Rune Weir, better known as Emotion X, ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀, 2047, メディカル, 
暗い自然, and a slew of associated aliases, has been a consistent figure in my musical
tastes (almost the only one) since 2018, and is unique not only in their music but in it's
ephemerality, prone to getting releases removed from labels, Bandcamp pages made and
as quickly deleted, and living on only in a scattered mess of YouTube reuploads. I made
this page to try to track their discography and my progress through it, starting 11/07/2021.
(I'm skipping the MAPL Labs stuff, for now at least.)

In conclusion:
This log only gave me more and more reason to love Rune's work. Their exploration of hospital / bleak childhood
aesthetics with Emotion X and メディカル, the frigid unearly deathdream of 暗い自然, and so many one-off aliases
and throwaway releases that do better than I could ever hope to. It's such a scattered legacy but definitely worth
putting the time into getting together. Granted, some of the more vapor / meme stuff wasn't up my alley, but it was
worth a shot(te). Once in a while, giving angsty teenagers internet access and Audacity ends up with better results
than it has any right to.

Hard to say, but my favorites are probably:
  Emotion X - Tired
  メディカル - Vicodin Hydrocodone
  ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - ░▒▓RNBW▓▒░
  Unknown Artist - Comfort in the Void
  暗い自然 - 氷床 Earth
  Emotion X - Happy
  sky 空 - countryside 田舎
  Unknown Forever - Void

       July 20th, 2022:
Length: 14:39
Total shitpost, Mario Mama Miaing for 15 minutes, but the chopping
kept it from being unlistable. You think you can hear layers and patterns
if you listen long enough. Steve Reich makes a YTP.

       June 9th, 2022:
Various Aliases - Various compilation appearances
Length: 54:41
Probably the last addendum to this list. Some singles in their proper compilation
context, a one=off alias and the return of a few more rare ones, and some interesting
ambient and vaporwave pieces, including a DDS.wmv remix. I especially liked the OSCOB collab.
Thanks for everything.

       June 9th, 2022:
runemecha - soundcloud
Length: 48:47
Only found this because they liked one of my tracks but I'm glad I did. More drone and ambient,
some HKE-based deathdream, and a random distorted meme for seemingly no reason.

       June 8th, 2022:
sky 空 - countryside 田舎
Length: 20:12
One of my favorite tracks, completely beautiful. Like ascending to heaven with a pure heart
and childhood innocence. Otherworldly peaceful. (Also a recurring motif throughout Emotion X 
and some other aliases, wish I knew if it was sampled or not.)

       June 7th, 2022:
1984 - Vapor (蒸気)
Length: 31:55
It's a shame the description was gone, it was about how most vaporwave could change
it's musical content and people wouldn't notice because it's ephemera that's all about
the packaging and this release was supposed to be ultrageneric to communicate that.
At some point the titles and cover changed but I'm not sure if the content did, not
that I would have noticed. Digital ephemera, comfy listening.

Shotte - Night Life
Length: 21:01
Seemingly unmodified jazz songs. My only experience with this kind of music is it's
sampling in lofi that I used to listen to so that was what it called to mind. More
a mix than a release.

Shotte - Abandoned
Length: 30:37
More unedited jazz. I wasn't a fan because it went on for excessively long and wasn't my thing but I gave it a shot.
The last track would make for good signalwave, though.

       May 18th, 2022:
Listened to May 6th onward on either one-sided earbuds or laptop speakers, so I relistened to
most of them on functional earbuds again.

Length: 1:57:43
Quite a variety of style and genres and plenty of cool artists, although disappointly little Rune
considering they organized it. Stunning artwork, though.

2047 - Robot Death (Malfunction)
Length: 38:17
I think I already listened to this under a different name. The final track still stands out to me,
sweet chiptune with noise surrounding it, reminds me of ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀.

       May 11th, 2022:
愛しています - ワイルド·ワールド
Length: 45:39
Like a stranger version of 動物の交差点. Alternately sped up, slowed down, I wasn't sure what was up
with the editing. Kind of feels like an edit of a recording of playing the game naturally, kind of
like emotion x - animal crossing but less melancholy.

愛しています - 動物の交差点
Length: 1:17:07
I think this is an edit of the Animal Crossing soundtrack, possibly in it's entirety. I recognize a few
samples from other albums, and while I'm missing a ton of context from never having played the game, it
was quite a nice experience with few tracks that overstayed their welcome.

