Himeko Katagiri Listening Log from July 25th 2021 onward
Images are links from September 4th onward. Apologies for being a pretentious idiot. I have too much time on my hands and this was too absurd an idea to pass up. Releases remaining list here.
Retrospective I spent like four months listening primarily to Himeko, so I might as well get something out of it in the form of a final post to wrap this up. That was wild, and even if most of it isn't stuff I would listen to a second time (not that it's bad, just out of my personal preference) it exposed me to stuff I never would have heard otherwise. It got me somewhat into instrumental trap, black metal, field recordings, harsh noise wall, acid, grindcore, and other genres I otherwise would've glazed over. In the process, I discovered new sounds I liked and even in ending this page I kind of figured out what music I want to make and why I listen to and make music in the first place. The aesthetic (sorry about the meme term, but I couldn't think of any better) of having so many projects, so many releases, constantly being made and thrown into the internet just because you want to, is the spirit of online music I love and kind of aspire to. On a side note, I don't even know how far into his discography I got. It might be like 60% including TC:B and 80% excluding that, but I really don't know. On a side side note, Neocities lags so hard everytime I try to edit this page it's not even funny (maybe a little bit.) There's a ton that stood out to me, but if I had to choose a top 4, it would probably be: Himeko Katagiri - SOUND OF LOLI A crazy album of noisy lolicore in every shade of feeling and style. Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 3 Big enough to get lost in and constantly calls up vivid images of a simpler, better world filled with nekos and mysteries. Recovering Hikikomori - 絶望 Awesome emotional instrumental cloud trap, all sorts of different samples but completely coherent. Ninja Mctits - Is This Child Pornography? It is most certainly not, but it is the samplecore ultimate. Eat your heart out, Japshitfun. Update, 2022/02: I'm back, god help me. Update 2022/04/14: Some of the Discogs image embeds broke for no comprehensible reason. August 17th, 2022 TCLB - Phone Messages Vol. 1-20-2017 - 4-29-2017 Length: 6:14 I guess the content would be considered boring but getting glimpses of people's inner lives is one of the most interesting things to me so I like this series. Glad for it's little revival (and the TCLB wave I see gathering at the horizon.) August 16th, 2022 TCLB - Costco Hold Music 2/6/2017 Length: 2:49 Aesthetic. The ending makes it TCLB - 9/23/2016 Length: 0:24 Very filtered and low quality in an odd way. Wonder how they got lost for almost 6 years. August 1st, 2022 Seifuku Sound - Prodigy Original Soundtrack Length: 3:12 Reminds me of vaporwave and trap but doesn't remind me of vaportrap at all, funny that. A nice little single in a new style but with classic BGM melodies somewhere in there. July 29th, 2022 I wish my FUCKING laptop worked right so I didn't have to listen out of earbuds from one ear or out of laptop microphones I can barely hear anything out of but whatever. I'll settle for a secondrate listening now and might revisit it when I get things worked out. TV418 - Ninja McTits / Hinyouki - Wonder Woman Split Hinyouki, who I've never heard before, brings some great noise to the table that feels a bit like raw data, a bit like Chyu / Masonna, and is generally good stuff. The McTits side wasn't my favorite thing (I would like it more if my FUCKING computer worked) but it had it's moments (Call Me Maybe, the distorted looped ambience at the end, the youtube samples, etc.) I dislike the cover but the contents are cool. Length: 59:58 TV1327 - Ninja McTits - The Max 7 Trial Length 53:59 Neat noise jamming with some fields I recognize from Cut Up Fields Vol. I, amens, and quite a variety of other stuff. Definitely worth a relisten when I get the time, I wasn't paying too much attention but it might be one of the better or at least more unique releases in the Ninja McTits catalog. July 25th, 2022 Himeko Katagiri - 222GAZE SET 7/10/2022 Length: 37:08 I was so hyped to see this uploaded and it didn't disappoint. After this log is over I think I'll return to Sanya and the other black metal stuff, I'd probably appreciate it more. Some raw as shit BM, noisy guitars that felt like being crushed under blankets, and a wide variety of other great (and rare) stuff. KVLT AS FVCK (I admit I skipped the Sun Devoured Earth track since I was in a good mood and didn't want it dragging me down. I used to listen to it a ton so I know how it sounds, nothing lost.) Himeko Katagiri - HIMEKO KATAGIRI SET @ XXHARDBIT3S BIRTHDAY BASH 5/7/2022 Length: 30:23 A fun little rave oriented mix that features some artists I haven't gotten into (yet.) ~飲酒^,~,^漂白~ is a classic and I'm very happy to see them here. July 20th, 2022 YS-057 DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8 kbps Music Vol. 7152022 - 7162022 Length: 2:19:54 Super glad to see this series return, I love the idea and I've done a series inspired by it. In the 8kbps sludge it's sometimes hard to even tell the genre of what's playing, but there was anisong, black metal, a variety of electronic, all the usual staples. I recognized KIKIYAMA's Barracks Settlement at 1:05:20. Cool stuff. July 13th, 2022 Himeko Katagiri -S T A T I C 004 SET 6/25/2022 Length: 30:28 Pure himekaos, even at points that aren't all Himeko trax, and it introduced me to a couple new artists I might look into. †新感覚獣姦魔法少女☆マジカル褐色ロリエルフ† is one hell of a name. June 30th, 2022 YS-018 Lonely Spacecraft - My Soul Has Departed Lightyears From My Body Length: 2:00:00 Apparently all 200 files are the same, so I only have to listen to one, thankfully. I was planning on playing every night when I slept and finishing it in 42 days but that's all cleared up. A single low drone, it had a very dark, isolated, empty feeling. Goes well with the title. I had fun making it play in slightly different ways from my partially broken headphones, and it's almost inaudible when played out loud. Good soundtrack for the Carl Sagan book I'm reading, if a bit dark. June 28th, 2022 AZU081 - Ninja McTits - Fuck Nature Length: 13:45 I was too sensitive for the Kero samples so I made a version that reversed the intros. I think it has much the same effect, without the cannot-be-unseen imagery. Apparently one of McTits's best noise in his own opinion and I gotta agree, very dense noise that doesn't weaken for a second. June 26th, 2022 TV1126 - Ninja McTits - 00's Anison Gaijikore Hit Parade 3 Length: 31:15 Another brickwalled collection of gaijikore fun. I recently realized gaijikore was being done as early as 1988 with 愛人 = Ai-Jin. Gotta keep the tradition alive. I wish I knew the recording process that filled the silence with that feedback tone instead of white noise like my distortion gets. June 24th or something, 2022 Himeko Katagiri - Himeko Katagiri Set @ Meronti's Epic Birthday Party 6/21/2022 Length: 30:02 I'm so desensitized that this loud, probably brick waveform lolicore set with noise and samplecore and amen abuse left and right didn't even faze me. Great stuff but I'll sue you when I get hearing loss at 25. June 23rd, 2022 Seifuku Sound - SILICON SCRAMBLE Original Soundtrack Length: 3:50 Seriously professional sounding stuff, simultanously fun and high energy but works as background music. Really cool to see Seifuku Sound entering a new era as an actual game composer. June 19th, 2022 STR-141 DJ Nonstick Cookware - DJ Controller & Serato Mix Live On Discord 12-27-2021 Length: 1:19:02 Not what I expected, less of the multigenre clusterfunk of usual DJNSC but a rave mix in a variety of styles. Anime samples galore, melodies, hardcore, even a private / rare Loliqueen track somewhere in there, Very fun listen. June 19th, 2022 おやすみFacebook™ - Playa Check'n / In Tha Hood Length: 21:53 Maybe it was the environment I was in, sleep deprivation, or the vaporwave, but I could barely make out a word of it. Good vapor vibes. I didn't expect to enjoy it but good to zone out to. TV457 - Himeko Katagiri - Kawaii Loli Attack 4 Set Length: 59:49 Really made me appreciate it more in this form. I have no idea how he does the breaks that sound like machine gun fire mixed with harsh noise as a classroom of kids wreck havok on drum sets. The absolute himekaos of the drums and the sometimes repetitive samples works well (I can see where DJ Sailor Moon got their inspiration,) but most of the time it isn't repetitive at all and can barely stay in one place. The bitcrushed screaming at one point feels new to me, and the intro and outro were cool to hear too. Very fun listen. June 15th, 2022 Himeko Katagiri - Marginal Village Festival SET #限界集落祭 @ 5/29/2022 Length: 30:07 Mixture of POS-esque silly ugly speedcore and moetone. Love the sainttailed inclusion and I really need to listen to more of The Erogē Fanatic. Himeko Katagiri - UNEXPECTED APRIL FOOLS PARTY SET 4/1 Length: 33:33 Incredible, from the fake out intro to the ten seconds of Bladee to the general trolling to the fact that Bar さちこ just keeps on going and going. Super fun listen. June 7th, 2022 TCLB - 11/6/2021 Length: 6:00 TCLB - 10/30 Length: 2:29 TCLB - Accidental Nintendo Switch Field Recordings Vol. Gun Gun Pixies Length: 1:30 TCLB - CDR Cassette Playing In Another Room Length: 1:19 June 1st, 2022 Himeko Katagiri – Lolicore Mix + VJ (April 2020) Length: 24:45 May 31st, 2022 Ninja McTits - ઈંડા અને અંડાશયથી ભરેલા પંચાવન અબજ લોલિતા મંદિરો ટીન ફોઈલ અને ગુંદરવાળી પાલકથી બનેલા છે! loli શાળા છોકરી સેક્સ! મને મારી આંખમાં ચેપ છે, મને તે લોલી ગર્દભ ખાવાથી મળ્યો છે! હું આશા રાખું છું કે કોઈપણ ભાષાંતર યોગ્ય રીતે નહીં થાય, જો તે કરે તો તે પણ સારું છે, હું વાહિયાત નથી આપતો! તમારી લિસ્ટલ બહેન વાહિયાત! હું