwise it was weirdly immersive. I now understand why BART is referenced so often in his songs, if I lived near something that sounded like that I would get into noise music too. The conversations were entertaining but it was way longer than I expected but by the time I got some of the way in it was too late to back out. I messed up the seconds on the length but the hours and minutes are correct so whatever. October 19th, 2021 TV260 - Ninja McTits - のためのヨーグルト Length: 19:37 More or less what I've come to expect from early McTits, youtube videos runthrough that rapid-buildup, downpitching or uppitching distortion, but the looping was new. TV740 - Ninja McTits - Chocolate Rave Length: 35:28 Like a generic rave song, run through a sea of noise fuckery. There's some blown out acid, techno, distorted beats, and harsh noise swarming it all. If you choose the best parts and slow it down a bit, it'll be a hardvapour release straight outta HVRF. October 18th, 2021 TV388 - TETSURO / Ninja McTits - Sayonara Nightclub Length: 41:00 TV650 - Theo Nugraha / Ninja McTits - Split Length: 31:01 TV686 - Ninja McTits - Enomoto Vol. 1-15-2016 Length: 38:31 October 17th, 2021 (and last few days) [bon402] Ninja McTits - តើខ្ញុំបាននិយាយអំពីជញ្ជាំង Length: 20:23 RIP bonIo records. Some neat contextless HNW. Covers are for posers. Recovering Hikikomori - 3​:​00PM 「non​-​bandcamp beats」 Length: 12:15 Not the best work of this alias but interesting in it's own way. The first track is good and the other two are a bit of novelties but I can appreciate them. Ninja McTits Omegle Gig 10/13/2015 [Performance 2] Ninja McTits Omegle Gig 10/9/2015 [2nd Performance] Ninja McTits Omegle Gig 10/13/2015 [Performance 1] Ninja McTits Omegle Gig 10/29/2015 Omegle Gig 8/29/2015 Omegle Gig 10/9/2015 Omegle Gig 9/7/2015 Omegle Gig 11/4/2015 Live @ Himeko's Kitchen Omegle Gig 10/15/2015 Length: 1:24:10 I'm just going to comment on the omegle sets in the aggregate and say I love them. The first one is a big part of the reason I got into Tsundere Violence, Himeko, lolicore, and noise and probably influenced me a ton, and seeing the others and the process behind them is cool too. I can understand how he ended up bleeding in one of the old facebook lives, given he attacked a contact mic with an axe (hard to see behind the filters though,) and everyone's reactions were cool to see, wonder if any of them knew what they were looking at. The kid asking for trap beats, only to get Recoveing Hikikomori (rapidly segueing into noise again) was hilarious. Recovering Hikikomori - #EASTERPUNK Length: 11:17 The scratching on the peeps track reminded me more of Omorashi than Recovering Hikikomori. Odd that it's a non-bandcamp release, but for a small EP I can understand why. Works well for it's theme and has some experimentation that makes me think it's archival from early in the alias. Seifuku Sound - Wholesome Demon Original Soundtrack Length: 19:45 Having to make music for school and modify things for such a setting is always a unique task (I and someone I know had to do it) but this works really well and is the first Seifuku Sound album to have an actual accompanying game. Some tracks could easily be from Himeko Karagiri, pretty far fetched from the old eroge synth albums (but there is an obligiatory dungeon synth track in there.) TV931 - Ninja McTits - 00's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE Length: 17:01 TV938 - Ninja McTits - 00's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE 2 Length: 24:44 TV1294 - Ninja McTits - 90's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE 2 Length: 33:57 TV1359 - Ninja McTits - 2010's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE 2 Length: 28:17 TV1170 - Ninja McTits - 80's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE Length: 28:38 The ANISONG GAIJIKORE HIT PARADEs kind of blend together in my head so I'll talk about them all at once too. It's a surprisingly enjoyable formula, ear bleeding as it might seem, and it's even better when you recognize the song. I heard Lucky Star, Pururin, Chiyo, Chobits, Wake Up Angel, and a couple others so far that I had to keep from cracking up at, and Duvet is a classic. Harem Noise Wall: 麻弓タイム 桃喰綺羅莉 フランドール・スカーレット 末続このは 因幡てゐ 阿良々木火憐 明智小衣 アイエフ Length: 4:00 individually, 32:00 together These have definitely melted together for me but whatever. It's still the most creative HNW project I know, unrelenting in it's unchanging monoliths but super creative sound design. TV1375 - Ninja McTits – Ninja McTits Live at 924 Gilman, Berkeley, CA, 6/3/2018 Length: 1:07:35 A little bit of me is disappointed that a lot of it was a wall of feedback but the scum bits, samplecore blasting, CDr throwing, harsh noise, and physical guitar attacks made up for it, with copious amounts of J-pop and whatnot sprinkled in. The field recording B-side explained it's own existence, which is cool, and provided some more context for the performance. VxBxDxDx / Pantsu Scum - You Get The Shit You Deserve! Length: 4:46 The paulstretch track was nice but I'm going to pour holy water into my eyes. October 12th, 2021 TV1108 - Unicode Dreamer / Lonely Spacecraft - Split Length: 1:01:06 TV1284 - Lonely Spacecraft - PSR J1719-1438 b Length: 2:08:34 Harem Noise Wall - Various singles エリィ・トロイト 胡桃沢梅 アルヴィス・E・ハミルトン 弥海砂 椎名まゆり 三橋檎サバト 相生祐子 みえこ えころ ねずみ姫 椎名観月 風祭フーカ 相生祐子 六本松2式 夜長アンジー エリィ・トロイト 胡桃沢梅 アルヴィス・E・ハミルトン 弥海砂 椎名まゆり 三橋檎サバト みえこ えころ 椎名観月 ねずみ姫 風祭フーカ 相生祐子 六本松2式 藍澤渚 ちせ 三枝祀 リリス キングヘイロー こころ ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ ルナ クラウンピース 不破氷菓 リリカ・エベット 片桐姫子 エヴァンジェリン・A​.​K​.​・マクダウェル 蛇崩乃音 プロメス アッサム 小鳥桃葉 墨埜谷暮羽 Length: 4:00 individually, 3:04:00 together Completely blended in my mind but my positive opinion on the alias remains unchanged. The fact that each one is 4:00 instead of 10:00 or 30:00 or longer does it a huge favor of being enjoyable, and you can just loop it if you like one a lot. October 10th, 2021 TV1061 - Subliminal Stimuli / Belgum Trail - Split Length: 12:31 Belgum Trail - Гавно №25 Length: 9:18 Some of the sounds remind me of hitting a reverberating zip line, and the field recording usage was neat. Like a peaceful walk. This would be Earth ambient if Lonely Spacecraft is space ambient. TV215 - Belgum Trail - I Hope You Had A Wonderful Day EP Length: 24:26 Lots of glitchy and even noisy moments but still in a musical context as it switches between ambient and IDM and acid and such. With the titles and covers it feels like the alias that has the most to do with reality, and it paints a nice little reality. TV131 - Ninja McTits - Bored Length: 21:57 Lonely Spacecraft - SMSS J031300.36−670839.3 Length: 1:03:21 Good droning space ambient but odd that it used a saxaphone sounding soundfont IIRC. Distinct from the rest if nothing else. Bonus points for being lobit. October 9th, 2021 TV017 - Ninja McTits - I Lost The Gejm Length: 24:57 It's gotten to the point where I can look at something referencing the game and not lose it because my mind just skips over it. I only really processed the title now. That being said, an odaxelagnia diss album is interesting, and since this is early in his discography it isn't pure noise and has a lot of weird glitching and other experimental sounds. I think this was all Audacity, the best audio editor. TV063 - Ninja McTits - Enormous Purple Sports Stadium 10,000 Feet In The Sky Length: 13:02 Like super abstract electronic moreso than noise, there's even melodies that randomlly fly together than disintegrate. I really wonder how this was made. TV170 - Ninja McTits - ░░░░░░ Length: 24:38 A bit more defined noise but still out there and not formulaic, raw data and repetitive sounds and random onomatopoeia titles. All it needs is google image covers but the MS Piant anime girl does too. TV185 - Belgum Trail - Cherish Every Happy Moment Length: 28:50 TV1479 - Himeko Katagiri - ロリコアSelek 2014-18 Length: 33:06 One fof my favorite releases, despite being a compilation works super well as a cohesive album and has a little bit of everything, done super well. Vaporwave bits, speedcore, extratone, noisy lolicore and himekaos. Good stuff. October 8th, 2021 Himeko Katagiri - コンピレーションから超セクシー曲 2014 - 2015 Length: 11:21 A bit shorter than the other compilations and sticks in my memory less but still some good himekaos and a nice burst of lolicore energy. TCLB - 4AM Apartment Departure Length: 0:59 Early morning travel is always surreal and always has a distict feeling that makes me think of hotel breakfast bars and airports. Himeko Katagiri - I Love You Asuza Length: 49:39 Certified hood classic, from the horrorcore / BGM / anisong / the game (goddammit) / Viper samples to the absolutely classic Himeko sound. I have a list of music dedicated to waifus and this was one of my first additions to it (wish it was longer, but I digress.) I would kill for the physicals. Plenty of variety, from sillier noise stuff to marginally more serious IDM compositions to the beautiful Not Naming A Song Requiem. TCLB - Oakland (OAK) ✈ Los Angeles (LAX) Length: 8:48 On the actual plane now. Reminds me of my experiences in a similar environment and would work well for video sound effects. TCLB would be a gold mine if I ever needed any. TCLB - Oakland International Airport Early In The Morning Length: 1:19:24 Still had that weird early morning travel feel, but much longer this time. Reminds me of the Chinese airport albums (obviously.) Himeko Katagiri - Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Loli? Length: 34:30 One of the least polished Himeko albums but still super fun. No idea wtf is up with the cymbal-flinging Pomf remix, but there's some good, roughly-edited tracks if you're in the mood for that, and the deconstructed Reizoko CJ remix was especially interesting. Way too lobit, wonder if there's a slightly more HD version languishing on Himeko's ancient hard drives. October 7th, 2021 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Maximum Volume Yields Maximum Results : Drone Doom & Drone Metal Mix Length: 1:27:35 I'm surprised by the variety, from actually melodic (albeit glacial) metal to basically dark ambient. The description about succumbing to hypothermia and wolves is fitting. (I somehow got vinegar in my eye when listening to this and I gotta say it went well with the stinging pain.) DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 2] Length: 1:00:04 I should listen to more of Himeko's actual releases for this page and not just DJ sets but whatever. Different themes than the last one but still managed to surprise me with the sounds and styles I didn't expect from black metal. This series is probably a great primer for the genre. TV1565 - Sanya V. Litvyak - Embrace Sanya V. Litvyak is my favorite freak folk band lol. But that's actually what this is, like distorted black metal software running on folk hardware. It's actually almost melodic at times and was a surprisingly comfy listen for something as out there as it is. TV216 - Omorashi - I Have No Game Length: 32:51 Amaterish instrumental hiphop but pretty interesting, and you can really see the beginnings of Recovering Hikikomori, even using one of the same samples. I never thought a record scratced, hip hop pool commercial would work but it kind of does. More a prototype but still has it's merits. Ninja McTits - 超GALS​!​寿蘭2 GBC 7​-​19​-​2020 Length: 42:09 The best thing I can compare it to is a chiptune hana sumai. Great sentimental noise that wanders from a lovely melody to other sound effect soundscapes and noise improvisations before returning to the melody right at the end. I know I already said sentimental but it's one of the few words I can think of that works with it. TV334 - Omorashi - Kanata Remixes Length: 27:15 I probably never would\ve recognized these as remixes of the same song in any other context but I'm probably just stupid. There's a great variety from instrumental hip hop to breakcore, house, samplecore, noise, and whatever else, I suck at genre names. A cool exploration of how much and how much people can modify a source song from each other. October 5th, 2021 Himeko Katagiri @ Resident Electronic Music @ 11/10/2020 (Youtube Version) Length: 17:05 Not sure if this is different than the soundcloud version, but whatever. Lolinoisehimekhaos, what more do you need? The flailing and general feel of this set directly inspired a private show I did to like 3 people on discord, which ended in the destruction of a Hatsune Miku poster. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Tsundere Violence Mix: Noise Edition Length: 1:21:50 This was hard to get through but mostly because Mixcloud is a fuck and doesn't let you rewind so I switched between the online and a downloaded version. It's a good selection from the label, hardcore / speedcore, spoken word noise, plunderphonics, gorenoise, kawaii noizu, extratone glitchiness, and a selection of familiar names. It felt like shorter than it was. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Gangsta Chiptek Party Mix Length: 28:35 It reminds me a bit too much of my old music taste with the Lapfox and Blank Banshee but it's nice to go back to basics now and again. I expected to enjoy this less than I did but it was good, I dislike rap but the 50 Cent was enjoyable too. Also, this might be the earliest DJ Nonstick Cookware release I know of. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 1] Length: 1:00:02 This whole series and random other mixes got deleted for some reason but I grabbed copies before it did. It reminds me of why I started this listening challenge in the first place, to expand my horizons and stop listening to the same few albums over and over. This certainly did that, and I'm starting to get into genres I didn't before, black metal included. The variety, from raw lofi quality, to weird instrumentals and surprisingly conventional singing, was a nice addition too. Wonder how he found most of the tracks, though. October 3rd, 2021 TV511 - The Erogē Fanatic & Ninja McTits & 世界 & Ligyrophobia & Tyrant Flycatcher & Kebinu & Sherkel & きゃり エロ グロ - YAMASUKO'S KAWAII NOIZU PART 1 Length: 3:22:37 An absolute monolith but a few listening sessions was enough to get through it. It sounds like a hell of a time and I swear I saw a video of it in 2019 but it's nowhere to be found now, which sucks because I wish I knew what some of these instruments were. Pretty sure I see the Merzbox on the cover and The Erogē Fanatic looks exactly like you would expect. I can pick out distorted Dango singing (gaijikore?) kazoos, HNW, good old harsh noise, extratone, anime samples, youtube videos and songs, and even some whole Ninja Mctits tracks, screaming, mouth sounds, and a lot else. There definitely could've been more in a three hour span but for an improvised session it looks like fun. TV1698 - Yung Tsundere Violence-chan Mk.III - The First Release Of This Week Length: 4:12 Not technically a Himeko Katagiri release but he produced it (I think it's compiled from old Recovering Hikkikomori beats so it might not even have been authorized) and references him a ton so I'll count it, and I just felt like assaulting my ears with it again. It's exactly what loli text to speed thug rap would suggest. Trying to mash this up with something would be a nightmare. (I'm guessing Yung Tsundere Violence-chan Mk.III is Lil QWERTYASDF.) Ninja McTits - your average shitty internet album that will just get forgotten a week after its release and its joke will be lost on people who find it later Length: 1:06 A parody of a parody of a parody. We're hitting meta levels that shouldn't even be possible. Good samplecore shit noise. I'm so happy I get to see ლ(╹◡╹ლ) go down in real time because I always miss these labels when they happen and only hear about cool stuff long after they die. Himeko Katagiri - SOUND OF LOLI Length: 43:48 The best Himeko Katagiri album yet, super noise and all over the place but still polished. Tons of different styles, like all his -core experiments over the years reminded into a single album epitomizing them all. I'm proud of myself for recognizing the Loli Vending Machines sample (possibly my favorite lolicore track of his.) October 2nd, 2021 Harem Noise Wall - 閻魔あい Length: 5:13 More strange texturing, and the length is different from any of the others so far. Wonder if there's a reason why. Harem Noise Wall - ゆの Length: 4:00 One of the few characters I recognize because I'm a poser. Anyway,s it's a neat bass=heavy electricalish texture I didn't expect from that character, but I've come to expect the fringes of HNW from Harem Noise Wall. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Four Live Vinyl Only Plunderphonics Ambient Tracks [2-5-2018] [3-14-2018] (One Turntable, Twelve Records, Ableton Live, Mixer) Length: 2:03:22 I'm not sure what I can say here that I haven't said for the other ambient improv but four times over. Still very impressive, all done live and better vapor ambient than most vaporambient. The glitchy parts in the background at times were very well done and added to it. It feels composed. Lolitendo - Soundcloud Length: 23:02 The Not Bvrning Chvrches track probably came from the black metal circle referenced once but that was never released publically. So kvlt I don't even have proof it exists. The guitar is strange for this type of music, sounds almost normal and happy compared to the atmospheric black metal it's supposed to be a part of. Interesting enevertheless, and the other two are good, if indistinct, NESBM pieces. DJ Nurse Joy - Remixes by DJ Nurse Joy Soundcloud Length: 5:17 Not sure if the talking about food samples are from the original or merged into it, but the glitching over top of the relatively normal music and frantic chopping breakbeats are pretty on brand for the shit mashcore I think I once heard the project self-described as. Not bad per se but kuso. Am I making any sense? STR-005 Lonely Spacecraft - Remixes STR-002 & STR-003 Length: 1:41:26 Dark ambient gets drony after a while but manga and drone are an excellent combination, I've figured out. The texture changes are slow but I can imagine caverns, winds outside a house, the ever-present drifting spacecraft, and the noisier parts that threaten on clipping are like interference or rough sailing in some part of space. As dark and blurry as the cover makes it out to be. October 1st, 2021 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- Live Cassette Only Mix Using Two Tape Players (11-4-2018) Length: 44:59 I'm writing this a day later and I have to confess the DJ Nonstick Cookware mixes all merged in my head. Even if they're not super distinctive throughout, they all have a unique sound of all-over-the-place but not hectic eclectic mashups, like a sampler of non-mainstream music as whole. You can probably get into entire genres from these. TV1763 - DJ Tsundere Violence - Live In Oakland, Casual Sunday Hardcore, 10/13/2019 Length: 40:17 Weird to hear a more structured mix after all the DJ Nonstick Cookware ones. I kind of wish it was less lofi but the crowd conversations add to it a lot. Also, it seems to have been deleted from the Tsundere Violence site, the second one I've noticed. TV1457 - Ninja McTits - Cutting Up And Adding Noise To Someone Else's Tracks And Calling It A Remix Length: 20:14 I love how the Japshitfun remixes are so much longer than the super sped up Lolishit remixes. Taking all the mocking titles as genuine advice and remixing it as such is what I'm guessing led to this. The Japshitfun samples are basically so mangled it's more noise than samplecore. Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 2 Length: 45:10 Might play some of these for Halloween, I like how evokative and Silent Hill-ish the images in the titles are (says the guy who never played Silent Hill.) I knew I heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in one of them, which was surprising, and the piano / drum'n'bass / dark ambient combination would probably work well for a game of this sort, and stand alone. Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 1 Length: 39:20 Where it all began. I wish the others had a back-side of the "cartridge" but this one was neat to see at least. Simpler than the others but the JRPG / eroge sound is all there and the sound effect interludes were a good idea. Casual Friday - J. Garcia Collector's Edition - Banyan Trees Length: 30:00 Lower rumbley walls are more appealing to me so that scratched that audio itch. Casual Friday - Hampton Hall Ltd. New York - IBM Length: 30:00 I'm not as much a fan of higher-pitched walls but it called up images. I could hear scraping or rumbling or rain, and the higher frequecies sounded like someone endlessly smashing a sea of cymbals. Leave it to me to hear amen breaks in HNW. 中ベル - No.025 Length: 33:00 Basically like the former wall but even more high pitched and slightly longer, but just as evokative. I noticed the sound changed when I moved my laptop up and down and had a bit of fun with my DIY phaser effect. I wish this project took off more but one demo is okay. September 30th, 2021 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- CDJ Mix 1-3-2019 Length: 55:40 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- Vinyl Only Kusomix Using One Turntable, One Drum Machine, And Ableton Live [10-12-2018] Length: 51:27 The acid record and the punk screaming work super well at the beginning and when though the rest blurs together in my mind it was the same all-over-the-place mixing as the others. DJ Nonstick Cookware - [AMBIENT] Live Vinyl Only Plunderphonics Ambient 7-9-2018 (One Turntable, Three Records, Ableton Live, Mixer) [RE-676_HIRNTRUST15_thrill 12.20] Length: 27:03 Not the multigenre mess I've come to expect, but J-pop turned vaporambient. I honestly couldn't tell the source material beyond the first few minutes, and good ambient even outside of this context. DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- Live Cassette Only Mix On Azusa's Birthday [Performed Live On Discord] (11-11-2018) Length: 18:28 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- Vinyl Only Kusogaiji Mix [10-12-2018] Length: 33:58 Like the others, but with more screaming and distortion, and a dash of Aphex Twin. It sounds just like how the cover looks, CDR-ish. September 29th, 2021 Lonely Spacecraft - 宇宙戦艦ヤマト Length: 39:16 Not as longform as I've come to expect, but just as nice nevertheless. Three slices of drone deep-space drifting. TCLB - Berkeley (And Getting Stuck In A Broken Elevator) Length: 1:00:55 I'm not claustropbobic, but I would be panicking. Also, I like how the announcer announced that it was 4:20. (Still waiting on the box sets, jk) TCLB - 7​-​Eleven Length: 7:15 Called 7-11, is of 7-11, is 7:15. Cmon man. TCLB - Spirit Halloween (2021) Lenth: 47:20 Everytime Halloween season comes around my family goes to Spirit Halloween and basically does just this. Listened while studying and the conversations were entertaining without being distracting. DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- CDJ Mixes 12-25-2018 Length: 1:34:51 DJ Nonstick Cookware is the midspace between DJ mixes and plunderphonics. Some of this is largely layering and beatless frantic record scratching, and others are super eclectic, transformative (god I sound pretentious) mixes that are so incoherent they become coherent again and I have no idea what would happen next. I'm guessing the CDJ was a Christmas present? September 28th, 2021 TCLB - Some Recordings In A Grocery Store To Check Out The Microphone On My New Cellphone Length: 1:56 Sure is. Lonely Spacecraft - Like A Shooting Star, My Existence Will Burn Out As A Twinkle In Your Eye Length: 36:57 And so the saga of Lonely Spacecraft ends* with a burn out in the atmosphere. I couldn't think of a better way. *There were some remixes after this album but shut up Lonely Spacecraft - Astronaut From Space Length: 37:05 Not the ambient drones I expected, but what I would describe as ambient metal. Like hana sumai guitar strumming, with tons of doom metal distortion applied. Harsh ambient music is right up my alley so I have no complaints here. Lord Cernunnos / Lonely Spacecraft - 51 Pegasi B / 51 Pegasi Length: 30:53 The Lord Cernunnos side was cold and dark, but the Lonely Spacecraft side was inexplicable warmer. Odd that such similar space ambient formulas produce such different emotions. September 27th, 2021 唐人街卡帶 - 哥特​.