新しいパワー - まぜるな、資源。
Length: 8:39
Didn't think I would describe signalwave as unrelenting but this was. Rapid loops, never settled
into any prolonged period of unmodified CM, sometimes soaked in dark ambient sounding reverb. The
first track was driving me crazy because I knew it from somewhere but couldn't remember, but it was
am emotion x track. I'm realizing more and more that tired and era are filled with self-sampling and
references I didn't get until now.

2047 - Forest Life
Length: 15:24
I think this is just an alternate version of 2047 부드러운 아픈 - 포레스트 생활, but still good. I love morning
birdsong and this made good use of that.

       May 10th, 2022:
L2 - Pulse
Length: 13:50
Aptly titled. Reminds me of Stand For Something Or Die with it's very short loops with slowly changing backing sounds.
Could've gotten repetitive but made for neat techno. (Edit: I relistened with non-broken headphones and I missed almost
all of it the first time.)

? - untitled
Length: 25:45
No idea how this was originally releases, since it obviously wasn't on bandcamp anywhere. One
of my favorite of the new ones I downloaded, like the ambient str grl † tracks for a whole release.
Sluggish distorted vapor ambient.

2047 - The End of Everything
Length: 2:06:27
Nothing groundbreaking but I'm not saying no to two hours of sweet drone.

Length: 10:00
Probably made out of Star Girl tracks. I was hoping for some RNBW sampling, but
instead it's layered ambient noise. Sounds like malfunctioning machinery in the depths
of a nuclear reactor or something. High-pitched buzzing around your ears, midrange
distorted pulsing drone, and something grinding away not far off.

       May 9th, 2022:
Dead Acid Medical - Dead Acid Medical
Length: 28:27

Internet Based Lord and Savior - Technology
Length: 2:39

2047 - Snow
Length: 10:07

2047 - Wired Flesh
Length: 38:21

2047 - Unknown Pasts
Length: 57:08

2047 - Start a New Life
Length: 1:02:11

       May 6th, 2022:
sick boy - sounds of hell
Length: 6:36
Dark vaporwave-ish, feels like being sick with fear in a neon-soaked city.

sick boy - sounds of the arctic
Length: 9:02
Reminds me a lot of ядерная зима, and the sample from Hurt was used previously in an emotion x track.
Isolated radio stations broadcasting on loop to empty wastes, obsolete number stations wasting away somewhere.

sick boy - sounds of the city
Lengh: 10:09
Like sounds of hell, with more of a vaporwave turn.

sick boy - sounds of the underground
Length: 6:16
Noisy ambient, pretty distinct from the rest of sick boy.

       April 4th, 2021:
2047 - 살과 피
Length: 37:15
Nothing else in the discography sounds like this at all. It's a nonstop barrage of sci-fi
sound effects, layered multiple times into what sounds like cybernetic carnage. The absence
of any human sounds makes it all the more eerie. Automated warfare, human obsolescence.

       March 31, 2022:
Unknown Forever - God
Length: 3:03:32
A compilation of most of Unknown Forever's works, which work better as a whole than as parts.
I can't really say it's warm or cold or bleak or epic or anything, it's just dark and peaceful
and somewhere out there remaining unknown forever. Ritual passages under the ice of a comet at
the edge of interstellar space.

str grl † - awy frver
Length: 43:11
Another technically lazy plunderphonics album that nevertheless hits home and hits hard. Screamo-type
music, slowed and nuked, with some arbitrarily cut-up ambient at the end. Soundtrack of exhaustion
and being done with everything.

  (For no good reason, I always thought the eye on the original cover looks like Scott, Dominoes Pizza
  CEO from the Hatsune Miku ad and that's what I think of every time I see it.)

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 의 로봇 죽음 2298
Length: 38:19
Moar cyberpunk tunes. Funny that the stolen albums are actually the ones I liked least, sound-wise. Kind of

       March 30th, 2022:
Shotte - Angel
Length: 17:53
Not sure what I expected but it was a sweet vaportape. A bit on the generic side
but had a wonderful lofi quality, reminded me of 天気予報.