મેકડોનાલ્ડ્સમાં ગોરેશિટ રમીશ, અમે "441 સટર સ્ટ્રીટ, સાન ફ્રાન્સિસ્કો" માં માનીએ છીએ. હું ચેપગ્રસ્ત ઉંદરો વિશે સ્ટટર કરીશ જે લીલા કઠોળથી ભરેલા છે જે ખરેખર વાદળી છ, પણ, તમ વહયત છ! Length: 0:01 I recognize all the albums on the cover, I'm too far gone. One second of what I hope is sampled screaming. Gonna use this before a drop or something. Manbavaran - Sad Witch Loli Length: 0:23 Some BGM-sounding bell-heavy dungeon synth. Soundtrack for a quick funeral cutscene. Cover seems less sad and more melting. Ninja McTits - શેવાળ માટે રેન્ડમ કચરો તેમની હિમેકો કટાગીરી સાંભળવાની સૂચિને પૂર્ણ કરવા માટે સાંભળવું પડશે. હું હવે અત્યાર સુધીની સૌથી ભયાનક છી બનાવી શકું છું અને હેતુપૂર્વક તેમને આધીન કરી શકું છું, કદાચ હું માત્ર ઉલ્ટી અને ઝાડા પોર્નનું 24 કલાક લાંબુ આલ્બમ બનાવીશ, જે સંપાદિત નથી, કાન પર બળાત્કારની માત્રામાં, તે આનંદી હશે. હવે રેન્ડમ સ્પામ માટે સમય. મિકી માઉસ જાદુઈ કિલ્લામાં નાની છોકરીઓ સાથે સેક્સ કરે છે! લોલીસ નાઝીના કબજા હેઠળના એન્ટાર્કટિકાના સૌથી અંદરના ભાગમથ ચકલટથ ઢકયલ પનકક અન વનગરથ પલળલ બથટબ ખવન આનદ મણ છ! મન પરપર જવન ગમ છ! લલ ખબ જ સદર અન અદભત લલ છ! મન ત ગમ છ જયર બળકન છકરઓ એનઇમ અશલલ લગ છ! હ લઝર લલકન છ! આ સપમ હવ PANTSUKILA જવ લગ છ. Length: 0:12 Nice lofi noise, sounds like noisecore with the drums. Ninja McTits – ટેલિફોન સેક્સ Okosan#3855 온라인 섹스 10분 동안 $9.99 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pcc3Kh6bUQ Length: 5:17 Reminds me of The Gerogerigegege - 不安な演奏, in that it's a lofi, presumably erotic conversation in a foreign language that was obtained via unknown means that I somehow find myself listening to. 10/10 title. May 20th, 2022 Harem Noise Wall 腐ガール = One of the reasons I love this project. It sounds nothing like normal HNW but definitely is. King of like shaking a metal sheet but less wobble. 鎌月鈴乃 = Similar to 西条雛子, and I keep on thinking I fear clanking in the background like a gutter in rain. 西条雛子 = Fairly standard HNW, maybe with a bit more crunch to it. At least three layers that I can pick out, I just sat for a bit picking out between one and the other. 黒羽川 = Sounds a lot like guitar abuse. Reminds me of the Ninja McTits Azusa releases, or this. Length: 4:00 individually, 16:00 together May 18th, 2022 TCLB - 3/18/2020 - 7/4/2020 Length: 3:23 TCLB - 9/28/2008 - 10/20/2011 Length: 0:50 TCLB - Omegle 10/8/2021 Length: 7:28 May 6th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 4] Length: 59:12 An interesting mix of weird raw BM and majestic-sounding battle / honor themed BM, also I think this mix is the only place you can still find pre-hispanic black metal pretty much anywhere. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 6] Length: 1:01:38 Happy birthday, a time range themed mix is an interesting restriction to work under. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 7] Length: 1:00:29 Lots of different vibes throughout but I especially liked the last two, Wanton Lust - I Am Not Here and 90's bambino - hatexhate. Didn't expect to see him here, May 4th, 2022 TV363 - Ninja McTits - घी Length: 41:01 I like this the most out of the similar releases, good sample choices and higher effort editing. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Experimental DJing [Anti-mixing / Random Rhythms] Length: 49:26 May 3rd, 2022 TV097 - Ninja McTits - Earwax Diarreah Bukkake Length: 36:16 Creepy cover, the title hurt my soul, audio is BBBbbbbbbooaoaoaoo#$%^&^&^*&######### kinda raw data stuff. It's in the first hundred releases, which says pretty much all you need to know. [FUTA-13] CCCCCCCCxxxxxxxcxxccxc - Completely Original Goregrind Album Cover It's been six years and it's back for five seconds of goregrind, legendary. I love the poorly cropped logo. This pair of legs is more famous than I'll ever be. (Release #1, release #2, I don't know the third but I think it's on Popsakal.) TV199 - Ninja McTits - 車のタイヤメーカー Length: 1:02:01 May 2nd, 2022 TV449 - Ninja McTits - 凹面棚 Length: 1:21:31 TV238 - Ninja McTits - النمل الأبيض Length: 31:56 May 1st, 2022 TV263 - Ninja McTits - ត្រី Length: 49:44 TV268 - Ninja McTits - சங்கிலிகள் Length: 1:03:55 April 30th, 2022 TV246 - Ninja McTits - প্রাচীর Length: 34:35 TV295 - Ninja McTits - ރާއްޖެ Length: 32:55 TV240 - Ninja McTits - مبيد الحشرات Length: 31:42 April 29th, 2022 TV1038 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - suicidemouse.avi Length: 20:32 I have never seen anything as broporwave looking as 島田市 Japan 1995 but the content was quite different, basically a dark ambient album that I wouldn't have thought to have been creepypasta-inspired. TV1477 - おやすみFacebook™ - おやすみFacebook™ Length: 27:13 Incredibly 2018. Someone had to do a vaporwave album about it sooner or later. TV763 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - King Of Queens オーディオ体験 PLATINUM エディション Length: 31:19 I don't know what show this is referencing, so it's interesting to see it without context, like catching an episode in the middle of a season. It didn't entirely consist of Himeko's distinctive weird loop sound in most of his vaporwave, for better or worse. April 28th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Disord 10-25-2020 - 10-26-2020 Length: 1:42:55 I woke up at 2:30 AM hungry and poured orange juice into my oatmeal like a dumbass and turned this on right to Vibrating Vegetable, which I despise, and just stared into space considering my own idiocy. Good mix otherwise, tons of variety. DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 10-5-2019 Length: 1:26:09 Lots of memorable bits in this. The dead man walking song was hardcore as fuck and I loved the Aphex Twin x Cock ESP mashup at the beginning. DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 12-12-2019 Length: 1:00:49 April 27th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 2-19-2019 Length: 1:05:08 April 26th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Christmas Vinyl Mix (Live On Discord 12-21-2018) Length: 1:05:07 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Vinyl Only Mix Live On Discord 10-21-2018 Length: 1:13:12 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 11-2-2019 Lngth: 51:52 April 24th, 2022 TV369 - Ninja McTits - 200 Files From My Computer Converted Into Sound Length: 1:04:08 I always kind of looked down on raw data noise for some reason and didn't know if I would like this release but my opinion has somewhat changed. It's impressive in scope (must've taken all day, not to mention the metadata) and there's a plethora of sounds in here that I didn't expect. Might remix it into glitch techno or rip off the idea. TV242 - Ninja McTits - Random Stuff On My PC Turned Into Sound Length: 29:09 ZZzzzzzbeeeAAASSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHhhhshs... eeeeEEEEEEE Bonus points for using his own album and having an 18 minute white noise interlude. TV269 - Ninja McTits - ໂຮງຫມໍ Length: 23:49 I sure am glad the cover censored her nipples. TV352 - Ninja McTits - 연한 Length: 33:45 More sample choices that McTits probably had no control over, from foreign happy birthdays to music and noises from around the world, run through the characteristic early Ninja McTits noise machine. Cover is Merzbow approved. April 22nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 3] Length: 1:00:08 Loving the avant garde stuff. Hatsune miku black ambient, stupidly raw accordion BM, weird techno gabber screaming. Might try my hand at an avant garde / shit black metal mix soon. TV188 - Ninja McTits - ブルーベリーの剪定 Length: 38:24 Foreign YouTube and MSPaint. I wonder what the recording sessions for these were like. TV264 - Ninja McTits - 週間のメロン Length: 42:54 In spite of the spamwave imagery and MSPaint design, that cover is incredibly appealing. I've been meaning to listen to it for a while for that alone. More or less what I expected, with some extended noisy spoken word and bird sounds mingled in. TV198 - Ninja McTits - Heartworm Ramen Length: 41:38 He has a knack for uncomfortable titles. More minimal, not pure raw data but has that sound. April 21th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware AKA DJ Psyche - Cyberia Mix [Layer:02] Length: 56:19 Not much to say that I didn't say about the first one. Would attend IRL if possible. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Black Metal Mix Length: 58:20 Featuring my favorite DSBM track and a good mixture from a ton of other styles. Unless you're really into black metal, this is the one I would recommend you listen to out of all of them. I gotta check out Wounder. April 20th, 2022 TV441 - Ninja McTits - බිත්තර Length: 56:09 The defining Ninja McTits album from the foreign YouTube sampling era. Didn't go as much into straight up harsh noise as much as other noise-based experiments, also the only one to have it's samples put into WhoSampled (although some of the links have since broken.) This is as good a place as any to put that there's no huge diffence between the noise "greats" and lots of internet noise for me. Many McTits albums are as good as Merzbow (as much of a memelord as that makes me sound) and RS36's stuff is as good or better than the Masonna I've heard. Just a thought and another reason to love the world wide web. DJ Nonstick Cookware AKA DJ Psyche - Cyberia Mix [Layer:01] Length: 57:50 DJ Psyche, that's a new pseudoalias. I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of music but I it's almost hypnotic in the background and I gotta admire how close he got the the sound in the series. You could switch out all Cyberia's scenes with this soundtrack and I probably wouldn't notice. April 19th, 2022 TV1339 - Ninja McTits - Compilation Appearances Vol. 6 Length: 54:24 TV1106 - Ninja McTits - Compilation Appearances Vol. 5 Length: 1:01:01 TV909 - Ninja McTits Compilation Appearances Vol. 4 Length: 52:33 I listened to the compilations in bits and pieces and out of order (and on partially broken earbuds) so I probably didn't