​cassette_R E M I X​.​mkv Length: 1:37:25 Probably my favorite vaporwave work of his. Some parts are a bit rough or fillerish but it's great vibes throughout, and even gets ambient towards the end. Goth rock vaporwave is defintely an underutilized idea, and since the whole point of vaporwave was dredgin up and reusing old media, this is as vaporwave as it gets. 唐人街卡帶 - Love Me Now Length: 1:37:20 About as good as the other 唐人街卡帶 with just about the same things to say. Some parts were suprisingly quality vaporwave, and it's interesting to see that the project had such ambitious beginnings. He has dozens of these tapes, after all. TCLB - 5​.​364 Length: 0:05 I didn't expect it to sound like that. I get the title, but the seemingly random cover is interesting, mhzesent vibes. TCLB - Tuesday Night Sept 21 2021 Length: 0:54 More sirens. Insert FBI joke here. Lonely Spacecraft - Drifting Through Nothingness Length: 28:40 The story in the title was really nice, the kind of isolation, peace, and death ambivalence is something that should be explored more in this kind of writing or music. The ambient itself wasn't too far off from what I expect from ambient but it doesn't have to be because it was done very well. September 26th, 2021 Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 3 Length: 1:50:25 There's a good chance this is my favorite album of his so far. There's so much here - dark ambient / ambient, drum and bass, classical, and all types of BGM - and it's all done so well, especially with no samples. It's just very impressive, a massive album that doesn't feel like it has much filler at all and covers so much territory. Seifuku Sound's magnum opus. Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 4 Length: 34:33 TV400 - Ninja McTits - Composition For Moog Werkstatt-01 Length: 29:58 September 25th, 2021 Lonely Spacecraft - Crab Nebula (Lonely Spacecraft Remix) Length: 1:06:13 I was expecting drone but there's quite some variation: almost clipping noisy parts, different drones and sounds, bass rattling. Sounds like travelling through the nebula as your shipgoes through the mechanical motions around you,if I had to put an image to it. I appreciated the description that described the process of making it, gives it a bit more depth. Lonely Spacecraft - Final Plunge Of Cassini Length: 22:30 There's two parts of this release, separated by a static burst that made me physically jump. Maybe it's the passage through Saturn's clouds and coming out fully falling on the other side? Reminded me of why I liked ambient and wonder why I haven't been listening to more of it recently. Harem Noise Wall - 本多マミ Length: 4:00 Feels like a noise tape loop almost, pushes the borders of HNW again (while still being harsh noise and I guess looping is similar to being a wall, as it's unchanging. September 24th, 2021 TCLB - 한국 라디오 Length: 15:43 The k-pop radio announcement with collaged voices was pretty cool, and the rest was neat radio recordings, some of which was in Korean and made decent background noise because I could understand none of it. TCLB - Misc. Errands Length: 26:00 Halloween season's rolling back around, so I guess this is somewhat relevant Didn't warrant a half hour of my time but that's on me. TCLB - _4869 Length: 6:57 I have no clue what this is. TCLB - Two YouTube Ads Length: 0:43 Pain TV058 - DJ Nurse Joy - Killifornian Sunshine Length: 26:52 Somewhere between plunderphonics, mashups, and a DJ set. Pretty cool hearing it bounce all over the place and mix songs in weird ways I wouldn't have thought too. Rough obviously, but neat nevertheless. I especially liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers sample on I think the last track. Some moments were filler but some really worked. TV1658 - HOUSE PLANTオーディオ - Unreleasedくそ2X14 Length: 17:04 Not sure why this warranted a whole nother alias instead of just being a Recovering Hikikomori EP but it's neat, like BAD&UNRELEASED before it was a thing. Interesting experimentation, reminds me of おやすみFacebook™ sometimes. TCLB - Trying To See 4th Of July Fireworks From The Back Porch Length: 7:53 That's a great cover, bugs filling the night. Before I saw that the first track was recorded wrong, I thought something was wrong with my earbuds or connection with the computer. September 22st, 2021 TCLB - Car Wash Length: 2:58 I always thought they looked like undersea animals too. TCLB - Getting Food In El Sobrante Length: 6:28 Just some slice of life, but nice and short, good for a release like this. TCLB - 電車でGO! Length: 40:05 Another really long one I got into without knowing, but much more bearable even if it is a bit repetive. I'm guessing it's train themed? The background sounds and music were cool and the intro and the rest of the album gave some context for Seifuku Sound. TCLB - Bayshore Mall In Bayview, CA Length: 41:00 I thought this was an EP when I started it and only realized it was an album when I was too far in to turn back. The food court sounds were nice (mallsoft, anyone?) but I got sick of the other tracks sometimes. I should've just gone to the mall. TV1833 - Himeko Katagiri - Live @ Resident Electronic Music @ The Laundry, San Francisco 3/10/2020 Length: 20:27 Good job censoring the goreshit - crabs sample for the IRL set, lol. I wish I could attend one of these, the random screaming is the icing on the cake. TV1779 - Ninja McTits - 私はアニメ品店まで戦車で行きました。ちかんの電車だ!女の子にノイズの学校がいます。ロリコンエロアニメが見る欲しいです。私は林まで駅から歩きますです。 鬼の姫は人間心が食べて大好きです。明日からちびまる子ちゃんが八時から九時までまります。竹林で忍者美少女は刀でみかんを木切います。車ありますだ!ペンギンとチーズか木の水と虫食 べてがですか?青いワッフルが食べたいです。子どもの時間とロリコンの精液です。これは川の岩、これも川の岩です。 Length: 5:12 TV1466 - Ninja McTits - Southern Turntablism Length: 19:34 I was expecting a Beautiful Loli Thing remix as the last track, but whatever. Quite different from most McTits stuff, crazy turntablism doing everything wrong. TV1343 - Ninja McTits - Remixing My Own Black Metal Track To The Point Of Complete Abstraction Length: 10:17 There's like two seconds of recognizable black metal in there, lol. The ending droned on a bit but it was quite an interesting deconstruction (more like blasting it to pieces.) September 21st, 2021 Ninja McTits - Guitar Noise Solo For Azusa For Valentine's Day, I Love You Length: 14:44 Nice solid noise, from guitar too and not digital, and waifuism is always a plus in my book. Happy Valentine's Day! TCLB - December 2nd, 2019 Length: 11:31 There's no real need to comment on most of these TCLB releases because they're slice of life and didn't stick in my memory all too much. TCLB - Going To IHOP Late At Night Then Leaving After A Few Minutes Because A Roach Was On The Table Length: 5:11 TCLB - Denny's At Night Length: 11:01 TCLB - Lo​-​fi Roomtone Recording Of An Empty Movie Theater Length: 8:02 Well, that was nothing but I can't say it lied. TCLB - Playing Animal Crossing Length: 17:56 TCLB - Petaluma, CA Length: 1:58 TCLB - A Motel In Arcata Length: 1:43 TCLB - Trinidad, CA Length: 12:56 TCLB - Arcata, CA Length: 6:17 TCLB - Arcata Morning Length: 9:10 TCLB - Driving Through Bracut, CA Length: 0:10 TCLB - Driving Through King Salmon, CA Length: 0:07 TCLB - Willits, CA Length: 5:15 TCLB - Eureka, CA Length: 7:53 September 20th, 2021 TCLB - Gas Station In Kensington [9​:​10 PM - 9​:​13 PM] Length: 3:04 TCLB - Ham Radio 9​/​6​/​2018 Length: 10:11 TCLB - カードキャプターさくらクロウカードマジック Length: 39:04 September 19th, 2021 TCLB - Two Short Recordings In A Catholic Church Using Broken Microphones Length: 2:37 Accidental Ninja McTits EP! TCLB - Birds, Gazebo, Wind / Morning Apartment Ambiance 10​:​38 AM Length: 3:40 A nice ambiance, reminds me of Spring or Summer. TCLB - In A Mexican Restaurant Near The Kitchen Length: 3:17 TCLB - Workers On The Roof Length: 2:36 TCLB - DMV Length: 5:03 TCLB - With My Parents In Berkeley Length: 6:01 TCLB - Two Trains Length: 7:45 TCLB - Rain From My Bedroom Windows Length: 8:04 TCLB - Windy Summer Day Length: 7:15 TCLB - Oakland At Night Length: 12:10 TCLB - 東方紅魔郷 Length: 25:03 TCLB - Late At Night Brazilian Ham Radio Number Stations, Radio Noise, And Conversation (9/5/2018) Length: 18:29 September 17th, 2021 Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 6 Length: 41:38 Includes some of the hithero-unreleased Seifuku Sound soundcloud tracks (I especially like Coma Dreams,) and a bunch of new material. Reminds me of Vol. 2, with spookier elements, foreign instruments, and more experimenting in BGM with breakbeats and dark ambient. I still prefer the catgirl one but this is good too. TV1436 - Deaf Internet Quartet - Internet Free Jazz Length: 25:15 I was part of a release like this one but this is pretty different, much shorter chunks of sound. The squeaky toy was gret, and it's surprisingly enjoyable for what should've been a cacaphony. Reminds me of Superball at parts. I wonder who UwU-chan is. TCLB - Final Works: Grocery Store From Behind The Scenes Length: 1:00:97 This was way longer than I thought it was, lol. I wish I had been field recording when I had a job, and just after I listened to this my friend told me about the baler at their job, of which this has a couple recordings. TCLB - Russian Ham Radio 9​/​5​/​2018 Length: 33:17 Thought a half hour of Russian ham radio would suck to sit through but it was pretty neat actually, bursts of distant voices, garbled signals, and whatever other flotsam was floating through the airwaves. TV528 - Ninja McTits - Remixes For No Cash Vol. 1 Length: 44:08 It would probably help if I knew any of the tracks being remixed besides DOWNLOAD and GUNSLINGER-R, but I still get the intended earblasting effect. The title's pretty funny too in context. September 16th, 2021 TCLB - People Doing Construction Literally Right Outside Of My Window Length: 7:25 TCLB - Hilltop Plaza And A Gas Station At Dusk Length: 8:14 TCLB - Errands 4.13.2016 Length: 19:34 I is what it is. TCLB - Spirit Halloween Length: 12:19 Spirit Halloween is great, just a plethora of sound effects. TCLB - Hanging Out With Ayane Fukumi Length: 13:17 I kind of suffered through the street rapper part but the conversations are always neat if you actually know what they're about. TCLB - Sacramento, September 15th, 2019 Length: 20:20 I liked the conversation recordings, gives a different perspective on concerts and field recordings and whatnow, and the blowing trash was neat too. TCLB - Richmond California Crime Scene Length: 12:16 TCLB - Outside Of Toys'R'Us Before It Opens Length: 11:56 TCLB - Junpei's Birthday Length: 12:08 September 13th, 2021 Ninja McTits - 16 Bbw Length: 17:22 I absolutely hate this cover and will regret putting it here but whatever. Audio wise, it's an interesting mess of plunderphonics textures, and seeing it mirrored in 16 kbps was a neat reflection on audio quality. Making Breakcore (Recorded With Laptop Microphone) Length: 15:10 It's a shame it's just clicking without hearing the actual production but it inspired me to do something similar. TCLB - Some Recordings Of San Pablo Length: 19:02 Not a ton to say, slice of life. September 12th, 2021 TV894 - Recovering Hikikomori - Late Night Melancholy Length: 1:14:53 絶望 is still my favorite but this one was great too, a bit of a behemoth but for good reason, pretty close to a concept release and taken as a whole with the TCLB hospital recordings, it paints a pretty personal picture. I hope things got better from then on out. Recovering Hikikomori - ふたりはBAD&UNRELEASED Length: 16:00 I can see why some of it was unreleased but I was interesting to see some of the alias's progress and experimentations along the way. September 11th, 2021 TV1459 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - バーチャル・アホ症候群 Length: 9:38 That was less of a shitpost than I expected, vaportrap stuff. TV852 - DJ Tsundere Violence AKA DJ Nonstick Cookware - Live!!! @ Underground Core Collective Presents: Cultural Enrichment 9/17/2016 Length: 38:40 I wish I could've been there, especially DJ Nonstick Cookware. The sudden wedding in the middle was great too, sounds like a good venue / party. TV051 - DJ Nurse Joy - The Bathroom Length: 10:01 The cover disturbs me and I don't want to know what the film it's based on is but at least the plunderphonics interpetation of it didn't provoke the same reaction. TV1172 - Gin Father / Pedestrian Detour / Fumiko Ishino / Untrue Junglist - House 1 Length: 6:58 A nice small split, and Untrue Junglist was pretty good too. DJ Nonstick Cookware - https://spamwave.mix HOTTEST SPAMWAVE MIX OF 2018 ! ! https://spamwave.mix HOTTEST SPAMWAVE MIX OF 2 Length: 11:54 Spamwave is such an interesting little scene that disappeared as fast as it materialized, if it existed at all really. There's a lot of different styles in here, noise plunderphonics, lobit, sound collage, all adhering to different perspectives on spam. September 10th, 2021 TV472 - Lolitendo - Liru Length: 7:53 It makes sense as an archival unfinished EP but was nice while it lasted, even if it didn't stick much in my memory. TV374 - おやすみFacebook™ - Bitcoin鉱業入門 VHS Length: 12:04 Himeko has such a weird style in vaporwave where the pitch decreases right before it loops. I heard it in multiple aliases and I have not heard any other artists do that, probably because it's jarring and strange in a normally chill genre. It works for a release as contradictory as VHS and bitcoin, though. TV1553 - おやすみFacebook™ - スーパーマーケットスイープ Length: 13:13 I hate shopping and challenge shows (along with most TV like the edgelord I am) but I have to appreciate it's music if that's what's sampled here. TV1680 - おやすみFacebook™ - 向耶和華唱新歌 Length: 10:22 TV1675 - おやすみFacebook™ - XXXCOIN_SEXY_HOT_GIRL_18+_BUY-XXXCOIN-WITH-CREDIT_CARD-FOR-FULL-ACCESS-TO-THOUSANDS-OF-VIDEOS_!_!startuplauncher.exe Length: 11:53 Probably NSFW samples buried in echoey vapor ambience. Spamwave strikes again! TV1117 - おやすみFacebook™ - 11:30PM過ぎ Length: 23:21 It felt like more or less generic vaporwave but I was more focused on reading about the history of anime on Wikipedia than what I used to soundtrack it. All aliases gotta start somewhere, and what's wrong with a little filler? TV1115 - Recovering Hikikomori - ・゚✧00:30:42[13] Length: 30:43 Some of the most abstract composition and advanced chopping yet. Some of the samples are completely shredded, and others are left intact. I have to admire the trap drums on some, with the panning and processing. TV452 - おやすみFacebook™ / ᶄỸ▲ᴙỸ ΣRO Ꮥᒪ✿~ற✿ - ソーシャルネットワーク//きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ• • •滝SCREENSAVER Length: 28:13 Kyard Ero Guro vaporwave wasn't what I was expecting today but I'll take it. I'm guessing those are Kyary Pamyu Pamyu samples, anyway. Don't remember a ton but I liked it. Triggered my antivirus immediately / 10. TV1433 - Shikima - The Lustful Legend Begins! Length: 10:20 This is a great album to drown out everything around you and just blast your brain. The inclusion of occassional punk drumming between the noisecore (which I can't tell where the tracks (whose titles I love) begin and end at all) was pretty distinct. TV1139 - Fumiko Ishino - Kuso Acid!!! Length: 32:47 Improvised acid usually kind of sucks unless you really know what you're doing (like CDR) but the inclusion of samples, live mixing, and other stuff here made me think it was composed, which I have to appreciate. September 10th, 2021 TV344 - Ninja McTits - 朦朧北京 Length: 19:43 The samples about smog and masks feel a bit prophetic. The Chinese instruments reminds me of 白さくらちゃん / ГАВНО №4 / मुंबई वेश्या. TV406 - Ninja McTits - Composition For Back Massager, Smoke Detector, And Ableton Live Length: 15:13 Reminds me of onkyo, surprisingly sparse but that would make sense for it's unique instruments. Ninja McTits - Primula ♥ Length: 23:23 There's a couple of noise tracks and a couple classical tracks, which isn't the kind of variety I expected. I guess that's just what he did in 2012. No complaints, though. Better than I thought an 8kbps album like this would be. Ninja McTits - Live @ Untitled Rave Stream 7 7 2021 Length: 19:02 It's a shame I missed this live. It's simultanously a Greek Culture cover, gaijikore EP, scum, and you lost the game to boot. Also, Aphex Twin! TV390 - Ninja McTits - not-a-virus:porn-dialer.win32.goindirect.a Length: 22:40 Reminds me of some of his other spam inspired works but this one's a bit different because it seems to be sampling music played off of speakers and rerecorded and distorted. I especially liked the Reizoko CJ sample. TV275 - Lolitendo - Loli Panzer Assault Length: 24:23 More Battle Lolis tribute NESBM but I'm not complaining, and the gunshot blastbeats were as prominent as ever. Also, this release got a cover recently, which it was probably due for. TV308 - Lolitendo - Jester Quartz EP Length: 9:43 Not a NESBM / military-themed (or seemingly anything-themed) release but short and sweet nevertheless. TV462 - Lolitendo - Loli Pyongyang Length: 23:47 I loved the use of chiptune blastbeats to emulate gunfire, the songs were nice and Battle Lolis-esque, and the North Korean music in the last trak, especially when layered with chiptune, was very unique. I wish we had the Ninja McTits remixes, but then they wouldn't be special and kvlt, would they? PANTSU SCUM - Lolishitcore Length: 4:57 The Lolishit references are great and I think this is the most distoered PxSx release yet. PANTSU SCUM - I Broke My Drums Playing Live So Here's An Album Using Them Since Its Scum AF Length: 2:18 I play abroken toy guitar sometimes and can attest that broken instruments (and gatorade drum sticks) are ideal for scum. TV129 - Lolitendo - Loli Dodgeball Length: 23:21 Not how I expected this alias to begin but so be it. Some of it kind of noodled around without really going anywhere but the parts that didn't made it worth it. Also, I wonder why dodgeball came up as an album idea. September 8th, 2021 NERV ELEVATOR - NERV ELEVATOR Length: 46:40 This is probably my second favorite HNW project in the genre. It's such a stupid idea but the execution is great, instead of the same bass-heavy noise that so many other artists use there's ANW, reverb, all kinds of frequencies and sounds, all without varying from the unrelenting wall. I also managed to get it on tape, and my friend thought it was hilarious when he came over and saw it. TCLB - Omegle Last Few Minutes Of 9-7-2021 PST Length: 2:33 Reminds me of spamwave. A neat collection of incidental sounds, voices, and digital debris. 조선중앙텔레비죤 KCTV - The People's Broadcast Length: 55:03 Some of it is kinda poorly looped and edited and felt like a novelty release which I guess it is but some of it is actually pretty good ambient vaporwave. I actually know of another North Korean vaporwave project, 50 년대에 북한의 테마 공원, but there should be more. TV525 - Ninja McTits - 您好,本公司可代開正规【發^'^票】:欢迎致电135.6026.9696咨询潘经 Length: 16:25 The bitcrushed screaming and noise is pretty good, and the mountain dew amen ranting in the last track was something. Ninja McTits apoparently made some releases sent exclusively to spammers, and I hope that track was on it. September 6th, 2021 TV443 - 11:30 PM - Beach Length: 13:34 A bit of Street Light's vocaloid avant-pop sound with more emphasis on the techno and house elements. All of the tracks sound completely different despite being apparently alternate mixes of each other, and the cover is lovely. I wish I brought this with me to the beach along with The Beach Boys and everything else in my music library with the word beach in it. TV461 - 11:30 PM - Street Lights Length: 14:14 Kind of like 黄色い丸餅ちゃん's avantgarde vocaloid sound, in a dance music context instead of jazz. Sounds like something that might play at a very out there minimal club. Again, the mixes are quite different from each other, and it seems to explore different sides of the same whole. TV006 - DJ D1ed / Himeko Katagiri - The LandO'Loli Split Length: 22:50 Quite some different stuff here, and one of Himeko's first breakcore albums too. Yandere J-Pop is super abstract and mashes up Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, horrorcore, amen breaks, anisong, and god knows what else for seven minutes, his other tracks are good hyperactive noisy breakcore and I think his second track uses a folk sample, and while I'm less familiar with DJ D1ed the speedcore and lolicore on his side was nice too. I wish I had anything interesting to say, this page sucks. Sorry. TCLB - 11 11Second Field Recordings Vol​.​1​.​11 Length: 2:01 Some nice slice of life recordings that didn't take up too much of my time and is the only TCLB release I know of that isn't on Tsundere Violence, 聞く, or self-released. 11:30 PM - 11 Length: 0:11 Pretty well put together for something so brief, I wonder if an extended version exists languishing on a hard drive somewhere. TV214 - Neko Girl's Litter Box / Ninja McTits / Himeko Katagiri - Raped By Lolis Split Length: 38:05 The first side was interesting because I kept on recognizing the samples, lots of Goreshit and Lapfox. Interesting that it was basically a slice-and-dice of the artist's own music taste. The Ninja McTits side had some interesting crunchy pannning but otherwise didn't stand out to me (but the dancecore title was head on.) The Himeko Katagiri side was definitely enjoyable in the wild experimental way his early works are, but you can definitely hear the sound coalescing by this point. Piano randonly cuts to blasting amens cuts to anime cuts to horrorcore the it all goes together. yumichanzeropoint367 - 국내카지노골프투어【SPE423。C○M】바카라사이트 Length: 4:22 This alias is spamwave / spambient, essentially to internet spam what vaporwave is to 90s advertisements. This sets the tone for the rest of the alias: strange loops, stolen covers, deep internet plunderphonics sound, and titles that got it banned from Discogs. yumichanzeropoint367 - 선릉안마방 "010 v 4373 v 1910" 《예약문의,24시전화대기》「역삼안마추천」∑남궁실장∑선릉안마,역삼안마 Length: 3:17 A pretty calming spambient piece, and sounds like the background music of some tour video run through endless downloads and reuploads, perhaps for the town on the cover. yumichanzeropoint367 - 인터넷카지노☢\\【 GO762。CoM 】//☢인터넷카지노사이트굿모닝카지노 Length: 7:42 This alias's sound is even more out there here, from almost acid, field recordings, and all sorts of processed loops from god known where in the depths of YouTube. The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of deep internet, track 4 could easily be by torrent my pets. yumichanzeropoint367 - 스타클럽카지노✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노汉스타클럽카지노】 Length: 13:39 Every track on this is it's own beast. From cinematic music looping over another, seemingly comedic loop, lobit mid-2010s pop that reminds me of Internet Club with electronic drums skittering across it, a distorted noisey hiphop maybe loop, and more media samples of unclear origin and purpose, even tighter this time. In spite of being based off of throwaway music it's surprisingly distinct. yumichanzeropoint367 - 코리아카지노【SPE423。