He deleted his bandcamp and I only saved 620 of the 1000+ I fucking hate myself
I'm gonna finish up what I have downloaded, go through the youtube and other older non-numbered releases,
and hope I can get 620+ from a fan or the man himself
Daily reminder to download everything

An attempt to listen through Saito Koji's numbered series of releases, currently up to 454, with brief commentary.
Needless to say, much of said commentary with be redundant. Finished main releases on 2022/07/25. Started in probably early June.
Archived here. Full pretentious nonsense wall of text at bottom of page.

I would finish the full 1024 series if anyone has copies of 620 onward.
If you like ambient or anything akin to it, I'd recommend listening to the non-numbered releases in the archive, as they're probably his best work and pretty much
all you need. If that was his full discography I wouldn't complain. If those were up your alley, check out:
   3: 40 minutes of acoustic guitar picking. Very minimal and meaning but nostalgic and sweet.
  23: Or if you don't have the time, here's all that emotion and sweetness packed into 43 lovely seconds.
  24: Along similar lines to 23, very melodic and incredibly soothing. Sounds like inner peace in acoustic strumming.
  31: Another along the same lines, all in 23 seconds.
  57: The most beautiful ambient guitar loop you've ever heard. Got me through many rough nights.
  69: Simple childish chiptune. Happy little thing.
 235: 40 minutes, sounds like drone but there's definity melody buried in there and it's gorgeous
If you still want more, the whole numbered series is waiting.


  1: Weird stretchy field recording / dark ambient. Artificial and strange.
  2: A segment of looping, odd ambience bookended by birds and field recordings.
  3: Absolutely lovely acoustic guitar noodling. Soundtrack to a simple and happy life. The fields are a nice touch.
  4: Guitar ambience, soaked in echo and all absorbing. Peace of mind and happiness.
  5: Not much to note, the prototype for most upcoming releases.
  6: Slow motion falling.
  7: Ambient infused with guitar rambling.
  8: Slow drone, reminds me of if i die in missisippi's artless.
  9: A lot of these tracks seem to be alternate versions of the others. This one's a more melodic, less droning version of 8.
 10: Lots of short loops. My embarassingly small musical experience compares it to Replica.
 11: Almost euphoric, very pretty. Flowers.
 12: A bit darker but still peaceful.
 13: A lot of these sound as utopian and futuristic as they do peaceful and reminiscent of nature.
 14: Noisy guitar drowning in echo. Post-post-rock.
 15: More pretty ambient, no complaints.
 16: More acoustic guitar backed by quiet fields. Contentedness and childhood summers.
 17: Like 16 and 4, but more song-length.
 18: Noise rock, reminds me of Honey Muffin (極光4).
 19: Like 57 and 4, but bite-sized.
 20: Pulsating kind of fade in fade out sound, short rock noodling.
 21: Dark ambient, eerie sounding.
 22: 40 minute field recording.
 23: Love this one, a very short guitar track with a distinct melody and very sweet feeling. Reassuring like a smile from a loved one.
 24: Didn't hit as hard as 23 but rather similar and still very nice, I kept it on loop for a while.
 25: Raindrops pit pattering.
 26: Pitter patter of quiet raindrop for ten minutes with some distant machinery and far off birds.
 27: Very short sweet guitar with a faint hum. I just realized that absolutely none of these have vocals.
 28: 40 minutes of incredible incredible ambience, some of the best of his work. Purity.
 29: Like an alternate take on 27 with some interesting sounds.
 30: I lost my place but went back probably too far but it's a 40 minute rain field recording so whatever. It's a weird artificial experience, listening to what would be calming rain on laptop speakers. Says a lot about our society.
 31: Unscrobbably short guitar improv but still almost catchy and soothing. One of the most melodic ones yet.
 32: Another 40 minutes, another rainstorm. You'd think these would suck to get through but I just throw one on and do my thing and it's over before I know it.
 33: Ocean of ambience.
 34: Similar to 27 with some more out-there sounds and higher pitched guitar and short loops over the rest.
 35: Over 30 minutes of a trickle with birds and cars. Not much to note, I got through.
 36: Like 35 but ten minutes or so longer. Probably recorded the day, which negates the comfy factor a bit.
 37: Quiet hearts and overcast skies.
 38: Foggy mornings and sleepy train rides to work.
 39: Blurry happy memories.
 40: Similar to 39 but a little simpler.
 41: More birds, more cars. No rain this time that I can tell.
 42: Birds, cars, background noise.
 43: Cars and birds, oh my. I'm more familiar with how Koji's house sounds than my own at this point.
 44: Rock ambient with the ghost of a darker sound beneath.
 45: Short slow noisy rock with a neat wobbly sound.
 46: Bite-sized version of the longer guitar pieces. Half awake strumming.
 47: Similar to 46. Saito's music reminds me of the lives of cats.
 48: More along similar lines. Distortion hovering along the edge of half melodies. Post-rock ish.
 49: More muted distortion, shorter than ever. Bittersweet, tinge of bleakness on hope.
 50: A several-second loop of birds, background noise, and something falling? repeating for a minute. Almost gets into a rhythm.
 51: Fields. The birds sound a bit different than usual.
 52: Another looped field. Sounds like a camera clicking and a rush fading out just as the recording begins. This one definitely gets a groove on somehow.
 53: Different sounding field than usual, maybe a different device. Some off whistlingish sounds in the distance.
 54: Short comfy noise rock.
 55: 57-esque looped guitar strumming. Beautiful stuff. Fading away into a bright bleak future. Alone and happy.
 56: Sleepy strumming, faint tone.
 57: My favorite yet. Just the most lovely, peace-bringing piece I can imagine, hana sumai without the bleakness. Reminds me of purity and fills me with hope.
 58: Like a scrapped take of 57, little brother of it's predecesor.
 59: Different ambience than usual, rather cinematic.
 60: As much harmonic as it is dissonant, layered, reversed, and otherwise scrabled guitar noodling soaked in reverb. At once comfy and uneasy.
 61: More guitar looping for 40 minutes. A bit of an odd sequence to base a piece on but it works in an odd way.
 62: An elevator to hell, going down. Sounds like nuclear warning alarms.
 63: Short melodic piece with quite a different sound than usual. Not sure what's behind it.
 64: Childish piano compositions. Post-post modern?
 65: 40 minutes of weird dissonant sounds, like piano played by someone who has very little idea of piano, in an impossibly large space.
 66: Once more, a different sound. Not totally harmonious but just another facet of the simpler world his music paints.
 67: Sounds like nostalgia for a past and hope for a future.
 68: 40 minutes of rock-based droning. Well, not really drone drone but you get the idea, very slow guitar meandering.
 69: Very unique release, reminds me of Seaquence or Waqs. Chiptune wandering. Childish and happy.
 70: More echo-drowned guitar.
 71: 40 minutes of piano notes that feel lost in an expanse of silence. It's not quite that extreme but it reminds me of a kitten in the middle of a huge bed.
 72: 40 minutes. Like a far more dense version of 71. Are these played or generated? Still the same sense of huge space among the notes.
 73: Same as the previous, with more of an ambient bent. Maybe not worth it's full length but good background.
 74: I'm writing these in retrospect and listening to these again, all of the 40 minute piano pieces are the same loop. This one is like 20 seconds for 40 minutes. Way better than that sounds.
 75: 13 second loop, 40 minutes. Very approximately 185 times a nice little melody. Not bad. Reminds me of Infinity Frequencies, like a sweet or strange moment captured and preserved.
 76: 54 minutes of very nice droning. Nothing to write home about but lovely for what it is.
 77: Very nearly a half hour of stretched-sounding droning sounds. If I had a new age store this is the kinda stuff that would be going on in the background.
 78: 44:44, gotta make a wish. More drone, no complaints. I really should be doing these as I listen to them so it's more accurate instead of retrospect but no one reads it anyway.