God - No Mouth
Length: 21:18
IIRC this is a concept album about a malignant entity in the YouTube algorithm, and it sure pulls it off.
Unintelligible references to internet media, plunderphonics experimentation, unsettling and funny at the
same time. Stand For Something Or Die stands out, something as simple as a second-long loop over an ambient
track for five minutes sounds insufferable but it went from words to all manners of gibbering and kept me
interested. I kind of want to make a music video for it that's just clips of people who took a stand, from
philanthropists to terrorists, one for every loop.

Vape Kloudz - Ocean Plaza 2004 (Bonus Track)
Length: 10:21 (excluding track 6)
I'm not listening to that last track right now.

Drain - Zero
Length: 44:35
Go full cycle. Return to zero.

Shotte - Noir 
Length: 19:27
Some nice jazz pieces, but the editing seems limited to a few background sounds. More an unofficial compilation
than an album, from what I understand.

       March 29th, 2022:
2047 부드러운 아픈 - 포레스트 생활
Length: 15:24
I expected drone but it's a meandering vaporwave track littered with birdsong. 
Feels like to morning what most of the ambient releases are to night, if that makes
any sense.

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 죽음 ⫽ 생활
Length: 23:33
Mixed bag of drone, anxiety-inducing experimental sounds, and vaporwave of the
dramatic cyberpunk-soundtrack type. 

2047 부드러운 아픈 - Лове Нотес
Length: 57:09
Like the spiritual successor (or predecesor, I can't be bothered to check the dates) to ядерная зима - 3029.
Same Russian aesthetics, same WebSDR interludes and ambient pieces, but done better than it's more well-known
counterpart, I might return to it. Also one of several albums with an animated cover, which is something more
people should do. I'm surprised someone hasn't done a 3D cover yet.

I forget which of these albums it was but one had something with the same sample (presumably) as countryside 田舎.
This would be the third time it's used (maybe the first chronologically) and I wish I knew what it was.

       February 17th, 2022:
str grl † - killkore
Length: 1:42:17
Felt like nearly two hours of distorted drone but actually changed throughout, just too
slowly to detect. Little modulations in the sea of clipping deathdream. Pretty out of place
in Star Girl and in the discography as a whole. Not bad but I feel like there's some context
I'm missing.

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 새로운 삶을 시작
Length: 1:02:11

       February 16th, 2022:
Thunder Dash - MEGA SPEED 2004
Length: 22:39
(See below.)

Thunder Dash - MEGA SPEED 2005
Length: 12:10
I actually enjoy speeding up and slowing down songs I like when I get bored of them and like
post-nightcore so I enjoyed Thunder Dash against my will and want financial compensation. Wish I
knew where the drone in the Kid A prank track is from.

XxXEmoZimFan666XxX - Emo Neopets Dissociating In Select Grocery Stores (AKA I Want To Upload This And 
Have Copyright Block It In Every Country)
Length: 7:02
Straight up nightcore of meme songs with quality titles. Gotta wonder why these are still up when Thanks
Guys and FUCK got deleted for no reason I know of.

       February 15th, 2022:
macplus - cool mix by me (ps fuck baconwave man he doesnt know what good music is he slike 
my dad my dad tell me i listen to bad music i should listen to goo dmusic like beatles but 
hes stupid he doesnt know what good art is he doesnt know the virtual plaza)
Length: 30:11
I was honestly expecting it to be completely intolerable but it was way more
entertaining than I anticipated. I really want to know where the voice lines
are from. Apologies for ruining Hanahata's wifi by downloading MAPL Labs in it's
2GB entirety.

Length: 10:00
Pretty much a full-on noise track seemingly collaged from Star Girl tracks. I recognize bits
and pieces of ░▒▓☆ in there, but most of it is lost in the amorphous sea of noise.

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 국부적인 아픔
Length: 1:19:52
Some vaporwave, some ambience, and some experimental bits. One of the stranger things from
this era / side of 2047, as reflected in the titles and cover. Took a long time get ahold of
it, must not have been released for very long.

Length: 10:00
I'm not familiar enough with the New World tracks to pick out the samples but it's safe to say that
what FAILED EXPERIMENT 002 was to Star Girl, this is to New World. Not pure manic harsh noise
like Masonna or whatever, but layered samples and layered distortion under vague ambient restraints.

       February 14th, 2022:
2047 - 人生の終わり
Length: 2:11:47
Very few beats, just huge drones and the second longest release in his discography IIRC.
Listened to a few of the tracks multiple times, very little to focus on but perfect
background music. Doesn't feel like the red cover, feels like a city or quiet isolation.

