About and Info

A Little Bit About Me
Hello! I am an internet-dweller who mostly wastes his days on the world wide web. I have an interest in a wide variety of music, sci-fi, datahoarding, and D&D lore (all topics which you can no doubt find hundreds of other sites dedicated to, probably worth more of your time than this one.)

If you have any comments or complaints regarding my site or simply want to talk, I'd love to. I do not use social media, but at the moment, I reside here.

• Ripping and uploading cassette collection
• Sharing 2,380 files (8.36 GB) downloaded from Instaud.io before the shutdown
• Backups of rare / lost songs, albums, and webpages
• Possibly some photography

This page is under construction. Don't judge me too harshly.

02.02 - Beginning of log.
Remade and tweaked music pages, general restrucuring.
I made most of this site several years ago, so renovations, I hope, will be extensive.

WIP Plan list:
[Music] Add discography page
[Music] Subpage for 3 main aliases
[Music] Upload Okosan albums
[Music] Fix formatting
Make site look less terrible