 79: Similar to the former few, without the numerical lengths. No idea what instruments are involved, if any.
 80: More of the same, no dip or soar in quality. If my brain wasn't a mess I would love to meditate to this. Someone do it for my sake.
 81: Distorted slow-motion noise rock at moments, ambient at others. I'm curious what Saito's playing would sound like if he did it "normally."
 82: Ominous dark ambient. Soundtrack to a stalker maze nightmare you can't get out of.
 83: Mostly the same piano note over and over ceaselessly, with some melodic stuff going on. Didn't strike me as boring at all despite being so minimal.
 84: Lonely sounds. One of the first ones to give me that impression.
 85: Layered ambience. Fading into blankness.
 86: Sleeping, waking, walking, fading drones.
 87: Peaceful dreams and an uneasy sleep. Strange worlds.
 88: Dissociative bliss. Sweet thoughts in a hypnogogic barely-there.
 89: Once more in the Siberian subbasement. Just needs some distorted radio backing, number stations, mechanical buzzing and it'd be perfect.
 90: Almost unchanging guitar tone. Funny how it does virtually the same thing as drone metal, in a happy-sounding way.
 91: If I'm able to download the whole number series before it's deleted, I'd like to play them in my house all the time on shuffle.
 92: Once more, a different sound on the same ambient formula. Bittersweet euphoria, drifting through skies.
 93: Anxiety tugging at the sides of a happy dream.
 94: I aspire to be able to grind out track after track of gorgeous ambient like this.
 95: More strings-sounding stuff.
 96: Very minimal, high pitched and sparse. Like windchimes at glacial speed.
 97: Gorgeous stuff. Flying far away.
 98: Like the former track at a lower, calmer pitch. Drifting off.
 99: Mechanical and unsettling. Unforgiving undercity.
100: Wouldn't sound out of place in a nature or space documentary.
101: Drifting farther away.
102: Sounds a bit like a church organ.
103: Usual ambience layered with processed recordings that sound like airspace drone at many thousands of feet.
104: More airspace sounds, more windchime-like drones.
105: Breathy field recordings, echoed into dark ambient realms. Like panting and hiding from something inside a tunnel complex. Very ominous stuff.
106: Short rainy loopy fields.
107: Rhythmic field looping, very short.
108: More field looping.
109: More field looping. Very tight loops.
110: Loopy fields.
111: These almost make a beat. I could imagine them being used in a song, or having a song made up of them.
112: Field recordings reverbed into a kind of dark ambient lite. Post-post mallsoft?
113: More reverbed field recordings, but not dark ambient, just processed. Very minimal, gives it a fuzzy kind of sound.
114: I think this is a field recording loop. White noise and an ambient sound in the background, cycling ceaselessly. Snake eating itself type beat.
115: Blissful floating away.
116: Reversed, cut up melody. Pretty unique and pretty in it's own way. Like Saito run through ▣世界から解放され▣.
117: Probably the origin of 116. Elegant BGM-sounding song, reminds me of Seifuku Sound.
118: Strings-based droning. A Winged Victory For The Sullen-ish.
119: Similar to 118. A lot of these tracks seem to be parts of pairs or sets.
120: Piano piece that heavily uses panning, the same little melody fragment rotating around your head. Pleasantly disorienting.
121: Also string-sounding but almost pure drone, one note, and with a bit of a different sound.
122: Slow-motion ambience, you know the drill.
123: A bird recording merged with ambient. Almost sounds like windchimes at points.
124: Cars, some birds. I wonder where these are all recorded. Maybe on a computer situated by a window?
125: Virtually the same as 124 with some bike-like sounds and more birds. 4:49 AM here.
126: Cars idling, by the sounds of it, some nature dueting.
127: Ambient, generic but pleasant.
128: More ambience of the same type. I wonder if this is performed live or derived from some paulstretch-esque process? Maybe doodle on a keyboard and saitostretch the results?
129: One minute of ambient x fields, very windchimey.
130: Very new age-ish, drone meets birds. The fields are more everyday-sounding than most meditation music but it's the same formula.
131: Ambient, you get the idea.
132: Dreaming OST - Big world as a kid
133: Dreaming OST - Endless garden
134: Dreaming OST - Everyone you've ever loved
135: Dreaming OST - Sunny days and fields
136: Dreaming OST - Deliriant bliss
137: Dreaming OST - Moving figures in still landscapes
138: Dreaming OST - Flickers of oldest memories
139: Dreaming OST - Flying away and disappearing
140: Dreaming OST - Seeing old friends
141: Dreaming OST - Faintest shadow of nightmare on a bright day
142: Dreaming OST - Consecutive waking
143: Similar sessions to the surrounding releases.
144: Nonsense dream forgotten upon awakening.
145: Variations on an ongoing theme. A bit faster this time.
146: Half-asleep nonsense daydreaming.
147: Tired, tired, tired.
148: Expected a field from the length but it's more ambient along the same recent vein.
149: Notes like snowfall.
150: I gotta wonder how the ambient ones are done. They're probably improvised but I don't know how or on what.
151: Drone. More melacholy than usual. Peaceful monotony. Just fine again today.
152: Drone. Slow motion life.
153: Drone. Cold days and warm houses.
154: Drone. Half awake dreaming.
155: Similar to 156 and the other surrounding releases.
156: Has a moment or two of clashing but generally peaceful.
157: Pretty much the same kind of tone with the occassional slow-motion note waving through.
158: More slow, reverbed strings. On second thought, it might not be. Hard to say.
159: Back to the slow, slow strings.
160: Stands out, very soothing slow-motion chords breezing by.
161: 4'33", trickling rain.
162: Almost cinematic ambient of the same breed as 160. Peace in the heart and stillness in the mind.
163: More tinge-of-dissonance in a harmonious drone type beat. Not really a drone since it changes but you get the idea.
164: Half-hour rainstorm, imagine my shock. Good background noise.
165: 18 minutes of a low level drizzle, presumably. Omnipresent birds chime in as expected. Sure is rainy in Fukushima.
166: Very different dark ambient this time, almost buzzing. Horror movie sounding.
167: Back to the clouds. Drifting, drifting, aimless.
168: More aerial drifting. Falling? Not so slow at times, actually has a decent BPM, just absolutely saturated in reverb.
169: Bit of dissonance and darkness lurking at the edge of an otherwise chill piece.
170: Weird sounds in here, now that I think about it. No idea what that instrument's even supposed to be.
171: Less falling, more floating. Sinking? Not a drone at all, like an orchestra in a huge huge weird acoustic space. Could probably be perfomed live.
172: Lovely lovely more of the same. Does this guy do live? I can't find any footage in 5 seconds of looking.
173: Eight minutes of a new instrument, reminds me of a deconstructed Seifuku Sound. Glitching out visual novel BGM type music.
174: Very minimal, experimental looping. A couple seconds of drone, then a weird sound distorting it, over and over for eight minutes. Absorbing in an odd way.
175: Acoustic guitar and camera / mic hiss. Laid back but not lazy. Pulls at the heartstrings a bit.
176: Back to the acoustic guitar and ticking clock. It would be very nice to chill with someone and hear them play these.
177: Minimal ambient but still hits just the right notes to calm a heart and still a worried head. Nice 4:04 length.
178: Slightly less good for chilling out on account of the odd experimentation and layers. Ambient with a tinge of nervousness.
179: Another rainy by the road cover of 4'33".
180: Damn good chill out music.
181: Low and high instruments, follows the same formula. I wish I could churn out stuff like this. Has a distinct stretchy sound on some of the notes.
182: 4'33", more birds, more cars. Who the fuck reads these? Get a life, man.
183: Dissonant guitar drone work with some more conventional ambient dancing with it.