       February 13th, 2022:
2047 - 汚染します 
Length: 1:13:22
This is just Pollute but with a different name if I'm right, but for the sake of completion
and because I liked it the first time around. Was good again and my opinion is more or less
the same.

2047 - LUST
Length: 58:26
On the probably-slowed-down-Solar-Fields side of 2047. If I was more into cimenatic cyberpunk
vaporwave it would be up my alley, but even if it isn't there were aspects to enjoy.

       February 12th, 2022:
Length: 30:00
I'm pretty sure I listened to all the GLOBAL tracks before, but I just learned they
were released separately so I'm doing it again and not regretting it. Some of his better
ambient, Emotion X-tier, layered with urban-sounding field recordings. If I hadn't already
read Neuromancer twice I'd be doing it to this.

Length: 30:00
Could be wrong but I think this is just an extended Emotion X track, has a distinctive sound. 
Not particularly complaining.

Length: 30:00
Much more minimal than the other two, a thin drone with a monotonous crackle that maintains
for a half hour. Neat but probably not gonna return to it soon.

God - Nothing Below
Length: 17:36
Meme-laden sound collage that rickrolled me without mercy. 

Length: 22:00
God is the most bizarre alias yet and I don't think 2047's music gets further out than this.
A mess of sample-stealing (unedited Macintosh Plus,) self-references (メディカル,) meme songs
(Ke$ha and Megalovania in a track called International Communism,) and general strangeness.
I feel like it would make more sense if I knew what God was supposed to be about but it feels
like an unholy mix of the MAPL Labs type stuff and more serious albums.

God - Final
Length: 36:29
Less on the meme-y side and more on the experimental side. No drone deathdreaming here,
but plenty of mutilated lobit anime(?)-sounding samples and some experimental ambient.
Especially appreciate the His Theme sample.

       February 11th, 2022:
Thunder Dash - MEGA SPEED 2006
Length: 10:09
Rest in peace Thunder Dash, you dipfuck.

2047 - The Garden Of The Universe
Length: 25:14
Some very new-agey portions, field recording sussurus and all, with very pretty strings
and bass tones. Closes in a more beat-based vaporwave thing which felt a bit tagged on but
is kinda to be expected for the 2047 alias.

Length: 30:29
Bunch of unedited WebSDR recordings. Probably won't return to it soon but it was an interesting
listen, especially with the ominous bits of transmissions that made their way in. Feels like a
prelude to ядерная зима.

Length: 8:16
Lament for a dead label. Neat addition to the dark ambient standards with the warped electronics
and other noise stuff. One of the more complex of Rune's pieces, now that I think about it.

       December 7th, 2021:
暗い自然 - The Sounds of Life
Length: 30:33
Didn't stick with me as much as the other 暗い自然 releases. More focused on the day than nocturnal
sounds / feelings which is less up my alley but still enjoyable. Almost cheery as far as the alias goes.

       December 3rd, 2021:
Various Artists - Melting Reality
Length: 1:59:07
Love the scrambled furry cover. Little bit of everything here, all shades of vaporwave and ambient and
assorted experimental electronic. Not sure if I would describe it as a melting reality but one hell of
a compilation.

Various Artists - sounds of the echoes
Length: 30:44
Wonder what the context to this one was. Whatever it was, it's a compilation of remixes of tracks
from various aliases and was very interesting to hear and completely different from any other releases.
sky 空 gone vaportrap, ☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ abstracted, and assorted other reimaginings. (As
a bonus, I now know who the Emotion X track Poe is referring to.)

Various Artists - Best of BLCR Y. 1 [Rune Tracks]
Length: 7:37
Lot of big names on here and I was a bit surprised to hear 村人 and FUTURE_TELLER_ make a comeback. Both
have the whole city in rain thing going again, which is always welcome.

       December 3rd, 2021:
Emotion X - VM Guest Mix
Length: 1:03:25
A weird mix of droning deathdream, vaporwave, and hardcore electronics. I don't know if it
was really coherent but it's definitely cool to see Emotion X's influences arrayed like this.

Length: 0:05
Wonder what the context to this one was. Reminds me of Genetic Trance. Who the hell is Sam?

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 다른 영역에 포털 2298
Lenth: 42:15
Can't believe it's been seven years, actually absurd. I like it more than the other 2047 vaporwave albums,
covers a bit more variety of sounds but keeps the dramatic cyberpunk feel (a bit of an accomplishment
with the daytime cover. Also has a gif cover, which is unique.)