C○M】바카라사이트 Length: 9:24 yumichanzeropoint367 - 온라인슬롯머신【SPE423。C㉧M】바카라사이트 Length: 7:11 yumichanzeropoint367 - 국내카지노☥•☥ ┨ KO660。CoM ┠ ☥•☥ 국내카지노 Length: 14:16 yumichanzeropoint367 - 인터넷카지노게임✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노是인터넷카지노게임】 Length: 18:39 yumichanzeropoint367 - 국내외실시간카지노✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노点국내외실시간카지노】 Length: 23:00 yumichanzeropoint367 - 미니카지노✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노人미니카지노】 Length: 26:47 yumichanzeropoint367 - 국내카지노☥•☥ ┨ KO660。CoM ┠ ☥•☥ 국내카지노 Length: 14:16 I really should've written a bit about each of these but I didn't and no one reads this anyway to I'll just say of the collectively that it was a trip, reminds me of early vaporwave with all the experimentation and mockery / tribute of it's sample sources. Dogs, anime, ads, foreign conversation, movies, piano, distortionn, pop music, ambient, field recordings, probably all taken from spam sits and Petittube, looking and distorting. I expected it to be not very tolerable but it was actually surprisingly chill. September 5th, 2021 Ninja McTits - मुंबई वेश्या Length: 20:15 More or less standard noise but with the inclusion of Indian instruments. Recovering Hikikomori - 絶望 Length: 54:06 Probably my favorite release from one of my favorite projects of his. The socially isolated shutin themes are perfect and the tracks are fantastic, none of the awkward early production. There's a couple lighthearted tracks like Trapp O))) and If Everything Was Alright (which I love) but it's mostly atmospheric and emotional and despite sample choices from j-rap, black and doom metal, OSTs, Lapfox, and Viper, it's all super coherent and is a perfect album to get lost in when endlessly browsing online. Recovering Hikikomori - 静かな森 Length: 41:43 It didn't blow my mind quite like 絶望 but I still certainly liked it. The sample choices were still wonderfully acoherent but diverse (I think there's a Fall Out Boy sample in one, and Plastic Love sounds a lot bleaker when looped like that.) Still somehow takes a style of music I normally dislike and do great things with it. TV990 - Ninja McTits - あずにゃんメイド林 Length: 25:38 The repetition of words reminds me of a non-shitpost Apator, or his other gaijikore works. Weirdly sparse and I feel like there's references here I'm not getting. Super cool cover though, very aesthetically pleasing. September 3rd, 2021 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Subfrequency Rap Length: 10:28 It's like screw taken to it's logical conclusion. Gorephonics? AZU028 - Anthropophagolagnia - Fuck Your Ears (Ninja McTits Remixes) Length: 22:40 Some pretty good HNW. Back when I started off with HNW I didn't know how to make it so I just used other people's tracks and layered and edited them, and this does a similar thing, making four distinct walls from a single source. AZU034 - VxBxDxDx ‎- Francesca Lucchini Did 9/11 (Ninja McTits Remix) Length: 3:49 Ninja McTits + VxBxDxDx + 9/11 joke = ...ambient? Kvvv - Dmo#111111111​.​111 Length: 13:44 Not sure what I expected but copy-pasted glitch black metal constructs is new. I can safely say I've never heard anything like it before and doubt I will again. (Actually, the rough chopping reminds me a bit of Easter 2012, but whatever.) I wonder if it's original or not, probably not. Also, it skips drk,,2 for some reason. DJ Nonstick Cookware - 去年のクリスマス ($crewed) Length: 11:05 I love the original track but this is a different beast entirely, I wouldn't recognize it in this form. Heavier than I expected. DJ Nonstick Cookware - AYU-MIX Length: 20:50 I cracked up at this a couple times, screaming alternating with J-pop playing off a TV for 20 minutes. It's internet music at it's worst / best. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Nightcore Sound Collage Vol. 5-20-2019 - 5-23-2019 / 5-24-2019 - 5-25-2019 | 5-28-2019 - 5-29-2019 / 5-30-2019 | 6-3-2019 - 6-8-2019 | 6-10-2019 - 6-12-2019 | 6-17-2019 - 6-20-2019 | 6-22-2019 | 6-24-2019 Length: 18:34 Like the other mhzesent-esque releases on steriods, all sorts of tracks you can barely make out into a half-DJ mix half-plunderphonics whole. I seriously wonder what thhe title means and how this was made. I would guess maybe opening a bunch of songs on youtube and the internet, screen recording, then nightcoring and lobiting it? Pushing a CDJ to it's limits? I have no clue. DJ Nonstick Cookware - (Ignore) Really Bad Stuff [Released For Archival Purposes] Vol. 11182016 Length: 21:03 This felt like a single 20 minute plunderphonics track and less like a mix, a slab of layered stolen sound. I couldn't quite tell if it went together or not, I wonder how it was made. Also, I haven't listened to Ryoji Ikeda in forever, I loved him when I first got into music. DJ Nonstick Cookware - 5-30-2019 | 6-3-2019 - 6-8-2019 | 6-10-2019 - 6-12-2019 | 6-17-2019 - 6-20-2019 | 6-22-2019 | 6-24-2019 EP Length: 26:26 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- 5-24-2019 - 5-25-2019 | 5-28-2019 - 5-29-2019 Length: 10:51 DJ Nonstick Cookware ‎- 5-20-2019 - 5-23-2019 Length: 13:00 These merged in my memory so I might as well comment on them together. It reminds me of mhzesent, not a mix at all but murky lobit plunderphonics that melts god knows what together into a new blurry drugged up whole. All the bonus items and distorted nature pictures certainly reminded me of mhzesent too. TV878 - Ninja McTits - Last Minute Thanksgiving Album Length: 13:08 Ther's some screwey sounds that sound like a completely misused normal instrument, conversation in the background, and normal McTits noise fare. I just wonder what the setup he used was, it sounds different than normal. TV1000 - Ninja McTits - 1000 Tracks For TV1000 Length: 19:46 I love this kind of thing, taking a simple idea to it's absolute extreme. It was one of the most entertaining McTits releases and felt like way less thhan 20 minutes. Like being in a blender of harsh noise, guitar sounds, samples, anisong, and Alex Jones. TV347 - Himeko Katagiri - Indirectly Loving You EP Length: 17:58 Quite different from the Himeko I expected, less noisy and more coordinated synths, piano, and breakbeats with an IDM flair. Probably less heavy on samples and more heavy on original compositions, which worked out pretty well. I wonder if it was made in tribute to anyone or anything. 3-kyū - ā Length: 26:56 I absolutely loved track 2, some of the rest stood out to me as well as almost atmospheric in a way, and I found out where the "makes me happy" sample from his Omegle set is from. I wonder if all the samples he used has something in common, a theme I'm missing? Good regardless. September 3rd, 2021 TCLB - El Cerrito Del Norte Parking Garage, Halloween, Near Midnight Length: 3:21 Surprised the cops didn't get called over the screaming in track 2. A PANTSU SCUM album was also recorded here alongside this one. Who knew a trip to a parking garage can spawn two albums. TCLB - Shortwave Radio 11​/​4​/​2019 (WebSDR DJ3LE North Germany) Length: 10:41 I can make out a work or two but for the most part it's still seriously garbled, and the fact that the WebSDR is gone makes it a bit eerie. WebSDR always had this mysterious appeal like scrambled signals coming from some half-rotten reciever in a Russian basement somewhere, and this captures that well. TCLB - In The Car [Voice0040​.​aac & Voice0041​.​aac] Length: 0:28 Slice of life but I don't mind fluff to make the list longer. TCLB - 3​/​6​/​2010 - 5​/​3​/​2010 Length: 13:15 The BART sounds were crazy (maybe it's just that I don't go on trains but it wasn't what I expected) and I actually got pretty interested in the conversation in the last track, gives a lot of context to his early music. I had conversations just like one of the other tracks many times when explaining field recordings. TCLB - Recordings From 2010 (Camera Era) Length: 5:07 Midi is an adorable cat name and my day is now brighter. TCLB - Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Sailor Moon Cup Length: 1:56 I don't even know what this is a recording of, honestly. TV616 - 1960's Daisuki / Corrupted Loli Data - Secret Santa Split Series #12 Length: 8:05 Another coherent but unbalanced split. The Corrupted Loli Data is good sample-based noise and I always love bitcrushing in noise and experimental, and the fade out at the end of the 1960's Daisuki track makes me thing it was a distorted recording of something else. Distorted field recordings are good for HNW. TV626 - MOYO / HarshNoise Suzumiya - Secret Santa Split Series #18 Length: 14:35 Both sides are coincidentally sample-based noise and work well together, even if the lengths are a bit unbalanced. The looping snippet of laughter on MOYO's side goes from comical to spooky as it just drones on and on over the noise and the HarshNoise Suzumiya side is pretty simple but it's a nice return to 2012 basics. TV116 - Ninja McTits / HarshNoise Suzumiya - ベッドの上にクロネコ Length: 26:05 Another very early release but you can definitely see the later elements forming. The Ninja McTits side is similar to other early works but the HarshNoise Suzumiya side is new to me, very echoey and layered and even trippy. I might try to remix one of them. TCLB - Hispanic Grocery Store In Richmond, CA Length: 8:08 The background music is actually pretty nice, but I don't know what I would begin to google to find it. TCLB - Fire Alarm Noise Wall Length: 11:52 Why did he say in whilke the fire alarm was going off for five minutes? Why are there two recordings of it ending when it only ended once? Why is a fire alarm better HNW than some actual HNW? Why was this all going on at 3AM? TCLB - Wild Cat Canyon Length: 36:52 The conversations were neat and there's definetely some usable sound effects in here. Might as well start on the longer TCLB releases. TV164 - Ninja McTits - Chime Length: 24:38 Not what I expected. Pardon my namedropping but some of it reminds me more of Heaven's Emperor than Ninja McTits, and it's cool how fast it goes from melodic samples to sound collage mess. TCLB - HIGH&LOW ~めざせ! 26連勝! 5000兆円への道~ Length: 17:37 It's gameplay which means it's a bit repetitive, and I expected it to feel like brainwashing by the end but it's not that bad. Worked pretty well for background noise. TCLB - By Your Side, As You Always Were For Us Length: 2:29 RIP. :( Motor 166 / Oral VS Anal VS Murder / Ninja McTits / SRVTR - My Noise Waifu Length: 16:16 Sekai / Scree / HarshNoise Suzumiya / SRVTR - My Noise Waifu 12 Length: 15:23 HELL-0 YELL-O / Protostomia / Cylinder Smithsonian / 0xDEAD - My Noise Waifu 16 Length: 15:34 I listened to these back to back to back so they kind of merged together ion my head but suffice to say there's quite a variety in here (most of which aren't Himeko tracks.) Minimal feedback noise, HNW, plunderphonics anidong noise, semple-based noisy glitch, dark ambient, gorenoise, and qquite a bit else. Nice to see SEKAI, too. Kawaii Noizu forever! Fumiko Ishino - 9 PM Acid [ Korg Monologue And Rhythm Wolf] ( 24 Kbps Mix) Length: 5:28 Not sure if it's the lobit the fact it's a throwaway acid track, or both, but it seems kind of abstract and melted. Fits with the genre name pretty well. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Screw, Guns, And Peanut Butter Length: 1:42 No idea what the sample is because it doesn't sound like the cover but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Sample screwing and some reversing, not quite a remix but still some editing packd into so small a release. DJ Nonstick Cookware - HBS PT1 (SCRVWVD) Length: 4:53 I'm probably just tired or stupid but the only word I could make out was "fuck." DJ Nonstick Cookware - Listening To Reggae About The KKK While Reading A Nazi Themed Doujin On 4/20 And Its The 88th Release On 聞く, Its Funny Darn It! Length: 3:08 I couldn't make out the lyrics in the background, which is probably for the best. Can't wait to explain this one to my employer one day. September 2nd, 2021 TCLB - Previously Lost Radio Recordings From When I Was In Like 9th Grade Or Middle School Length: 4:12 I wonder if the files corrupted over time, considering words seem to skip like bits of time fall away. TV1157 - Spam Attack / Ninja McTits / Formicophilia / Lord Cernunnos / Infinity Of 6 - No THoDs Against Me 3 Length: 11:32 I only know a little bit of Viper lore but it's enough to appreciate that this would almost certainly be Viper-approved if he knew about it. TV1067 - PANTSU SCUM - 123 Plastic Bottles Length: 13:06 One of the more unique scum instruments yet, the distinctive hikki sea of plastic bottles. I still think it's cool that he puts as much effort into stuff like this as he does, like accidently hurting himself during the facebook lives or losing mic in the sea of bottles here after getting something in his eye. TV088 - Ninja McTits - Haruhi Has HIV Length: 9:58 A lot of the tracks almost seemed to be loops and it got pretty repetitive. I couldn't have done better in 2012 though. TV370 - Ninja McTits - Operation Decode Length: 5:58 This isn't the only Digimon release I've listened to, and the instrumental music is nice, reminds me of How To Make Breakfast with soothing loops and noise layering over it. TV254 - Ninja McTits - Stuff Made Before Going To Bed Length: 16:37 The noise is kind of weak but that's probably because it's either sourced from raw data or radio noise. The radio recording is like proto-TCLB, and it reminds me of an early-McTits Bored Late At Night, I Want To Go To Bed But Can't, I Want To Be Asleep, I Want It To Be Tomorrow So I Can Go Get A New Game. TV729 - Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, Некрофилический Гей-Старец, Ninja McTits, Пиздоплюйские Хуепожертвования, TETSURO - Split Length: 14:22 Some of my favorite work under this alias, pure samplecore. I don't know anyone here besides TETSURO but his side was very good breakcore (I liked how organized the kicks were) and the others are interesting grindcore and noise. I might include this as one of my favorite releases. TV085 - Ninja McTits - Used Tampon Tempura Length: 14:33 It sounds like raw data but normally raw data isn't this consisteny. I'm really not sure how to make something like this but I don't like it as much as his later stuff (but at this point Ninja McTits was still a troll alias basically.) TV383 - No.305 / Sunblock Bukkake - Split Length: 19:40 There's a lot to love here between the random Beatles track, hardcore kicks, No.305 tracks sounding like they're recorded live, SxBx's stupidly long intros, anisong grindcore, and whatnot. TCLB - Shortwave Radio 3832​.​01 kHz North Texas RTL​-​SDR operated by W5CQU (Very Late At Night) Length: 13:03 Super murky and alien like you're sick or half asleep. I couldn't make out a single word. TCLB - Baseball Panning Length: 0:23 I normally hate sports but that's some weird glitching. Watching baseball while tripping. TV620 - The Snuff Queen, Ninja McTits - Secret Santa Split Series #15 Length: 9:35 Kind of the opposite of the other christmas album since the Himeko side is so much longer than the other. The Snuff Queen side is a cool mixture of amen breaks, unique midi-sequencing stuff, and noise, and the Ninja McTits side was good solid noise except for the Christmas music part, which was kind of intolerable because of the unedited Christmas music in it, but it was minimized by the slowed down version and thr ambient playing over it. TV636 - tooth_eye / Sunblock Bukkake - Secret Santa Split Series #24 Length: 10:21 This was just hilarious because the tooth eye side was super long and suspenseful with noise, ambience, and christmas music looping all building up for 10 minutes, then the Sunblock Bukkake side I came here for was 30 seconds and all but the last few seconds was an intro. It was like a buildup content ratio of 100:1. August 31, 2021 TCLB - Gas Station In San Pablo Length: 2:34 I remember very little from this one but the lofi car sounds. TCLB - TV Messing Up ["Organic" Glitched Audio] (Grandma's House) (Cellphone Recording) Length: 6:12 Even chopped up ads are insufferable but the glitching is interesting. I wonder how that even happens, if it was the signal or the TV. I only ever saw a commercial cut off once, and a severly databent TV at a Dominoes once. TCLB - The Hidden Safeway Length: 3:38 Some random slice of life. On an off note, I worry about posting conversations like this lest I slip up and reveal identifying information. TCLB - Electronic Buzzing At 7​:​07 AM Length: 7:53 Tinnituscore, wonder could be making it. Maybe it's the same thing as the Sine recordings a few days later? TCLB - Little Caesers (Cellphone Recording) Length: 1:05 Arbitrary slice of life recording but I like the low quality of the cellphone, makes it sound muffled in a comfy way, blurry. Azusa The Raw Data Tester - Raw Data A-Law 24-Bit BMP Color Tests Length: 4:56 At the end I thought the last one was the most interesting because it was almost inperceptibly high pitched before realizing the album ended and my ears were just fucked. Azusa The Raw Data Tester - Raw Data A-Law 24-Bit BMP Horizontal Stripes Tests Length: 3:58 All of them sounded more or less the same, like a single onkyo track, but this alias is such a unique idea I don't mind. Not long enough it gets grating, too. Mitsuyoshi Matsuda - Park (Belgum Trail Remix) Length: 6:51 I'm usually not a big fan of Belgum Trail but this is a good one. The acoustic guitar chopping over house music, the raw data sampling (the only other person who I knows does this is Nero's Day At Disneyland,) IDM drums splintering all over the place, and the breakcore out of nowhere. I'm keeping this one. CCCCCCCCxxxxxxxcxxccxc - I Put Gore On The Cover To Be Hard And Edgy But Please Dont Tell My Mom I Dont Want To Get Grounded Again Length: 4:51 That felt several times longer than it was, but it was amusing hearing grindcore subgenres and cliches parodied, and also the most straightforward grindcore album of his I know. "Each Song Sounds The Same Because Each Song Is The Same" struck a chord (metaphorically, not literally.) August 30, 2021 TCLB - Using A Patio Chair As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:06 That kind of went nowhere. TCLB - Using Metal Birdfeeder As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:59 Not sure which of these it was, but one of these seemingly captured multiple stations at once. Maybe it had to do with the differently shaped parts of the birdfeeder. TCLB - Using A Birdfeeder Holder As A Radio Antenna Length:0:36 TCLB - Using Metal Birdfeeder As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:07 TCLB - Using A Large Piece Of Metal As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:31 TCLB - Using A Rusty Old Can Of Spray Paint As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:29 TCLB - Using A Metal Drum Stand That Is Holding A Metal Birdfeeder As A Radio Antenna Length: 3:12 All three of these got through some signal, but enough static to garble it. Could be good for sound effects with some modifying in the background of a no-budget horror movie. TCLB - Using A Large Rusty Metal Wrench As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:00 Lots of interference but might work in a pinch, TCLB - Using A Metal Spiral Thing As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:35 None of the others made that kind of tone, which is a bit odd. TCLB - Using A Nico Yazawa Keychain As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:05 This has probably the most potential as a noise instrument, instead of just generating static it makes garbled tones and almost databent sounds. TCLB - Bedroom, September 28th, 2019, 5:29 PM Length: 1:49 Another slice of life recording, but if nothing else the birds and background music are nice. TCLB - Wrong Connection Length: 2:49 I actually have no clue what this is and the title doens't help much. TCLB - Shrinkwrap Length: 0:46 Another short packaging recording that would do well as ASMR if I was into that. TCLB - Rain And A Distant Train At Night Length: 2:32 Quiet enough that I had turn my volume to the maximum to hear much of anything. Lowercase as it gets, but the rain is still nice. TCLB - 10​/​16​/​2009 - 11​/​8​/​2009 Length: 5:57 It's a shame the videos got corrupted because they sound interesting, random phrases and impressions to say nothing of the burned out bus. The cover looks freaky, too. August 29, 2021 TV1040 - 白さくらちゃん - らき☆すた Arranges Vol. 1 Length: 7:51 I liked this one quite a bit, the songs work very well in this style. I probably wouldn't question it all too much if I found this on an old record. TV1357 - 黄色い丸餅ちゃん - でも Length: 13:31 Vocaloid jazz is a new one to me, and it's interesting for sure. Someone on Soundcloud said the vocaloid sounded confused and I have to agree, and it's cool to hear more actual songwriting. TCLB - Shortwave Radio 8/28/2021 Length: 4:23 It's gotten to the point where the "normal" concepts have flipped around and now rapidly switching stations reminds me of samplecore instead of the other way around. Recovering Hikikomori - 去年のクリスマス Length: 3:41 Reminds me as much of mallsoft as trap, and it helps that it's the exact kind of songs I would hear in the mall at Christmastime. The stretching and reverb soaked parts do well too. Recovering Hikikomori - 2 REMIXES by RXHX Length: 10:24 Different than normal RH fare but neat nevertheless. Funny that it got a noise bonus track too. Recovering Hikikomori // yung stab - PSX​.