184: Deep deep space, high atmosphere, abyssal ocean, isolated valleys. Actually, I like that last one. Lots of fog. Can't see a thing.
185: One minute of emergency vehicles. What did you do?
186: Nine minutes, string-style ambient. It would be neat to see an orchestra try to perform these live. Like a slightly more realistic As Slow As Possible.
187: Three minutes, subtle background sounds, mostly cars and incidental noises. Like everything's trying to be quiet. Still life. That's another good way to view these "empty" field recs.
188: Yelling birds over experimental guitar noodling, both electric and acoustic. Very short and very out there.
189: 41 minutes, darkish droning. Not really dark ambient but takes those lower frequencies. Like some kind of video game exploration in a foggy village.
190: Thirty minutes of droning, different sounds this time, more like synths. A bit like my own dungeon synth experiments at 10% the speed. Like BGM save music in an odd way
191: Sounds a tad like the guitar pieces but clearly not. More celestial ambiance. Has some high pitched tones that I think are new.
192: I go to take a shower and my earbuds break on one side, thanks. A bit of ambient and a very short, one chord incessant piano loop.
193: An endless ambient piano loop, dreamy melody and one of my favorites. Who cares if it goes on and on, it's perfect.
194: The same structure as 193, but with a less appealing melody. Creates an odd atmosphere I can't quite describe.
195: Like 194 but even weirder. More random notes soaked in reverb.
196: Generic but chill ambient, usual Saito fare but no objections. Ambient music doesn't really help me calm down anymore unless it's something really special but it certainly fills the silence well.
197: Pretty funny, a series of piano chords clambering along going out of and back into sync It's Gonna Rain style. Makes me imagine a clunky moving sculpure wandering around or like what I played on the piano as a little kid.
198: Slight distortion and editing over more piano chopping.
199: Sounds like comfy synth. Watching the sky turn pink at 5:23 AM to this.
200: Less heavily edited random-sounding piano improvs, still chopped up and messed with. Sounds like a kid playing.
201: Similar to 204, bitcrushed rock with piano collaged over top. It also begins and ends randomly. Probably the most avant garde stuff here.
202: Minimal piano collaging. Some interesting childish-sounding bits.
203: Sometimes soothing, sometimes clashing random piano notes, like someone who hasn't touched a piano in their life tentatively trying to play, behind heavy rain. Not a bad atmosphere, reminds me of Hell Driver but less depressed.
204: Another very unique recording. Noise rock periodically cutting in and out and up and occassionally doused in bitcrusher, of all things.
205: A somewhat metallic-sounding (weird that metal has a sound, I can't really describe what "metallic" sounds like) guitar? ambient jam. Not gonna get stuck in my head but neat.
206: Dark ambient that wouldn't feel too out of place in an atmospheric horror game.
207: 37 minutes of meanering around the same drones, sometimes reminiscent of faded childhood memories, sometimes spooky and offputting. Reminds me of a far better version of my first album.
208: Fields and minimal piano.
209: Unnerving dark ambient. There's a bit of beauty to be found in a blasted waste of a landscape but best not to linger too long.
210: Like a less minimal version of 211.
211: Very minimal drone, light and airy kind of tones. Nearly 50 minutes of meandering in the echo forest.
212: Ambient for the high thin atmosphere, drones for drones. Reminds me of sky 空.
213: Delicate flowery drone, more coherent and harmonious than most. Short and sweet, one of my favorites of this style.
214: More ambient.
215: Over 50 minutes of semi dark ambient. Sounds like exploring a bunker complex.
216: Has the normal ambient dark ambient layered sound of 215 but quite a bit shorter.
217: Droning your way to heavens above.
218: Similar to 215 but shorter yet and has way more of the dark ambient breathy sound.
219: Thought this was an experimental piano piece but it turns out I had my friend's music playing in another tab. It's more etherial ambient.
220: Like 219 but even more heavenly and even more unchanging droning.
221: Orbits around the same ambient sound but hits upon a variety of emotions within that range, an odd kind of nervousness included.
222: Faltering half-aware flight, lifted by birds.
223: Sounds like guitar but probably isn't, a short ambient piece. A bit offputting sound but I could get into it.
224: Luckily I now get the chance, as this is basically 223 but for 34 minutes. I'm not sure what kind of imagery would fit this, maybe a dream verging on a distorted nightmare?
225: Dark ambient. Sounds almost breathy. A cold space you're in danger of getting lost in.
226: Some more ambient meandering, here and there. Breath fogging on the windows.
227: One of my favorites, a really cool bit of guitar that could make a dope song if it didn't loop, unchanged, for three minutes. Still sounds great.
228: Slowly drifting guitar ambient. I would love to hear one of these live.
229: One of the 40 minute pieces. Fairly typical ambient for Saito but still some of the best around.
230: Nothing else like it here. An interesting cut up, looping experiment to 229. I do a similar thing when remixing so it was especially interesting to hear.
231: Guitar-sourced ambient meandering.
232: Echoing fields.
233: Echoing piano wandering.
234: More string sounding synths and drone.
235: One note, 40 minutes. Now that's pure drone, which I respect on principle. Wait, there's some variation. Worth the length if you've got time to kill.
236: A nice little abstract noise rock jam.
237: Echo drenced guitar improvs, which is a variation on folk music I've never heard before. Nice as is and the idea has lots of potential.
238: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH get pranked, it's a piano experiment that fades away almost as soon as it begins so it's inaudible for most of it's runtime.
I had to amplify it an absurd amount in audacity to even hear it and it just falls to pieces like rotting tape loop. Cool stuff.
239: More echo-laden piano experimentation. Feels like a good soundtrack for an avant-garde abstract animation with lots of pastels and blurry flowery scenes.
240: 18 minutes of rock ambience, reminds me of Honey Muffin but dronier and noisier.
241: Shortish ambiance. Nothing new, nothing negative.
242: Pretty much the same guitar sound, seemlessly looped for ten minutes. Like a shepherd's tone that feels like it's going somewhere but stays in the same place.
243: 15 minutes of ambient guitar. Not anything I haven't heard before but not bad stuff at all. I'm probably just spoiled by the huge amount of it, some gems are bound to get lost. Don't forget the fields.
244: Five minutes on the dot, blissful ambient falling flying sleeping whatever and whatnot and so forth.
245: Length had me expecting a field but it's more note-based ambience.
246: Clock ticking field loop - wait, it's ambient. Didn't expect a fake out, still getting suprised. Generic but very nice piece. Originally mispelled as peace.
247: More of the same, not bad.
248: Short little drifter shard.
249: 40 minutes of noisy formless drum jamming. Jesus christ.s
250: Sounds like drifting through space.
251: Sparse piano and cars going by. Reminds me of my sister's old piano place if someone left all the window's open.
252: Strings (or at least what sounds like them) are always welcome.
253: Exhausted drones. Just let the sounds rest.
254: Echoey piano rambling.
256: Heavy rock ambience.
255: Mist and fog and drifting sounds.
257: More of the same, not complaning. Neat looping echoes.
258: Ambient. Very few of these 1000 releases are bad, but relatively few stick out in my mind.
259: Less on the drone side, more distinct changes and notes.
260: Back on the drone side, backing more rapid (lol) chords drifting aimlessly around like pollen.
261: Goes here, goes there, goes nowhere, curls once about the house and falls asleep. Slow motion, chill imagery, you know the drill.
262: Back to the piano looping, this time powered by echo and it's one note being pressed at a time and repeating into nothingness. An experiment that had to be done sooner or later. Experimental composing.
263: Lovely short ambient piece, nice balance of melody and abstractness.
264: Not sure if the tiny ANW-ish clipping is from my Winamp setting or the track but it's just perfect. Good ambient stuff, not too far off the beaten path but no problem.