get the full effect but whatever. Plenty of variety: some HNW, some samplecore, some speedcore, some ambient guitar, and all manners of harsh noise sample destruction. It might be a compilation but came out as a decent sampler of the alias's progression through the years. I just wish he wasn't consistently on the shit themed comps. I've carefully avoided looking directly at those covers but I'm gonna forget one day and get an eyeful. TV544 - Ninja McTits - Halloween-chan Suzumiya Length: 17:18 Very much a product of it's era in McTits history. Extended detuned samples UxSxAx style and harsh noise that isn't HNW but is more sluggish than normal. Feels like a couple seconds of dialogue turned into 15 minutes of noise. Some cool sound design towards the end, though. April 17th, 2022 TV427 - Ninja McTits - Compilation Appearances Vol.1 Length: 1:04:02 TV760 - Ninja McTits - Compilation Appearances Vol. 3 Length: 37:27 April 15th, 2022 TV306 - Ninja McTits - 食堂の2ページ目 Length: 25:37 Funny back cover, noise fucked youtube videos and noise and google translate, standard 2013 fare. Good artwork. TV648 - Ninja McTits - Compilation Appearances Vol. 2 Length: 1:11:22 Bunch of earlyish works of varying types and quality. Samplecore I recognize from the Omegle sets, random noise, Christmas and anime sound collages, and some chil HNW (that had some development, which is weird because he wasn't even there to do it.) I didn't listen to it in order or in one sitting, but it wasn't meant to be anyway. sign up for your gmail account here - [all releases] Length: 5:41 It hasn't been confirmed but I'm 90% sure this is Himeko based on Kogal and whatnot. Weird spamwave stuff, lobit youtube ad collages. Part of me is surprised the bandcamp is still up. True internet trash music. Basically deep internet. ناروا سنتری کے صحرا اور گلابی سیڑھیاں سننے والا بچہ - [all releases] Length: 3:35 Another one that got added by Kogal and that looks like something Himeko would do. Sorry if these are leaking anything secret, but even I don't know for sure. Dope cover art and weird short HNWs. April 13th, 2022 TV356 - Ninja McTits - ኢትዮጵያ Length: 37:56 2014 noise shit, powered by google translate, stock images, and foreign youtube videos. Decided to translate the title for the first time in a while it means Ethiopia in a language I've never heard of. TV1152 - Belgum Trail - Awhile Length: 48:31 Goes well with my recent Waqs listening. IDM with some breakcore, some Fumiko Ishino-ish samples that you wouldn't expect to hear used musically, and a TCLB-looking cover. Pretty chill stuff. April 11th, 2022 Shovelware, CDR, Fumiko Ishino - Acid Jam Split Length: 12:10 Not 100% in the mood for acid jamming right now so I'll keep it to the Fumiko track only. Half-melodies and 808s bouncing around for twelve minutes, not memorable but not bad. YS-032 Ninja McTits - 4/11/2022 Length: 3:28 Feels like a 2015 TV single, neat tones. April 4th, 2022 Ninja McTits - 4/4: Today Not Found Length: 0:33 Quick noise single. Genre = noise, style = noisy. Self-released but I still got a copy because I'm cool like that or something. April 3nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 2-13-2019 Length: 53:39 I heard this described as "that really abstract mix" or whatever and wondered how it could be more abstract than most of his mixed but it didn't let down. Feels like three minimal experimental records being played at once. All I recognized was a Ryoji Ikeda track, basically the audio equivalent of the cover. Modern art.mp3 April 2nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Mix Live On Discord 8-17-2021 Length: 1:41:51 I haven't listened to Venetian Snares in way too long, and it introduced me to a lot of tunes I quite enjoyed but never would've discovered otherwise (not that I can listen to them anywhere else on part of the lack of a tracklist and my lazy unwillingness to run it through a recognition app.) DJ Nonstick Cookware - CDJ Set Live On Discord 11-17-2021 Length: 1:51:40 Pretty much what I said about the previous one. Wild tone shifts, interesting mashups, enjoyable selection of tracks, and I have a soft spot for absurdly long DJ mixes. March 31st, 2022 Ninja McTits - Summer Is Gay (What, Going To Move To Fall Or Spring Next?) Length: 0:15 McTits goes full chyu mode. The whole Winter drama is stupid but the more internet slapfight shitnoise albums we get the better. March 28th, 2022 Himeko Katagiri - BUFFETWAVE 3(.11): AMBER ENERGY SET 7/4/2021 Length: 30:10 Either my earbuds are a bit off or I'm finally going deaf. I expected the Phyllomedusa intro to be a fake-out but it's the longest track in the mix. Penetrated / Cheerleader Concubine / Sunblock Bukkake / Bloodbomb - Super Fun Kawaii Porno Gore Time Length: 6:29 I thought this was lost for a long time but it's shared multiple times on Soulseek. I'm stupid, what else is new. As expected, the SxBx was the only one I enjoyed, speedcore influence was cool. Good cover and logos. TV376 - Ninja McTits - 金属屋根 Length: 49:39 It's unlikely I'll ever hear the album that was released exclusively on a Chinese industrial worker forum or whatever, so this will have to do. TV122 - Ninja McTits - ピンクの髪の少女 Length: 23:13 This one felt really familiar, had to check the archives multiple times to make sure I didn't already listen to it, which is odd considering it's a bit different from most 2012 stuff, more ambient and minimal, more textures and subtleties. March 27th, 2022 TV220 - Ninja McTits - The Anatomy Of The Salamander Length: 52:25 Weird even by 2013 Ninja McTits standards. Some distinctive noise, some regular noise, some radio collages (almost edited,) rushing water sounds, and a theme out of left field. I wonder how many of these were made for the album or if he just constantly made noise and every so often formatted and released them as albums. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Cassette Mix Live On Discord (12-7-2018) Length: 45:24 Recording stuff like this is really fun. The impromptu mashup of Chinese pop (IIRC) and black metal and the absurd transitions make for a pretty all-over-the-place listen. March 26nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Vinyl Only Mix 10-20-2018 Length: 56:33 The only track I recognized was the Venetian Snares at the end. Plenty of vintage j-pop and a bit of a lot more. Screaming, effects, warbling the records, layering. Might sample a bit I heard and liked in the middle (which would be interesting, considering I have no idea what it is or by who.) TV149 - Ninja McTits - Bye-Bye By Product Duck Length: 38:06 More of the same for this era. I always misinterpreted the title, thought it meant by Product Duck, not by-product. Can't believe the end of this project is almost in sight, it'll probably have been a year by the time I complete it as much as I can. March 25nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 11] Length: 59:16 Didn't stick in my head but I listened to it in chunks so of course I got less out of it. Some of the riffs were surprisingly conventional and wouldn't sound too out of place in most rock music, the wolf intro was cool, and some other bits didn't get completely lost to fog. TV301 - Himeko Katagiri / XcreenplaY - The Beginning Of Drone Trance Length: 43:38 Of all the genres I would've compared this to, I wouldn't have said drone or trance. It feels like a mixture of hardvapour and slushwave but done well. The cool thing about this and other constructed genres is that they sound unique (see also breakgore,) but on the other hand if you like it you can't get any more. I like how the ending track announced the genre's end too. March 24th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Russian Shit Rap Mix Length: 1:00:12 I somehow fell asleep to this last night. Probably flooded my brain with subliminal messages to kill random joggers. That aside, it's creative and fun and fucking stupid. Some parts are basically spoken word, some parts are improvised rap over desk slapping, some of the percussion is probably a shaken empty spray paint can, some of it's normal instrumentals with goregrind vocals, some's basically noise, TTS rap, beautifully low quality mics, the whole shebang. I remixed one of the Расчленённая ПугачОва tracks, and had to mess with it a ton because not a single line was on beat (implying there was one) yumichanzeropoint367 - 제주카지노✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노之제주카지노】 (2016) Length: 17:04 Disturbingly long legs out of ten. I'm going to describe these track by track: ● Digital stutter ● Being tortured by sleep deprivation using anime clips blasting in an empty room ● Watching anime webms on your phone while drunk in a parking garage ● Ninja McTits I love the psychadelic tag on these, by the way. yumichanzeropoint367 - 벨루가카지노↑价→ NA668.CoM ←价↑카지노사이트벨루가카지노 (2016) Length: 6:38 It's like playing an action game on a broken game console and you're slowly getting different parts of the game to load but nothing's working. yumichanzeropoint367 - 와와카지노【/る【 SVV327.COM 】る/】슈퍼카지노 (2016) Length: 7:35 ● The noise Aphex Twin's room makes when he isn't home ● Vaporwave pirate radio station ● AI-generared fashion show music ● Lost おやすみFacebook™ shoegaze vaporwave (shoewave? vaporshoe?) track yumichanzeropoint367 - 카지노이기는법\♤\『 POP313.cℴm 』\♤\월드카지노 (2016) Length: 4:31 ● Playing anime from sketchy streaming sites from a phone underwater ● Watching anime webms on your phone while drunk in a parking garage again ● Huge empty room full of wires with spindly metal shapes hanging on them ● Three experimental musicians with soundproof earphones playing in the same room at the same time yumichanzeropoint367 - 카지노싸이트≫✿≪【 GO753。