​약국 시뮬레이터 Length: 12:18 Not a ton to say that I haven't said before, but it's such a nice mixture of reveling in trap cliches while still being sincere and doing his own thing. Same goes for yung stab, although I know less about them. Recovering Hikikomori - ファーストアルバム 27:15 Surprisingly good for basically a demo album. There's some silly songs like Demonic Trap House and YxAxCxSxTxTxCxSxFxNxSx C Y B E R D I V A, but a lot of the tracks are as good as hip-hop in general gets for me, and ANXXXIE✞Y-KVN (Instru(mental)) is next level for some reason. Even it's earliest forms it's one of my favorite aliases. TCLB - Of Surfaces Length: 8:04 It's not unpleasant but it's like I'm dragging my head across the floor. TV826 - File City - デジタルモンスターCM Length: 12:28 I know nothing about Digimon so the nostalgia factor is completely lost on me but broken transmission is always neat. TV327 - Omorashi / Tortured 2 Maggots Loli - Kink Otaku HipHop Showcase Length: 26:03 Reminds me of Recovering Hikkikomori, surprisingly good sample chops that got better as the track goes on, and the record scratching was a great touch, although it could've used a bit more of it. I wonder if the art on the cover is still there on that sign. August 28, 2021 TV476 - Ninja McTits - Ninja McTits Live @ Godwaffle Noise Pancakes @ Noisebridge, San Francisco, CA, 13th December 2014 Length: 14:55 One of the stranger noise lives I've heard. Most people just go for feedback and normal noise equipment but there's mostly screaming, non-distorted keyboards, and even vaporwave (still with screaming.) Interestingly enough, he did an IRL live performance before any of the Omegle ones. Ninja McTits - Two Tracks Sent To Two Different Generic Anti-Racist "Fight The Man Cops Suck" Compilations That Never Got ReleasedLength: 3:46 Length: 3:46 It wasn't anti-cop but I did completely fumble a compilation once so I feel the need to vicariously apologize. TV375 - Otaku Molester / Ninja McTits - Otaku Molester / Ninja McTits Split Length: 20:30 I'm not sure if Otaku Molester is trying too hard or not hard enough, but something about it falls a bit flat compared to other samplecore. I do appreciate the Love Stage OP sample I heard in there, though. The Ninja McTits side is pretty similar to a noisier (lol) version of the KUSOWANK split, distorted samples from all over the place separated by longer noise sections. My guess is that it's taken from random youtube videos, considering the foreign acoustic music and Bluetooth speaker reviews I heard in there. I recognized some of the songs from the Omegle live sets. TV1065 - Ninja McTits - Ironically Getting Removed From An Antifascist Split For Being Against The Wrong Fascists Length: 7:58 TV935 - Ninja McTits - 12/18/2016 Apartments At Night Live Length: 3:37 Guerilla live should always end with security being called. I would loved to hear their side of the events. The video is a bonus too. TV1738 - Ninja McTits - Live In Sacramento 9/15/2019 Length: 17:03 His best live show yet, really combines everything I like about the alias. There's samplecore(!!!) that I recognize from some previous releases, the screaming from previous shows, physical smashing and metal sounds, gaijikore and anisong, and apparently throwing an antirecord at the audience. Wish I could've been there. TV1751 - Ninja McTits - Live At The Luggage Store, San Francisco, 10-3-2019 Length: 10:59 I really hope a whole VHS recording of the performance surfaces because even the cover looks cool as hell. It's more striaghtforward than the Godwaffle noise set but still has all the screaming and is more physical (smashing things and whatnot.) TV870 - Lord Cernunnos / Ninja McTits - Split Length: 19:52 Not a big fan of blatantly sexually themed music so the samples on the LC side were annoying but his noise tracks were good, some odd mastering and frequencies. Thw Ninja McTits side used reversed singing I think as one of the sounds behind the noise, which is neat. TV798 - Ninja McTits - Shout The Storm Length: 14:05 I'm guessing this is a reference to something, because the cover is obviously mostly borrowed from somewhere and the sound is very different. It's more industrial, screaming over looping electronics with actual notes and beats. Interesting even if I don't get the source. TCLB - Backporch_2REC Length: 5:40 It's a back porch. TCLB - Soundcloud Length: 3:10 Not an official release, but three tracks that seem to be unique to the platform. It's very cool stuff, ambient music generated from raw weather data. I wish I knew how he did this or did more of it, but it sadly seems to be an experiment that stopped there. It's the only TCLB release I know that's not field recordings, instead being sonifications. TCLB - funny girl zombie Length: 0:04 Probably a recording of a game, but I'm surprised to see a TCLB release in lowercase. I can see someone sampling this. August 27, 2021 TV512 - KUSOWANK X Ninja McTits - いもうとメイド Length: 8:41 Probably my favorite (or top 2) Ninja McTits albums. I love the super fact distorted samples back to back with noise bursts into an internet media blender. It takes the basic JAPSHITFUN samplecore formula and takes it to it's logical extreme, and the McTits albums in this style are some of my favorite noise, period. The KUSOWANK side is very neat too, deconstructs the normal CDR track and puts it together all wrong. The noise is less harsh than I'm used to hearing, which is neat. The two remixes of each other are a cool bonus too. TCLB - Tribute To Vziel Projet Length: 0:01 I got tangled up in some Discogs stuff regarding the very singles this release is a tribute to. TV696 - Ninja McTits - 3:00 AM Acid Length: 12:30 Noise acid is neat. With a bit more melody, I can imagine how far the concept can go. TV291 - Lolitendo - Loli Independence Length: 7:39 A solid chiptune EP, if a bit forgettable but my brain's probably just fried at this point. Wish more NESBM besides Lolitendo survived to 2021, but the rest seems to have been lost somehow. TV470 - Ninja McTits - Bored Late At Night, I Want To Go To Bed But Can't, I Want To Be Asleep, I Want It To Be Tomorrow So I Can Go Get A New Game Length: 32:29 Another one of my favorite noise albums. TV346 - Goatse.cx / Sunblock Bukkake - Split Length: 20:20 The addition of gabber kicks to grindcore takes it to the next level. The semi-random alternation between anisong and cybergrind kept catching me off guard. DJ ебать війни - полум'я війни Length: 24:15 My experience with hardvapour is minimal but the idea always appealed to me. This release at least wasn't what I expected, but it makes sense in the context of Himeko's previous interpretations of hardcore and vaporwave. It's ideosycratic and feel like tripping bad at a breakbeat rave. It sounded more experimental on first listen now that I'm going back to it, so I fear I'm getting used to it. August 26, 2021 TV1408 - Kasha Ov Blazing Fires - あなたは火の死が聞くですか? Length: 30:56 Sluggish dying guitar is the only real instrument in this alias, and it's all that's needed to make such dronish doom metal. The tempo is nonexistent and probably improvised, and it feels less like rock and more like very heavy dark ambient. TV1618 - Kasha Ov Blazing Fires - 猫符 Length: 35:17 More oppressive drones, "maximum volume yields maximum results." I wonder how much is live, or if the whole thing is very heavily slowed down. The seemingly original cover art is a bonus. TV1718 - Ninja McTits - Facebook Live From My Bedroom 1/20/2017 & 12/8/2017 Length: 25:24 Kind of sporadic, alternating between feedback noise with tons of echo, screaming, technical difficulties, and halfway through the first track he more or less gives up on the noise and just does stuff in his room and messes with a guitar. There's clearly some chaos that isn't properly captured on the audio alone though, considering McTits was apparently bleeding after one of the sets. Hopefully the video turns up one day. TV1694 - Ninja McTits - Cut Up Fields Vol. 1 Length: 8:02 I think I actually recognize the voicemail and hydrophone samples, which means I probably need to get offline more. It's a very cool project though, entertaining as it flips wildly like changing stations as fast as you can. I actually was inspired to do something similar. TV386 - Ninja McTits - Discogs Fascists Length: 11:49 Certified hood classic. From an audio standpoint it's somewherebetween early, just-figuring-out-his-software McTits and his more current stuff complete with random field recording, but the hundreds of posts long thread it spawned is where it shines. When I get this on cassette I can die happy. TV1688 - Ninja McTits - 6/16/2017 Length: 6:45 Some weird interesting effects in the second track, and I can guess this release emerged from an in-joke or incident with spamwave. August 25, 2021 TV971 - Sanya V. Litvyak – Communist Lolis Length: 10:19 Sanya V. Litvyak is to black metal what scum is to grindcore. Stripped down to absurd bare bones. I can't even hear the guitar half the time. TV1241 - Seven Minutes Of Satania / Sanya V. Litvyak - Split Length: 25:43 I used this as a soundtrack when reading a book on the Norwegian black metal scene and it worked pretty well. Seven Minutes Of Satania is more or less conventional raw black metal and Sanya V. Litvyak's side is different from his other albums, less scum-ish but just as abstract and sits on the edge of noise and BM without sounding like what I expected that combination to sound like. Sanya V. Litvyak - Crappy Acoustic Raw Black Metal Made With A Childrens Guitar Length: 15:17 About what I've come to expect from Sanya V. Litvyak with the addition of a $uper $lowed version of a track that basically became dark ambient. RIP Летпав ╥﹏╥; Sanya V. Litvyak - Mayhem Fucking Suck So I Recorded A Demo Over De Mysteriis Dom Gaythanas So It Would Sound Better And Piss Off Their Fans Length: 21:13 Funny that the tracks are split up not by the Mayhem track that very clearly bleeds through the crappy overdub, but end and start randomly. It's most comparable to Kvlt Black Metal Ist Idol Worship in terms of random screeching and inaudible guitar, with the addition of quiet Mayhem backing tracks and drums played on a computer. The type on the title and cover only add to it. Harem Noise Wall - サーニャ・V・リトヴャク Length: 4:00 A neat dark ambient that reminds me of the Serial Experiments Lain intro, electronic malfunction sounding like arcing currents. Harem Noise Wall - 藍華・S・グランチェスタ Length: 4:00 Maybe it's the white noise sensory deprivation but I keep on thinking I half hear things in the static. TCLB - Talking Bus Stop Length: 1:10 That's the perfect hardvapour voice, gotta sample it. I love how I can barely understand what it's going at that speed. TV1299 - Orgosk / Sanya V. Litvyak - Split Length: 21:16 I love the unreadable symmetric logos, and the Orgosk side is good out-there lofi black metal so raw it might as well be noise, and the Sanya V. Litvyak side threw off my expectations by there being as much, if not more, background noise than music. Ever wanted to make raw black metal and watch Seinfeld at the same time? Now you can! August 24, 2021 TV766 - Ninja McTits - The Pride Of North American Noise Length: 8:11 I think I've listened to more patriotic noise than non-noise patriotic music at this point. The layered, sped up samples were neat with the bagpipe national anthem at the end. Pretty sure the sample in the middle is from Bush's response to 9/11, making this at least the third 9/11 themed release on here so far. TV1058 - Ninja McTits - Dumb HNW Track I Made For Some Lady Gaga Themed HNW Compilation That Never Released Length: 3:12 That is the least surprising track title I've ever seen. The last time I heard Lady Gaga was in the radio in 2014 so I can't recignize the song, but I think there's a distorted sample at the beginning and end (and probably throughout but good luck hearing it.) TV1086 - Knights ov the Eastern Calculus - 01101100 01100001 01101001 01101110 Length: 12:21 Goes to show what he's capable of with regard to black metal when not being purposefully bad as Sanya V. Litvak or Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness. Has some more straightforward black metal, dissonant and coherent, and also used Serial Experiments Lain samples (the piano works super well with the guitar) and the last track does a great job of reinterpreting the background music, which I already thought was weird and unsettling. I just wish there was a lyrics.txt or maybe a Duvet cover. TV1116 - Ninja McTits - Globalist News Network (Wikileaks Original Mix) Length: 4:19 My friends would hate my for saying this but hardvapour is cool (or at least has a lot of potential) and maybe this isn't the best I've heard but I enjoyed the manipulated text to speech over the noise blasts and hardvapor beat. TV1127 - UxSxAx - Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning Length: 4:20 The second 9/11 release so far. Good gorenoise, sounds like multiple layered takes with some hardcore electronic kicks buried in the mix for good measure. Something something track length weed number TV1533 - Recovering Hikikomori - Myspace Scene Queen Length: 8:17 The "hey"s and air horns were a bit off for the emotive vaporwaved samples but good nevertheless. TV1535 - Ninja McTits - She Was Asking For It Length: 7:45 Noise, noise, noise. Not standout but it didn't disappoint. I probably listened a bit too loud. TV1555 - Ninja McTits - Yay! It's Pink! (AxCx Cover) Length: 2:06 Pinkalicious punk, that's a new one. Wish there were lyrics. TV1562 - Ninja McTits - Anti-Anti-Music Length: 7:04 Modern classical wasn't what I expected but it's pretty good. Some parts reminded me of chris†††'s alone online. I'm gonna remix this back into noise and call it Anti-Anti-Anti-Music. TV1614 - Ninja McTits - Sidewalk / When All's Been Done And Said Length: 14:10 This one somehow felt harsher than the deafeningly loud harsh noise releases. It's seemingly done with the same setup as the anisong gaijikore albums, but without the backing song, it's just screamed, incomprehensible (until I looked it up) lyrics over bare bones feedback. Something about it is a bit unsettling and very power electronics-ish. He gets emotional near the end of When All's Been Done And Said and I paused for a bit from what I was working on until that was over. TV1776 - UxSxAx - TV1776 Length: 2:38 The intro is as long as the song, the way gorenoise should be. I was gonna say the length should be 17:76 before realizing I'm a fucking idiot. TV1364 - Ninja McTits - 12-28-2016 Length: 12:59 Good variety, there's an experimental longer track and a bunch of different noise styles (distorted samples, amen breaks, mic scratching and amplified field recordings, plunderphonics loops.) I could fish to this. TV1682 - Recovering Hikikomori - Everything She Touched Turned Amflexian Length: 19:35 Good instrumental trap with interesting sample choices and production, but it really stands out at 8Daze. I listened to that song a lot when I was in the hospital, constantly fading in and out of sleep and having hours for my parents to see me every other day. Maybe it's just that context but I still think it's a great emo trap song (even if it's sample based.) TCLB - Fiji Radio Length: 7:08 I think I can make out a bit of what's being said (maybe social isolation and covid) but the rest is foreign. Funny to hear an ad I know nothing about followed by a normal English "I'm lovin it." TCLB - Walk, June 30th Length: 10:41 Slices of life, not much to complain or compliment. TCLB - 5_16_2020_​-​_4867​-​4868 Length: 10:56 I'm guessing this is the audio from some game. It works well as background noise, since I can't understand it, it doesn't distract from my train of thought the way music does while still providing stimuli. TCLB - Stair Maintenance Length: 3:14 Basically white noise to me. When I get burned out of music but silence bothers me, field recordings do the trick (and let me add to this list.) August 23, 2021 TCLB - One Second Of 8​/​22​/​2021 Length: 0:01 I have absolutely no idea what the audio actually is, probably roomtone amplified to HNW levels. TCLB - The Last of Us™ Remastered_20210814123947 Length: 0:09 Reminds me of the Taylor Swift Pantsu Scum album, just smashing through virtual drums. I kind of want to see if there's a similar sound-interactable thing in VRChat that I can do a live set with. TCLB - Photo on 8​-​11​-​21 at 8​.​05 PM Length: 0:48 TCLB - Voice0050​.​aac Length: 0:53 TCLB - Cellphone 8​/​8​/​2021 Length: 0:43 Sorry for being consistently lazy with bundling releases, but these are all vaguelly titled slice-of-life recordings and kind of ran together in my head. Anyway, I appreciate them, and the short length helps the spur of the moment feel. (The cover for Photo on 8​-​11​-​21 at 8​.​05 PM looks like a bedroom, but it doesn't sound like it was recorded there. The world may never know.) TCLB - Cellphone Recording Of A Goat Eating By A Freeway, But Its So Lo​-​Fi It Just Sounds Like White Noise Length: 1:32 Goat noise wall? TCLB - Nico Nico Nii Gun Length: 0:05 I had a friend who was really into absurd weeb video game mods like this and I have a feeling this is something he would do or would appreciate if I sent it to him. TCLB - Street Racers Getting Chased By Police [High​-​Speed Car Chase] Length: 20:45 Probably the most interesting TCLB recording I've heard. I'm surprised it went on consistently for that long, and it has tire screeching, police sirens, and even distorted loudspeakers! It seems this is a common thing, given this isn't the only recording of this subject. TCLB - Recording A Day Vol. 7​/​6​/​2020 - 7​/​25​/​2020 Length: 45:07 I didn't realize how long this was until I added it all up, a full length album. I have mixed feelings: 3:09 PM was cool (a cover of Wild Horses, I think, I don't know who's playing) as is the spooky 4:45 PM but 2:22 PM is longer than the rest of the album put together and consists of little but roomtone and incidental sounds, which feels like a bit of a waste. All in all, a recording a day is a cool idea and I wish I done it for a whole year. Maybe I'll try that in 2022? Harem Noise Wall - ちびうさ Length: 4:00 The bubbling and squeaking in the noise fits well with the sparkles on the cover. Also, that's the girl from the Herz cover on Soundcloud. August 22, 2021 Recovering Hikikomori - Ed Hardy Harajuku Length: 4:41 It's clear that these are old and archival tracks, but the sample choices make up for the lackluster production. A rock loop in the first track and unusual acoustic samples in the other two, I'm not very well versed in instrumental trap but I don't know anyone else who goes this far out. Recovering Hikikomori - ファーストアルバム Outtakes Length: 16:20 I can understand why these are b-sides but Recovering Hikikomori is still special to me and the things that make it so shine through here. "A Warm April Night" is especially nice, lovely mixture of echoing vocals, acoustic guitar, and trap drums, even if it's kind of off beat. ☹ R∆kk∆ Go✝ NØ ¥en ☹ could definitely be used for a rap. Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness - Improvised Instrumental Black Ambient And Dungeon Synth (2/3/2019) Length: 12:22 The silent two minutes at the beginning (including the computer error sound) were not really necessary, but the rest was neat keyboard improvisation noodling. Lobit dungeon synth is an idea I've messed with in the past and want to see explored more. (Also, a nice cover.) Ninja McTits - R.I.P. HORSE DICK RECORDS Length: 5:01 That is not a cover I'm proud of having on my computer, but so be it. The actual audio is an odd mix of lobit HNW with swooshing noise sounds, probably distorted from HDR releases. TCLB - DR0000_5683 Length: 1:00 Some duct tape fumbling, sounds a bit like the poprocks recording. TCLB - Suffering A Little On 7​/​8​/​2021 Length: 0:32 Reminds me of Ryona Funk and 11​/​24​/​2020. TCLB - Extremely Lo​-​fi Tribal Church Ambient Length: 1:42 Nice beat, but I wonder what the context was. Is it a prelude to something, or left on standby? TCLB - 6242021WIN_20210624_13_47_50_Pro Length: 0:24 Roomtone nothingburger but nice poster. TCLB - Sacramento River Hydrophone Length: 21:12 This further reinforces my idea that hydrophone recordings make better gorenoise vocals than most gorenoise vocals. There actually are some motorboat and other identifiable sounds here, which makes me think the wobbly gurgley other sounds are just the constant vibrations on top of and through the water. TCLB - Of Crickets And Red Eye Flights Length: 9:00 I've always really liked the cover and title on this one, calls up images of sleep deprivation and early morning airports. Even if the recording itself is on the ground it adds another dimension to the planes going by far ahead. TCLB - Album That Mentions As Well As Remixes Me Length: 0:45 Well, that's fucking surreal. It's like I broke the fourth wall. I keep on forgetting that the musicians I like aren't celebrities with thousands of fans but are underground like me and and anything I say mentioning them has a decent chance of getting back to them. I'm honored and want to take this chance to say that the cyberstalking track title is a joke, a self depricating mention of my excessive interest in niche genres / artists and kind of inspired by old-school Tsundere Violence titles constantly referencing or mocking other musicians and getting referenced back, TLDR I am not a threat and thanks for noticing me senpai August 21, 2021 TCLB - Apartment Building, 11​:​05 PM Length: 3:48 TCLB - (5​:​00) 2AM Apartment Sounds From My Window Length: 5:00 TCLB - 1​:​54 AM Length: 4:09 Roomtone accented with some incidental sounds, doesn't stick out a ton in my memory but the short length makes sure it doesn't drag on. TCLB - Ghetto Fishtank Length: 1:50 I hope that's just a temporary setup. TCLB - Morning Storm [Recorded From Underneath Metal Parking Sapce Awning] Length: 8:50 Especially nice rain because parking garages have a special place in my personal mythology. Also, did you mispell space three times, or am I stupid? TCLB - My Silent Bedroom 12​:​52 AM 6​/​7​/​2018 Length: 3:30 TCLB wasn't kidding, there's nothing here. I had my volume up all the way and the hum was barely audible. Trve lowercase. TCLB - Very Windy Storm (Recorded From 4th Floor Open Hallway) Length: 4:31 That's kind of weird architecture. Also, since it's partially outside, it has the added sound of wind on the camera making low frequency rushes. TCLB - 11​:​00AM Rain Length: 7:17 TCLB - Storm At Night (Recorded From My Room With The Window Closed) Length: 3:03 TCLB - 2​:​36AM Storm At Night (Recorded From My Room With The Window Closed) Length: 8:10 TCLB - Post​-​Midnight Rains (Recorded From Inside) Length: 8:02 TCLB - Rain And Electronic Buzzing (Recorded From Inside) Length: 8:08 My opinion on the coziness of night storms and rain from inside (that is, very cozy) remains unchanged. TCLB - Quiet Bedroom With The Window Closed In A Quiet Home At 1​:​00 AM Length: 3:21 A bit more substatative than the other silent bedroom recording, there's a dog somewhere in the house and other incidental sounds. Also, if I recall correctly, this is the most rated TCLB release on RYM for some reason. TCLB - Lyft Driver At Midnight Playing Two Radio Stations At Once (Recorded With My Phone) Lengh: 3:27 I didn't even know you could do that. Was one off of his phone and the other on the radio? The low quality of the cell phone recordings is a bit of a plus. Also lol @ mhzesent interrupting TCLB - Wind Length: 8:58 Very clean recording of pure wind woosh artifacts, wonder what the process / location was. TCLB - Cellphone Waves Length: 1:08 Play on loop for the lofi beach experience. TCLB - Man Screaming And Punching Walls In A Mental Health Clinic Length: 5:03 I feel for this guy, hospitals, especially mental health centers, suck by their very nature. TCLB - Morning Storm Hydrophone Length: 11:15 A neat alternate perspective of all the rain recordings. Very cool soundscapes and the gutter recording sounds like gorenoise vocals. I wonder if the Hot Tub Full Of Menstrual Blood recordings were done with a hydrophone too? HxTxFxOxMxBx predates this album by a couple months (Nov 21, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017.) TCLB - Electronic Buzzing At 6​:​59 AM Length: 2:22 Wherever TCLB lives is full of hums and buzzes. All I ever get is the occassional lawnmower or the rare distant gunshot. TCLB - Bathtub Filling Up Length: 3:52 The idea of me listening to this is pointless enough to make me crack up, like the ad recording EP. (No offense intended obviously, I've recorded plenty of very minor, specific things too.) I don't really know what connection, if any, the cover has to the audio but it's a change from the self explanatory photos. TCLB - Crows Length: 1:54 Hey, I did a short crow recording too! TCLB - Playing A Doujin Touhou Game On My Phone While On BART Length: 3:47 I generally think playing things off your phone in public is obnoxious, but I'll make an exception. For a couple seconds, someone's music synced up with UN Owen Was Her (field recording mashup?) August 20, 2021 TCLB - Six Minutes Of Rain Length: 6:00 I wonder what it is about rain that makes people instinctually record it. It isn't just TCLB, I and some other field recording artists do it too. TCLB - November Night Storm Length: 12:12 I wish it would storm around here, the summer weather is miserable. TCLB - Driving On The Freeway At Night In A Storm (Cellphone Fields) Length: 7:06 I never actually listened to Autechre but it sounds familiar, maybe it was sampled in something? TCLB - The Sine Wave Vol. 352020 Length: 3:47 More faint tinnituscore. TCLB - Buzzing Length: 1:31 Malfunctioning electrical box, maybe? TCLB - Dog Toys In A Grocery Store Length: 0:59 We used to hav a ladybug one of these, and while we don't have dogs it still drove our pets crazy. TCLB - 6​:​45 AM Rain Length: 6:25 Little comment on the audio (early morning instead of late night) but that's a new style of cover. Reminds me of XoArK. TCLB - Passing Late November Storm Late At Night Length: 10:00 November is a good month and my opinion on rain field recordings remains unchanged. TCLB - Lofi Cellphone Field Recording Of A Butcher Room After Hours Length: 0:24 The background music sounds oddly familiar. Sounds like a petitube video. TCLB - Alaskan Airspace Plane Drone Length: 5:13 Amazing view, but are all airplanes legally obligated to have a screaming baby? At least the drone is neat, might make for good dark ambient with a clean recording. August 18, 2021 TV1142 - PANTSU SCUM - Field Recording Grindcore Geurilla Live In San Francisco Length: 3:10 I wish I had the guts do act like a weirdo in public and do this stuff. TV1182 - PANTSU SCUM / paraparacorocorodidididimicomiconemotoharumicomfortable / THM / mhzesent - House 1 Length: 3:38 A neat variety of tracks, surprised to see THM here. I wish I knew more about the Halloween series of splits, but I think the artists were randomly assigned. TV941 - PANTSU SCUM - Nevada-tan Is Godoka Length: 18:27 Using a 7 minute phone call to end your album is punk as hell, as is making grindcore about killer girls. TV1030 - PANTSU SCUM - Yuyushiki Episode 4 Part 1 Length: 11:28 More anime plunderphonics / sampling scum. I quite like this one because there's the occassional attempt to play in sync with the episode but most of the time it's just crashing over BGM and voices and it's one of the closest things to a "proper" scum album I know, given the length and more-or-less normal noisecore style. TCLB - Free North Korea Radio (South Korean Broadcast) Length: 5:41 Disappointed it wasn't an actual North Korean broadcast, but some of the background music was interesting. Isn't it very dangerous to tune into foreign stations in North Korea? TCLB - Letting Omegle Run For 6 (Nearly 7) Minutes Without Ever Saying Anything Lenght: 6:56 Well, that was nothing. An assortment of silences from terrible microphones all over the world. The Omegle ideas are neat, though. TCLB - SOMA Ether Applebee's Length: 5:39 I thought this was an electrical recording with a special microphone, but it also caught what sounds like radio, so I'm not sure. Pretty noisy. STR-063 Seifuku Sound - 3192387 Length: 7:53 Seifuku Sound is a great alias and this is some of it's spookiest material, dark ambient BGM fitting for a horror game or visual novel. I'll have to return to this on Halloween. Also, the cover looks like Lain a bit. TCLB - 中国华艺广播 - FM 107​.