265: Got confused with my numbering and thought the 272 review was for this one and it worked almost perfectly. Also a bit short and on the piano side of things.
266: I love it, I love drone, I love ambient music, but what the hell can I say about it at this point? I've reiterated what I like about ambient a bajillion times. I'm glad it exists.
267: Weird guitar x ambiance. Sci-fi sounding, even has alarm bell kinda sounds.
268: Kinda like 267, definite distortion and dissonance being kept well at bay by glacial electronic guards. That made no sense, whatever.
269: Back at the 35 minute ambiances. Not much to write home about but nice to listen to and tries some distinct sounds, tours around various vantages of it's foggy valley whatever.
270: Quiet ambient layered over a humming bird recording. Very new age.
271: Not so much dark as abandoned. Not like an ominous dread but like a clinical deserted structure. There's some normal ambient elements hiding in there too.
272: Similar to 271 but veers further into dark territory. You're in a place you're not supposed to be, you're enjoying the exploration but can't help checking behind your back.
273: Some sweet drones. Some high, some low, wanders all over it's length.
274: Low pitched droning ambience.
275: Relaxing ambient with some odd high notes at points that remind me of pan pipes or a bamboo flute I made once. Should find that one of these days.
276: 4'33", same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
277: 4'33", birds and presumably cars from far off.
278: 4'33", some neat distant sounds, nature and noise.
279: Might be a variant of a piano piece from another release. Very heavy on the echo and looping, becomes more experimental than anything. Calming in a mindnumbing way.
280: 4'33", birds and very gentle rain, feels like early morning. Interesting bird calls.
281: 4'44", gentle rain.
282: Very feedback-heavy guitar drone. Pulsing lethargic tones.
283: 4'33", agitated birds.
284: An odd piano melody. Very unique and an emotion I find difficult to describe.
285: I'm really seeing what Saito meant about discovering new kinds of minimalism. He seems to be one of the only musicians I really see as literally "experimental." This is a one minute field loop of 
virtually nothing, for 30 minutes. Thanks!
286: Random piano with birds and cars. Another experiment.
287: Really weird. Sounds like the drum pieces but the snare / kick / tom is replaced with really high piano notes. I've never heard anything quite like it. Would be anxiety inducing if it wasn't so silly.
288: Layered birds. Nice 420 song length.
289: Lovely rock ambient.
290: Rock ambient, melodic and possibly composed piano melodies dueting.
291: Sounds different than most ambience, very pretty and subtly melodic beneath the drones.
292: 40 lovely lovely droning minutes. Smells like moss and mushrooms.
293: A surprisingly coherent piano melody. Makes me think of children's drawings of frolicking fairies or birds. Also has this odd bass to it, which is kinda funny.
294: An echo-heavy variation on the previous theme. The fairies are blurry and half-forgotten this time.
295: A ritualesque dark drone. Dungeon wandering soundtrack, post death by esoterica. Skeleton jelly.
296: A combination of 293 and 294, I think. The bass of the former and the echoing of the latter. I think all of these releases are just files taken from his computer and he seems to save all his experiments (as you should.)
297: I hate having to listen to these on either one-sided earbuds or my shitty laptop speakers but it's some quality droning. I amplified it until it clipped for some of the listens, which had a unique sound. I need more noise ambient, dammit!
298: Off time drums jamming with a dramatic string piece. Very unique, only a couple of other tracks like it and none like this.
299: Pastoral ambience. Simple life and herds and endless fields.
300: Similar to 298 with a great little chiptuneish melody. Very happy and cool, almost catchy. Reminds me of Waqs, all it needs is a depressed title about childhood.
301: More of the drums + other instruments theme, except now it's organs. I don't think there's a single other song in the world quite like this, for better or worse.
302: 301's organ, without the drums and with an ambient embellishment. Doesn't have the usual melancholy organ sound. Chill.
303: Three minutes of heavy rain. I wish I had good speakers to play these off of.
304: More Waqs-ish melodies and random drumming over top of it. I think it's improvised, considering that most of the notes make sense but the general course seems meandering.
305: Sweet ambiance. Not much to add but soothing.
306: One of those one-note guitar recordings and the rest is just a 433. Very funny, you got me this time.
307: Rock ambient, reminds me of 57 but minimal. Impressive for just one(?) chord hit.
308: Drum machine jamming.
309: The same drum machine jam, layered over a very short guitar piece, extended and looped for a bit. Silly but interesting.
310: Almost hip hop sounding drum jam.
311: Probably the original bird recording used in 312.
312: The birds sound agitated, with some layering and looping.
313: Looping field, bag opening or some other crunching. You begin to get into it by the end of the minute.
314: Clipping field, couple seconds looped so you can notice all the details. Lowercase beat.
315: Field soaked in echo until it forms slowly changing loops.
316: More drums only. I really wonder how these are made.
317: Fields and minimal dark ambient. Might be dark but it's more peaceful and barely there than anything, like something at the corner of your eye.
318: More echoey fields. Like being disoriented inside a cave.
319: Pretty ambient.
320: Short field, some birdsong, nothing special.
321: Short echoey field dark ambient thing. Sounds like a clash in a huge empty space fading into nothing.
322: Short looped field experiment, clicking and scraping from a mic against clothing or something being taken from background noise into sharp focus for all of 21 seconds.
323: Dark ambient accented by blurry, far off fields.
324: Looped, echoed field, also very short. Takes a while to disappear.
325: Electronic drum jamming.
326: Short, seemingly unedited field. Keys, probably getting into a car.
327: Outdoor recording, cars and birds and something far off and the hand on the mic.
328: Weirdly consistent 0:24 length for these. The scraping sounds a bit like purring, some car hummming, just incidental sounds.
329: Longer field this time, still not much going on.
330: 4'33", I wonder how John Cage feels about his greatest accomplishment being literally nothing.
331: Some funky drum machine noodling.
332: Background ambiance, echoing away.
332: Gimme an A! Gimme an M! Gimme a B! You get the drift.
333: Birds, windowsill type rec.
334: Isolated drums, electronic and improvised jamming.
335: Like 336ish.
336: Some instrumental origin lost in echo.
337: Semi-sparse echoing pianos.
338: Ambient I've heard elsewhere before, layered over drums I've probably also heard before. Neat.
339: Rock ambient!
340: It's like the longer rock pieces, but just a single hit that then fades out, like some kind of alarm or ringtone. Not a bad thing to wake up to.
341: Ambience, modified pianos, hissing recordings.
342: More unscobbably short experiments, I think it's an unedited field recording but who knows of what. Not a plane going by, some kind of hiss? Oscillating.
343: More simple piano. I think these are all digital, as the silence is very pure.
344: Random little recoding of the same kinds of sounds as always, some machine humming, some quiet clinking. Birds, daily life.
345: Actual sounds! Pouring a cup of tea or coffee in a room with a ticking clock, stirring. Simple documents.
346: Simple piano piece, timid notes suspended in silence, like it's scared to play and is just peeking it's head out.
347: Tiny bits of ambient in a dark ambient style echoed field. Paints some strange images.
348: Sounds like it was recorded from a windowsill.
349: Piano rambling.
350: The sound of filling up a cup or just letting it run for a couple seconds. Reminds me of the middle school science lab sinks.
351: Pianos collaged with fields (faucet, birds, etc.)
352: Some yelling birds, normal sounds, longer than 4'33" for no real reason. If you split it up you could've gotten two releases for the price of one.
353: Very short, very minimal piano piece. Reminds me of Small Shock.
354: A very simple piano piece layered over a simple field. If you just skipped through you might miss the melody entirely.
355: Handwashing and other recordings layered over piano rambling that quickly fades away so it's just the recordings for most of it. Neat avant garde stuff.
356: Field recordings (birds) soaked with faint pianos and darkish ambience. Medley.