COM 】≫✿≪카지노사이트 (2016) Length: 15:11 ● Corrupted atmospheric horror game ● Hated this one but there had to be a porn sample sooner or later ● Music that plays in a subbasement minus level ● I have no idea how to describe this one yumichanzeropoint367 - 홍콩카지노✔┫ POP224.CoM ┣✔【월드카지노立홍콩카지노】 (2016) Length: 16:32 ● Two pirate radio stations warring over the same frequency ● Lord Cernunnos release from an alternate universe ● Foreign movie tape loops (good outro) ● Nature livestream yumichanzeropoint367 - 생방송카지노☉\\【 GO762。CoM 】//☉생방송카지노사이트굿모닝카지노 Length: 11:48 ● Loading music from a game console in a contruction site ● Bad trip in a loud airport while playing three youtube videos at once ● Lord Cernunnos release from an alternate universe again ● Vtuber livestream on drugs March 23rd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 8] Length: 1:02:37 Completely different style this time, and with only three tracks in a whole hour (didn't notice the transitions much, if at all.) Sounds like a epic melancholic voyage between the stars. I wish I could make out the lyrics on some of the more guttural parts but it was beautiful overall. I'll have to check out the genre more (pretty sure Recovering Hikikomori sampled one of these artists, too.) March 21st, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Breakcore Dark Ambient Black Metal Mix Length: 56:40 Some of the best mixing yet. No real abrupt cuts and the bits and pieces of Igorrr getting mixed in the other songs was perfect. Heavy selection, too. TV341 - Himeko Katagiri - コンピレーションから超セクシー曲 2012 - 2013 Length: 42:14 A great selection of early works. Some of it's great stuff on it's own merit (Could've Had A PoPiPo) and some is so absurd it had me hooked (Mamotte Lollipop.) He hadn't mastered his sound by then so it's there's plenty of spasming panning clunky amens, which has a neat outsider appeal. Oral VS Anal VS Murder / Ninja McTits - Click Here To Submit A Noise Complaint Length: 21:22 2015 harsh noise shit. Took me a bit to find a digital copy, and it got a physical too. TV140 - Ninja McTits - Jello Fluff Salad Length: 31:08 Unedited 8kbps anisong, borderline white noise, raw data, gibbering titles. Yep, it's gaming time. March 20th, 2022 Himeko Katagiri - WINTER WRAP-UP SET 3/12/2022 Length: 11:18 NOW we're talking. I feel like a poser considering how little lolicore I usually listen to but this is just perfect. Reminds me of tiku sens, gentle and euphoric and a bit sad. Good mix of classics (Akamushi, Tsubaki Yeah!) with new artists like Yung Lain. I hope all these DJ sets get released in a day-long collection or something. TV339 - Catgirl / Kaelteeinbruch / Ninja McTits - Happy New Years 2014 Length: 17:34 I really need to practice active listening. I remember nothing from this except the first track was glitchy, the second had a crunchy texture, and the McTits track had a few memorable samples. Also, I think the download link broke, which is weird considering this one of the less "threatening" TV releases to get kicked off the site, if that's what happened. YS-008 Nonstick Cookware - TRVSHBXVT'S 25th Birthday Party After Party Set 1/30/2022 Length: 1:29:36 The mixing itself was a bit basic but it's a great selection of tracks, some classics and plenty I haven't heard before. I gotta listen to more anison, super euphoric energetic stuff. A bit longer than I'd expect for an online fest set, but makes sense for an afterparty (there's a few overly long afterparty mixes on the Himeko soundcloud.) I recognized that B-Gata House Breaks sample at around 20:00! This is the second time I've spotted samples in DJ Nonstick Cookware sets. March 20th, 2022 TV057 - Ninja McTits - Stupid Shit Length: 18:48 Thanks for the artful track consisting primarily of fart sounds. The weird pseudo-classical ones were enjoyable. March 16th, 2022 TCLB - Rolling Hills Cemetery Length: 51:05 Some more environmental fields. Was making a recording in a dug grave necessary? To be fair I would do the same thing but jeez. TCLB - The Sine Wave Vol. 342020 Length: 8:00 I would make a "sine go brrrrr" joke if that wouldn't make the last bit of self-respect I have. TCLB - The Sine Wave Vol. 312020 Length: 0:48 Glad I'm not the only one who grabs the nearest recording device anytime there's a sound slightly outside the norm. TV201 - Ninja McTits - Cream Cheese Islands Length: 25:03 Just what I expected from 2012 Ninja McTits, right down to the untagged mp3s, if a bit more minimal. If nothing else, it presents some mystery since I have no idea how it was made (presumably with Audacity but I can only guess at the process.) March 15th, 2022 TCLB - Salt Lake City (SLC) ✈ Oakland (OAK) Length: 0:53 Nice little snippet of a rare moment, but it's kind of funny how everyone records plane takeoffs and fireworks, considering you never watch those videos again (unless you're me, I guess.) TCLB - Orlando (MCO) ✈ Salt Lake City (SLC) Length: 45:56 I like the title formats on these, and it is pretty much HNW with the legally mandated screaming plane baby. TCLB - Sunset View Cemetery Length: 32:06 I never would've known what it was of if the titles and cover didn't tell me. Could've been "Walk Around Quiet Apartments" or "Park With My Parents" and I'd have been none the wiser. March 14th, 2022 TCLB - Room Tone Of My Grandma's Livingroom Length: 2:01:55 Why I did this one is a mystery to me but it was basically ANW. I had to use my amplifier extension to the max and have my volume at 100% and have both earbuds in to hear it fully. All of the roomtone recordings remind me of a bit from a book I haven't thought about in years. TCLB - The Car Broke Down So I Recorded An Album Length: 30:03 Nothingburger album, good title. TCLB - Macro Bedroom Fields Length: 8:38 Probably the most useful TCLB album in terms of sound effects. If I ever need any sounds for an assignment one day, I'll know where to turn. It would be neat to play this on shuffle and try to guess which one is (I would've messed up a ton.) TCLB - Foodmaxx (And Going There/Back) Length: 15:44 The beep boops of the pedestrian crossing weren't something I ever noticed, if they have that around here. TCLB - Walgreens (And Going There/Back) Length: 18:39 The most violent sneeze I've ever heard. TCLB - Easter At A Cemetery Length: 15:57 Oddly festive for a cemetery recording. Between the casual conversation and the ragged breathing at time it was a strange listen. March 13th, 2022 TV1536 - 苛性関係 - 测试对象“女5” Length: 30:31 Dark ambient themed around some kind of android experimentation, presumably similar to あいこ's romance gone awry. Less vaporwave and more verging on doom metal, and with plenty of field recordings in the mix (same as with the other album, which was a nice touch in both.) Dark stuff. TV1092 - 苛性関係 - あいこ Length: 1:01:23 I know just the album this is inspired by. A bit heavyhanded but it kind of has to be to get the story across in an instrumental album, and it worked very well. Some of the tracks were quite emotional, both independently and in the album's story. Definitely the best vaporwave album here. TV181 - Ninja McTits - 中國工廠的兒童 Length: 15:42 Chinese news media is my guess, chopped and fucked without going full harsh noise. Less facemelting distortion, more musique concrete. (I have no idea what the exact definition of musique concrete is and at this point I'm too scared to ask but I'm pretty sure this qualifies.) March 12th, 2022 Belgum Trail - Teflon And Crystal Length: 30:23 Take a page from the Omorashi playbook with using random samples, including ads, and building songs around them. This time it's acid and ambient, and the title track was amusing because I could barely pick anything out. Unique songwriting and structure and some enjoyable melodies. TV408 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - NHKテレビ番組の音楽 Length: 46:05 Gorgeous cover and kind of a variation on the theme of TBSラジオCM 1995年6月 朝 1. Not a ton new but some moments that stuck out. It would be really cool to run a pirate radio statio that played signalwave on shuffle, that feels like the ultimate way to experience it, without titles or artist or context. TV1653 - おやすみFacebook™ - MTVクリブス: マライア・キャリー Length: 46:17 I remember reading in some William Gibson novel a description of biographies that vapid CEOs pay ghostwriters to make to give to pat themselves on the back. This is the musical equivalent of that, vaporwave tunes orbiting around samples, a paltry glorification of bored out-of-touch millionaires. I expected broporwave but thematically it's as vaporwave as it gets. TV316 - Omorashi - Ghost Girl EP Length: 20:38 Waqs making a guest appearance was a pleasant surprise, and the rest is a mix of 11:30 PM-ish moeclick and Fumiki Ishino acid, except a bit more higher-quality and higher-energy with the hip-hop element. Pretty much the epitome of 2013 Tsundere Violence. March 11th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Soundtrack For Driving In A City At Night Length: 1:07:48 Lot more creative mixing this time, reusing snippets and blending tracks in interesting ways, and a pretty all-over-the-place (genrewise) tracklist that's suprisingly coherent. I recognized some songs (The Queestons track was a nice touch) but a lot was new to me. I'll keep this in mind for if I actually go driving at night because it certainly nails that feeling. Also, one of the tracks had a few notes in common with a song Waqs samples a lot and a few in common with Bruno Mars and it was fucking me up. TCLB - Hotel In Orlando In The Morning Length: 7:58 The conversation about the possible benefits of blowing up Disneyland sounds like something my family would have. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 5] Length: 59:23 I actually listened to this one a while back but forgot to put it here. I love the more melodic side of black metal so all the atmospheric / DSBM here worked well, I made note of a few more artists to check out. I still kind of miss the absurd rawness of Week 9. TV855 - おやすみFacebook™ - COMPANY会社のVACATIONバケーション休暇 Length: 27:46 Total broporwave but not offensively so. Largely lacked the shift-loops distinctive to Himeko and the club track was interesting. DJ Nonstick Cookware - オフィス真夜中過ぎLONELY NiGHT // www.