​1 - Fuzhou Length: 12:10 This isn't the first radio recording that I was zoning off to only to hear "Covid 19" clearly. Some of the sound effects were neat though, would make for good 天気予報 samples. TCLB - สถานีวิทยุกระจายเสียงกรมประมงจังหวัดเชียงราย - FM 103 - Chiang Rai Length 4:17 I can't understand a word of it but the background music is really cool at points. TCLB - Gentle Off​-​Air Radio White Noise (Amplified) [Việt Nam Bắc Cali 1500 AM - KSJX - AM 1500 - San Jose, CA Mix] 3​/​22​/​2021 (Around 1​:​24 AM [Estimated Time​]​) Length: 2:13 Another nothingburger of a field recording, but it would make good background noise to sleep to, I guess. TCLB - Storm Drain With A Small Amount Of Water In Richmond At Night (Cellphone Field) Length: 1:04 Just a little slice of life recording. There was a pipe in my high school that did that. TCLB - Rain Dripping On My Window @ Night Length: 1:00 Basically lowercase, since it's barely perceptible blips. Fun fact, this is one of the only early TCLB releases that didn't appear on 聞く or Tsundere Violence. TCLB - Sounds From My Open Window @ Midnight Length: 8:26 Cars and other night sounds, not much I can comment. TCLB - Rain At Midnight 2_26_2019 Length: 3:41 Late night rain is the comfiest thing I can think of, feels like it hasn't happened in months, TCLB - Sounds Coming From Beyond My Wall Length: 0:23 I'm glad I don't live in an apartment. TCLB - Mori Point Pacifica, CA Live 4K Multi​-​camera (Recording Of A Live Stream) Length: 5:08 I was inspired by this and went looking for unsecured IP cameras like I do on occasion, but couldn't find one with audio. Guess this was an official, not unsecured one. Still cool, reminds me of deep internet. August 18, 2021 TV840 - PANTSU SCUM - CardCaptor Scum Length: 8:56 More themed scum, this time around a series I know nothing about. I want to remix one of the acoustic guitar tracks, might do that later today. Sorry for the lack of original or interesting thoughts. Also, I recognize Analchang, SHITS, and Robocunttwin from the cover, I need to get off the computer. Wonder who the bottom right is? TV1406 - PANTSU SCUM - ULTRA OTAKU SCUM TRAX Length: 2:50 Grindcore but the instruments are Hidamari Sketch, a cool idea and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. I remixed one of the tracks from this one. TV922 - Technical Bitches Cum / PANTSU SCUM – Split Length: 4:05 I have to use "You Are Not Swag" in a mix now. Not a ton else comes to mind. TV1817 - PANTSU SCUM / Painful Acidic Mezzanine - Split Length: 10:21 The PxAxMx side is pretty good, I usually have difficulty getting into straight up grindcore but I could see myself listening to it again on my own time. The PxSx side was more noisecore and less scum, which is a welcome change. TV1125 - VxBxDxDx / PANTSU SCUM - Split Length: 10:10 This is basically the logical conclusion to Pantsu Scum, seconds long tracks with paragraphs long run-on titles and on a VxBxDxDx split no less. He does sound weirdly quiet here, despite the loud random guitar scum strumming. TV687 - PANTSU SCUM - Shit Demo Length: 5:12 Where it all began. Not super special on it's own but it's neat to see where all the ideas started up. TV1077 - PANTSU SCUM - 初戀 Length: 3:36 Is this noisecore? Plunderphonics? Gaijikore? It's neat either way, and I think was used in PANTSU SCUM NIGHTCORE LOL. "Adding All Of These Songs To Whosampled And Waiting A Month For 5 Of Them To Get Approved" is too real, I have several hundred pending samples, some over a year old. I want to upload this track to youtube just to submit it too. TV1631 - PANTSU SCUM - Acoustic Rake Length: 0:36 Acoustic rake, as opposed to what? Reminds me of Rust (TV751.) This is like the fourth album recorded at his grandma's house, not including field recordings. August 17, 2021 (Some of these were listened to / written on previous days but whatever, I'm adding them now.) Harem Noise Wall - Various singles Length: 4:00 individually, 1:08:00 together 中野梓 - I was wondering how THE waifu noise wall would sound, and I guess this is as good as any way to start the project off. More basic HNW that most of the others, but that's probably the point. 黒猫 - I might be reviewing most of these by saying what the sounds remind me of. With this one, it's like rapid water drops in a large cave (or maybe a basement, given the slight electrical hum.) 榎本結子 - Bass wobble but balanced out (or maybe just added onto) by a screamy higher-pitched noise. キャンディス・ホワイト・アードレー - I keep on thinking I hear snippets of music somewhere behind the noise, probably because of the frequencies it emphasises. Solid, if standard, HNW. 渡我被身子 - There definitely feels like there's vocals in this one, almost more like power electronics. Very fitting for the cover. 西園寺日寄子 - Sounds like super heavy rain with some distant yelling. Could probably be haunting if put into a different context. 未来 - Unsure what to say besides that I could pick up on a few layers of sound behind the clipping and reverb. フェルナンディア・マルヴェッツィ - Neat echoed crackling, like some kind of electrical malfuntion or spider sounds, kept on threatening to fall into a rhythm but didn't. 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー - One of the relatively few characters I recognize because I'm an uncultured pleb. Not a lot to comment on. ヘンリエッタ - Reminds me of blasting a sample with wahwah in Audacity until the spectrogram goes white. I wish more HNW artists varied this much from the bass rumble forumula. 松岡美羽 紅本茜 ケツァルコアトル 八九寺真宵 赤座あかり ミドリ エーリカ・ハルトマン TV1522 - PANTSU SCUM - Having The First Release Of The Year Is Dumb Length: 4:14 I accidently set my mp3 player on one song loop and listened to the first track for five minutes without realizing something was wrong. I'm a dumbass. Anyway, the processing on it reminds me somewhat of Dog-Eared Loli. TV1520 - LxSxDx / 䨺龘𪚥䨻𠔻麤 - スプリット。exe Length: 16:29 I got too into the vaporwave parts of some tracks and jumped out of my skin when the noisecore stabbed my ear. I'm all for vaporwave parody any day, though, and it reminded me of a few vaporwave musicians I haven't listened to in a while. The dark ambient / broken transmission interlude was neat, especially with the whole album basically mocking me. TV713 - Himeko Katagiri - Gangsta Goth Lolishit Length: 24:47 Not sure if this is my favorite Himeko album but it's definitely up there. Every track on it is so distinct and a hit in it's own way and probably shows the best of his skills at the time it was made. 1:46AM is one of the most intense mashcore songs I know, even if it's a bit held back by being more random than even generally structured, Lolicore Artists Don't Matter is a classic, hearing Avril / J-rap / Slayer mashed up in track 2 was great, and うしろゆびさされ組core helped open my mind more to IDM stuff. TV1482 - 96式 - 黑山雾 Length: 6:27 Neat to see black metal elements restructed into a formless noise mass, pretty good given my admittedly minimal knowledge of blackened noise. I also found it amusing that there was a noise version of what was already a noise track. Also, that's the prettiest, most illegible logo I know. TV381 - Napkin Terrorizer / Himeko Katagiri / Matoakai - Shibari Repercussions Length: 22:36 Surprised one of my favorite Tsundere Violence releases came so early on in the label's history, but it did. The Napkin Terrorizer tracks are put together perfectly, simultaneously like being in a blender but everything is choreographed. I know less about MATOAKAI, but their stuff is good too, a bit abstract. The reverb, IDM stuff, heavy kicks, chopped up text to speech in Himeko's tracks are cool, midway between his more structured modern stuff and his earlier, more amateur experiments. "End Of Summer" is one of my favorite tracks from TV, beautiful (and hits a bit harder since my summer is a week from ending, and I haven't made a single notable memory besides sitting in my room.) TV1521 - Ninja McTits - Last Release Of The Year Is A Rotten Egg Length: 11:48 I remember hearing about Anal Cunt recording several days of material and layering it into a small EP consisting of thousands of tracks. This kind of sounds like if PANTSU SCUM did that. Amazing what a little distortion can do. The echoed anime outro was a bit filler, but it probably has something to do with eggs or the character on the cover, who in turn has to do with eggs. TCLB - Fan Length: 1:00 It sure is. (I had a fan blowing on me as I listened to it and it kind of tripped me up. Immersive, lol) TCLB - 6​-​5​-​2021 Length: 1:26 Some lofi anisong. Technically plunderphonics? TCLB - Omegle 5​/​29​/​2021 Length: 1:34 TCLB - Omegle 5​/​26​/​2021 Length: 1:39 These are pretty similar and I listened to them back to back so I might as well review them together. A collection of kids who shouldn't be on the internet, random goofs, Justin Beiber's Baby, and some of the lowest quality microphones I've ever heard. Yep, that's Omegle for you. I wonder what the context of some of these was. Do people go onto Omegle while trying to rap and skip people after three seconds, are these excerpts of a larger recording session? TCLB - [Archival Source/Stems] Axe On A Metal Bucket Recorded For A Horror Shortfilm Score Length: 2:56 I expected it to be more intense, but it got that way towards the end. Also, small world, I know another album that used that same picture on the cover. August 14, 2021 Harem Noise Wall - Various singles Length: All 4:00 separately 東風揺花 - Whoa, a lot here. High-frequency cyberpunk sounds warbling all over the place, midfrequency static surges, and a bass hum steadily encroaching to bury it all. スケルトン - Reallly out there for HNW, basically experimental ambient. Like being in some kind of alien cave. わたし - Reverb-drenched so as to almost bury the crackling surrounding it. Again, weirdly rhythmic in an abstract way. 小日向光 - Solid ANW clinging to the lowest frequencies it can. I wish I had an ANW tape to play when it's not raining around here (but this is less of a rain sound and more a distant hum.) エタンヤ - Again, it's fun and absorbing to pick out the different layers of sound. I hear a subtle crackle, the noise bursts, the reverbed sounds that follow it, and something else way in the back. 柊つかさ - Very overdriven and made almost entirely of clipping, but there seems to be a recurrent dragging sound in the back. マヤ - Very nice ANW, static snap crackle popping with just enough reverb to stop it from feeling hollow without interfering in the crunchy minimalism. 鈴乃木凛 - No bass rumble here, just sheer high pitched tones like raw guitar feedback left to run. 見崎鳴 - I made a wall that sounded like this once, isolate bass frequencies and distort but not enough to cause clipping. Works well with the dark cover. 住之江りこ - Bass boosted static basically, but that's what most HNW is. She looks too smug. 鈴鹿紅葉 - Distant train or maybe an underground river. Something about her face on the cover art looks subtly off. August 13, 2021 TV047 - Ninja McTits - A HELLA OLD SONG I MADE WHEN I WAS STILL FIGURING OUT MY PROGRAM AND BEFORE I EVEN KNEW OF LOLICORE BUT IM RELEASING IT FOR A LAUGH OR TWO Length: 8:19 I kep on hearing Himeko was active since 2009 but the earliest I've seen is 2011, so I guess this is from the earliest years between then. It's obviously just goofing off and making a sound collage shitpost, but Leeroy Jenkins is weirdly dramatic with reversed classical music over it. It's like Revolution 9 made of YTPs. Harem Noise Wall - Various singles Length: All 4:00 separately, 40:00 overall. I've started the HNW aliases, god help me. Harem Noise Wall is my favorite HNW project through because the tracks are all comparatively short (not half-hour monoliths) and have degrees of magnitude better sound design than all other HNW I've heard. I'll go through them one by one briefly: 黒澤ルビィ - Fairly standard HNW, but with a barely perceptable wobble, like when sliding pitch shifting in Audacity. 早乙女芽亜里 - Cool, already showing HaremHN isn't normal HNW. Rhythmic dark ambient is more like it, reminds me of Lord Cernunnos. 九条櫻子 - Like I'm at a an industrial show in a large empty space that just doesn't actually start. Maybe the rhythm disqualifies the "wall" part but it doesn't really vary throughout so whatever. ミーア - I thought this was just static but I can pick out at least three layers of pulses in the noise, got kind of lost in it and was a bit startled when it suddenly ended. グレゴリー蒔子 - The closest thing to normal HNW yet since 黒澤ルビィ. I keep on thinking I hear things obscured behind the wall, maybe gore vocals or anime samples or distorted screaming, but it's probably just sensory deprivation from listening to distorted static. アリア - Very cyberpunk. Sounds like being stuck in a transporter. Lots of different sounds, probably good time to mention these are all apparently made from a single wall of static(!) 四季 - ANW with a reverbed flair, like crackly machinery in an abandoned place, flickering lights or failing electrical circuits. 雁淵ひかり - A lot of pictures came up with this one, a warzone recorded on a microcassette, blowing really hard on a microphone, distant explosions. 虹原いんく - Like a dope IDM or techno track that never actually starts. Something cool could actually be done with this, but for now it's just smugly teasing me. 霧雨魔理沙 - Kind of has a wobbly bass drone going on below the harsh noise layer. The cool thing about these tracks is that the more you listen, the more you hear. Also, fun fact: I did the math and assuming discs are 80 minutes, the whole Harem Noise Wall discography would fit on a 10 CD box set (hint, hint.) August 12, 2021 TV518 - TETSURO & Himeko Katagiri - Split Length: 16:33 The first track is nice dancecore (pop music is good sped up and with speedcore kicks, basically) but from there on out it's some really out-there IDM lolicore, which is a great combination. It remains danceable and not super abstract (the anime samples in B Gata House Breaks is absolutely fantastic) while still being glitchy and eccentric. Recommended overall. TV1666 - Ninja McTits - Fuck The Devil 2 Length: 5:34 Another catalog number based novelty release. Sounds like someone ranting against Satan (an exorcism?) "detuned" in a similar way to some UxSxAx samples and layered with noise. TV519 - Ninja McTits - SCUM Length: 1:38 Guessing PANTSU SCUM wasn't a thing when this was made so it went to Ninja McTits. The PANTSU SCUM 1234-noisecore formula wasn't perfected by then so it's more noise-based than scum-based. The covers of other noise / experimental musicians are always good too. TV448 - Ninja McTits / The Erogē Fanatic / Otaku Molester - Under One Second Split Length: 0:00:14 It's 0.14 seconds and two thirds of that is the 8kbps track. I couldn't even get it to play in Winamp so I spent a few minutes putting all the tracks together in Audacity so I could say I listened to a split second of noise. I love the idea but I feel like I've trolled myself. TV905 - Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness - Frostbitten Freezerburned 30 Minute Meals Of Cold Despair And Dark Freezing Darknes Length: 5:28 More pisstake black ambient, but the vocals are funny. I wish I knew what that soundfont is, I want to use it in a halloween release. Disappointed all the "of"s aren't "ov." TV551 - Himeko Katagiri - Happy Birthday Azusa Length: 8:34 Less IDM-ish than the TETSURO split but still manages to be atmospheric despite the blasting kicks and sputtery breaks. The (probably 80s j-pop) sample in "To Your Azusa" is very cool too, and I liked it overall. I have a list of releases dedicated to waifus / husbandos and this is on it. Human Instrumentality - Skull Fxxk Length: 4:58 This is the only track released under Himeko's rather obscure techno alias, which may or may not be dead at this point. The anime samples and techno remind me of J-core and the synths and reverb remind me of hardvapour. It's kind of funny that I know more about subgenres like grindcore or hardvapour but know little about punk or techno or whatever. TV127 - Ninja McTits - These Songs Are Longer Than Your Relationships Length: 7:09 It sounds like playing music through semi-broken headphones that are only partially plugged in. I think I know the exact Audacity distortion being used here (expand and compress.) Also, >implying i have relationships TV1456 - Belgum Trail - Happy Birthday Tiku Sens~! Length: 4:26 A cute instrumental breakbeat remix fitting for Tiku. I should check the release date and send them a happy birthday when it rolls around. TV119 - Ninja McTits - Three Songs From A Split That Never Got Done Length: 7:05 Earlier I talked about how early Himeko Katagiri releases were still learning software and wildly experimenting? This is more or less the Ninja McTits version of that. No walls of noise or characteristic distorted samples, but glitched out tones, weird plunderphonics, and a few piano notes to wrap it all up. August 11, 2021 TV409 - Himeko Katagiri - Mathematical Milk Barricade / 510 Length: 11:26 By this point Himeko's finding his sound more and it shows. The chopped up text-to-speech over hardcore breaks worked way better than it has any right to, and the odd acoustic samples in 510 were used very well too. Breaking Shells was interesting but I actually liked this one a lot, despite what I would normally say are longer track lengths. TV251 - Strange Toy / Neko Girl's Litter Box / MOETANNN / Himeko Katagiri - Fuck Metek!!! Length: 12:47 A great showcase of the many sides of lolicore. Weird abstract tracks, dango-based speedcore, JAPSHITFUN-esque samplecore, and even dancecore. Accidentally a great short TV sampler. TV194 - Photinia Loriformis - Photinia Loriformis EP Length: 5:38 Short but enjoyable glitch, IDM-ish. The little snippets of reversed looped breaks stood out to me, and the second track was very pretty in spite of or because of it's glitchiness. TCLB - Toy Truck In A Store Length: 0:08 The fact TCLB decided to turn on a random toy truck and decided it was HNW is very amusing to me. TCLB - Air Conditioning Unit Length: 1:46 Another field recording I could basically hear if I just went outside, but so be it. TCLB - VHS Intros, Logos, And Openings Vol. 1 Length: 10:27 Unsure what I expected (probably vaporwave-y background music and stock sounds,) but there's a bit more than that in here. The first tracks had some weird juxtaposition of Japanese narration and breakbeat music which was cool, and the rest were a mishmash of broken-transmission sounding openings, assorted sound effects, bits of the tape's original contents, and even a noise track (VHS Tape From 1996.) Change the presentation and could probably be pulled off as a non-field recording album. The monologue on track 9 is strange too. TCLB - 00​:​03​:​33 Of Rain From Inside TCLB - 00​:​03​:​33 Of Rain From Inside [2] Total length: 7:06 Two similar singles of rain sounds. Generic, but rain is always such a welcome sound in my life I'm not complaining. The low hum, walking sounds, and rain make a cozy atmosphere. TCLB - 1​:​11x3 Length: 3:33 Pleasantly short, slice of life recordings of nothing much special but not bad. The music in the third was a cool addition / capture. PANTSU SCUM - scumshitcore Length: 0:06 Not a minimal scum track, more of a Lamia-Wants-More-Noisecore noisecore thing seemingly with distortion applied afterwards. I'm mostly just glad PxSx is back (and on a new Blogspot label too.) Ninja McTits - 中国共产主义的骄傲 Length: 1:01 This is just about my favorite kind of McTits release and I'm glad he's getting back to doing this kind of thing, especially on random Blogspot labels. I loved the couple of months where Sofiabot labels would just spawn all over the place on archive.org and this reminds me of that. I accidently played a track on loop and it almost crashed Winamp from being too short. Л0160. 