357: Very repetitive piano piece, minimal but has a little bit of variation to keep it from getting grating, which I might just be imagining. Very chill, if a bit mindnumbing.
358: A nice little birds and car recordings. Not 433 though.
359: The former bird recording, split up and echoed into a dark ambient drunken stupor. 
360: Short little drum beat, jamming. Might use this in something.
361: The former birds, echo and all, and drum recording, mashed up. Could make a really cool tune with a little more work. Manipulating and building off of former recording seems to be a common theme.
362: Loopy pianos. Comes from nowhere, goes nowhere, was nowhere.
363: Piano improvs dueting with ambience.
364: Just a field but it might have yardwork or heavy activity or something. Kind of hard to tell.
365: Rainy weather. Cozy.
366: Rainy weather. Still cozy.
367: Very nice as far as recordings of heavy rain go. This one really captured it well, feels like the roof's gonna break if it goes much harder.
368: I'm sitting alone in my room, age 18, blinds drawn, spening my summer vacation listening to a man washing his hands. Jesus christ.
369: A very short but absolutely lovely organ song. Makes me feel like I'm at church. A kind of innocent and mourning sound.
370: The former organ and handwashing recording, played at once. Neat.
371: Fields, background noise, birds.
372: Organs. You could claim this as comfy synth pretty well.
373: Less ambient organ noodling, with birds and rain. Seemingly an alternate version of 375.
374: Organ ambient. Has an odd slowed-down kind of sound.
375: Birds and rain and organ improvs meshed together. Not my favorite but a neat experiment.
376: A shortened version of 377, essentially.
377: MIDI strings? A neat way to do ambient. Reminds me of what I remember A Winged Victory For The Sullen sounding like.
378: Sparse pretty piano melody.
379: Pianos gone ambient.
380: Fields, not sure where but might be different.
381: Fields, birds.
382: Looks like light rain on a sunny day. (I don't really like that weather, but anyway.)
383: Random fields with some yardwork or construction or something. You could fit nearly two 433s in here.
384: Similar to the former, probably the same session.
385: A neat little quaint ambient. Peaceful ambling wrapped in wings.
386: Organ drone, and I mean drone, one-note-for-ten-minutes purity. Cool.
387: kjhbgvfcdcgthvyjbukikhuyjtchvyjghuk-style piano mashing looping.
388: An ambient drone over kind of derpy piano playing mashing whatever. Not bad but I wonder what imagery goes through Saito's head when he makes or listens to this. I can't really come up with much, very abstract.
389: I swear I listened to an echoed-birds recording like this before. Maybe it was a repeated file, maybe he judt did the same thing twice, maybe I'm losing it.
390: Piano rambling looping (and looping, etc.) between harmony and dissonance.
391: Nice heavy rain recording, but there's still the omnipresent birds.
392: Avant garde classical, but forms a bit more of a melody. Still a very short loop and an interesting style I've never really heard anyone else use.
393: Essentially a 433 he neglected to trim.
394: 17 minutes of guitar drone. I don't know anyone who does anything quite like this. Thanks Saito, very cool.
395: Looping guitar ambience, nearly 19 minutes. Didn't stand out a ton but nothing to turn your nose at either.
396: Five minutes or so of derpy guitar looping. I can see it having serious intentions but it came out rather silly. Fun to improvise lyrics to.
397: Kind of like the former track, but with piano. These are cool experiments, random looping and experimental composing.
398: A simple bird recording that keeps on echoing and layering into a whole swarm. Like going on an uneventful walk and getting picked up in a swarm of doves.
399: Organ? Serene and pleasant either way. Ticking.
400: More ambience of the TF(TB) variety, faint ticking.
401: I heard of a noise band called Waves Crashing Piano Chords, and this sounds like that name taken literally. Loopy.
402: Along similar lines to 401. Looping piano equivalent of keyboard mashing.
403: Sounds like jhgfdxcnhvmybun,umvyn jhgf
404: Good number and a unique release, nothing else like it. Like the keyboard smashing releases, sped up and echoed a ton. Reminds me of my piano post-nightcore.
405: Reversed, glitched, collaged pianos. 
406: More minimal pretty droning.
407: Gives the echo-and-chopped treatment from the piano collages to distorted guitar to strange effect. Seems to stop and start thoughout the whole length.
408: More drums. Almost sounds trap-ish. Imagine someone trying to rap over this.
409: Some kind of wet weather. Short field.
410: Short field, might be rain.
411: Light drones, reminds me of sky 空.
412: Very minimal and pretty drone.
413: Kids?
414: More mostly peaceful piano doodling.
415: Ambience, blurry instrument.
416: Minimal, pretty drone. Chilly morning, sunrise airport.
417: Glasses, ticking, machinery?
418: Heavy rain.
419: Looped field recordings reverbed into a dark ambient soup.
420: Like jingling utensils in a glass, drowned in echo with background hiss into semi-ambience.
421: Field. Maybe due to the way it's recorded the background noise feels like the paulstretch-y dark ambient from a few other releases.
422: Fields and birds, processed and looped in an odd, disorienting way.
423: This series of ambient tracks sounds vaguelly like the beginning of Twin Fantasy (Those Boys).
424: Cars, birds, interference, seemingly layered with a mall recording. Field recording mashup? I think I hear beeping. Maybe not. It's something he would do.
425: Dissonant guitar droning.
426: Minimal field. Birds, background hiss.
427: Slight tone over a drone. Really goes nowhere but it's not like it has to.
428: Not 4'33" for once, slightly longer of background noise, birds, and cars. Starting to see a pattern here.
429: Pretty much more of the former with some odd sounds whose distance and origin I can't quite discern.
430: A minute or so of isolated, clean rain sounds. Much better quality than the other recordings (not that they're bad,) would work well for sound effects. Pleasant as is.
431: Rain like a river.
432: Ambience, vague hints of guitar origin.
433: Ticking, roomtone hiss.
434: Half hour plus of identical droning but no complaints, very layered and something you can totally get lost in. A moment of harmony extended forever.
435: More droning, of a less light and airy sound but far from ominous. Dramatic? Hard to tell. Nice either way.
436: Ambient, piano, grows darker at points.
437: Echo drenched piano and ambient merged.
438: Roomtone, incidental noises.
439: Like 442, with more piano. Reversed notes shuffling around.
440: Mall? Ads? Airport?
441: Weird process fields, like paulstreth on a low length, which it might actually be. Almost unnerving. Accidently listed this twice but noticed it was the same.
442: Slow ambient with piano notes haunting the background. Neat processing.
443: Ticking, roomtone hiss.
444: Slow ambient. Ghosts of background variations in the droning.
445: Very short dark ambient, paulstretch or reverb sounding. Turning a rainstick in the world's largest cave.
446: Ambient, faint background ticking. Empty classroom.
447: Ten minutes of fields.
448: More isolated drums, some cool sounds in seemingly little pattern.
449: Drone rock, the same very slightly changing tones throughout. Like a lighter, fluffier drone metal.
450: Rain fields.
451: 33 seconds of fields. Very to the point.
452: Roomtone, ticking, cars, background hiss.
453: Ten minutes of white noise field recordings. There's that elementary school sounding bell effect midway through, like a doorbell.
454: Another ten minutes of white noise fields.
455: Nice short ambient. Usual length, usual sound, nothing groundbreaking but sets a comfy mood.
456: Another ten minutes of fields ala 447.
457: What better to do on a rainy day than 433 it?
458: I apparently listened to this like 4 times but forgot to write it down any of those times. It's just background noise and birds again, longer than 433 for some reason.
459: Burst out laughing at this one, a manic computer drum track vaguelly synced with equally manic piano. Very fun.
460: I've used up all my ambient adjectives. I admit surrender.
461: One field, ten minutes.
462: Short field recording of vehicles, seems a bit cut up.
463: One field, four minutes to switch it up this time.