       December 2nd, 2021:
sky 空 - escape the sky 空を逃れます
Length: 32:58
See below.

Unknown Forever - Holy Forest
Length: 17:15
Has that dinstinctive stretched-tempo-in-audacity deathdream sound moreso than the rest of Unknown Forever.
The religious themes are interesting too.

暗い自然 - Soul Drainage
Length: 29:10
Something dark and enormous and far far away from everything. Darker than most 暗い自然. I wish I knew how
they were getting these covers.

Unknown Forever - Bottomless
Length: 42:15
Less subtle instrumentation, more low drones. Aside from that, not much I haven't said before. Spooky cover.

Nature's Spirit - Om
Length: 28:18
Funny that Rune basically has a new age project. It's not even super deconstructed
or experimental or subverted or anything, just droning new age ambient. Sometimes that's
all you need.

Dreamtek - Revisiting
Length: 36:11
Not sure if this was the day I listened to it but whatever. It's another urban album, bus hisses and rain sounds
galore, but still pulled off better than most others who tackle that idea. I trust Dreamtek with my tax reports
and my CEO's life.

       December 1st, 2021:
sky 空 - final day 千秋楽
Length: 1:36:08
See below.

sky 空 - before 前
Length: 55:45
See below.

sky 空 - new dawn 新しい夜明け
Length: 59:28
See below.

       November 26th, 2021:
No Death & 暗い自然 - Signals of Unknown Futures
Length: 1:29:46
All I know about No Death is their 아버지 collab which I loved, and while I'm not let down, this didn't appeal
to me as much as the two artists themselves. Will probably grow on me if I revisit it again though, since I listened
to it in bits and pieces.

       November 24th, 2021:
ядерная зима - 2008
Length: 22:33
Not the return I expected. Evolves the alias from pseudo-number stations to a changing ambience with haunting
melodies thrown in at points like residue from the first release. Worthwhile exploration of a dead world. Nukes
for peace.

       November 23th, 2021:
sky 空 - dusk 夕暮れ
Length: 1:15:20
See below.

sky 空 - into the sky 空に
Length: 23:13
See below.

sky 空 - above the sky 空上記
Length: 30:04
It's been a few months and I'm actually writing the "reviews" now so most of sky 空
has merged in my head into a pink-blue blur. In general, I loved it. Some drones that go
on for a half hour plus but don't waste a second, some sub-two-minute delicate melodies
that feel like they would blow away with a wind, and all the ambient forms between
those two. Occasional touches of vaporwave beats but very rarely goes dark or strays
far from the heavenly themes and sounds.

str grl † - GOTH KIDZ
Length: 54:58
On the more noise ambient side of things. I was lucky enough to grab this
on cassette a few years ago. No Porter Robinson or peaceful drones here. Distorted
soundscrapes that half float and half grind by.

sky 空 - [stray tracks]*
Length: 6:35
*OSCOB -  nobody (Ft. sky 空 )
*sky 空 - 究極の完成度
More vaporwavey than usual when OSCOB gets thrown into the mix. Otherwise, see above.

       November 20th, 2021:
Emotion X - Happy
Length: 28:42
One of my favorite albums of all time. I made a DJ mix when being transported
in an ambulance and some of these tracks in it. There's so much beauty in
death and so much joy nestled up into the core of melancholy and this taps
into that. The first track is transcendent.

暗い自然 - 氷床 Earth
Length: 44:22
Another highlight in the discography. Snow Wasteland is another of my favorite
ambient songs and the rest is pretty much perfect. It sounds exactly like the cover.
Isolation and cold and snow and a still, beautiful earth. Feels like freezing to death
in the best possible way. Read Girl's Last Tour to this and it went well. 

☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - !!!自己死 !!!
Length: 16:12
Three RNBW-esque Porter Robinson snippets and two more longer, less dancey but still
beautiful tracks to open and end it. Another "lazy" release that is nevertheless
quality stuff. Simultanously uplifting and emotionally draining.

       November 19th, 2021:
メディカル - Coma
Length: 49:33
Didn't have the stregth of impact on me as it seems to have had on others but still
good deathdream that takes the minimalistic stretching to new extremes. Writing this
from memory after a few months so I could be wrong but it takes piano and stretches
it absurdly thin. Less heavy drone blankets, more medication.

