The Vault

A collection of vaporwave collections from the scattered reaches of the world wide web.
(Disclaimer: I did not compile any of these, host them, or have any special connection or credit. I merely find and list.)
[327.1 MB] Infinity Frequencies [Outdated]
[916.3 MB] 骨架的 [Outdated]
[557.3 MB] RKM Records Mirrors
[9.35 GB] DMT Tapes FL [season one]
[7.47 GB] Vaporwave is Love <3 [Miscellaneous album collection]
[11.97 GB] Vaporwave Essentials - Ultra Edition
[4.93 GB] Telepathic Data Storage / Death of a Telepath
[38.53 GB] Artzie Music (Part 1)
[39.23 GB] Artzie Music (Part 2)
[5.98 GB] 天気予報 [Asutenki] Discography
[~7.38 GB] Business Casual
Vaporwave Library Project [Clone]

Links I do maintain:
[412.6 MB] suave grease mixtapes [WosX alias]
[725.9 MB] sky 空 [2047 alias]