464: Might be the same as 450. I've noticed some overlap but wonder if any of these are exact repeats.
465: More fields. This ones 12:25
466: 10 minutes of daily life.
467: 18 minutes 22 seconds of not much, birds and cars.
468: A mall, by the sounds of it. New soundscape unlocked!
469: More layering experiments, should be relaxing but the layers clash and grow dissonant.
470: Rain, birds.
471: Piano-infused ambience.
472: Funny that on the other side of the planet, I hear this same thing every spring. Sounds like he lives near a pond or stream.
473: Would work for good ASMR if you like that.
474: Light rain and mic hiss. The cars and birds are back.
475: Rain and background noise.
476: Not much, some device humming and making a pleasing whirring down noise. Coins. Clanking.
477: Quiet talking and walking. Could be anywhere. The possibly mouth noise halfway through could be the first and only example of Saito's "voice" so far.
478: Short field, talking and doors and vague activity. These feel like petittube videos.
479: Heavy background noise. Short.
480: Nice short field, good to loop. Sounds of driving, a car going by, wind.
481: Field. Birds, incidental noises.
482: Field. I wonder what it looks like there.
483: Field. Easier to tell the difference between distant cars and background hiss now.
484: Field. More of the same.
485: Back to the birds. It's neat that so many of these are 4'33" covers.
486: Field. Birds. All of these are very similar.
487: Field. Minimal, birds, car backing up.
488: Field. Birds and distant cars.
489: Field. Very similar to 490, maybe more noises.
490: Field. Background noise, odd high pitched sounds. Machinery? Construction?
491: 4'33"
492: 4'33"
493: 4'33"
494: 4'33"
495: 4'33"
496: 4'33"
497: 4'33"
498: 4'33"
499: Field with heavy background noise. 
500: 4'33"
501: 4'33"
502: 4'33"
503: 4'33"
504: 4'33"
505: 4'33"
506: 4'33"
507: 4'33"
508: 4'33"
509: 4'33"
510: 4'33"
511: 4'33"
512: 4'33"
513: 4'33"
514: 4'33"
515: Field recording mallsoft is the future
516: Field recording mallsoft is the future 『STANDING IN THE MIST OF THE FUTURE'S PAST .』
517: Thirty seconds of comfy rain
518: More short rain.
519: More short rain. Probably, I deleted it and can't be bothered to check.
520: 4'33"
521: 4'33"
522: 4'33"
523: 4'33"
524: 4'33"
525: 4'33"
526: Similar to 526, if a bit less ambient.
527: Piano collaged, this time trying harder to be ambient.
528: Walk in freezer kinda sounds.
529: Sounds like getting a shopping cart or working at a farm.
530: Shortest one yet. Five seconds of buzzing and wind.
531: Crowds and bagging?
532: Very short field, a clank and beeping. Far call from the birds from the windowsill fields I've come to expect.
533: Collaged piano, more harmonic than usual.
534: Quite different fields. Machinery, devices, artificial voices, walking. No nature in sight.
535: Pretty similar to a lot of the other ambient with some flittery layering. Like a fairy flying by before you can really process it.
536: Organ-ish synth. No echo, no ambient, just presumably casio improv.
537: Another synth organ piece, this one rather short and with a pleasant resemblance of a melody.
538: Seven or so minutes of drone. Sounds a bit like an organ, high pitched and a bit angelic but unsettling.
539: 433 nothingburger.
540: 433 nothingburger.
541: 433 nothingburger.
542: Field. Since some of the videos on his channel seem similar to these, all of these might have been recorded on a camera, which would explain the noise.
543: Field. Cars going by. Sounds a bit like my house, but I guess it all does.
544: Field. Yeah. I wonder if there's an archive of all the original videos anywhere, if that's what these are. I wonder if any of this is archived anywhere.
545: Field. Cars, birds. Distant banging like construction at one point.
546: Some nice music playing far away from the mic? Similar to the other fields but with some of the lowest-fi music possible.
547: 4'33", I forget which of these it was but one has something that sounded like a kid going by, I could be misremembering, and some other distinct moments I forget lol
548: 4'33", I wonder if these were all recorded in one take and split up into releases later?
549: 4'33", I have never seen someone do so many 4'33"s, jesus.
550: 4'33", I have nothing relevant to note. Wait, some clanking, like moving a heavy object, then silence. Wonder what he's doing when recording this. Is he even home?
551: 4'33", he's probably just on the net or doing work or something while this is going on. He definitely seems to be there, which is an interesting element.
552: 4'33", having a recording be about the artist's presence, like he's chilling in the room with you, is an interesing way to look at field recordings.
553: Hey, not 4'33", one of the mall / park / store recordings. Sounds like walking through a park, if not for the beeping. Not sure, actually. Saito seems like he would layer recordings.
554: Some mall-style music, distant people, beeping, definitely a store style setting. Even has coins clinking!
555: Six seconds of field recording mallsoft. Would make for good sampling material, remind me to do that.
556: 4'33", I've seen friends 3 times in the past 6 months, I'm staying up until 6 and sleeping until 3, and I'm listening to hours of a stranger's silent room.
557: 4'33", dozens of 433s in and I only now realize the artist's-implied-presence part, which would've enhanced the whole experience. No matter, I've got dozens more to go.
558: 4'33", roomtone, baby!
559: 4'33", reading UFO books to these, good background noise. Background noise makes the best background noise, who would've guessed. I'm an idiot.
560: 4'33", let me oute
561: 4'33", maybe all my background listening is cheapening my experience or whatever but I can't imagine these were recorded with active listening in mind. Might try that, though.
562: 4'33", I spend hours a day on a windowseat on my back like a dead bug, blocking out my own window sounds by listening to someone else's window sounds. Living the life, man.
563: Not 4'33" but has the same contents. More birds, more noise, more cars. I think this was all recorded in one session and split up, hence the last one having a different length.
564: Nearly 19 minutes of processed or strange fields. Might just be recorded in an odd way, has different background noise.
565: Eight seconds of popping or whacking noises. 
566: Dear god. It's some field recording with a bit of clicking, that keeps on layering and echoing until it overpowers anything else and becomes experimental noise, then layers so hard 
it becomes a tone for most of 40 minutes. At the end it's basically really unconventional HNW, the only variation I got was from moving my earbuds. The most experimental release yet.
567: 4'33", noise and birds and distant noises. 
568: 4'33", noise and birds and cars maybe, forgot to label a ton of the 4'33" covers as such but I'm not going back and doing it.
569: 4'33", quiet rain or noise, distant birds, or maybe the white noise is making me hallucinate.
570: 4'33", quiet rain, minimal birds. Rain might actually be background noise. Some plinking.
571: 4'33", quiet rain, some birds.
572: 4'33", quiet rain, birds.
573: 4'33", quiet rain, birds.
574: 4'33", quiet rain.
575: 4'33", quiet rain, distant sounds.
576: 4'33", quiet rain, distant sounds, birds.
577: 4'33", quiet rain.
578: 4'33", quiet rain, cars.
579: 4'33", quiet rain, distant sounds.
580: 4'33", quiet rain (maybe it's just background noise, actually probably is,) birds.
581: 4'33", quiet something or other, birds.
582: 4'33", quiet something or other, distant noises, birds.
583: 4'33", quiet something or other, distant noises, sounds like tones.
584: 4'33", quiet something or other, distant noises, more tones.
585: 4'33", quiet something or other, probably actually rain this time.
586: 4'33", quiet something or other, rain this time.
587: 4'33", rain, a bit gentler.
588: 4'33", gentle rain.
589: 4'33", rain, birds or insects.
590: 4'33", rain, insects or birds.
591: 4'33", rain, cars.
592: 4'33", gentle rain and noise.
593: 4'33", rain, birds.
594: 4'33", rain. A bit gentler.