Nature's Spirit - Bleeding Shrine
Length: 35:43
Meditative kinda new age. The violently red cover feels a bit strange for it but it would
definitely be good for it's intended.

God - Catz
Length: 10:28
My friend and I used to constantly reference the video this samples (or
maybe I just used to think about it a lot.) Either way, weird to hear it
again in this context. Getting the definite impression God isn't quite like
the other aliases.

       November 18th, 2021:/
村人 - 地球
Length: 20:46
Reminds me most of ядерная зима despite the city theme shared with the FUTURE_TELLER_ and
other releases. Wouldn't be very out of place in 2047, ambient-ish but definitely beat-driven.

Rain Forest - 将来の出納係
All it needs is a heavy dose of city recordings and it would be pretty similar to some of
the other released but that doesn't mean it doesn't stand strongly on it's own.

Rain Forest - 20,000
Length: 53:47
Subtly different sound for a different theme. Lonely digital lifeforms instead of Shanghai streets
or hospital beds. Also an alias I only learned of recently (and update, I'm still learning of more.)

       November 17th, 2021:/
Star Girl - My name is
Length: 57:36
I absolutely adore the comic that was released to accompany this. Some now-deleted RYM review
said something about "you had to be there to get it" and yeah, without context it's a decent
ambient album but in context with the rest of Star Girl's history it gives a lot more. RIP.

Thunder Dash - Total Destruction
Length: 17:03
MLP music played over noise ambient was a bizarre experience. The rest was suprisingly decent
despite the gnawing reminder that it's probably also MLP plunderphonics. (Edit: funny to look
back at this release after hearing the rest of Thunder Dash and realzing it's a shitpost alias.)

暗い自然 - 古草
Length: 31:12
I would 100% frame 暗い自然 covers on my walls. More or less the same frigid peaceful isolation
as the others but nothing wrong with that.

Future Teller - Light Streams
Length: 33:50
It's another ambient / city recordings album but they're done pretty consistently well so I have no
objections. I have no idea how 2184, Subaeris, and the rest blew up when this didn't. In a better timeline
we're all hearing about Acid Medical instead of Dream Catalogue.

       November 16th, 2021:
new world - ∞
Length: 3:19:49
Bit of an intimidating monolith but I've done 4 hour HNW albums so bring it on. A cool mixture of styles,
pure drone to almost chiptune sounding melodies and covers all the territories in between.

       November 14th, 2021:
Wizard's Treats & 2047 - City Dreams
Length: 19:14
Perfectly paints the urban sprawl. I'm rereading Neuromancer to most of these and it goes
incredibly well, like a city trapped in endless rainy night under a holographic haze.
As always, I lapse pretentious but make no effort to stop myself. Sorry.
  Edit 2022/03/30: Length was formerly 11:33, I just got around to listening to the Wizard's
  Treats side, good vapor. If Wizard's Treats is a late-night office party, 2047 is the
  2AM walk home to your apartment.

2047 - The Sprawling City is Alive
Length: 36:10
Was a bit surprised by the rerelease. Very field-recording based, reminds me of Subaeris.
As much rain and urban sounds as it is ambience.

       November 14th, 2021:
ядерная зима - 3029
Length: 20:39
I've always had an image of some abandoned Russian radio station, no operator, running
for some long forgotten purpose beneath some subbasement off of a power supply maintained
only by error and oversight, encoding and messaging to no one forever. This doesn't nail
that but it gets pretty close.

Emotion X - Soundcloud
Length: 19:10
Since it seens to have been deleted, I reuploaded it here. It's more ambient,
alternately cold and hazy, with a vaporwave track that has quite some potential but seems
unfinished or like an afterthought to prove a point.

Length: 40:00
Odd that there's bits of silence to round it out to the lengths instead of slowing them
down to make up for it. That aside, it's somewhat generic drone but no complaints.

暗い自然 - The Dark Forest 最も暗い夜
Length: 54:40
If "The Sounds of Life" is daytime, this is the nocturnal equivalent. Lovely imagery and not my
favorite 暗い自然 release but it illustrates it well. I prefer my deathdream to be Siberian wastes
and not forests but it might grow on me.

暗い自然 - Bleed
Length: 20:00
A single track sliced into 20 excerpts for maximum scrobblage. Shuffling it is a bit of a weird
disjointed experience. Snowing outside now and it's perfect.

