tiku listening

ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Of all the listening projects I've done this is the one I'm most excited about, tiku's music has inspired me almost from the beginning and they have one of the coolest discographies I know, incredible sentimental breakcore, insane noise, lovely ambient, weird experimentation, and mixes of all of those. Over and over, it's turned out that the musicians I looked up to were just aliases and I didn't know it. 9:02 Ninja McTits / Antimatter Prism / meronti / Rainbow ★ Star ★ 36 / Temma / sorwu – Winter Is Gay 15:29 honey muffin - my winter fevers 30:56 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - INTOXICATED DAUGHTER 6:57 i miss you sis - vit drepa ikki tey, ið vit elska 34:24 tiku sens - it isn't anything special but i still tried my best 19:59 [various aliases] - [stray tracks] 27:59 [various aliases] - [compilation appearances] 29:55 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – Old Lolicore 19:02 Princess Army Wedding Combat / RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – ポッキーゲーム 10:25 Aphextwinsucks / RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – ☆ビショ濡れ敏感エロ娘☆ 16:01 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – The Pretty Little Nyeko Chan Chan Machine 10:34 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 / Tenshi Instrument Sex ERP – Who Ordered All This Fucking Crazy Bread 22:42 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 vs. Painful Acidic Mezzanine - RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 vs. Painful Acidic Mezzanine 6:23 Mai Sangoon / Honey Muffin – Split 11:22 i miss you sis – This Is A Cry For Help 7:29 I Miss You Sis – Halo 21:07 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - LIVE NOISE ^____^ 2022-03-10 A little under 20 minutes of solid improvised harsh noise with a great surprise at the end, a gaijikore version of (the sample from) I LOVE YOU BOY HEY HEY HEY, which I've been listening to a lot. When I actually find the original song it'll sound weird without being buried in noise. 14:20 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - Noise December A sweet mix of actual music in the background behind the usual improvised noise fare, kinda like INTOXICATED DAUGHTER. 12:06 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - Noise September I was going to say "how do you not release something for literal years?" before realizing I used to do the same thing lol - anyway some solid pure harsh noise and very aesthetically pleasing tracklist 10:58 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36– ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ One of the most underrated lolicore releases of all time and the single biggest influence on my music ever. Perfect mix of noise, emotion, fun, cuteness, distortion, and wild breakcore. The pinnacle of everything RS36 and lolicore is to me. The only thing I dislike is that it's ten fuckin minutes!!! 53:01 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36/ 木村先生 / Erronia Surrection / VxBxDxDx / XoArK / Antimatter Prism – Noise Split I generally prefer my noise with samples but this was a very nice listen despite that. The RS36 side was the crazy stuff I expect but not unhinged, like Masonna flailing-all-over-the-room type stuff, the 木村先生 was very noticably monotron noodling lol, I don't know much of anything about Erronia Surrection but I liked it, unique soundscapes, the VxBxDxDx side might actually be my favorite? the bitcrushing added a ton and I enjoyed it more than I expected from 10 minutes of shitnoise, XoArK was predictably more glitchy and cerebral, and Antimatter Prism was nice solid rumbly muted HNW. Good work, everyone. 10:45 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – Lolicon Phone Case Electronics Takes the early RS36 tendency to have very short silly tracks to it's logical extreme with 200 microtracks. Incredibly fun and I very much liked it even if Winamp fucked up much of the playback (might upload a gapless version sometime.) 34:08 waiz - mayday 29:46 Tiku Sens - Jelly Apricot The crown jewel of this discography (with the possible exception of *: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆). There's sample-based "normal" lolicore (but it has a very unique sound, break-heavy but very light,) ambient (but it's noticable composed with notes like normal music, which is cool,) and a ton of original electronica imbetween. It's very fun, sentimental, cute, and one of the few releases here that's as long as it deserves to be. Lolicore masterpiece, I wish more people did stuff like this. 9:27 Tiku Sens - 2 Older EPs I already listened to the original EPs, but I recently installed a Winamp extension to change speed and have been having a lot of fun with slowing down these releases upon relistens. It makes it a lot more relaxed and feels like listening to them for the first time, I might prefer some releases this way. 23:13 Nyansu Pantsu & Rainbow ★ Star ★ 36 – Lol My Loli Died The Nyansu Pantsu side dragged on and got a bit straining but the RS36 is good samplecore, alternating between clean undistorted samples and the usual blasted-out sound collage AAAAAAA tunez. 23:52 ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ / RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 – Split Can't believe I got the chance to do this split then made my side half Crywankery, wtf was I thinking. That aside, it's excellent samplecore, a few energetic lolicore trax, and two incredible tweecore pieces. The first and last track are essential listening if nothing else. (I skipped some of my side but I've already heard it a million times) 10:08 waiz – Untitled Not what I expected, tons of short harsh shitnoise tracks with a very simple, peaceful cover. 