闘争.jp audio Ltd Length: 58:35 I think this is the second time I've listened to Mac Plus 420 all the way through, and something about this mix struck me with how fun it all was. The karoshi story is depressing and all and some of the tracks themselves are sad but it got me to see artistic merit in meme music. I'm actually checking out Millenial Dream Corp. after this. Cool cover. TV478 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - TBSラジオCM 1995年6月 朝 1 Length: 35:06 Japanese television broadcasts, looped and not really slowed, just chopped and repeated at almost arbitrary points, but with some memorable moments. Like most of the vaporwave stuff it's kinda generic, especially in the over-oversaturated bandcamp scene of 2015+7, but like Obscure Music Daily said, "it's meant to be played in the background, not paid attention to, and forgotten that it even existed while you do other things." Doesn't mean it's bad, just transient. TV429 - 島田市 Japan 1995 - Mass Naked Aloe Events : 質量裸アロエイベント Length: 24:23 Loliwave is the logical conclusion of 2015 Tsundere Violence. Excluding the occassional amen break or slowed-down kicks, it could pass as a pretty normal vaporwave album. Sneaking Lolishit into a "serious" hardvapour label would be hilarious. Also, great cover. March 10th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 12] Length: 1:00:29 Not as absurdly raw as the last mix sadly, but still had plenty of interesting parts. I accidently blasted a couple seconds at ~2AM when everyone was asleep. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Downtempo Mix Length: 1:05:28 Downtempo / IDM are genres I hear about over and over but never actually listen to, so this mix was almost entirely new musical territory. An interesting mixture of calmer beats, occassional weirdness, and assorted electronic sounds. I'll keep it in mind as a possible avenue to go down. March 9th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - YouTube DJ Mix 11-18-2016 Length: 21:03 Nice Ryoji Ikeda track and a cool idea overall, using YouTube as a mixing deck (it has pretty much everything you could want for most mixes.) Imagine DJing an event like this, I'm surprised an ad didn't interfere. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Real Time Mix #1 Length: 13:00 I'm glad it cut off most of Vibrating Vegetable because that's just the kind of thing I dread in DJ Nonstick Cookware mixes. Aside from that, a neat experiment, short but a nice collection of acid and techno and whatnot. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Weekly Black Metal Mix [Week 9] Length: 59:24 That was a wild experience. Rawest of the raw, lowest of the lofi, which includes random sample interruptions, cassette-bootlegged-thirteen-times audio quality, background hums louder than the actual music, and circus-sounding parts. It kept me way more engaged than I expected, and includes ChibiuSSa Kult, an alias that seemingly exists exclusively in this one track in a now-deleted mix and one image on Last.fm. The best mix ever recorded on a toaster. March 8th, 2022 TCLB - My Back Porch 10:12PM - 1:53AM Length: 3:41:42 I had to install a browser extension that amplifies things beyond 100% in order to properly hear this. It's mostly pseudo-white noise environmental sounds, but throughout there's plenty of talking, wind rushing, music playing, cars, motorcycles, trains, some animal sounds, and a worrying part that I couldn't tell if it was fireworks or gunshots. TCLB - People Powerwashing Length: 18:08 If this was recorded from his window, I don't think I could take apartment life. TCLB - Lowercase Recordings Of An Old Hotel In San Francisco Late At Night Length: 13:49 I'm glad I have the amplifying browser extension now, this was still hard to hear. Some music, talking, and shuffling sounds, but mostly roomtone. I wonder how much roomtone is a result of microphone artifacts and how much is actual sound. It's a bit weird to think that everything has a sound. TCLB - 4AM Roomtone Length: 8:55 Ultra-minimal recordings like these are pretty much HNW / ANW, or have the same effect. No melody / beat, just timbre produced or captured in various ways. March 7th, 2022 TCLB - Lake Merrit Length: 17:38 Some hydrophone, some normal mic recordings. The drunk girls were an amusing addition. TCLB - Rainy Morning Length: 15:45 The casual murder reference in the description was not what I was expecting. Also, this release got reused in a Recovering Hikikomori track. (By the way, what happened to that guy who made the Recoving Hikikomori sample videos? He did some for me back in 2018 (which was strange on it's own) but seems to have gone MIA.) TLCB - Morning Fanfare: Birds At Sunrise Length: 52:00 I listened to this first thing in the morning and with the birds outside my window it was like a duet. TCLB - 12:43 AM Length: 10:34 What's up with that alarm message? Is it just stuck like that? TCLB - Some Apartment Complex Recordings Length: 15:42 Not very different from some of the other apartment complex recordings. TCLB - Afternoon Rain Length: 12:10 Different feel than the others (I prefer the other rain recordings because the sun after rain just feels ugly and unpleasant to me. Night rain (which it's doing outside right now) is more my thing. Also, hearing the cover photo being taken is oddly self-referencial.) March 6th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - 80's J-Pop Idol Mix Length: 1:02:27 I'll have to incorporate more 80s j-pop into my music library, that was great. The mixing's a set up from the loligrind mix and it was quite a nice start to my day. Also, I recognized a sample from the Ninja McTits / KUSOWANK split (forgot to timestamp it because I'm stupid so I'll have to listen to the whole thing to find it again.) TCLB - Aquatic Park At Night Length: 3:55 Not an environment I've ever heard before, I didn't even know aquatic parks were a thing. TCLB - Small Pond At Pinole Shores Park Length: 21:12 Hydrophones sound like if I run too much wahwah or noise reduction over something and it accentuates certain sounds to the point of complete abstraction. The microphone getting attacked is certainly unique. TCLB - Grocery Store Refrigeration Unit Drone Length: 1:27 I'm pretty sure this is one of the first TCLB / Tsundere Violence things I heard back in 2019 (used it in a samplecore demo then, who knows where that went,) so it's weirdly nostalgic, if that's the right word. An oddly musical sound, I could listen to this for a while longer. TCLB - Standing At The Top Of The Stairs At Dusk Length: 13:00 More environmental sounds. Nice noisecore ringtone. TCLB - Birds In The Morning Length: 11:00 Even more environmental sounds, and that woodpecker was captured well. I feel like there's an untapped woodpecker field recording / speedcore crossover I should explore. TCLB - Rainy Day Length: 20:03 Nice blurb in the description and a nice rainy recording. TCLB - Back Of Toilet Water Running Length: 1:10 I couldn't do anything while listening to this because I would've felt incredibly stupid and wouldn't be able to do it again without thinking of toilet sounds so I just stared into space for a minute listening to running water like an absolute moron. TCLB - Transit Center Storm Drains Length: 4:00 Like the former release but didn't feel too weird to listen to. TCLB - 7:00 AM Apartments Length: 19:36 I wish there were recordings like this from Kowloon. I also wish I knew what the news report was talking about, I have a kind of morbid interest in incidents like that. Also, I can't remember the last time I was awake at 7 AM, probably half a year ago. That's absolutely pathetic. March 5th, 2022 TV866 - Ninja McTits - Guitar Hero Azusa Length: 31:12 More Azusa tributes. Good album with plenty of panning (odd for improvised guitar noise) and way more analogue than the more recent ones. Also, notable for being physical release (on RDC Records, no less.) TCLB - Rainy Monday 1/8/2018 Length: 37:23 I guess I'm doing TCLB again. Did I mention I have a list of releases yet to get through? It has approximately 174, and that's not including TCLB, Harem Noise Wall, and who knows what else. Anyway, very comfy album and more enjoyable that I expected. I could see myself listening to it again. Rain's a 10/10 sound. TCLB - Walking Around The Apartment Complex At Night (Late 8:00 PM/Early 9:00PM) Length: 13:37 (h4x0rz) Lol @ the release length, but aside from that it was nice background noise. If I ever get burned out on ambient and drone, I'll always have field recordings to turn to. TCLB - Walking Around During A Power Outage Length: 35:26 Pretty much the same as the former release with a bit of a different soundscape. The audible neighbors and other aspects of the environment made me think about how life is different in an apartment complex than in my suburban niche. TCLB - Windy Winter Night Length: 20:20 Pleasantly surprised to see I haven't nearly run out of wind / rain / snow recordings. Cool disjointed cover. TCLB - Running Errands On A Foggy Day Length: 10:09 It is what it is, but I appreciate the "foggy day" in the title, it adds quite a bit. TCLB - Walking To Post Office And Post Office Length: 10:20 More environmenal ambience, which I'm enjoying more than I expected. I can just throw on a field recording album and read for a while and only be interrerupted by the occassional switching of albums so A) I don't have to put up with silence abd B) Can feel like I'm beig productive by adding to this list. March 4th, 2022 STR-017 Ninja McTits - Azusa Katagiri (Improvised Noise Mix For My Beloved Azusa, Valentines 2021, Mix) Length: 1:26:13 Huge session here, lots of different soundscapes, scraping and rumbling and screeching by for an hour until it ends in an enjoyable noisy drone which I quite liked. TV182 - Ninja McTits - Mr.Mystery Is Pathetic And Has No Life Length: 37:52 Internet drama noise is some funny shit (even if it's mostly tones, HNW, and white noise.) I was going to say something about hoping someone did something like this for mossss before remembering that someone already did. TV458 - Ninja McTits - 4/30/2015 Length: 24:12 So much for me saying there weren't sequels to Computer Activity 4/11/2014, they just weren't labelled as such. This one's much shorter and more minimalistic, using a bit more simple of a process, much more echoey and more recognizable samples. March 3rd, 2022 TV059 - Ninja McTits - Green Length: 33:42 Less noise, more tones. Feels like an extension of Azusa The Raw Data Tester. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Loligrind & Lolipunk MIX Length: 25:05 The mixing itself could've been better but it was an excellent track selection and very fun overall. A mix of styles, some names familiar, some not so much. I'll check some of them out. STR-116 Ninja McTits - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZUSA 2021~!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~!!! Length: 20:36 A sweet subject and a nice end result, plunderphonics noise tribute. The bonus tracks weren't totally necessary but I'm glad they were there. TV444 - Dolls & Quarters / Ninja McTits - Split Length: 36:00 I haven't heard of Dolls & Quarters before aside from as a name I just scrolled past, but was surprised to hear it was experimental vaporwave. It less wandered or meandered (the words I normally use, probably too often) and more of lingers or loiters. Odd sound. The Ninja McTits side was more or less what I expected with some random samples that quickly get churned into the noise, including a Dynamite sample out of nowhere. STR-009 Lord Cernunnos / Ninja McTits / Erronia Surrection - Thanksgiving Split Length: 18:47 Abstract noise isn't a term I've seen applied before but I can see how it works. There different styles, each a good representation of the respective artist (I've only heard of Erronia Surrection, though.) Happy way belated / way early Thanksgiving. March 2nd, 2022 TV397 - Ninja McTits - My Ableton Can Beat Up Your FL Length: 1:05:46 Lots of bitcrushed screaming, which I like. More or less "generic" noise improvisations (that being said, I have no clue how I would replicate this if tried.) FL < Ableton < Audacity and you all know it. TV360 - Ninja McTits - Computer Activity 4-11-2014 Length: 1:03:35 An interesting idea for an experiment, it drones on a bit with the layered walls of noise from building echoes on echoes but there's some neat moments, some of which reminded me of Emotion X's more experimental songs. Lot of samples, resultant variety. So much for the potential sequels. Ninja McTits - Phone Length: 0:51 Neat little excerpt and a 10/10 image on the cover. "You When The Noise Man Throws In A Lil Extra (Again)" TV401 - Ninja McTits - Compositions For Moog Werkstatt-01 And Ableton Live Length: 1:06:40 Reminds me of XoArK as much as McTits at points. Noise, bitcrushing, tones, all that fun stuff. Interestingly (hopefully) enough, I was going through Merzbow albums for samples and found that it wasn't all that much better than underground noise like this or the whole associated scene, which was a pretty amusing thing to realize. Noise is noise is noise is noise. March 1st, 2022 TV517 - Ninja McTits - 71 °F Length: 22:45 I think this is based around context I don't have, but the cover looks vaguelly familiar. Lots of bitcrushing and effects but aside from that solid but standard noise. TV310 - Ninja McTits - Aparelho De Iluminação Length: 25:09 Some parts felt like vapornoise, some parts felt like Plastic Neesound at his noisiest. Pretty interesting for early McTits, especially with the sample choices (probably random foreign youtube videos.) TV437 - Ninja McTits - 69 Fisher-Price Length: 27:59 Some neat noise mixed with hardcore and samples. Cool while listening but it stood out more when I looked a bit closer by accident... Ninja McTits - Anzu goes to a kindergarten with her friends, the shy Koume and the eccentric Hiiragi. Together they try to attract attention from their caretaker Tsuchida. However, he is clearly more interested in the pretty Yamamoto who supervises the class next door. Length: 3:17 But wait, there's more! A couple minutes of noise backed by more samples from Hanamaru Yōchien, and the chain doesn't end here. The Erogē Fanatic - This Is Hardely A Remix Of 69 Fisher-Price By Ninja McTits, But I Dont Think You Should Limit Creativity, You Fucking Facists, Sorry I Get Abit Touchy On This Subject Length: 2:46 I might be cheating by putting this here but I've had remix compilations on here before and this is an "official remix" since it was directly linked in a Ninja McTits release, so it can count. Enjoyable sample-infested distorted extratone, super sped-up ear drilling kicks like a kick roll that doesn't stop, just changed over time. Could've been shorter but doesn't drone / drill on too long. TV1504 - Ninja McTits - Korg Monologue (11-15-2018) Length: 2:16:59 You could make the case that I didn't properly listen to all of it because I only had one earbud in some of the time and it had plenty of panning but I'm not going to listen to two hours again. That being said, it was a good use of a two hour track. No unchanging drone or HNW, but a synth improv that becomes surprisingly coherent at times. Some parts sound very similar to a synth in Renard - With Me, which kept on catching me off guard. Some nice ambient bits, breakbeats, techno, and everything inbetween and around. Cool stuff and kept me pretty engaged despite it's intimidating length. February 28th, 2022 TV732 - Depornicated, Ninja McTits, No-Joy, Lolirolla!, Oral VS Anal VS Murder, Tyrant Flycatcher, .44 Magnum Plus, scorpod, PANTSU SCUM, Swollen Testicles, Hitler's Easy Bake Oven, Youko Heidy, Sherkel, Некрофилический Гей-Старец, 1960's Daisuki, Otaku Molester - quality music (2) Length: 2:32:06 First of all, this whole compilation is 5.43 MBs. There's a lot of different stuff here, and some names I'm surprised to see (Lolirolla! especially.) Vintage J-pop(?) infused HNW, noise, vaporwave, scum, and some actually recognizable music (including a lobit Green Day song.) I wonder how many of these artists I would've been able to recognize if none of them were credited. (Also, I know Otaku Molester for his samplecore, so I have no idea what his 18 minute long tracks were.) February 27th, 2022 TV1386 - Ninja McTits - Live Plunderphonics Remix Of うなぎ神~UnagiShin~ Live Streaming Length: 27:12 I quite liked this one, it feels like what I would've made as internet-based ghosts back when that project was active and if I was competent. Folk meets experimental noise, and the webmusic nature of the live remixing of a live stream just adds to it. (I have no background for who the streamer is, and my searches have been in vain.) TV1043 - Unicode Dreamer / Ghettololitech / Lolitendo / Ninja McTits / Meronti / Pyonpyon Hardcore Substance / Rengechanblastbeatattack / Tetsuro (3) / Subliminal Stimuli / Acid Applejack / Esca-chan / DJ Feelin' It / Total Loli Relinquish / 4649nadeshiko / Himeko Katagiri / Taske Vs CDR / Youhadgone.txt / Princess Army Wedding Combat - RIP Onii-chan (Dedicated To Chipdipdrops) Length: 1:12:04 This should've been a compilation but is instead a massive split so here I am. Plenty of variety. Breakbeat, chiptune, noise, experimental screamy spoken word noise, dubstep, lolicore in a variety of styles, and even a vaporwave track. All in all a very fitting tribute, even if I listened to an hour+ album for an under two minute track (which was amazing.) Ninja McTits - No Overdub, No Effect, No Speed Length: 1:09:00 I hate myself. February 26th, 2022 TV1497 - Ninja McTits - 2010's Anison Gaijikore Hit Parade 3 Length: 37:26 More gaijikore. I recognized fewer this time, but the Russian one was neat, and it's seriously impressive how the feedback works with the music sometimes. TV938 - Ninja McTits - 00's ANISON GAIJIKORE HIT PARADE 2 Length: 24:44 I already listened to this one but did it again because I lost track of all the gaijikore hit parades. TV704 - おやすみFacebook™ - 夕日に泣いて Length: 19:45 Feels like a bit of a soundtrack being vaporwaved, with interesting loops from the same source that change throughout the track (as always, with some of that distinctive pitch warp before the loop.) One of my favorite releases from おやすみFacebook™ yet. STR-142 Ninja McTits - A Cozy Storm In The Countryside And Nostalgic Memories Of Y2K-Era Video Games Length: 1:40:00 As comfy as HNW gets. Interesting that it's a recreation of a recreation and at that point has a distinct feel from original rain sounds. I let it play in the background in addition to all the other sounds of my life, which felt fitting for the theme. One of the most ideas I've heard come out of HNW in a while and pulled off admirably. February 25th, 2022 [HDR_128]Ninja McTits - Karaoke Night Length: 28:48 Imagine going to a karaoke event and just doing this. Neat experiments, very minimal and musique-concrete-ish. I wonder why / how he had God Is A Girl on tape. (Also, every time I go onto HDR I forget about some of the VxBxDxDx and get an eyefull of that. Also also, why the uwu zone comment?) [HDR_69]Ninja McTits - 69 Song EP Length: 1:09:00 Surprisingly high effort. I would've expected 69 one-second snippets but this is longer than most of his albums, and goes from distorted, mutilated amen breaks (scrapped Himeko stems?), typical harsh noise, and HNW, seemingly recorded in one take and chopped into 69 tracks in post. Pretty unique, reminds me most of happymeko new year but comically long instead of comically short. TV1398 - Ninja McTits - Rehearsal #1 Length: 1:21:17 Bit of a grab bag of demos, but some cool stuff in there. Black metal-sounding bits, low fidelity guitar torture, live anime sample modification, records being used as instruments, plenty of screaming and noise, and a recycling of the chopped-up field recording track from a while back. Would've been insane as an actual live performance. YS-015 Ninja McTits - Everyday With My Lovely Amazing Wife Azusa Is A Joyful Today ( HAPPY VALENTINES DAY AZUSA 2022~!!! ❤️ 10 YEARS I' VE SPENT WITH YOU~!!! 