暗い自然 - Blur
Length: 35:33
Way less peaceful and almost dissonant. Not noisy or distorted but certainly not the same impression
as the rest. Was worthwhile but probably won't return soon.

       November 13th, 2021:
Drain - Hopeless
Length: 1:10:02
The track that made up the bulk of the album was a bit excessive
but aside from that it was beautiful, semi-melodic, field recording
infused ambient. What drags me back to Rune's music is how much it's
able to find beauty and peace in misery and giving up.

2047 부드러운 아픈 - 용기와 힘 거울의 가장자리 싸움
Length: 1:10:53
I picked this up off of someone on Discogs a few years back since it got
deleted and I really liked the cover. I wish it was less vaporwavey, or
went full vaporwave, but kind of hovers on the edge. Not bad though, and I
still love the cover. Some familiar samples from other releases bring the
idea of distorted familiarity home.

2047 - For I am Infinity!
Length: 39:35
My favorite of 2047's besides Pollute, merges the vaporwave cyberpunk
of the stolen Solar Fields albums and the ambient of the rest of his releases.
Who knows what it actually consists of, seems to be a variation of Infinite but
I'm not sure. It seems to be as good a time as any to mention that I keep
on hearing the sample sample or melody, one of which is sky 空's countryside 田舎 (and
a 2047 and emotion x track) but there's a few nameless ones floating about.

2047 - Infinite
Length: 52:17
The spoken word samples were interesting and actually presented some neat
ideas unlike the pseudodeep samples I tend to hear in ambient. Aside from that, it's the
vaporwave / ambient mix I've come to expect.

Filtered Soul - Digital
Length: 13:53
Sounds like a collab between 2047 and Infinity Frequencies, the
usual ambience cut into semi-random snippets and loops.

       November 11th, 2021:
暗い自然 - Burns
Length: 21:33
Almost dissonant for 暗い自然, clips and distorts at times. I normally expect
bleeding-out-in-a-snowy-forest kind of peace from this alias, which the first track
gives but the second feels almost like a nightmare.

Unknown Forever - Unknown Forever
Length: 13:53
Total space minimalism. Lost cosmonaut flotsam forever.

Length: 1:08:28
I expected more noise or dark ambient but cool drone works too. I guess the idea is
a hopeless dystopian future but the idea of bleeding out after getting swatted occurred
to me as well.

       November 11th, 2021:
GOREMECHA - v.era0
Length: 50:16
Less of the buried melodies and a bit more minimal but still listened to it a few times.
Sorry this list is so boring, there's only so many ways I can say "ambient music is cool"
without sounding like a broken record.

Filtered Soul - New Liquid
Length: 17:19
Some odd sounds on the second track, residue from instruments. The first track feels more
majestic than most, like a "look at what we've done!"

Unknown Artist - Comfort in the Void
Length: 49:13
Fuck Melody
Fuck Rhythm
Dedicated to no one
Thanks to no one
Deathdream is over

Unknown Artist - Stare Into That Silky Void
Length: 1:01:13
See "Comfort in the Void."
Respect for the semi face reveal.
Background noises are comfy, reminds me of Earth.

2047 - Snow
Length: 58:07
And here we are, the infamous album where everything broke down. I wasn't the biggest fan,
controversy aside. It's cool for what it is but didn't really hit the strings I come to
ambient or vaporwave for but kind of rambled around them. Again, not bad but not super
special to me, Solar Fields or not.

2047 - Pollute
Length: 1:08:29
Probably my favorite of the first-wave 2047 releases. It's more Emotion X than anything, solidly
beatless deathdream slowed down drones to soundtrack either beautiful landscapes or blasted

2047 - 広大な都市は生きています
Length: 36:10

       November 10th, 2021:
ブレードランナー - ブレードランナー
Length: 27:05
Ranges from purer ambient to more instrument, beat-based pieces with rain sounds and synths galore.
Not my favorite but a good listen. (Allegedly just slowed down songs from the Blade Runner soundtrack,
but as I formerly said, I forgive lazy sampling. Funny that the "professional" stolen songs are consistently
the ones I like least.)

ブレードランナー - ネクサス相
Length: 9:56
Hey, it's a movie sample I actually recognize! The saxs over it felt a bit off for the mood but
it's a good end to the alias.