3-kyū - The Most Illegal Single In The EU Length: 4:00 SAMPLING IS GOD, COPYRIGHT IS JOKE (It was fun trying to recognize the samples as they flew by. Goddamn rickrolled me too.) TV357 - Protostomia - Fasciolopsis Length: 8:11 I'm not super experienced with gorenoise but this was a harsh combination of downpitched vocals (I wonder if there's actual lyrics,) distorted noise, and hardcore kicks, which I didn't expect but liked as well, gave it a cybergrind flair. August 10, 2021 TV204 - Himeko Katagiri - Breaking Shells Length: 21:36 Another very early Himeko release. I feel like at this point he was still figuring out his style, software, and getting experience so there's all sorts of details and choices a more experienced artist wouldn't make, which tends to make it more interesting. Some of the tracks here go way longer than necessary, but they're filled with super weird IDM song structures, disorienting amen breaks, and a variety of samples. The classical samples were used well and all the glitching and shattering in When You Are Miserable You Need To Make Someone More Miserable Then You is neat, as is the way Yandere Brutality remixes a mostly non-musical anime sample like a song, and The Sexual Harassment Of Mikuru Asahina sounds like, of all things, early Igorrr. I recognize some of the samples as coming from the same show as some Lolishit samples. Overall, I liked it: I would describe a lot of breakcore as "depressive" but this one strikes me as more spiteful or bitter sometimes (see the first track.) (Why did this come out so long, jesus christ.) TV311 - Ninja McTits – Boat Propeller Diner (Etude) [A Song I Made For A Compilation For Some 8kbps Label I Was Pretty Sure My Song Was Accepted But Then A Year Later When The Compilation Was Released My Song Was Not On It What The Hell] Length: 2:48 Lobit is neat because it sounds very different depending on what sound system you play it on and at what volume. On my laptop, at least, it's a decent noise track, jarring and what I would assume were intresting textures buried beneath absurd amounts of audio compression. August 09, 2021 LC-☠️001 Belgum Trail - Dentist Gradient Length: 1:41 I'm not the biggest IDM fan so I wasn't sure what I was expecting but I liked it. The breaks were way stronger than I anticipated and it packed quite a punch in a short(ish) track. LC-☠️008 Manbavaran - Unreleased Demo 2017 Length: 2:42 Silly black metal featuring some songwriting and neat drums and instrumentals but with coughing, unprocessed vocals, and other artifacts. Halloweenish. LC-☠️010 Fumiko Ishino - Eicosapentaenoic Acid Length: 7:56 Not much to write home about but acid's always cool, probably improvised too. TV666 - Ninja McTits - Fuck The Devil Length: 2:11 I appreciate the novelty releases for TV1234, TV911, and now TV666. The actual track is not super stand out but nevertheless good noise that seems to have some hentai samples buried in it somewhere. Ninja McTits - MonMon_Sisters.mpeg.exe Length: 11:50 One of the weirder releases so far. The sexual samples were uncomfortable and prolonged but that's probably just me, the background music is actually very nice and something I probably would listen to on it's own, and the noise blasts might have some amen in them (or maybe I'm just hearing amens where there aren't any.) Feels like I got a poorly translated computer virus just listening to it. August 08, 2021 DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8/14/2019 (1/4/2020 Mix) Length: 0:50 Not sure what this is, a micro DJ mix or maybe one that got cut off early by technical issues? (I know there's an online festival that does one minute sets, on an unrelated note.) A neat plunderphonics mishmash regardless. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Naked Length: 6:51 I normally dislike sexually-themed RnB with a burning passion (pun intended) and this wasn't an exception but the chopped and screwed (more just screwed, really) made it more tolerable. Reminds me a bit of Infinity Frequencies's Sunset Limited. AZU077 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Shortwave Ocean Length: 5:32 A nice ambient / vaporwave / field recording track I didn't expect from DJ Nonstick Cookware. Kind of sounds like it is to the ocean what Unknown Data - X​-​5AS482 is to the mall, if that makes any sense. Sanya V. Litvyak - FOINF BLACK METAL Length: 4:56 The good side of Sanya V. Litvyak, four solid minutes of black noise going all over the place. Lofi and harsh and better stuff than I expected from a mostly intentionally bad alias. AZU039 - Sanya V. Litvyak - Vaginal Diarrhea Aint Shit On This Length: 16:28 And we're back to basically Kvlt Black Metal Ist Idol Worship, without the sudden screaming (thank god,) even quieter this time, and with Apator-style loops. I don't even know how you get this recording quality besides recording from across the room. Anyway, I one-up your kvltness from wasting part of your life making this by wasting part of my life listening to it. TCLB - Listening To Music While Cleaning Recorded With My Laptop Mic, Converting To 8kbps MP3, Then Recording That Recording While Cleaning, Making It 8kbps MP3, Then Repeating This Process Over And Over Length: 3:32 The idea behind it is really cool and the end result doesn't disappoint. Reminds moe of I Am Sitting In A Room. It's hard to figure out what genre the original song was (sounds like ambient at some parts, sounds like black metal at others, probably is neither) or which sounds were added by cleaning along the way. Plunderphonics isn't dead yet. August 07, 2021 Ninja McTits - The Only Available On Soundcloud Album! Length: 0:40 Sounds like layered wahwah effects in Audacity at various oscillations. 䨺龘𪚥䨻𠔻麤 - Haha Article 13 Passed Now Vaporwave Can Finally Fucking Die Length: 1:20 Thank god, RIP. On a margially more serious note this includes vaporwave samples, noisecore, and vaporwaved noisecore, which is a unique combination. TV542 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Where My Braindance At Length: 3:57 The original braindance track is really cool but the rap track over it kind of feels separate, but to be fair they're probably pretty hard to mash together. TV559 - Himeko Katagiri / Napkin Terrorizer - Harajuku Babylon Length: 15:22 Finally getting into actual "main" releases! The Napterro side is a great lolicore mishmash of think breaks, amens, babylon bwoy samples, and the omnipresent sped up vocals. Jihadi John is a fun beginning but the other two tracks go full into Himeko's pulverizing break style. The last track is the only one I recognize the sample to (like the pleb I am) but it's all great stuff. TV678 - 李桂英 & 吳趙 Law Firm - We Fight For You 与法律 Length: 11:59 The first vaporwave release I've heard, and it's pretty good. Some of the samples are excellent but would be even better with more chopping (which I'm probably going to do in a remix) but the pitch-shifting to end or begin loops is a bit jarring. I'm all for North Korean vaporwave though. (Edit: It's China, I am rarted.) TV751 - PANTSU SCUM - RUST Length: 0:54 Different instruments, but at this point all scum releases are blending together in my head. I can only hear 1234-AAA so many times before my brain feels like mush and I'm well past that point. TV782 - Sunblock Bukkake - Selected スク水 Works 2015 - 2016 Length: 11:15 TV822 - PANTSU SCUM - Live In My Grandma's Livingroom Length: 1:13 Organs are a neat addition. TV844 - Loli Dismemberment / Ninja McTits - Split Length: 8:39 TV876 - Ninja McTits - Britney階段 Length: 9:01 TV885 - PANTSU SCUM - Live At A Dumpster By My Apartment At Night Length: 0:06 Echoey. Not much else to say. TV886 - Ninja McTits - How To Make Breakfast Length: 11:01 Getting sucked into label drama sucks. The track itself is interesting, a BGM loop that gets increasingly buried under harsh noise works pretty well. TV957 - PANTSU SCUM - [Facebook Live] {Bedroom Live} (Snare Solo) 「1/23/2017」 Length: 1:20 I wish more scum / noise / experimental music was livestreamed. TV1087 - ファズファゲット X PANTSU SCUM - LuMi Beatbox Champion Length: 0:26 I'm pleasantly surprised to see a PxSx collab and knowing ファズファゲッ's other music this is exactly what I expected it to be, in a good way. TV1137 - yumichanzeropoint367 - 카지노투데이【GOP456。COM】바카라사이트 Length: 9:06 I expected harsh noise but this pretty good experimental ambient, with nice piano loops and all sorts of effects. I might look into this alias with a bit more of an open mind now. TV1205 - Fumiko Ishino - Guy Fieri Acid Length: 6:48 Techno, acid, and what I'm assuming is a Guy Fieri sample. Some neat instrument layering with the synths, and evolves as much as it repeats, more than I expected for something with this name. TV1234 - PANTSU SCUM - TV1234 Length: 5:59 The audio equivalent of keyboard smashing. TV1246 - Ninja McTits - Selected Split Works Vol. Your Mom Length: 19:04 Good solid harsh noise but didn't really stand out aside from some effects that reminded me of sped up reversed speedcore but is probably just noise equipment and effects being pushed further and further. TV1280 - Sanya V. Litvyak - Kvlt Black Metal Ist Idol Worship Length: 22:52 Fucking agony, I kept on turning up thr audio to hear the random guitar poundings but then having my ears stabbed by screeching way louder than anything else, and the percussion (maybe?) is random clunking like he's flicking the microphone itself. One track was 5 minutes and mostly was just field recordings but had a scream at the end just to stab my ears again. I've been successfully trolled. TV1361 - PANTSU SCUM - Fucking Noisecore Length: 8:46 Most of the PxSx releases kind of grated or were forgettable after a bit but this one was good, the constant distortion warrants the name, it has good titles, the sharp tones were a good harsh element and yelling the titles reminded me of Gerogerigegege (Greek Culture!) TV1368 - PANTSU SCUM - Its A Long Story Length: 1:28 I really should get around to watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. TV1506 - PANTSU SCUM - 10-8-2018 Length: 0:43 I'm glad there's a video of this one but aside from that it's standard. TV1765 - Manbavaran - Halloween Demo '19 Length: 10:03 Black metal and dungeon synth go quite well together and this is extra spooky and halloweeny. It alternates between the two styles and merges them quite well and maybe I was just exhausted but I almost fell asleep to it and listened to it again. TV1781 - 白さくらちゃん - Anime As 90s MIDI Vol. 1 Length: 5:13 I zoned out pretty hard to this, more vaporwave than vaporwave. Pretty nice. TV1388 - PANTSU SCUM - Live In The Woods Length: 1:44 Field recording grindcore is a funny idea. I like the beetle. TV1458 - PANTSU SCUM - Chopsticks Length: 1:28 Chopsticks make for pretty good drumsticks, good to know. TV1514 - PANTSU SCUM - I Wish I Had Jinglebells Or Sleighbells Or Something But I Don't So Here's A Regular Scum Album But With Christmas Themed Titles Length: 2:49 More scum to pulverise my brain. TV1593 - PANTSU SCUM - Extreme Music From Loli Africa Length: 5:35 My dad overheard the African instrument shaking and thought it was something in the car, and then I realized he could probably hear all the screaming from all the other releases I was listening too. Goddammit. TV1854 - Himeko Katagiri - Azusa EP Length: 20:03 Another "actual" release, hell yeah. It really has a bit of everything and feels like a sampler of what Himeko's lolicore is capable of. Ravey manic breakcore, harsh distorted anisong, super intricate IDM with an amen'n'anime flair, a very pretty almost ambient breakcore track and a return to the classics. Quite a lot packed in for an EP. August 06, 2021 TCLB - Playing A Mahjong Famicom Game While Listening To A Chinese Cassette Tape Length: 5:27 The Chinese song was quite nice and I enjoyed it and the video game sound effects worked well. I might keep this one in my library, it feels comfy. TCLB - Mental​.​_​.​Health​.​_​.​Clinic​.​_​.​8_21​/​2019 Length: 1:33 I've had enough of hospital sounds in my life but it was interesting to return to it. Last year I listened to all of the hospital field recordings in one go in the early hours of the morning. TCLB - Vallejo EP Length: 8:44 Conversation, driving, more slice of life recordings. Nothing significant but nothing bad either. Oddly, one of the few TCLB EPs labelled as such in the title. TCLB - A Short Nature EP Where My Batteries Died And I Forgot Backups Length: 4:14 More or less standard field recordings, but I never thought if dandelions were invasive or not. TCLB - I Don't Normally Use Spotify, But When I Do I Record The Commercials Length: 1:43 Insufferable, why am I doing this TCLB - Teddy Bear Song Length: 0:20 Cute little chiptune, reminds me of Emotion X. Kind of bittersweet. TCLB - Bathroom Fan length: 1:00 The cover is a plain white wall and that about sums it up. TCLB - Magnus Electric Chord Organ Motor Noise Wall Length: 1:05 Looking at unchanging field recordings as a kind of HNW is an interesting perspective. TCLB - Rather Failed Direct To Tape Field Recordings Length: 9:23 Not much here, but the audio quality from the tape is different and it was worth a shot. I tried making tape field recordings at school once and since there was actual audio to record it came out a bit more distinct than this roomtone experiment. TCLB - Inventory Management And Stacking Them Commas Length: 7:56 I wish more context was given for this one. What inventory, for what? If nothing else, it sounds nice, throw on some background music and it could a repetitive section of a game. TCLB - Ichigo Mashimaro Rain Length: 1:54 Playing a game while it rains is comfy and cool and recording it is no exception. Л0402. 3-kyū - Cluckphonics Length: 0:22 It's a lobit chicken, not sure what else to say. I liked the fact it was encoded wrong and had to be converted to play properly, digital anti-releases are always cool. TV1328 - Ninja McTits - Pop Team Epic Is Reverse-Culture-Appropriation Of Robot Chicken And I Will Not Stand For This Bigotry Length: Hopefully soon I'll be out of the field recording / scum zone and can go back to stuff like this. Maybe it's just the variation from what I was doing but I really liked it, a fun bit of crazy noise with some maybe plunderphonics and hardcore kicks thrown in and all sorts of glitching (not quite like laptop micro-autism but almost.) TV1409 - Ninja McTits - Archived Source/Stems: FUTANARI FANTASY Length: 2:54 More neat stuff with quite some variety, noisemaking, scum vocals, distorted samples, amen breaks and actual (but probably misused) instruments, all kinds of effects, and probably a heshntai segment because of course there is. TV911 - Ninja McTits - TV911 Length: 0:20 I'm going to hell for liking this. Throws me back to listening to vaporwave and 猫 シ Corp. Was the iFunny watermark necessary though? TV889 - Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness - Grim Freezer Burned Magic Of The Frost Bitten Livingroom Of Eternal Food Network Darkeness Length: 0:18 The titles take longer to write/read than the cover took to make than the music took to make, the ideal priorities. August 05, 2021 TCLB - Poprocks Length: 0:43 I remember having these when I was little, and it captured the audio surprisingly well, almost uncomfortably so. Felt way close up. TCLB - Two Lights Length: 0:35 The second track was basically roomtone but that's what I get for listening to lamps. TCLB - Freezer EP Length: 0:36 The first sound was actually pretty neat and kind of sample-able. Wonder why things occassionally do that. TCLB - Bubble TV Sine Wave Length: 1:38 A sound I'm way too familiar with between my old TV and school TVs that look like they're gonna crash down any second, but it's short runtime helps. TCLB - 0​.​260 Seconds Of Roomtone Length: 0:00 It's basically just a click but I remixed this one last year. Still haven't used it for anything. TCLB - Bart Station Parking Ticket Machine Length: 0:49 Didn't capture super well, it's just some humming with hollow sounding conversation (like some of the frequency ranges got knocked out.) I should probably know what Bart means at this point. Ninja McTits - ГАВНО №4 Length: 2:18 A welcome interruption from all the field recordings, but still a bit like field recordings. Not really the noise I expected, it's more like الهاتف الخلوي in the sense of it being manipulated bits of foreign media. There's Indian(?) music, onkyo-ish tones, wind sounds, and some other found sounds mixed in. Different in a good way. Ninja McTits - Sharktits Length: 3:27 Mayhem is my least favorite Lapfox alias probably but this was surprising enjoyable except for kind of making me want to flush my eyes with holy water. Electro songs sound decent when distorted, sped up twice, and bookended with slabs of noise. Basically, Sharktits is to furries what Kyary Ero Guro is to otaku. Some of the drums reminded me of Pantsu Scum too. PANTSU SCUM - ごはんができたよ Length: 2:51 Kind of a normal release but there's some variation (Musique Concrete Scum is weirdly pitched and is only 1234, there's some odd percussion on Key, probably actually kicking a tire, and maybe a different kind of drums than I expected.) Also, this actually got a higher-quality CDr release on a non-TV affiliated label, which is great and I wish I bought it, especially the fact that it has less than 3 minutes of content on a probably hour long CDr. PANTSU SCUM - Guerrilla Live With Taylor Swift Length: 0:52 The sound was unusually clean and the drums had some fun panning almost. Maybe it was the professional drum set used but it feels like one of the higher production quality scum albums yet. [BGss1] 黄色い丸餅ちゃん - What Shall We Do With A Drunken Loli Length: 0:16 Hey, a new alias! It's a shame it's so short, vocaloid sea shanties is too cool of a concept to waste. I can't really make out the second lines but it's fun nevertheless. [HDR_59]PANTSU SCUM - Live At A Shopping Center At Near Midnight Length: 0:16 More found / trash instruments. No offense intended but I was a bit surprised Himeko has a job. [HDR_132]PANTSU SCUM - I Want Satsuki To Fuck Me While Making This Face Length: 0:33 The recording here is really lofi and weird, amplified with heavy background noise. I feel like this was recorded in a public place (maybe in a store, hence the music in the final track) and edited later? AZU057 - Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness - Apator Can Go Suck A Ding Dong Length: 2:04 I almost forgot about Apator, can't believe no one else parodied them. Track one feels like psychological warfare advertising and I can't even match track two to it's title. Also, another hyperspecific microgenre, "Cult Breathing Exercises." AZU079 - Frostbitten Freezerburned McFlurry Moon Forests Of Spooky Darkness - Instrumental Shit, Why Am I Up This Late (2 B Kvlt) Length: 1:54 I might make a list at the end of this with the releases that stuck with me (in general or from each alias) and this is probably the one for this alias I'll choose. It does sound like a video game soundtrack (proto-Seifuku Sound?) and short dark ambient definitely has an appeal. Despite FxFxFxMxFxOxSxDx being normally intentionally bad (as said in an interview,) it feels like more effort was put into this one. TV1401 - UxSxAx - America Length: 5:17 I cracked up at this right away, don't even know what to call this editing. Unlike the other UxSxAx album, the samples are all detuned and pitch shifted to oblivion, which sound absolutely ridiculous and worked well with the noisecore blasts that followed. TV1450 - The Sukeban - でも一 Length: 2:48 Not sure what I was expecting from a punk release but it wasn't this. It's really abstract and outsider-ish, and I'm guessing the instrumentals were built around preexising anime vocals? Weird but still goes hard. A live performance of this would be fantastic. TV1429 - PANTSU SCUM / Vomiting Takoyaki / VxBxDxDx / Lord Cernunnos / mhzesent - Tribute To olm Length: 0:03 Despite the absurdly short runtime I quite liked this one. The original track they were covering is so abstract everyone added their own unique spin on it, and I know all the artists besides Vomiting Takoyaki so it was oddly interesting to hear their distinctive sounds summarized so quickly (Pantsu Scum's 1234 formula, VxBxDxDx's drums and goregrind vocals, Lord Cernunnos's HNW flair, and mhzescent's outsider grindcore that sounds like Gollum.) TV1439 - PANTSU SCUM - Akane's Oppai Length: 1:23 It's been a couple hours and this doesn't really stand out in my memory. TV1493 - PANTSU SCUM - The Middle Finger Of Haruhi Suzumiya Length: 0:45 Neither does this one, especially, but those are some of the fastest 1234s I've ever heard, just a single syllable at that point. TV1487 - Pico does anal to me / DJ Deer Dick / PANTSU SCUM - Discord Sucks lol Length: 0:11 It really does. The cover is from a Neocities site, actually (Spyware Watchdog.) I've heard Discord sounds in songs before but having it as the sole instrument is new. I only now noticed that says "Deer Dick," not "Deer Tick." TV1498 - Gorelick - Jazz For Your Soul Length: 3:52 Now THIS one's gonna stay in my memory for a while. I'm fond of midigrind and this just about takes it to it's absurd extreme, chill MIDI tunes that could be used in vaporwave alternating with computerized blastbeats and screaming. All the tracks are grindcore-length, and the melodies are actually pretty good with multiple instruments. Time will tell but probably one of my favorite cybergrind releases. TV1543 - PANTSU SCUM - Rec@Berkeley Length: 0:39 More scum but the vocals are kinda distinct and the field recording aspect is nice. I'm guessing it's inspired by SHITS - Rec@Okinawa. TV1131 - Ninja McTits - I Cancelled A Release Of Mine And It Created A Void And A Lot Of Stuff Got Shimmied Around A Bit And Long Story Long There's Still A Void [...] Length: 0:20 You could probably throw in a "ft. TCLB" on the title since it features a field recording. Aside from that it reminds me of early Tsundere Violence raw data releases. TV1114 - xAZUSAxNAKANOx - Nyaa Demo (A Metal Song Entirely Sound Designed From A Single Sample Of Azusa Saying "Nyaa") Length: 1:00 Another new alias, sadly a throwaway one-use band but good nevertheless. Definitely cool to think all the drums, guitar, vocals, and effects are generated from a second or so long clip. One of the more creative ones so far. Waifu metal for life. TV953 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - ぞうさん Song Length: 3:50 Starting to dive into DJ Nonstick Cookware when it was mashup singles and not DJ sets. I would probably appreciate it more if I knew the songs it was mashing up but it's decent taken out of context too. The occassional woo screamings were a nice touch but they were probably in the original. TV1156 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Super GALS Rap Orgy Length: 2:20 I was cracking up throughout this one, the combination of vuglar screamy rap with the jamming instrumental was just too good. The fact that the instrumental is the same for all three tracks seems like it would take away from it but if anything it helps, because it's even more absurd that it just goes on and on and on. TV1273 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Thank You Lucky Star Length: 4:22 Goddammit. I wouldn't say it works as audio but the title is too good to pass up a mashup opportunity. Hearing the snippet of conversation at the beginning just drop into industrial drone was perfect, though. TV482 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Power-Pill × Kill Me Baby Length: 5:33 It works pretty well at some points but occassionally sounds like they were just played on top of each other separately. Some bits made it worth it through, even just as an experiment. TV803 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Girls Und Panzerhitler Length: 4:03 The editing on the cover is a surprisingly good reuse of the source art and even if the songs are more or less just layered (the black metal tracks are experimental and don't have a well-defined beat) the juxtaposition is funny. TV516 