💗 ) Length: 52:16 Probably mentioned it before but waifu-influenced music / culture is an interest of mine, and I'm all for noise themed on positive things. I can only assume it's all sculpted out of the original song, but the recognizable use of it is a bit sparse, mostly being abstract noise textures evolving from one to the other. 10 years a long time too, happy for you both. February 24th, 2022 TV124 - Ninja McTits - Edgy Erotic Error Length: 19:26 Very early McTits so it's more or less what I expected, raw data sounding audacity noise with nonsense alliteration titles. We all've gotta start somewhere. TV787 - Ninja McTits - The Red String Of Fate (Sorry I'm All Tied Up This Weekend) Length: 22:08 Very different sound than normal, reminds me of gaijikore's tones and distortions without the backing music, like you ran a minimal live performace through that kind of setup. Bitcrushed isn't the right word but it has a similar sound. Feels like minimal power electronics. 1960's Daisuki / Mean Flow - My Noise Waifu 11 Length: 22:17 A HNW track and a paulstretch-sounding dark ambient track. Not bad but probably not going to return to it soon. TV355 - Youchien Dream / Himeko Katagiri - Pine Trees~! Wooo~! They Don't Go All Derpy In Winter~! Length: 21:58 This is what I'm talking about. Some gentle melodies, some hardcore beats, blasting blown-out breaks (sounds like an early McTits title) and all that good stuff. The sampling is clever and I'll be keeping this one in my music library. (It's a shame Youchien Dream seemingly went MIA after this. Godspeed.) TV1758 - Himeko Katagiri - Live In Portland 10/20/2019 Length: 29:58 It loses something with the live recording (hard to capture that kind of thing) but I wish I could've been there. Great selection of tracks, expected a bit more screaming tbh. Hilarious that it went right into a rapper after that. TV1027 - No-Joy / 1960's Daisuki - Split Length: 41:37 I was planning on skipping No-Joy's side because (ironically, being very into lolicore / Tsundere Violence) I can't stand long hentai samples (like some of Lord Cernunnos's stuff, no offense intended) but the lofi quality made it tolerable and interesting. The 1960's Daisuki side was not the simple HNW I expected, but started with what I think is an antique vintage J-pop sample then feels like a DJ Nonstick Cookware mix of HNW tracks. Definitely monolithic within the sections but changes on occassion. Neat stuff, felt way shorter than 41 minutes. Pantsu Scum - The End Of NEET Length: 4:07 I thought this was lost for a year now but it was the first result on Google. Good noisecore / scum, feels like a lot more effort was put into it than normal (which doesn't always make scum better but it does here.) The zero instrument tracks were a nice touch. TV399 - Ninja McTits - Compositions For Rhythm Wolf And Ableton Live Length: 59:21 If you made the cover a bunch of scribbles and told me it was a XoArK album I would believe you. A lot more experimental than normal, messed up samples, weird ambience, some digital instruments merged into a strange context. February 23rd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - Lobit Mix Megamix ($crewed) Vol. 1.8 Length: 3:10:10 This one's just 8kbps'n'screwed mixes of other mixes, which is a new idea. I can recognize the Tarzan song (insufferable IMO) and MACINTOSH PLUS in the first one (still interesting for being the first / only IRL DJ Nonstick Cookware performance) but the rest is reduced to total sludge to a whole new level than the rest of the lobit mixes. I could only catch musical elements rarely and it basically became ambient noise. Himeko Katagiri - 222DIMENSION SET 2/22/22 Length: 22:22 Nice angel numbers and a quality set. The harsh noise + TQBF mashup worked well and I rarely object to speedcore, and it featured artists I haven't heard before that I might check out now (plus some classics.) Another plus for the obligatory second-long outro. February 22nd, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8 kbps Music Vol. 162020 Length: 1:17:48 I love the idea of these mixes, especially with no tracklisting so it's just unintelligible internet audio sludge. There was some Touhou-sounding music but it was for the most part a total mishmash. The lobit adds more than it takes away. Reminds me of being half-asleep. DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8 kbps Music Vol. 142020 - 152020 Length: 1:27:49 For some reason this one was slightly clearer and I could actually make out songs (although I only recognized one, which I think was Waqs.) It maintained that almost-ambient muffled sound while having the elements of actual music seeping through. My favorite 8 kbps music volume yet. DJ Nonstick Cookware - 8 kbps Music Vol. 1-17-2020 Length: 1:33:20 I liked it about as well as the rest. Not totally lobit murk but had a different sound, more ambient / IDM which transferred to lobit a bit more clearly than the others. February 21th, 2022 DJ Nonstick Cookware - The Wired Mix Length: 1:13:56 This could've gone on for hours and I'd have had no complaints. Great collection of outsider foreign music, field recordings, experimental and minimal songs. Very sparse but it did it well. TV248 - Ninja McTits - The Noisiest Album Ever Length: 14:46 Get pranked. (I amplified it until it was ANW and listened to that.) Motor 166 / Oral VS Anal VS Murder / Ninja McTits / SRVTR - My Noise Waifu 10 Length: 16:17 More entertaining than I expected it would be. The Motor 166 track was absolutely wild and almost felt like samplecore, Ninja McTits has a very distinct sound that I can't confuse for anyone else if I tried, SRVTR was neat, and OVAVM gave me flashbacks to my middle school memelord phase. DJ Nonstick Cookware - Crapshoot Plunderphonics Vol. 10242021 Length: 22:12 An interesting mix? plunderphonics? A track/sample listing would be appreciated but it's interesting as is. All I was really able to make out was a bit that sounded like the first voice clip on Chest Flattener but I'm sure it wasn't. February 20th, 2022 TV1173 - Ninja McTits, Sascha Müller, The Arch Fiend, Sperm Injection - House 2 Length: 8:08 Less genre variety and more just noise, but quite different between the tracks and enjoyable. Gore Hunter Rem - Swinging Blade Ov Oppai Destruction Length: 1:03 I know nothing about slam and most genres in that sphere but it's a cool single and a shame the alias died on arrival.. RIP. Ninja McTits - Soundcloud Length: 41:05 I'm too lazy to upload it anywhere right now but I went through all of Himeko's (known) Soundclouds, found all the tracks not present anywhere else, and made them into a series of 14 fanmade releases (one of the tracks here has since gotten on a comp but whatever.) Good variety here, between gaijikore (including a weirdly undistorted one,) early McTits with Omegle talking and radio recordings and long stretches of changing loops, and some dope samplecore on par with TV962. Beauty Nails - Soundcloud Length: 10:05 Some tracks are rather pretty but it still has that disinctive Himeko vaporwave style, with jarring loops and weird pitch-downs before loops. Thematically reminds me of 唐人街卡帶, stylistically reminds me of 李桂英 & 吳趙 Law Firm. Belgum Trail - Soundcloud Length: 15:27 Some dark Seifuku Sound-ish BGM, some amen-heavy electronics, a nice gentle looping windchime-sounding song, and what sounds like techno mixed with BGM. An interesting cross-section of the alias. Belgum Trail, right down to the name, is unique for being personal. No internet noise / memes / whatever here, it's all seemingly based on Himeko's life and thoughts. The soundcloud description reads very well too. おやすみFacebook™ - Soundcloud Length: 29:22 More "normal" vaporwave, less memey. More or less passed me by but there some unique editing and sample choices, not to mention another DOA alias, Antarctica Exploration Team, which seems to be a prototype of Lonely Spacecraft. 