595: 4'33", rain.
596: 4'33", rain.
597: 4'33", rain.
598: Random synth note pressing.
599: Disorienting ambient.
600: Slightly clashing ambient but it's really buried in there. Maybe I'm just hearing things. It's pretty chill.
601: Another shorter field. Cars and walking, maybe by the side of a road.
602: Field in a loud and presumably public place, not a 4'33" cover for once.
603: Under a minute of guitar noise. Listening to it again, I almost missed the synth in the mess.
604: Several minutes of experimental noisy guitar, still with a muted ambient touch.
605: 40 minutes of etherial looping.
606: Generic slow-slow-slow motion ambience. Neat to hear buried instruments and pulsing drones. Very good background listening.
607: Unscrobbably short recording of leaving a car or getting something from it, I think. As good a time as any to thank last.fm for helping me keep track of this mess.
608: Similar to 607, with a distinct car sounds that sounds very similar to mine. Electric? Definitely stood out to me.
609: 4'33", back to the random recordings. I think he recorded for an hour and split it up into 4'33"s. A different bird than usual, woodpecker?
610: 4'33", same kinda rhytemic (I mispell that every time) sound in the background.
611: Shorter field this time, mostly a deluge of rain to the point of being white noise.
612: 4'33", doing this many empty recordings would seem boring but it's nice to listen to when reading. Some wind noises.
613: 4'33", some loud cars, sounds in the distance like a parking garage.
614: 4'33", some chicken-sounding vocalizations. I don't think it was this one but some of these has a kind of doorbell melody, the exact same one used at my old elementary school.
615: 4'33", the only reason I know that is because it's been abandoned for years but when I went to it a while back that system was left operational. 3spooky5me
616: 4'33", Saito needs to get on the 4'33" compilation STAT. He's several hundred times more qualified than he has to be.
617: 4'33", checking my email to this and someone bought my paulstretch-based ambient for five dollars and I almost feel bad. Like I put effort into it but I hope they know it's samples.
618: 4'33", on second thought it's five dollars minus tax so who cares. It could be straight up stolen and all I'd be able to get is a gatorade or something.
619: 4'33", it would be funny if I calculated all the time I spent on music since 2018 and the 10$ I've made on it as the world's lowest paying job.
620: 4'33", I should be doing these as I'm listening to them so it isn't just random text but I'm not. Some parking garage sounds in the distance, loud wind.
621: 4'33", I think these listening logs are detrimental to my ability to actually just enjoy music. I'm gonna have to take another break when I'm done with this.
622: 4'33", worry sometimes about being an RYM or /mu/-esque genre tourist but as long as I enjoy it I guess I shouldn't feel bad. Kind of between musicial obsessions at the moment.
623: 4'33", I've been going back through music I liked when I was just getting into music. Nothing else to do so I'll namedrop them. Ryoji Ikeda, classic vaporwave and YT-recommended core
624: 4'33", Renard, GHOST DATA, Porter Robinson, Toby Fox, Starset, Lorde, Tomppabeats, Venetian Snares, buncha other stuff. Jesus, this listening log sucks to read.
625: 4'33", fly went by the mic. Getting banned from discogs has me bummed out, I spent all day on it so now I stare into space or make half-assed music (implying I ever didn't do that)
626: 4'33", my cousin's doing a Nurse With Wound listening project so at least I'm not alone in being a total idiot.
627: 4'33", actually read the wiki page for 4'33", interesting stuff. Read up on John Cage if you haven't.
628: 4'33", it's been so long since I actually did anything fun. My life is boring as hell but I haven't bothered fixing it. Getting into contact with some old friends, though.
629: 4'33", AAAAAA Saito ran out of free downloads and I didn't have everything archived yet. If he deletes his page before I finish this I swear to god
630: 4'33", his discography used to be 50 yen and now it's 7760 and only gonna go up. Can't believe I only started archiving his stuff last month when it's been up and down for years.
631: 4'33", the chance of him finding this is minimal, language barrier and all, but if he does, your dedication to both creation and ephemera is seriously impressive. Mad respect.
632: 4'33", I got nothing of value done today, I will be up until 6 because I can't sleep until then, then have to get up at 9:30 and drive on the highway. Pray for me.
633: 4'33", aaaAAAaaAAaaAAAAA the book I was reading to all of these (Left At East Gate) wasn't keeping the psychic assaults at bay so I'm reading Carl Sagan now.
634: 4'33", I forgot to make a joke about 621. Some cars, seems like Saito lives near a highway, his videos seem more isolated though.
635: 4'33", some odd tones at the beginning from a resonant vehicle.
646: 4'33", loud cars.
647: 4'33", consistency is key.
648: 4'33", heavy background noises.
649: 4'33", heavy background noises, some sounds of movement outside.
650: 4'33", some walking in this one. Is Saito on a walk or is someone coming by?
651: 4'33", 
652: 4'33", 
653: 4'33", 
660: 4'33", John Cage better be honored by all of these. Gravely cars.
661: 4'33", birds, the "cars" all along might just be wind.
662: 4'33", nah, they're cars.
666: 4'33", edgy. Not anything different, despite the name. I wonder how well known 666 and whatever are in other countries? There's other culture's unlucky numbers I don't know about.
680: 4'33", cars, birds, background listening for background listening, some people going by. Kids.
681: 4'33", take a guess, take a wild fucking guess, you'll never guess it.
682: 4'33", might have some very subtle audio quality difference. Actually just hearing things. Was that a cricket? Who knows, probably not.
683: 4'33", heavy on the distant machinery and beeping and tones. Might be him recording music in another room, which would make this the most lofi release known to man.
720: 4'33", some nice frogs this time. Cool vocalizations.
721: Lovely lovely droning notes, dissolving into a cloud.
722: A peaceful piano piece overlayed with some random noisy field recording. Like outsider new age, or dreampunk's urban noise obsession.
723: Badumtisskicksnare spamming for two minutes. Just jamming away.
724: 4'33", 
725: 4'33", 
726: 4'33", 
727: 4'33", 
728: 4'33", 
729: 4'33", 
730: 4'33", 
731: 4'33", 
732: 4'33", 
733: 4'33", 
734: 4'33", 
735: 4'33", 
736: 4'33", 
737: 4'33", 
738: 4'33", 
739: 4'33", 
740: 4'33", 
741: 4'33", 
742: 4'33", 
743: 4'33", 
744: 4'33", 
745: 4'33", 
746: 4'33", 
747: 4'33", 
748: 4'33", 
749: 4'33", 
750: 4'33", 
751: 4'33", 
752: 4'33", hiss, cars, distant birds.
753: 4'33"
754: 4'33"
755: 4'33"
756: 4'33"
757: 4'33"
758: 4'33"
759: 4'33"
760: 4'33"
761: 4'33"
763: 4'33"
764: 4'33"
765: 4'33"
766: 4'33"
767: 4'33"
768: 4'33"
769: 4'33"
776: Really cool sounds at the beginning but it goes into relatively normal drone quick. No complaints. Ascending beyond. 
777: 4'33"
778: 4'33"
779: 4'33"
780: 4'33"
781: 4'33"
782: 4'33"
783: 4'33"
784: 4'33"
785: 4'33"
786: 4'33"
787: 4'33"
788: 4'33"
789: 4'33"
790: 4'33"
791: 4'33"
792: 4'33"
793: 4'33"
794: 4'33"
795: 4'33"
796: 4'33"
797: 4'33"
798: 4'33"
799: 4'33"
800: 4'33"
801: 4'33"
802: 4'33"
803: 4'33"
804: Sleeping in a bunker as odd sounds echo out down hidden corridors and huge machinery rumbles on overhead.