ブレードランナー - 赤面応答
Length: 3:20
A nice urban ambient vaporwave venture from an android-ridden criminal future. I wonder why these
two singles happened after the main album, when they seem to draw from the same samples.

2047 - Infinite Solar Fields
Length: 14:01
Essentially an apology release for the Solar Fields controversy. A nice EP and it's interesting
to get some context.

Unknown Forever - Earth
Length: 49:20
Soundtrack to an endlessly rainy, dim world.

☆♀☆♀STAR GIRL☆♀☆♀ - ░▒▓RNBW▓▒░
Length: 8:28
God, I forgot how much I love this. It's been years and it still hits hard, and my music
nowadays would probably be very, very different if not for it. So fucking lazy and simple
but perfect nevertheless. I would kill for this tape.

       November 9th, 2021:
Unknown Forever - RYMG
Length: 0:45
Reminds me of the Era or Tired interludes. I can only assume this was from a compilation, but 
I'm still surpised to see something so short from this alias. Like Stories's little cousin.

Unknown Forever - Our Deer Gods
Lenth: 45:14
Deathdream drones alongside quieter melodies. Feels a lot like piano was used in whatever this
used to be before getting Unknown Forever'd, unless it's original. Melodic without losing
the distant feel that pure drone has.

Unknown Forever - Light
Length: 31:47
Pretty much the same as the others but that's not a bad thing.

       November 8th, 2021:
Emotion X - Melting Reality
Length: 8:30
Nice but not a ton to stick in my memory, sounds like something from Tired.

Emotion X - Era
Length: 52:20
Like an alternate view of Tired, deathdream drones and experimental interludes, field recordings
and glitchiness and whatnot. Worth noting now that this genre has been tagged as deathdream,
medicalcore, and postvore, if I recall correctly.

メディカル - Underdose
Length: 42:33
Didn't hit me as hard as Vicodin Hydrocodone but I'll go for repeat listens and will see if it clicks.
Certainly not bad, still hits that sound and feeling.

メディカル - Vicodin Hydrocodone
Length: 18:47
Unique in it's minimalism, doesn't do the deathdream stretching or slowing, just takes
piano and presents them mostly as-is with the addition of hospital field recordings. Very
effective, though. I made a bunch of recordings during a hospital stay because of this album
but lost them by accident like an idiot. Feels like a companion to Emotion X - Happy.

Emotion X - A Child's Mind
Length: 16:49
Experimentation this time, a childish melody looping (without any rain / hospital field recordings,
notably) expended for the bulk of the release before going to some standard but still effective

Emotion X - Stories
Length: 1:33
This would be the perfect depressive breakcore sample. I kept on expecting the rush of Waqs / 
800mg amens but they never came. Aside from feeling hollow in that way, it's short and sweet
and has enough ambient for the melody and enough melody for the ambient.

Emotion X - A Skyless Future
Length: 10:07
Beautiful drone tracks that didn't stick out a ton in my mind but accomplish everything I want
from ambient.

Unknown Forever - Stories
Length: 2:47
It's just "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" accompanied by some ambient noise and
slight filtering like it's recording off of something. A bit bleaker in this
context but more confusing than anything.

Unknown Forever - Void
Length: 33:05

Emotion X - Tired
Length: 1:34:22
Just about everything I love about emotion x in an album. Exhaused, drained drone tracks, 
vaporwave-ish experiments, noises and loops interluding between perfect little pieces
of tired sickness and some longer tracks that could be a release unto themselves (Unknown
Forever, maybe.)

Emotion X - Animal Crossing
Length: 37:33
A more experimental take on it but all the more effective for it's tinges of happiness, false hope.
I don't even know anything about or have any attachment to Animal Crossing, but it still comes across
as bittersweet and bleak.

God - Rugrats Theory
Length: 0:11
A strange screwed sample, sliced into 11 parts and made into a minirelease all it's own for some reason. 
Sounds like a short track from Era.

Attempted Discography List
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[Just some clarification in case Rune finds this. I'm not some stalker and have no interest in
them as a person / learning anything about the person, I'm just a fan of the music. If you want the
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  Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe: Christmas Version
  Macintosh Plus - Mamma Mia Single
  [Lost] Lyndon - Thanks Guys
  [Lost] FUCK - FUCK
  [Lost] (sky 空 X Death Grips) blow through it それを通して吹きます
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