島田市 Japan 1995 - Soundcloud Length: 27:30 Definitely broporwave. The least you could've done with the Rick Astley lobit remix was slow it down. Wasn't that bad of a listen, despite that, and the Gerogerigegege track was funny. Various Aliases - Soundcloud Length: 25:39 Tracks here from Fumiko Ishino, HarshNoise Suzumiya, An-Nāṣirah, 11:30 PM, so a bit all over the place. Otaku plunderphonics noise, acid, moeclick, and a crazy industrial track that stood out to me the most. (I like how my fanmade cover came out, but that's beside the point.) February 19th, 2022 Ninja McTits - パイナップルディスコ v.0.2 Length: 1:04 The idea of embedding one release into another is clever and I'm tempted to do an album where the title of every track is the download link to the next track. Nice and short dark ambient noise. Ninja McTits - パイナップルディスコ v.0.3 Length: 6:15 Dark ambient growing and clipping into noise territory, essentially an extended variation on v.0.2. (This download link seems to be dead.) TV203 - Lolitendo - Electrolytes Replenished EP Length: 20:13 Almost feels like my live beepbox recordings. Not bad but gets a bit repetitive. Good cover art. TV1261 - Ninja McTits - Archived Source/Stems: 40 Moe Reasons To Hate Me Length: 5:31 A neat glimpse behind the scenes and good deconstructed (reconstructed?) samplecore. I could probably listen to this for several times longer. TV202 - Ninja McTits - Victorique's Macaroons Length: 6:43 Another day, another dead download link. Classic early Ninja McTits. MSPaint glitch art covers, food-related titles, each track centered around basically the same sound but distinct between songs. Probably audacity noise. Ninja McTits / Antimatter Prism / meronti / RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 / Temma / sorwu - Winter Is Gay Length: 9:12 Definitely today's highlight, loved it. Every artist put forth their best on practically no notice, feels like the Fuck Metek split. Lolicore trolling still alive and well almost a decade later. TV120 - Ninja McTits - Coffee And Cardboard Length: 9:07 No noise here. Some attempts at melodies and plenty of funny manipulation on the last track but mostly piano mashing. TV962 - Ninja McTits - Is This Child Pornography? Length: 7:38 Probably my favorite Ninja McTits release and probably my favorite samplecore. Perfect mishmash of entertaining, sometimes recognizable samples (bonus points for adding the artist list (a song list would've been cool too but beggars can't be choosers)) that are long enough to get the point before flying onto the next one. The last two tracks tied it all together. Trve underground music gets the ISP called on me for the title alone. TV1182 - PANTSU SCUM / paraparacorocorodidididimicomiconemotoharumicomfortable / THM / mhzesent - House 11 Length: 3:38 Tons of accidental variety. Scum, goregrind, kusoikore, and noisy hip hop experimentation. Nice little mini-sampler for the label (I know I said that before but whateeeeever.) TV1054 - Faxmachinecarcrash - Oxnard Disc 1 Length: 41:27 Envious that even his no-fucking-clue-what-I'm-doing preteen-era middle school music is better than what I was doing for the first year of my "career." It's obviously as rough as it gets but is pretty interesting seeing the bits and pieces of future aliases and ideas in there. There's excerts of earlier works I found but the earlier albums than this are physical only it seems. Maybe one day we'll see true embryonic Himeko tunes. February 18th, 2022 TV147 - DJ Nurse Joy - Decapitate Your Penis Length: 45:42 Woke up and started my day with six minutes of hearing about someone's face getting eaten. Thanks. It's definitely mashcore but doesn't sound like the way any other musician does mashcore (aside from DJ Sailor Moon sometimes, who has DJ Nurse Ratchet as an alias so there's definitely influence there.) Weirdly dark with silly aspects. The cover pretty much nails it. Л0162. 11:30 PM - Deconstructed House Music Length: A couple minutes The runtime's 8 seconds or something but I just let it run according to the instructions. The one 3 second trap interrupts any loop it's in but house music does that sometimes. Made some pretty neat beats. Seifuku Sound - Some Original Christmas Songs Length: 9:10 Definitely today's highlight. Very festive tunes in a variety of styles, and all the more impressive that it's original. The comfy synth outro stuck with me the most. Pony's Home revival when? TV1162 - おやすみFacebook™ - 中毒 Length: 26:44 Extended looping slushwave wanderings. Liked it when it was on but didn't stick in my head too much. YS-019 Lonely Spacecraft - My Soul Has Departed Lightyears From My Body (Excerpt) Length: 1:00:00 I considered it, but probably will not be doing the 400 hour album, so good thing I get some of the experience with this. The "excerpt" version of the release reminds me of what Bull of Heaven does. A good monolith of dark space drone. TV633 - おやすみFacebook™ - Spending Christmas Alone In A Hong Kong Motel 度过圣诞节独自在香港酒店 Length: 43:56 Quality slushwave-ish loops that meander on and on until breaking down into nice ambient noise wall outro as our depressed businessman protagonist drinks himself to unconsiousness (or worse, depending on how you read the story.) I could see myself returning to it, the almost-ambient sound goes a long way. [HDR_113]PANTSU SCUM - And Now You're A Grindcore Cover, Dumbass Length: 0:42 It's noisecore, not much to say. (I think the cover guy wasn't in the pornogrind band full time but I haven't really looked into it.) LC-☠️004 PANTSU SCUM - MacTracs Length: 0:06 I don't know enough about computers to comment on the whole Mac thing. Good minimal scum, no noisecore here. PANTSU SCUM - Five Seconds In An In-N-Out Length: 0:05 The fact that Himeko got stared down for doing this makes it that much better. AZU017 - PANTSU SCUM - Acoustic Bedroom Rock'n'Roll Length: 1:39 Funny to me that practically all acoustic guitar mashing sounds pretty much the same. I did a similar style of guitar misuse in an old album and the unedited version sounded pretty similar to this minus the scum vocals. BTW I can't believe I found all these cool labels only after they died. ;_; Seifuku Sound - BGM Vol. 5 Length: 1:03:54 Since I used to listen to Seifuku Sound a ton, some of the soundfonts make me actually nostalgic and felt weird to hear again. Plenty of diverse material here, old and new. Trap, ambient, all manners of BGM and quite different from the other, more cohesive releases. Doesn't surpass Vol. 3 but still good. Ninja McTits - - 我们的选择 · Avast - 在线用户超过4亿 · Bitdefender - 超级易用 · Microsoft Windows Defender Length: n/a The last track not uploading and it getting uploaded three times is ultimate spamwave. Ninja McTits - Pointless Tracks For Pointless Titles Length: n/a A lot of internet noise is only interesting for the titles and the sound doesn't matter, it's just a carrier. This skips the middle man and just has the titles. Maximum internet noise efficiency. Ninja McTits - 151 Pokémon Length: 1:51 Not my favorite Ninja McTits release but some funky sounds and cool panning. >not 151 tracks dedicated to each Pokémon >not 151 seconds [BAS-009] PANTSU SCUM - ГРОМКАЯ МУЗЫКА (2018) Length: 5:12 PANTSU SCUM is honorary Russian shitnoise despite being none of those things. February 17th, 2022 TV946 - Sanya V. Litvyak - Kuso Demo Length: 19:40 Somehow missed this the first time through. Beyond bare bones black metal. I feel like coughing is obligatory in Sanya V.Litvyak albums. TV1415 - おやすみFacebook™ - 忘れた3017 Length: 35:31 Winding long vaporwave tracks, quite pleasant and felt more ambient than anything. TV498 - DJ Nurse Joy - FREEDOM Length: 18:06 I'm not the most patriotic person but this can get me hyped up for 4th of July. Some of the mashups felt sacrilegious but that's all part of the fun. I might touch up the Party In the USA remix and use it in a mix sometime. TV1174 - Recovering Hikikomori / Hidden Gay Horror Porn Movies Scattered All Over Disneyland / DJ D1ed / Total loli Relinquish - House 3 Length: 9:35 The RxHx track wasn't the best but was cool for the sample, my family likes that movie. The rest was an all over the place grab bag of dark ambient, hip hop, and breakcore (still amazed Ha 100 can make quality music.) Reminds me of a Tsundere Violence microsampler. February 10th, 2022 pantsu scum - 100,000,000,000,0000,000,000 Tracks Titled ''Okosan Sucks'' Length: 0:01 That's fair. That is the cover. February 10th, 2022 pantsu scum - futa cock fishing Length: 0:01 Impromptu in-community releases like this are one of my favorite things musically. Incredibly on-brand cover. poober warri0r - lord cernunnos is gay Length: ~30:00 (This one was a composition that had you go on a hike in the woods and recreate a LC style cover. The resultant art and excerpts of my performance are available here. (I got covered in thorns too, so it's like weak danger music. The scum track instruments are snow and a deer jaw.) January 4th, 2022 A couple short releases recently came out, so might as well. Ninja McTits - 21 Seconds Of Pentecostal New Year's Celebrations For The End Of 2021~! Length: 0:21 I wonder if this was a TCLB track that was remixed or exclusively used here. Ninja McTits - 21 Seconds Of Pentecostal New Year's Celebrations For The End Of 2021~! [Original Mix] Length: 0:21 Not sure how necessary it was but it's neat to see an alternate take. Wonder why it was switched to the other one. Either way, gives a bit more clarity to what the original was and what was done to it. Ninja McTits - happymeko new year Length: 0:26 As much breakcore as it is noise. Feels like scrapped Himeko Katagiri stems run through McTits and released. Sanya V. Litvyak - Gal Black Noise Length: 5:05 I have no idea how a game breaks this hard but you sure did it. For the sake of being able to edit this page in a reasonable time, most of it had been transferred here. Enter the vault. Releases I will not be doing for one reason or another [Physical only] Ninja McTits - アニメオタクノイズSampler Vol. 5122017 [Physical only] PANTSU SCUM - Chobits Ripped Off Buttobi!! Cpu But Aint Nobody Want To Talk About That [Physical only] Ninja McTits X Pantsu Scum - Sampler Vol.632018 [Physical only] ヒメコカタギリ - クソイコア4Setlist [Physical only] DJ Nurse Joy - The Mourgue [Physical only] Fax Machine Car Crash - Anarchy Muffin [Physical only] Faxmachinecarcrash - I Wanna Go To The Snow [Physical only, undocumented] Ninja McTits - Electrostatic Erection & Enriched Eroticism [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Ghetto Love [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Fetish Tape [Physical only, antirelease] Ninja McTits - Scissor Lathe Lolis [Self explanatory] PANTSU SCUM - I Dont Care How Many "Views" This Gets Because The Actual Contents Will Never Be Viewed Because I Put Them In A Password Locked .rar File With Gibberish As The Password [Longcat is long] (50:20:42) Ninja McTits - Moment Of Silence For The Lives Lost At KyoAni [Longcat is long] (59:21:45) Giantess Of Outer Space – I [Lost?] Concrete Coffin Lolita – Polio II [Lost?] Ninja McTits – Highschool Of The Noise [And an unknown number of private / secret releases]