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Junglizt Mazzif Length: 3:05 The editing could've been done better (probably, I'm not too familiar with Muslimgauze beyond the name) but I'll never turn down a Babylon Bwoy sample. I really like all the crazy genre combinations that came out of early DJ Nonstick Cookware. The occassional splintered breaks jumping over everything else were also cool. TV1133 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Катиешуа Length: 2:43 Shame this doesn't have a sample list but I'm guessing it's communist black metal and an anime cover of a Soviet song. One of the best done mashups along with Super GALS Rap Orgy, if it wasn't for the original black metal vocals and anime track's instrumental being present I could see this being an actual track by itself. Good stuff. TV788 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - Pon Pons × Pon Pon Pon Length: 4:26 Another one that kind of sounds like two separate songs playing over each other, but Pon Pon sounds very abstract so that's probably as much as you can mash them up. I wonder how it would work with a Pon Pon Pon acapella. TV1407 - DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDR AMEN LOLI MASHUP WORKS Length: 7:03 Unique for sure, instead of mashing up normal songs it uses CDR's songs and breaks and resembles more of a Himeko Katagiri / CDR collab than DJ Nonstick Cookware. Evangelion Amen seems almost like a demo of Neon Genesis Lolicore a couple years later, and all the tracks have a coherent break style but sound completely different (amen only, lolicore in two styles, and gaijikore / scum with an amen barrage over it.) The cover is also the epitome of kusoikore. TCLB - Low Quality Recordings Of Street Racers Outside Length: 3:21 Very lofi (almost lobit sounding) but definitely interesting because of the subject matter. Illegal street races just being a regular occurence is surreal to think about as I don't live in that kind of area, and the police sirens add another level. I wonder how fast they were going? August 04, 2021 TCLB - Paper Towel Length: 2:09 It's the sounds of what I assume is a paper towel and a contact microphone, but the panning was a good variation. TCLB - Using A Small Metal Pie Tin As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:24 I thought the metal composition would pick up more signals but I guessed wrong, it's more scrambled radio noise. I still want to make a small orchestra of these. TCLB - DR0000_5294_2​-​2​-​21_12​-​50am Length: 2:30 Not a ton here but background noise but there was some snippets of conversation and other incidental sound, like it was coming from another room. No context besides it being a late-night recording so who knows who that was. TCLB - 1​:​20 AM Rain From Inside Length: 2:26 It's rain, not standout but harmless. Ironically, it was kind of raining where I am here, but the more the merrier. TCLB - Local Radio Recordings Length: 6:35 I didn't understand a word besides "Covid 19" and "dot gov" but some of the music from the commercials in this audio quality would be good to sample in a ░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░-type release. Track 2 also seemed to skip words. I wonder if that has the same source as the third track's corruption. TCLB - Using A Cymbal As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:06 Not much signal made it through but some of the sounds it did come up with reminded me pleasantly of tones, glitches, and bitcrushing. TCLB - Using A Large Metal Bowl As A Radio Antenna Length: 0:36 Funny that the bowl and Himeko himself are the best substitute antennae I've heard so far, not that I can make anything out. TCLB - 11​/​24​/​2020 Length: 3:38 Another good reason to pray my headphones don't leak. This is taken from an eroge and I'm guessing it has a snapshot function if the camera sound meant anything. Might sample the "oniichan" if someone hasn't already. TCLB - 2 Minutes And 33 Seconds Of WebSDR Shortwave Length: 2:33 Pretty cool, actually. It was almost sound collage and featured some decent music, comfy low quality, random data screams0 zipping from fax machines somewhere, and snippets of whatever else flies along the airwaves. WebSDRs are great. TCLB - Voices From The Darkness Past Midnight Length: 3:57 Very similar to DR0000_5294_2​-​2​-​21_12​-​50am but the titles is cool and sounds more like it belongs to a black ambient release. Wonder what they were talking about. TCLB - Rice Krispies Length: 0:27 I kind of expected more snap-crackle-popping but maybe it just didn't capture well. I'm gonna go have breakfast now anyway. TCLB - 1​:​49 - 1​:​50 AM Length: 1:01 More roomtone and buzzing but there's some undulating sound in the background that almost syncs up with a similar sound that's playing near me right now. Field recording duet! TCLB - People Playing Music Outside Late At Night Length: 1:07 I hate it when people do this but it didn't capture super well here. At least it's not the t-t-t-ttttt trap beat. TCLB - The Sine Wave Vol. 2292020 Length: 1:49 Tinnitus from a distance. Seriously, what would be making that noise? TCLB - Drunk People Outside At 1​:​17 AM Length: 4:55 This didn't capture super well either but at least they seem to be enjoying themselves. TCLB - Man In A Mental Health Office Trying To Keep A Weapon With Him Length: 4:34 Another recording that immediately got my attention and reminds me of my own hospital experience. I just wanted my earbuds for god's sake, but a metal bar is a bit more out there. Can't blame him for hitting his head on the wall in frustration. TCLB - Lil Pup Licking Her Paw Length: 0:13 I'm not overly fond of dogs but cute nevertheless. TCLB - Three Equally Boring Recordings Of Equal Length Of Pick​-​Up Coil Recordings In The Kitchen Length: 0:30 Not much to write home about but odd that it's so heavily panned, felt like it was crawling in my ear. TCLB - Bedroom, Recorded From A Dell Laptop's Built In Microphone, 1​​:​​51 AM Length: 0:24 Roomtone, roomtone, roomtone. Nice Lain wallpaper though. TCLB - Bedroom With A Fan On Low, Recorded From A MacBook Pro's Built In Microphone, 1​:​20 AM Length: 0:24 More roomtone but buzzier because of the fan. Wonder if the 0:24 length both bedroom recordings were intentional, and if so why. TCLB - Water Heater Room Length: 0:57 I hear no difference between the mic noise version and the normal version lol TCLB - Can Music Length: 1:22 Remember the bonk sound effect that was a meme a while back? This is basically an EP of thatt. Take it as it is. TCLB - Listening To A Tape In My Room While My Family Listens To Different Music In The Other Room Length: 0:26 I was expecting more of Chinese pop music or something and not black metal but that works too. Plunderphonics! I wonder what the original band is, it sounds dope. TCLB - Omegle Dog Barking Length: 0:57 I'm guessing this is an excerpt of a longer not-saying-anything Omegle recording / session based on the kids talking about not being able to hear him. TCLB - Attempting To Record Bugs With My Phone, Which Obviously Didn't Work But Here It Is Anyways (5​:​04 PM) Length: 0:28 I've tried recording so many things that kind of came out just like this. I guess our ears / brains are good at noise reduction so it comes out way noisier in recording than in person. PANTSU SCUM - ГАВНО №5 Length: 0:33 Not a minimal PxSx release with table slapping for percussion, but doesn't have guitar either, just maniac drums. Standard but good scum. TCLB - My Brother Playing An Electronic Drumset In The Other Room (Recorded From My Bedroom With The Laptop Microphone) Length: 0:42 Hey, a guest appearance. Surprised he didn't growl over it to make a PxSx EP. TCLB - Kaypro II LengthL 0:54 Sounds like the old tube TV I have downstairs, buzzing away. TCLB - Music Box And Bell Length: 2:18 The music box is very cute and I enjoyed it, and the bell reminds me of a maneki-neko bell I have hanging up in my room. (I also sampled this release in a Junji Ito themed track for a compilation once.) TCLB - Water Running Through A Pipe In The Wall Length: 1:43 Basically roomtone, but I tried doing something like this at school after rain once. (So sorry I keep on bringing myself into these, there's only so many unique things I can say about field recordings.) TCLB - Possible Scum Guerrilla Live​?​?​? Length: 2:50 Another standout release. I wonder if this was some friends goofing off or an actual band / performance. Kind of sounds like hitting a rail or gong. (Gong scum would be cool.) TCLB - Electronics Of My Grandma's House Length: 3:50 A very interesting concept, I guess I know there's electricity flowing through just about everything around us but it's quite another thing to hear it converted into sound. Some of the slightly wobbling tones reminded me of The Mossy Throats, and it was neat to try to figure out what piece of technology which hum belonged to. TCLB - Electronics Of My Great Grandma's House Length: 3:41 Basically the same as the former one but still a neat concept and had some higher pitched sounds from the cable box. TCLB - 2 Birthday Trax Length: 1:52 The panning car driving sounds were worthwhile, and one of the background voices sounded enough like mine to throw me for a loop. TCLB - Some Electronics While Running Errands Length: 3:13 Another neat electronics album, I guess all of these were just found along the way. Some new wobbly technological whines with sound effects and chiptune buried behind background noise and electronic buzzes. TCLB - Stagnant Record Player Drone Length: 1:00 Very soothing, a nice drone hum. If I had a record player that did that I wouldn't mind leaving it like that by default. I wonder if it's the sound of the needle trying to read the air? August 03, 2021 TV1062 - UxSxAx - 4th Of July Length: 10:59 Some interesting noisecore. I don't really listen to patriotic music so it was interesting to hear snippets of it, and the noisecore bits (shorter than the intro sometimes) wwere heavy and sometimes used digital kicks and noise in addition to physical instruments and vocals, like a less structured Sunblock Bukkake. I regret not getting through all of UxSxAx on the 4th of July. TV988 - Pantsu Scum - Masturbation Compilation Length: 1:17 The inclusion of an outside sample into one of the tracks (J-pop if I recall correctly) was neat. Aside from that, standard scum but nothing wrong there. PANTSU SCUM - China Tour [Guerilla Performances In China] Length: 0:52 Guerilla live and trash instruments is always good and it's funny that he couldn't bother to finish the soda before doing percussion with it. TV1042 - Sanya V. Litvyak - Sanyacoustic Length: 10:38 I've kind of done stuff like this in the past, just slamming on a toy guitar and screeching for the hell of it. The illogical conclusion to raw black metal. Also, the official Sanya V. Litvyak from Strike Witches has a (2) on Discogs because this alias got submitted first. TV009 - Ninja McTits - Professional Shit Going On Here Length: 0:01 Classic trolling and I kind of want to use this to censor something in a video. I remixed it once but never did anything with it. Regret not saving the comment on it that got stupidly angry for no reason. TV1452 - Sanya V. Litvyak – Black Metal Track I Made For A Compilation That Never Released And When I Asked About It I Didn't Get A Response So Heck It, Here It Is As A Single Length: 3:32 You can tell it wasn't originally a Sanya track because it has a semblance of structure, so maybe it's more straightforward raw black metal. The lobit worked well to make it more lofi, which was obligiatory in one way or another. I liked it and it wasn't too long. I wonder whatever happened to all those aliases Himeko mentioned in an interview that I can't find anything about anywhere. Also, just noticed the cover is the same as the TCLB Bandcamp picture. TV1095 - PANTSU SCUM - Live In Public Storage Length: 6:30 The squeaks and echoing was different and the vocals were more crazy than normal, sometimes sounded like Russian shit rap beatboxing. I think the instruments are rolling things around the storage room and shaking things. PANTSU SCUM - Live On A Pier At Night Length: 0:24 Hydrophone recordings to switch it up a bit, lofi in a way I haven't really heard before with some higher frequencies that probably came from the water. "Hydrophone scum" is another good microgenre to add to the list. Sanya V. Litvyak - Chanter Of Dark Corridors Length: 1:28 More shit raw black metal but the barking / phone notification / conversation made it pretty entertaining. Hope his brother liked the Yugioh cards. Also, the conversation mentioned that the lyrics don't matter because it's intentionally bad but that opens the question of whether there actually are lyrics, albeit super mispronounced and screeched, or just abstract mouth sounds. TCLB - Using A Flower Shaped Metal Candlestick Holder As A Radio Antenna Length: 1:18 I thought something so similar in structure to an antenna would better for the purpose but any signal that gets through, if any, is mangled. Maybe it's the glass / plastic in it? Not a lot here as audio or music but it's a very cool series of singles. TCLB - Using Myself As A Radio Antenna Length: 2:25 I find it funny that Himeko picked up the radio better than the candlestick holder. Maybe the body's water plays into it or something? A good chunk of the signal actually got through but it's just stuff about COVID and school and whatever, as if I hadn't heard enough about it already. TCLB - 2​-​12​-​2021​(​Side B) Length: 0:00 No comment, I would say this is rain but it's probably just roomtone. TCLB - Purposely Bad Field Recording Of A Field Recording In An Eroge Length: 0:19 A unique concept and even if it's purposefully bad I kind of want to do something similar (recording and rerecording like the "I am sitting in a room" album but more amateur.) Is this plunderphonics? TCLB - Making A Sound That A Former Co​-​Worker Always Made As An Example That I Sent To Tiku Sens To Show What It Sounded Like As We Were Talking About Yelp Reviews And My Old Job And The Lady Who Made This Sound Had Complaints On Yelp Length: 0:01 I would complain about this too and and used to know someone who did it, it was painful. TCLB - A Short Recording Of Me Sneezing. This Single Was Actually An Unintentional Recording, I Was Meaning To Record Stereo Mix, But I Accidentally Recorded From My Laptop Microphone, And Just Happened To Sneeze As It Was Recording. Length: 0:04 It's a sneeze. I'm wasting my fucking life. TCLB - Rain 3​/​14​/​2021 Length: 1:21 Rain recordings are such an overdone field recording idea but I never have anything against them because I infinitely prefer rain to other weather and it sounds very comfy. If it rains very heavily I'm also always tempted to record it too. TCLB - Roughly Around 0​.​000024 Seconds Of Roomtone Recorded With My Laptop Mic Length: 0:00 Shorter than 144 Bytes but it's not 8kbps so it's probably a bigger file. Also, > "roughly" > "around" > an exact length to the microsecond TCLB - Blowing Air Into My Laptop Mic Then Greatly Amplified Length: 0:09 This would work as earrape micspam and / or a ちゅううううううう!!!!!! EP. The handwriting on the cover is pretty, too. TCLB - Two Short Recordings Of My Mom Talking To Me On The Phone Length: 0:02 Not a ton to write home about but neat snippets. Also, check your Discord notifications for God's sake, one of those 675 is my friend request. TCLB - Silverware Recorded With A Small Portable Voice Recorder Length: 0:11 Pleasantly lofi clinking, would work well as a sound effect in a video as a trash instrument. TCLB - Arcata 5​:​14 PM / Motel Room 5​:​15 PM Length: 1:26 I would hear something basically identical to this if I took off my earbuds, so it's kind of funny I'm doing it at all, but I guess random snippets of other's lives is preferable to random snippets of mine. TCLB - 4​/​21​/​2021 Length: 0:47 I'm guessing this is taken with a special microphone because it's noisy and weird, but there's no context on the release. Probably the sound of electricity running through the walls. TCLB - Wednesday, April 28, 2021 Length: 3:02 Putting the noise in background noise, jeez. I can make out some conversation about assignments and being happy for someone but it's buried behind some brickwalled distortion straight outta Audacity. I like TCLB's tendency to leak random conversations - there's a Sanya V. Litvyak track like that, and a PANTSU SCUM track that's just 1234 then 7 minutes or something of a phone call. TCLB - Bowl Of Chips Shaker Length: 0:17 What the hell is a chip shaker, or is this just shaking a bowl of chips? This would probably work well at attracting a dog expecting a treat. TCLB - MacBook Pro Recording Itself Being Moved Length: 0:13 My laptop camera is shit so I have so many attempts at field recordings that sound like this lol TCLB - Coughing Music Length: 0:29 You good, Himeko? I can't tell if this is real coughing or not. Given the title, I'm tempted to say it's one of those old danger music pieces (like "Scream!" or "Volunteer to have your spine removed.") TCLB - Ryona Funk Length: 0:12 Guessing this in improvisation where the instrument is spamming a video game sound, which is a neat concept. I like it. TCLB - Ruby Box Length: 0:33 Box-slapping percussion, just some whisper-wailing away from a PANTSU SCUM EP. TCLB - Low Quality Anime Recording Rendered To 8kbps MP3 Length: 1:07 This is exactly what it says on the tin. Why exactly am I doing this again? I think I saw part of an episode of this series once at a friend's house. TCLB - Using A Polaroid Film Cartridge As A Radio Antenna (Final Field Of 2020, Happy New Year 2021​!​) Length: 0:04 Also what it says on the tin, but it doesn''t really capture the signal well (unless, as suggested by the repetitive sounds, it might've picked up on one of those beeping buzzing data streams you can find on WEBSDRs, in which case it is working.) It also suggests that he does polaroids (that'll be cool on 火目子 Photography) and now I'm tempted to do a noise set exclusively using random objects as antennae. TCLB - Accidentally Knocking Hikari Karibuchi's Gun Out Of Her Hand While Trying To Record Other Stuff (AAA I'M SORRY !​!​! ごめんなさい!!!)) Length: 0:01 Neat sounds, I like trying to do percussion like this (repetitive sound, faded in, repeated in variations.) Not sure how an anime figuring did it though. TCLB - Swinging The USB Cord I Use To Get The Recordings Off Of The DR​-​05 Length: 0:01 Nice swoosh and a cool cover but that's about it for a split second release. TCLB - Some Pointless Late Night Recordings Length: 1:12 Lofi and quiet but the sirens are concerning (what did you do?) The cover doesn't look like it was taken at night but maybe it's a lamp. TCLB - Really Short And Rather Mediocre Single Of Seeing If My Laptop Mic Would Record My Headphones While Watching Anime At A Comfortable Volume Level, Verdict, Barely And Loads Of Background Noise Length: 0:07 That's quite the wall of text for seven seconds of distorted nothing but so be it. Wonder how the lofi ones are done (putting something over the mic or using a different mic / changing settings to make it sound low quality?) - -.-. .-.. -... - .​-​. . -​.​-​. -​-​- .​-​. -​.​. .. -. -​-​. .​.​. / .​-​- .. - .​.​.​. / -- -​.​-​- / .​-​.​. .- .​-​-​. - -​-​- .​-​-​. / -- .. -​.​-​. .​-​. -​-​- .​-​-​. .​.​.​. -​-​- -. . / -​-​- .​.​-​. / -- -​-​- .​-​. .​.​. . / -​.​-​. -​-​- -​.​. . / .​-​- .​.​.​. .. .​-​.​. . / -- -​.​-​- / .​.​-​. .- -. / .. .​.​. / -​-​- -. Length: 1:20 The only TCLB ANV I know of besides the remix compilations and some interesing lofi morse sounds, presumably playing off a computer. Funny story about this, I was screwing around in an English class and put one of the titles are an online translator and "lolis are cute" came up big on my screen, really hope no one saw that (´@_@` ) TCLB - DR0000_4588 Length: 0:05 Not much here but a quiet toy guitar sound maybe, but it could really be anything. TCLB - Very Lo​-​Fi 11'o'Clock News Recording Length: 0:10 Now that's lofi, might as well have added a layer of white noise over it. TCLB - Meowing Panda Keychain / 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Keychain With Very Low Batteries Length: 1:16 This is probably the most interesting TCLB release yet. It sounds almost exactly like a monotron, and it would be really cool to use low-battery keychains and pens with sounds as the sole instruments for a release. Even here it sounds pretty cool and experimental. Why is a panda meowing anyway? TCLB - Beyblade Length: 0:25 All I've got is that it's an impressively long beyblade spin. TCLB - Plastic Packaging On Candy Length: 0:20 Would work well for a sound effect or ASMR if I was into that but otherwise it's like someone crackling a bag into your ear. TCLB - Dude Playing Guitar On Omegle 12​/​11​/​2019 12​:​28AM PST Length: 0:52 Up there with the meowing panda keychain as the TCLB releases I would most recommend. It's obviously random jamming but rocking regardless and cool that it was played by a stranger. I wonder what genre this would be. Rock'n'roll found sound? "Fack it, I give up" - Omegle Man, 2019 TCLB - Seven Seconds Of Someone's Music Coming Through The Bluetooth On The Stereo In The Livingroom Length: 0:07 Another technological found sound release, this one from a malfunction. This kind of technological misuse / manipulation to capture fragments of content you normally couldn't, like recording security cameras, discord calls, and Omegle chats makes up some of my favorite net art. TCLB - Old Cassette Making Crazy Noise While Being Dubbed Over Length: 0:32 Maybe my tapes are old and my players are constantly used in weird ways but sometimes mine do similar sounds, but never this consistent or extreme. TV cassette releases when? August 02, 2021 Ninja McTits - Meronti - Я Лоликон? (Ninja McTits Remix) Length: 0:27 Kind of like laptop micro-autism but less intense and with a lolicore flair, would work as a Himeko Katagiri track. Ninja McTits - الهاتف الخلوي Length: 0:08 More of experimental vaporwave than noise. Reminds me of early Ninja McTits that was just spam emails and random google images search results. Ninja McTits - Submission Venus 0:02 I'm not sure if some of the tracks are silent or if Winamp is screwing up but it's basically just vessels for the track titles anyway. "8kbps Minimal Microsongs And Other Compositions For Hipsters To Pretend To Enjoy" has never been more relevant. Ninja McTits - Fellatio, You Say Lengh: A couple seconds but Winamp added gaps and made it way longer More similar to 40 Moe Reasons To Hate Me than the other absurdly short albums because this one actually has (super brief clips of) audio. I feel like I caught a snare roll and some vocal snippets but I can't quite tell, Title are cool (I overuse "cool" as much as Obscure Music Daily overuses "awesome.") Л0496. Ninja McTits - 144 Bytes Length: 0:00 There is literally no audio, it's an experiment in making a file as small as possible. I'm gonna try to outdo it and see if it's possible to go smaller. Л0298. Ninja McTits / mhzesent - Split Second Length: 0:01 I really like this one because a) two TV giants finally doing a split only for it to be a 1 second shitpost is hilarious b) It's a very good summary of each of their styles in as small a space as possible. Track 1 is some distorted noise with all the metadata properly tagged, track 2 is a crunchy, slowed fragment of some instrumental beat with no metadata, and each artist's respective