10:22 Rainbow ★ Star ★ 36 – Yarnball.ep No samplecore or noise to be found here, only pure lolicore energy backed by happy hardcore samples and whatnot. Every track has so much personality and I'd kill for the CD. 12:09 Tiku Sens – Vanilla Girl EP Tweecore and ambient in all it's glory, absolutely perfect. "fly a rocketship" is 10/10 and introduced me to one of my favorite albums, a nice sentimental breakcore track, and two gorgeous ambient tracks that demostrate just what I love about tiku's ambient. It's completely saturated with a muted noise track in the background that takes what would be a decent drone and makes it something truly special. Recommended for sure. 6:44 Lotus Kaeidzuka / waiz – Waiz / Lotus Kaeidzuka Little single split of amen-infested noise. A bit in one ear and out the other but I did use a track from it in a mix once. 28:00 waiz / mhzesent – Where Do We Go From Here? I've been looking forward to this one and it didn't have what I usually like about ambient but it still didn't let down. Instead of Mayday's pretty drone melodies or anything like it, it's a dark collage which I usually find boring or bad but GOD there's so many layers and textures that it just absorbed me. Soundtrack to a still, silent eternally rainy dreamworld where all that exists is heartbreak and exhaustion. The mhzesent side is less up my alley but in the context of the previous side it kept me in the foggy nightmare for another 13 minutes very well. Unexpected recommendation, also what even is that cover? 3:33 I Miss You Sis – And It Was Burned Into My Mind! Yet I Faltered Like A Broken Record Reminds me of INTOXICATED DAUGHTER but with ambient instead of cute pop (or whatever it is it uses.) Also features some of my favorite titles of all time. 2:37 ウェイズ - チルノクリッカー Beep boop, nothing to write home about but tiku chiptune / vaporwave / lobit makes me happy. I appreciate that the cover is tiny too. 4:26 Anal Frank / RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - Split The RS36 side is fun samplecore / speedcore and the Anal Frank side's exactly as shit as I expected from VxBxDxDx, so it's no big standout but no letdown. Give the RS36 a listen if that's up your alley and the AxFx side if you're an internet trash enthusiast. 53:50 waiz - my heart was crooked & my shoes were drenched in the muddy water, everything is lost and all i could do was cry The titles and aesthetics on this one are top notch and while it isn't something I would find myself returning to regularly it has stuck out in my find for a long time (also a rare full length!) I like this version of mayday less and this version of nether more and track 1 is one of my favorite ambient tracks and the rest is non-melodic ambient noise that does a good job at building a depressive atmosphere while sounding nothing like most "depressing" music. Reminds me of i miss you sis in it's whimsical bleakness. 9:03 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - safari for windows free installation lol fun musics amusing samplecore between longer actual songs and short noisy lolicore in a blender bursts 6:55 i miss you sis - cotton candy clouds Really something special here that I don't think I can do justice to. It's not the greatest breakcore, it's not the greatest ambient, it's not the greatest noise, but I've been holding onto it as something special for years because all together it's this artifact of psychotic sentimentality, great innocence and great love and great pain. The entire saga of i miss you sis is the part of this discography I listen to least but I think it's my favorite because it tells an agonizingly beautiful story I can't quite put to words. RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - ur dumb Entering the microtrack zone. Noise, two seconds of hardcore, a meme sample, goofy titles, essentially a shorter version of Lolicon Phone Case Electronics. No complaints. 5:27 :waiz - nya? nya. Oddly forgotten release that wasn't even in discogs. Two servicable but kinda forgettable noise tracks and a Heavenly remix that I didn't expect at all but quite enjoyed. Very nice cover. nya nya desu 5:28 It's me! No love - nothing to live up to Such a short one but I spent a couple hours today on it, singlehandedly got me into The Field Mice a while back. It's so simple - sped up with an unedited amen break over the entire first track, and some odd compression on the others - but super feelsy and even if most of the credit goes to the samples I can't help but love it. No doubt much more could've been done with it and it might be lazy but eh. I really want to know the last track's origin. 18:12 tiku sens - TSUNGEDDON SET 12-27-2020 It doesn't explore much new territory like the JAVFEST sets but it's an excellent selection of tiku sens's work and a good intro to their sound if this was the first I heard of them. Not essential if you've hear it all already but it's still good stuff and crams a lot of energy and cute tunes into a little mix. 59:21 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - JAVFEST SET 8/21/2021 A sweet mix of chill otaku tunes before descending into a great noisy lolicore selection featuring tons of Senenene and 2018 RS36 stuff before returning to a chill ending. Great event, great set, and I was excited for the unreleased tracks before realizing they were from the split with me from before it was released. Not my favorite set but little complaints, remind me to check out Mitchiri-Neko Marching Band, Fainaru 3, and tarutrit. 