805: 4'33"
806: 4'33"
807: 4'33"
808: 4'33"
809: 4'33"
810: 4'33"
811: 4'33"
812: 4'33"
813: 4'33"
814: 4'33"
815: 4'33"
816: 4'33"
817: 4'33"
818: 4'33"
819: 4'33"
820: 4'33"
821: 4'33"
822: 4'33"
823: 45 minutes of fields modifies only with echo and reverb. Makes the whole thing sound like I'm being taken somewhere while drugged.
824: Some wild guitar droning. Post-post-post rock? Might not even be a guitar, I might be stupid.
825: Very minimal ambient, not totally unchanging but very consistent.
826: Six minutes of fields, processed into a unique dark ambient that sounds like drone noise wall at parts, just a wall of disembodied sound stripped of reality. Or maybe an air conditioner.
828: See 828, but a bit longer. Makes me feel like I'm in some Siberian outpost listening to a winter storm howl outside.
829: Out of the bunker and into a realm of blurry sunshine.
830: 4'33"
831: 4'33"
832: 4'33"
833: 4'33"
834: Ticking and fields, drenched in more echo but into less of a dark ambient sea and more of an indescernable blur.
835: Nice 404 length and a very nice short drifting kinda release.
836: Reminds me of 834's echoed fields, this time accompanied by birds and ambient slush. Also, some great echoed voices. Wouldn't sound too out of place on a vaporwave record.
837: Very pleasant ambient accented with bus / train field rrecordings à la 865. I've got an ambient album out soon and in retrospect this is pretty much the atmosphere I was trying to get.
838: 4'33"
839: 4'33"
840: 4'33"
841: 4'33"
842: 4'33"
843: 4'33"
844: 4'33"
845: 4'33"
846: 4'33"
847: 4'33"
848: 4'33"
949: 4'33"
850: 4'33"
851: Possibly fields in the back drifting up and over and around an ambient skeleton in a blurry apparition.
852: A kind of standby ambient, not hollow but abandoned. Like manning underground machinery alone, the smell of cold stone and the endless hums of your work.
853: 4'33"
854: 4'33"
855: 4'33"
856: 4'33"
857: 4'33"
858: 4'33"
859: 4'33"
860: 4'33"
861: 4'33"
862: 4'33"
863: 4'33"
864: 4'33"
865: Echoed field loop that sounds like a bus or train. Definitely a busy, noisy kind of place, rendered unsettling even in the daytime. I could see it getting under my skin.
866: A welcome reprieve from all the 4'33"s, normal ambient but especially sweet after so much else. Like a check point. Saved.
867: 4'33"
868: 4'33"
869: 4'33"
870: 4'33"
871: 4'33"
872: 4'33"
873: 4'33"
874: 4'33"
875: 4'33"
876: 4'33"
877: 4'33"
878: 4'33"
879: 4'33"
880: 4'33"
881: 4'33"
882: 4'33"
883: 4'33"
884: 4'33"
885: 4'33"
886: 4'33"
887: 4'33"
888: 4'33"
889: 4'33"
890: 4'33"
891: 4'33"
892: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
893: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
895: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
896: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
897: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
898: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
899: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
900: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
901: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
902: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
907: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
908: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
909: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
910: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
911: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
912: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
913: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
914: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
915: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
916: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
917: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
918: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
919: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
920: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
921: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
922: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
923: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
924: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
925: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
926: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
927: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
928: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
929: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
930: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
931: (I forgot to write what this one was and I can't go back and check (but it was probably 4'33"))
993: 4'33",
994: 4'33",
995: 4'33",
996: 4'33",
997: Another tone like 1001, but in the middle of a ton of 4'33"s. Thank god for oddities.
998: 4'33",
999: 4'33",
1000: 4'33",
1001: Sounds like when I set the echo too fast in audacity and it all becomes a tone. 
1002: Somewhere between ambient music and a loud subway station.
1003: A split second of piano, looped unchanging for ten minutes. Meditative and one of the more fun ones just for it's simplicity.
1004: Another arbitrary field recording.
1005: 45 seconds of possibly an air conditioner?
1006: Drum jamming. Rather stark when isolated.
1007: Ten minutes of atmopheric droning with some dark moments. So happy to be out of the 4'33" realm.
1008: Another slice of daily life from someone I've never met or something like that.
1009: A short recording of what sounds like someone walking down a hallway. Reminds me of school or maybe an office building.
1010: Another slice of life, this time shorter and of possibly a store? A security checkpoint? Walking and beeping.

        Bonus round:
220508_1811: Starting the rest of his saved releases since I missed so many of the others and I can't get off that easy.
220509_0607: These are pretty much recordings of nothing, virtually noise.
220509_1649: Add a bit of processing and you might has well have HNW.
Deja Vu At Garden: 4 minutes of dope droning.
Deja Vu At Garden 2: 40 minutes of top tier ambient. Could go on forever for all I care, not that I'll always be there.
Skyline: Ambient for gardens.
September: Sounds like the inside of a time machine cruising through the void.
Life In Hole
Night View
Slow News
Morning Will Come Again
Monday Morning
220509 1935
220510 0645
220510 1454 
220510 1646
220510 1939
220511 0633
220511 1037
220511 1214
220511 1214 01
220511 1552
220511 1553
220511 1950
220512 0603
220512 0800
220512 1553 
220512 2031
220513 1032
220513 1411
220514 1009
220514 1311
220514 1542 01
220515 0953
220515 1227
220516 0538
001 201031 1411A0
Afternoon Visit I Was OK
Apples In Light
Blue Spring
Bone Of Water
Bone Of Water 2
Came Here Because
Diet City
Do Blue
Gastroenteritis Blues 
Guitar Pieces 2020
Hope We Pass
Horse Bed 
I Hear On Another
Life Record 13 
New Year Snow 
No Wall There 
Of Their Sigh
Piece 2
Piece 3
Piece 4
Piece 5
Ray Of Light
Sasaya Dusk
Sun Rider Bought Meditation
Sunday Path
Untitled 20210603
You Gray

The word experimental is thrown around but usually has little to do with experimenting. As "experimental" as noise or vaporwave is for example, there's a million
artists doing about the same thing and have been for decades / yeard. The genre certainly isn't exhausted but 90% of it doesn't explore new terrority and makes
no attempt to. Saito's rather different. There's things here I never would've thought about (a split second of piano looped into an unchanging tone, a piece
that fades to early on that most of it is almost inaudible, post-post-modern classical) and haven't seen anyone else do. It feels like an almost scientific
kind of experimenting sometimes and has the same kind of refreshing weirdness as Bull of Heaven.

That being said, the vast majority (but not all) of these fell into the same handful of categories (noisy ambient guitar jamming, virtual drum machine improvs,
a few types of ambient, recordings made at home, recordings made in public, and random layering of these.) If you've heard one 433, you've heard them all. 
As expected of a 1000+ track dump, it's not all masterpieces but all of the ambient struck me as good background noise at worst and heavenly at best. The
piano stuff was odd but it might be different to someone into classical and / or avant garde. The outside recordings were worthwhile (didn't hurt that they
were mostly short) and the noisy guitar / drum solos / combination pieces didn't seem like something I would listen to in my own time but kept me interested.
The acoustic guitar was really what hit home, very healing stuff.

Cut out the field recordings and 40 minute piano loops and I'd recommend a full listen (or at least perusal) to dedicated drone fans and / or those people
who listen to multiday albums. Cut it down to the best 10% and I'd recommend it to anyone into the more ambient side of things. Also worth noting: Saito's wild
when it comes to his online presence. He uploads all of these and deletes hours to weeks later, does this repeatedly for years, changes his profile picture / description
/ links almost hourly sometimes, creates and deleted youtube channels as often as he does anything else. It really speaks of a man dedicated not to getting a permanent
presence or fanbase but just dedication to his craft. Mad respect for the guy and lots of inspiration to be had, thank you.