side of the cover also captures their respective styles and embraces all their cliches. Lain The Raw Data Archivist - Online 01-02 Budget C Length: 0:00:5 Sometimes I use a second of chopped up static in my tracks or use splintered silence to break up a drum hit in a breakcore track. This is like of like that but somehow extracted from a floppy disc, which is an idea I would steal if I had any laying around. Л0016. Lain The Raw Data Archivist - BUSPlAN CONEPT Format + Access . -O T O WORD 6.O PRiNT Length: 0:00 Not much to say about two quiet static bursts but that the floppy disk raw data idea is neat. Л0019. Lain The Raw Data Archivist - IMPROVED SKY BOMBERS Length: 0:19 A bit more substantial this time in length and content. SBSCORES had a cool sound and GENERAL.VOC sounded almost intentionally made, but otherwise just vintage raw data (another microgenre name) beeps and hisses. Л0046. Lain The Raw Data Archivist - BOOKS THE WAR OF THE WORLDS by H.G. WELLS THE TiME MACHiNE by H.G. WELLS THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOReAU by H.G. WELLS DJgPP Length: 0:32 Some interesting sounds in the sea of static, reminds me of Nero's Day At Disneyland's glitchy noise tracks. I haven't listened to them since like 2018. Л0051. Lain The Raw Data Archivist - Hellman's C Length: 0:00 Crunchy sound but otherwise not a lot. I wonder if the original data could be gotten out of the mp3 if I tried, or if the mp3 compression messed it up Л0076. PANTSU SCUM - This EP Will Only Get 4 Views Because Its On Летпав Length: 0:29 I think a plastic bag was used an an instrument, which is unique. Noisecore needs more trash instruments and found sound. Also, apparently the cover is borrowed from an old lolicore release I'm not trve enough to remember the name of. Л0172. PANTSU SCUM - Live In A Library Length: 0:01 World's quietest noisecore session. Also, I appreciate the video, this was one of the releases that inspired me to do something similar in the hallway at school and someone noticed me and I looked like an idiot. Also, 69 kbps. Л0184. PANTSU SCUM - 1 Second Live At The Mail Room Length: 0;01 I don't even really know what a mailroom is, but I guess the instrument is slamming down a pile of papers. Also, is the cover a really blurry picture taken there or a reference to something else I'm just not getting? Л0198. PANTSU SCUM - Shitty Single Just For The Hell Of It Length: 0:12 I feel that title, and it's a cool cover for a throwaway single. I liked inclusion of the Russian mix, I'm guessing it's an allusion to Russian shit rap and Popsekal records. Л0301. PANTSU SCUM - Red And Turquoise MS Paint Covers Are Dumb Length: 0:41 This, the Gerogerigegege tribute, and DL Is Dead are the PxSx releases that I remember the most because the instruments are weird. This sounds like gabber kicks or something, or maybe video game sound effects. Also, the color scheme makes my eyes bleed / 10. Л0319. PANTSU SCUM - Acapella Throat Singing Scum Hits Vol. 1 Length: 0:49 I really hope my earbuds didn't leak any of this out loud because there's no way I would explain it. Throat singing grindcore is one hell of a microgenre and I can only imagine he got a sore throat after this. PANTSU SCUM – Modern Lolitas Length: 0:15 I seriously regret never releasing on Archiseztsfew-koū Thirty Records but I'm glad PS got the chance to. Just standard scum but it's good and fast and 1234AAA August 01, 2021 TV014 - Himeko Katagiri - Happy Easter 2012! Length: 5:35 Early Himeko is interesting because it feels like he was still figuring out his software and style and made unique choices with samples and production that a more experienced musician might not. I'm not the biggest fan of this track: the chops reminded me of goreshit's too young to love but it went on for too long. With a bit more edits and a couple minute of loops shaved off it would be cool. TV015 - DJ Nurse Joy - File City Length: 11:39 The first track was basic, raw-data-ish noise with some samples buried beneath it. The second was weird and got my attention, glitchy IDM (I think DJ Nurse Joy was referred to as "shit mashcore" at one point) with some really good sample choices at points, and at times felt carefully assembled but at others abstract or random. It kind of passed in a blur but the birdsong samples and bursts of noise stuck with me. I might want to try something like this. TV061 - Ninja McTits - One Minute EP Length: 1:00 Not the bite-sized noise chunks I was expecting, it sounds almost like wind chimes and the editing and instruments / sample sources were odd and more ambient than noisy. It was also neat to see Himeko's hand-drawn art as a cover, even as guro. TV115 - Ninja McTits - Look Mom No Hands! (Melodies Played Without The Aid Of Hands) I mostly wonder how this was done, with a virtual piano and keyboard elbow mashing maybe? Some of the drum hits / notes seemed to have effects on them or something and maybe that was built into the software. The percussion / instruments were all over the place and the scrambled titles reminded me of when my keyboard got all screwed up. TV118 - Azusa The Raw Data Tester - Raw Data A-Law Various Image File Types Tests Length: 1:14 Not much here in the way of music but it's a cool computer science lesson of how images can look the same but the data can be stored in completely different ways. The raw data sounds completely different for most of them despite the same source content. Reminds me of how databending can break some image formats immediately but others can be all messed up and still work. Educational. TV874 - Hot Tub Full Of Menstrual Blood - Sukumizu Menstruation Length: 2:05 Not too much different from the lamia PANTSU SCUM but without the 1234s and with neat sounds I would say were heavily processed vocals but are actually a hot tub. The vocalist in the album is a field recording. It's pretty creative and well worth a one off project, but I would only imagine if the whole thing was processed to hell and back to go full goregrind. Also, that's one hell of a logo. TV890 - Dog-Eared Loli - Yuri Dry Humping Length: 0:39 I listened to most of this a few times because I'm a perfectionist and kept on getting interrupted. I liked the effects and the fact the drums weren't pure noise and occassionally hit a sustained note. Absurdly specific genres are very funny to me and "pseudo-zoogrind" is no exception. Also a good logo. TV1211 - Ninja McTits - 40 Moe Reasons To Hate Me Length: 5:14 I definitely enjoyed it but it felt like way longer than five minutes. It has the intricate cutting and pasting of IDM glitchery but done in the context of random samplecore noisiness which was fun, and I enjoyed trying to identify the samples as they flew past way too fast to actually acknowledge. The titles are great too, "Always Bringing Up Music In Conversations So You Can Say How Much You Hate Pop Music Because Its Not Deep Enough Then Going Home And Listening To Sped Up Pop Music With Gabber Kicks" is just 10/10. TV1212 - PANTSU SCUM - Some Subpar Scum Tracks Recorded With My Phone Around My Grandma's House Length: 1:12 Not a ton to say besides that I like the lofi recording, it sounds of comfy despite being scum. TV1268 - Ninja McTits - I Hate This Unreleased 100 Or Something Track Album Because I Accidentally Fucked It Up And Can't Title The Songs Properly Then Forgot It Existed But Now Its Finally Released Or Whatever With All The Pauses Between The Tracks Not Even Cut Out Length: 14:15 Like super extreme PANTSCU SCUM with 1234s and all. Some really good noise tracks with fast varying textures condensed in several-second stabs like the audio equivalent of keyboard mashing. I also never really realized there was that much space between tracks in his recording sessions, I always kind of assumed it was as rapid fire as the final product. TV1529 - Ninja McTits & Friends - GAIJIKORE REMIX EP Length: 2:55 Tiku Sens never disappoints and I know less about Rbm Noise Ensemble but they did good too. Very fun breakneck kicks and breaks and noise and glitch and samples in a blender at machine gun tempos. Tiku Sens did a good job at maintaining structure too and RBMNE was less structured but still reminds me of CDR's more extreme distorted amen tracks. TV1587 - Ninja McTits - Fuck Metek 2: Electric Boogaloo Length: 2:44 A fun, quick flashback to 2015 McTits circa the Omegle live shows and the KUSOWANK split. Edgy and unidentifiable samples are mashed back to back to back with harsher distortion than ever into a plunderphonics sludge mastered at +30 decibels. The TV-youtube video text to speech makes an appearance to open and close the EP too. TV1608 - PANTSU SCUM - Saturdaynight Big Cock Salaryfuta Length: 11:05 Probably the most fleshed out PxSx release to date. No toy guitars, acapella screaming, or trash instruments - 101 tracks of blasting noisecore (kind of punk sounding) guitar. Now that I think about it, the vocals are minimal if there at all, but the production value still feels much higher despite still having an obvious budget of 0$. Some of the tracks are pretty long too, up to 1:22. You could get a whole scum EP out of that. TV1699 - DJ Nurse Joy - Dying In The 90's Length: 5:59 If I would recommend any one release for today it'd be tricky to decide but probably this. It's some great headbanging eurobeat-turned-speedcore with a built-in nightcore version if splittercore is more your thing. I wasn't sure what I expected from a 2019 DJ Nurse Joy release but some well placed breaks and fast kicks was just about what the original song needed. I'll throw in a link (I should've been doing this all along lol) Ninja McTits - 6-4-2021 Length: 0:01 8kbps, no cover, no context, no detailed title, and only released to Temma but leaked on Soulseek by accident. This one sounds like it actually was something before being lobit'd instead of just a table whack on a field recording or something, but who knows. STR-006 Ninja McTits - Short Macintosh Walls Length: 1:55 I like HNW / ANW releases that are all based on the same original sound, which I'm guessing this is, based off of all the tracks being the same length. It's a neat exploration too, as drony / dark ambient as it is HNW. I could see some of these being parts of scrapped Lonely Spacecraft tracks. [HDR_41]Ninja McTits - Venta Protesix Ripping Off Lord Gorgoroth (EP) Length: 1:27 Always good to get more laptop micro-autism, and seeing a black metal track made out of pink noise was kind of inspiring. I actually named a track in tribute to this release, "Ripping Off Ninja McTits Ripping Off Venta Protesix Ripping Off Lord Gorgoroth." [HDR_15]DJ Most Recent Addition - Vol. 1 Length: 3:12 For a random sampling project this came out surprisingly well. "Turkish Reindeer Daughter" had cool chopping but "Urban Hooded Warrior" really shone with a badass name, ambient drums, reversed vocals and as good atmospheric trap as Recovering Hikikomori. Hope this project makes a comeback. Also, the guy on the cover looks a bit like Ted Cruz if the thumbnail is small. July 26, 2021 Shoebill / Himeko Katagiri – Shoebill / Himeko Katagiri Split Length: 25:13 I hadn't actually taken the time to listen to the split in full until now but I've heard most of the songs on their own, and it's been one of my major influences in my dancecore attempts. Shoebill's side is as good as ever - nostalgic, kind of feelsy, and incredibly fun. It reminded me pleasantly of his old Lacer8 stuff and the slower, distorted segments remind me of Renard. Lapfox blew my mind in middle school and while I'm kind of used to it now Shoebill still has that effect. Himeko's side is just as good, as unrelenting as most of his stuff, screamy and chaotic but with tons of happiness and dancibility packed into it. The Seifuku Sound instrumental in Screaming Succubus is neat and Herz is just MMMMMMMM Overall it makes me feel like I'm at a rave even if I'm just sitting in my room, tons of energy and enthusiasm like a stereotypical overenergetic friend. PANTSU SCUM - One Of My Tracks But Distorted And The Outro Edited So That I Could Appear Here Length: 0:17 Not much to say but that was an interesting outro. I do that kind of stuff sometimes, sliding stretch then distortion like here. PANTSU SCUM - I Felt Like Releasing Something So I Made This Length: 1:08 No comment really but I like the idea of having links in titles. "I Felt Like Releasing Something So I Made This" resonates at a spiritual level though. PANTSU SCUM - Live In The Woods 2 Length: 0:17 The microphone here sounds weird, a tiny bit echoey, and guerilla live is always neat. July 25, 2021
Ninja McTits - mhzesent Thinks He's Kvlt By Making Everyone Dislike Him, But He Failed To Realize That Nobody Even Liked Him In The First Place Length: 1:01 A pretty good mhzesent parody, assuming that's what this is (low quality screwed hip hop, weird noise bursts, text to speech.) Very short obviously but it crams in a good number of noises and in-jokes. Ninja McTits - Isekai'd To Louise's Vagina Length: 0:53 This has more interesting sounds than I expected for a shitpost, probably because it's lowbit and (presumably) plunderphonics. Some of the beepy parts toward the end reminded me of distorted sanic music. I wonder what software was used for this. Ninja McTits - Maetel Reads For The Articles (Single) (1978) Length: 0:43 This one's just filler to accompany the image. Crunchy textures, I guess. [2:30] Ninja McTits - No, Ninja McTits Isn't Going To Become Like Sloth Where It Becomes An Endless Amount Of HNW Shitposts, I Swear, I'll Probably Get Bored Of This Before It Ever Comes To That [2:19] Ninja McTits - Another Shitty HNW Track, These Are Actually Really Bad Remixes Of My Harem Noise Wall Tracks, I Suggest Listening To That Alias If You Want Better (Good) HNW From Me. BTW, I Have More Wives, But Killed Like All My Aliases, And That Includes Harem Noise Wall. Maybe I Will Bring It Back One Day, But Will Likely Be Handled Like These Where It Isn't Really Promoted As Its Basically Just Musical Spam. [2:47] Ninja McTits - I'm Not Sure How Well This Track Will Even Work In 8kbps, Its Been Doing Some Weird Stuff To The Songs. This Has A Lot Of Low Frequencies And Isn't That Audible In Whatever Bitrate Bandcamp Plays At / Audacity Records At (Remember, These Are Shitty Remixes Of My Other Songs). However It Comes/Came Out (Lewd) Though, I Will Still/Did Publish It. [1:42] Ninja McTits - I've Already Done Four Of These And I Already Don't Really Know What To Say Anymore. Also Kind Of Already Regretting Making These As I'm No Longer Interested In Doing Like Tons Of Releases, Main Reason Why These Are "Hidden" In The mhzesent Trademark "Clearnet" Or Whatever They Called It. It Was Hot Today, But It Is Cooler Now, I Wish I Watched Anime Instead Of Making This. [1:05] Ninja McTits - I Swear Every Ninja McTits Thing That I've Released On Archive Was Shitposty, And That Includes This. Also, Unrelated, Harambe Noise Wall Came Up In Related. I Thought It Was A TV Exclusive, But It Was Also On Some Small Seemingly Dead Label That Seemingly Died After Three Releases. I'm gonna review these in the aggregate because they're all pretty similar. I was surprised to hear they were 8kbps, a few sounded higher than that. There's some competent but generic HNW and some nice lowend ANW, and it doesn't drone on too long - short and sweet. I'm also always a fan of rambling train of thought titles and it's cool to see snippets of Himeko's room in the covers. I wish my collection was good enough to fill multiple covers. STR-032 Ninja McTits - JAV Girls Make HNW Length: 0:45 Most HNW sounds like rain but this just sounds like pissing which it probably is. Thanks, Himeko. I don't know what JAV Girls means and I don't want to. Ninja McTits - RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 Is Dead Length: 0:01 Not much to talk about for this one but I'll always wonder about the context. Was RS36 temporarily put on hold or something, and what is this actually audio of? Ninja McTits - All My Best To You, With Love Himeko (2015) Length: 7:28 As audio, it's great. Wonderful angsty post-rock with interesting samples and some frantic punk. I cracked up a bit into it though, because it's just stolen Gerogerigegege mp3s. Every note felt like a joke because that's just what this is. Good to be reminded that the Gerogerigegege exists, though. Anyone reading this probably knows this but the release is a reference to a Gero album that was just stolen Cambodian music. Stealing right back only feels right. Ninja McTits - Nice, A New mhzesent (EP) (2019), Wait, Its Lord Cernunnos's Self-Release Archive (EP) (1620) Length: 5:51 Some pleasantly distorted noise / HNW portions interspaced with amplified, screwed samples and an uneditied J-pop (?) portion at the end. This seems to kind of parody Lord Cernunnos and mhzesent and it was fun to pick out the cliches from their music McTits was pulling here. [0:01] ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)-・゚✧ - lainchan dot org (Ninja McTits Remix) [0:01] Ninja McTits - Lain PS1 Disc In A PS1 [0:01] Ninja McTits - Pentex - Layer 2323 (Ninja McTits Remix) [0:01] Ninja McTits - Pentex - (re)Wired (Ninja McTits Remix) [0:01] Ninja McTits - Pentex - The Truth (Ninja McTits Remix) [0:01] Ninja McTits - CONSTANTAUTUMN - One Second Of Appreciation For Lain (Ninja McTits Remix) [0:01] Ninja McTits - Single Just To Show Off My Lain On PS1 [0:01] Ninja McTits - As Another Alias I Was On A Lain Themed Compilation With The Gerogerigegege Might as well bundle these all together too. The Pentex remixes were cool. They all had cohesion and kept enough of the original while mangling it into beeps and tones. To be perfectly honest, the McTits's One Second Lain single's style of laptop micro-autism quite influenced how I make extratone kicks and amen breaks. The CONSTANTAUTUMN remix mostly falls into the same statement. "The Truth" even forms a kind of beat, which is nice. I thought Lain PS1 Disc In A PS1 was just earrape but now I like it a bit more. Distortion to the max. I remixed Single Just To Show Off My Lain On PS1 to pay him back for remixing me in lainchan dot org, which was very cool of him to. Single Just To Show Off My Lain On PS1 is a fun breakcore screamy burst on it's own. I had a suspicion about it so I slowed down As Another Alias I Was On A Lain Themed Compilation With The Gerogerigegege and I was right, it was his track from that compilation sped up into a second. Post-nightcore, I guess. Ninja McTits - Windows Media Player Is Awesome And Suika Loves It Too Length: 0:14 Glad to see Ninja McTits isn't dead in 2021 but I was a bit disappointed. There's some slight variation (when it cuts in and out like the connection is messing up) but aside from that it's just white noise. Granted, absurdly loud white noise, but not modified into noise or HNW or anything. Good titles, at least. Edit: I was listening to it in Audacity. When I use Winamp, it plays an actual noise album. That's weird. In that case, this is way cooler. I was wondering why he just released static. This is fun, some distorted samples, screaming, and classic noise. Ninja McTits - Tiku Having Nitro Type Beat Length: 0:00 8kbps buzz that's 0.15 seconds long and sounds like getting your hair cut, classic. The story behind this one is interesting: it's one of a bunch of short singles uploaded on New Years that got deleted almost immediately afterwards. The only reason I have it is because I found it on XoArK's soulseek, maybe put up by accident. Ninja McTits - Happy Birthday Painful Acidic Mezzanine!!! Length: 0:23 Basically the same as Windows Media Player Is Awesome And Suika Loves It Too but earlier, longer, and with more variation. Now that I think about it, it probably has something to do with raw data. I know Ninja McTits used that a lot back in the day. I should do birthday releases for my friends but I don't actually know their birthdays. I suck. Edit: Played in Winamp and it's actually noise music. Laptop micro-autism loops and beeps, harsh noise distortion, probably software and trash instruments. Another hit. Ninja McTits - Esclerodermia Is A Stupid Fucking Name And Looks Like Shit On Event Flyers Length: 0:03 Three seconds of what sounds like sped up speedcore and screaming. Not much to say but fun nevertheless. What did Esclerodermia do to you, besides look stupid on event flyers? PANTSU SCUM - Loli Lamia Wants More Noisecore Length: 0:29 I normally think of scum (aka weird minimalist grindcore) when it comes to Pantsu Scum, but this is straight up noisecore. Very heavy bursts of noise after the omnipresent 1234 and maniac crashing cymbals. Does a good job at being dense and loud and somehow is obviously fast without any kind of beat. Also lol @ track 4 PANTSU SCUM - lol These Didn't Get The Censor Length: 0:16 This is a pretty standard scum album (1234 spoken word then a second or two of growling and screaming) but it's distorted to be a weird kind of noisecore. Interestingly, it's kind of minimal and the distortion means that it uses field recording as a kind of instrument where most noisecore would use drums or guitar or electronics. Also, these reviews take longer to write than the album took to make. The album cover color scheme makes my eyes bleed. PANTSU SCUM - Live At El Cerrito Del Norte Parking Garage, Halloween, Near Midnight Length: 0:19 Somewhat basic scum but the reverb makes it unique. Mallsoft scum? This kind of release inspired me to do scum sessions at school and at a Gamestop which I have recorded but will never publically release out of embarassment. Pantsu Scum is a braver man than I will ever be. PANTSU SCUM - Pizza Party! Length: 0:08 More cymbals-in-a-blender style scum. No noise or guitar (not that that's a bad thing) but the lowbit artifacts kind of fill in for them. Also, can Sofiabot come back? I seriously regret not getting involved in their tons of short lived archive.org label. PANTSU SCUM - Dirty Lolis Is Dead Length: 0:38 I don't actually know any other Pantsu Scum releases that sound like this. It's just vocals and something, but I don't know what. I think it's electronics? Super weirdly processes drums? Distorted windchimes? Software? Unique at the least. PANTSU SCUM - Fuck I Should've Used A Torema Records Release As The Background For That Live Album Instead, Why Didn't I Think Of That Length: 0:05 Basically a non-lowbit Pizza Party, so not a ton special. I wonder why Torema Records would have been more appropriate. I also like releases that are just in-jokes, references, or otherwise require some degree of knowledge of people involved in or obsessed with the scene with audio tacked on so they can be posted online. PANTSU SCUM - How To Get Made Fun Of By A Childish Geek Length: 0:04 Basically the same as the previous one, just audio for the sake of sharing an image or title, but what an image. Apparently Ninja McTits was started to troll gejm and it seems echoes of that legacy persist and haunt unfortunate and overly reactive childish geeks. PANTSU SCUM - PANTSU SCUM NIGHTCORE LOL Length: 2:40 I'm not gonna go confirm but I'm gonna guess this is sampled from 初戀. Regardless, it's as out there as Dirty Lolis Is Dead. Just about all the Pantsu Scum elements come into play - cymbal smashing, 1234s and screaming, distortion used an an instrument, and instead of guitar a J-pop track plays in the background. Knowing what I know about Himeko, it was probably played off a record. Like something he did before but cool stuff nevertheless.