9:14 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - HIMEKO'S 26TH CHAOS SET 11/13/2021 Nice samplecore noise, a Gerogerigegege snippet (it didn't even sound distorted compared to the rest lol) and a gaijikore banger that got me into twee in the first place. 2:39 RAINBOW ★ STAR ★ 36 - Twee As Fudge Maybe a bit simpler than most RS36 nowadays but I wouldn't have guessed 2017, that's insane. For comparison, I think I'm around tiku's age and this is what I was doing in 2017. Ignoring it's history, it's a lovely tweecore song that I'll be listening to for a while and might've introduced me to a new band. It would be interesting to see a modern remix of this song to hear what has and hasn't changed in 5 years. 22:22 waiz - I changed my mind, let's go home. Nice length and also this one's really weird. The intro's completely different from anything I expected from waiz, an odd and minimally edited spoken word sample I have difficulty making much sense from, and the tracks are dark ambient but that description never even crossed my mind because I was too busy hearing all their layers to notice the ominous creeping dread throughout the entire thing like an oblivious horror movie protagonist. Lofi isn't the right word but it has a huge sense of atmosphere and is fully three dimensional, not just the droning I expect from the genre, and there's a lot of completely unidentifiable things going on. Like a nervous walk through a city at night. I fell asleep midway through and had weird anxious dreams. (It also has a simple field recording of little at all at the end, like safely getting home.) 30:53 Tiku Sens / XoArK - Tiku Sens / XoArK Tiku's side is still top-tier and every track is very memorable, chill lolicore with some ambient and equal parts happy and sappy. (Is that a Melancholy Hill sample? I also really want to know the origin of im tired.) I usually skipped the XoArK side, not because it's bad at all but it's just not my style, but I got to it today and it wasn't bad at all even if I won't be playing it everyday. 4:49 :waiz - will the night fall before i change my mind, i can never tell One of my favorite lobit releases, featuring muted breakbeats and very short ambient pieces that deserve way more than it's 5 minute runtime. Each could be a 10 minute loop and I wouldn't complain, also lovely mysterious title. 50:50 :waiz - orange juice Definitely on the experimental side of things, no sweet melodies / drones / samples but plenty of noise wandering. Not harsh though, gentle abstraction. "cataclysmic loli sploosh" is too long but I give it a pass for the title (if I made a long noise improv I'd layer it over itself with lots of panning but that's me) 43:53 tiku sens - JAVFEST 2 SET 2022-08-21 I knew this mix was special immediately and I've listened to it multiple times afterward. It's introduced me to a number of good artists (dyingdiy, múm, folktronica as a whole), features some underrated classics (Waqs forever), and the huge genre variety (lolicore, IDM, folktronica, ambient, cloud rap, denpa, twee, etc.) works really well, it's so eclectic but sticks to one mood. I'm glad I'm in there but I wish it wasn't the Car Seat Headrest remix. I can already tell this is going in the best-of at the end of this. 40:58 tiku sens - A NIGHT OF BREAKCORE AND NOISE @ BAR JADE 2022-07-06 The existence of an IRL tiku sens show is incredible and I wish I wasn't states away but still congrats! As expected it's less sentimental and more party oriented but still features classic tiku bangers, promising tracks I haven't heard before now, and the JAPSHITFUN track is hilarious, I wonder how many people there knew. I wish there was footage but I get privacy concerns. 30:45 tiku sens - MERONTI'S BDAY SET 2022-06-21 I remember this mix a bit less but the waiting to die track was unexpected but cool and the math rock section in the middle was great. Happy way belated birthday! (I still need to get into Shako-Pani, I've only heard good things about them.) 5:57 :waiz - 私 One low bass drone, one experimental piece that isn't noise but is in that ball park, and one ambient track that sounds like wind chimes. A lot of :waiz (and other aliases's) appeal is in the production / mixing. If し was clean digital chimes, it would be nice but would be indistinguishable from the million other nice ambient projects out there, but the introduction of noises in the background and the odd ways sounds are made really makes it stand out. Like "mayday" has a great melody but the kinda lofi editing to it takes it up several notches and gives it a very special atmosphere. That being said, this EP isn't essential by any means but is a great start and certainly doesn't waste time. 4:51 Tiku Sens – Yesterday It Rained I always forget about this one because it's basically a single and doesn't have the cute appeal of my happy stress free hours but it's not bad, dramatic anxious orchestral breakcore. 4:36 Tiku Sens – My Happy Stress-Free Hours Tracks one and two are certified classics. "melody of the tiny lives" is so sweet it's always held a special place for me, I don't usually listen to the ultrahappy lolicore style of "happy lucky jewel" but it's so good (with that two second trap beat lol) and I think this is my first time listening to miyuki all the way though (for some reason I skip it) but it's definitely not bad.